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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 8 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Three Stars

Side: Galeo Barrack

In a dark cave, a battle was raging between adventurers and monsters.

“Futile. As if B-Class demons like you will stop us.”

Galeo Barrack spoke as he held his beloved twin bladed spears. He swung down in the shape of an X and swept away all the skeletal soldiers which were closing in on him.

‘Beast’ Barrack Style X-Slash.

It was a technique he was very proud of, one that had brought him to the twenty-first rank of A-Class.

“Galeo, behind you!”


When he turned around at the sound of his friends’ voices, he saw a huge golem closing in on him.


He jumped back in a hurry.

At about the same time, a dazzling ball of light blew off the golem’s head.

It was his companion’s attack magic that rendered the mighty golem inoperable with a single blow.

If one of them falls into a tight spot, another will immediately follow to ensure that the enemy is destroyed – a combination of heart-to-heart communication that only the “Three Stars” can produce.

“Haha, you saved my life there.”

“Shut up. I was just about to launch a counterattack.”

Galeo sniffs at Argyle, the mage, who makes fun of him.

In the meantime, the Priest Els casts a spell to search the surroundings and check the situation.

“There’s nothing else. I think we’re all clear now.”

In front of them, countless corpses of skeletal soldiers, golems, and lizardmen were strewn all over the place.

All of them posed a significant threat to lover ranked adventurers, specifically those in the B and C-Class. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

However, they were no match for Galeo and his party of adventurers, all of whom were ranked in the twentieth tier of A-Class.

“Another easy victory.”

Galeo smirked.

“Are you the ruffians that are making trouble in my dungeon?”

Suddenly, A man wearing an out-of-place black tuxedo appeared from the depths of the cave.

He had silvery-white hair and red eyes, and a face so beautiful that it was hard to believe he was a man.

But the aura he gave off, was heavy. Really heavy compared to a normal human.

There is no doubt, that this man is a demon.

At first glance, he appeared to be just a nice guy, but Galeo’s intuition, cultivated through his many experiences as an adventurer, warned him with all his might.

This guy is dangerous.

“So you are the master of the dungeon?”

Galeo spoke in a low, dry voice.

In the background, Argyle and Els were holding their staves tight.

One who wins is the one who makes the first move.

After confirming the plan with a moment of eye contact, Galeo kicked the ground and started running.

“You dare to challenge me in melee combat when I have power beyond that of men? Foolish!”

“You’re the foolish one!”

After shouting, Galeo jumps to the side.

“Sapphire Bullet!”

At the same time, a dozen or so ice bullets released by Argyle also headed their way.

It was a coordinated effort in which Galeo’s huge body acted as a blind spot, making it difficult to see through the trajectory of the ice bullet.

“Ha! How is that!”

“Kuh. This degree is nothing!”

The demon fluttered the hem of his coat with mockery.

From his position, a wall of magical power was generated and repelled all ice bullets.

However, at the same time, the ice bullets evaporated all at once, covering the area with steam.

“This is……”

The demon man growled.

Yes, from the beginning, the ice bullets were not for attacking but for blocking the opponent’s vision.

“I told you, you’re the foolish one!”

Galeo runs again.

He may have used his charge as a disguise and covered the approaching ice bullets behind him, but the actual attack was still on Galeo all along.

The demon opponent couldn’t see Galeo, but Galeo could see exactly where he is.

Using the unique and dominating presence of the demon and his wild intuition cultivated as a warrior to his fullest, Galeo accurately searched for the position of the demon and lunged forward.


Le Vie Amulet(Holy God Talisman)!”

The priest Els cast a spell that multiplied his muscular strength, endurance, kinetic vision, reflexes, and all of his bodily functions.


Running at super speed, Galeo instantly fleshes out the demon and hits him with a desperate X-shaped slash.

And the demon – didn’t dodge.


The man’s head flew off easily, and he fell to the ground.

The steam cleared, revealing its actual face.

“No, it is you who are the fools.”

The demon smiled at Galeo and the others.

A tentacle-like objects extended from the severed surface of the body’s neck, reaching towards the head as it lay on the ground. The head, too, released tentacles on it’s severed neck, and pulled itself closer to its body.

In no time at all, they were joined back together.

Regeneration(Ultra-fast Recovery)?!”

An ability that only S-class demons and above possess.

“I’ve heard that it’s only an A or B-Class threat according to the quest……”

Either the adventurers had misjudged the threat, or they hadn’t met him yet.

(Or maybe he was mimicking the strength of an A-Class before. Damn, he’s cunning!)

Clucking inwardly, Galeo swung his spear. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Oh, you’re not giving up, are you?”

The demon smirked.

His unusually long canine teeth peeped out from his mouth, signifying that he’s probably a member of the vampire species.

The oldest and most powerful vampire, called the True Ancestor, is comparable to the strongest SSS class. However, he doesn’t seem to have that much power.

Even so, They are still at the very S-class – maybe even SS-class.

“Argyle, Els, we’re breaching through!”

Galeo inspired his friends and sallied off.

”No matter how strong they are…”

“In the name of the Three Great Stars, we can’t lose.”

His friends, who had been through a lot, nodded vigorously and supported Galeo.

Even if the opponent is an S-class demon or even higher, they just can’t allow themselves to be annihilated instantly.

(We may not be able to win, but as long as we manage to hold on and see an opening, we’ll be able to escape!)

The first priority was to survive. As long as they made it out alive, they’ll be able to fight back by increasing their numbers or, if they’re in luck, even ask for help from S-class adventurers.

Barack boldly slashes at him with his signature X-shaped slash.

Le Vie Amulet(Holy God Talisman)!”

Meanwhile, Els cast a spell to amplify his athletic ability and multiply his power.

Thunder Bullet(Lightning Torpedo)

From the rear, Argyle also provided support with attack magic.

“It’s useless, useless, mortal!”

He casually raised an arm and caught Galeo’s twin spears without difficulty.

(I don’t know where this much strength is in your slender arms, but I’m not scared of you!)


However, it wasn’t over yet, as the demon also blew a breath of magic power, creating a shockwave that easily blew Argyle’s thunderbolt magic.

“This guy……!”

Even Galeo couldn’t help but leap back.

He continued to unleash an onslaught of his twin spears, but the vampire just intercepted and parried all of them with its overwhelming athletic ability.

Spearmanship, magic, everything didn’t pass through.

“This is the end, mortal.”

With one move, Galeo’s spears were snapped, and just like that, his huge muscular body got blown away.

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