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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Into the Realm of Transcendence

“What’s the matter, Ingrid?”

I turned around in a panic.

“Aguuu, uuuuuuu……auuu, nnn, nnnnn, kuhaaaaa, afuuu, uu!”

The fallen Ingrid twisted and struggled, but I could not distinguish if she’s gasping or crying, as it was also unusually enticing.

Strangely, Fenrir stopped attacking as well, as if it became wary of the anomaly happening in the girl.

Even though we momentarily stopped, it is still making me nervous.

 “Ingrid, are you okay?”

Mina asked as she embraced.

“Uuu, kuhaaa, aaahh……auuu……uu……nn.”

However, Ingrid still flapped her body as if to shake off the arms wrapping her.

It was then when I noticed – something is glowing around her chest.

“This is not good. The demonic crest is overloading……”

It was when Sylvia’s expression stiffened.

“Ingrid’s body has been subjected to a powerful sealing magic, The Negaprotect(Seal that Repels all Evil). How she got it is unknown. However, it seems that it has gone haywire upon contact with Fenrir’s Curse Blast from earlier.”

“Gone haywire?”

I couldn’t help but frown.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“I’m sure Ingrid knew what she was doing. If a too powerful magic power collides with the seal, what kind of effect will it have on her body? But she already knew that and still did it, probably to save your friends.”

Sylvia murmured with a bitter face.

Even at the cost of her own life, she’s willing to protect her friends, huh.

“And, how can we save Ingrid?”

However, as I asked, Fenrir suddenly fired the cannons on both of its shoulders.

I deflected it with my magic sword techniques and asked again, this time in an uneasy scream.

“Tell me, Sylvia!”

“If we could get her to the deepest part of the ruins as well, we could……”

Sylvia continued to mumble.

“As you already know, there’s a device in this ruins that blocks any kind of magic power! It’s just a theory, but we may also use it be able to suppress the outburst of Ingrid’s magic crest……ironically, Fenrir is in the way to get there.”

I looked ahead again.

Fenrir is standing in the corridor leading to the deepest part of the ruins, where the device is supposed to be located.

“And we don’t have much time! From what I can tell, she probably only has a few minutes left……Damn it, to think our plans will backfire at this point in time!”

“Can you do anything about the seal?”

“I could, but it would still take too much time! We can’t risk it!”

Sylvia shouted in frustration.

“……No, that’s all I need to know. Thank you, Sylvia.”

In short: Push Fenrir to the sealing facility and take Ingrid there as well.

With that, we will be able to seal Fenrir and stop Ingrid’s magic crest from going out of control.


“So we’re back to our original plan. It’s simple and straightforward.”

“Don’t make it sound so easy. You think you can do that in a few minutes?”

“Even though you’re much stronger than before, there’s still too little time……can you really do it, boy?”

Even Claudia is having doubts.

“I have no choice. I won’t be able to bear it if Ingrid dies here!”

I shouted and started running.

“And as I said, I’ll finish you off at once! Milfa!”

I swung my golden sword over its head.

“The longer it takes to recharge the magic, the larger your opening will be. Please be careful, Master Lian.”

“I know. I’ll leave the magic control to you. Meanwhile, I’ll jump into its center and find a good spot to unleash it.”

I nodded and accelerated further, and similarly, Fenrir accelerated as well.

The atmosphere creaked with series of powerful blasts. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

However, I was the one with the speed advantage.

I ducked under Fenrir’s claws, went under its belly, and after positioning myself in,

Blade Prominence(Scorching Blade Decapitation)!”

I hit it with the same flame magic sword technique as before.

It was a tremendous blow, and it turned its huge jet-black body over.

From that gap, I swung my sword again.

And about the same time, Milfa’s magic charging was about to get completed.

“Magic charging at 89%……100%. Master Lian.”

Limit(Slash) Break(Release)──”

The divine golden sword emitted a red phosphorous brilliance,

Bloody Fang(Sky Dragon Fang)!”

and flames in the shape of a dragon shot out from it.

Soon as I swing it down, these swirling fires quickly enveloped Fenrir’s colossal body.


A blast of wind followed suit, followed by a tremendous roar.

It was Fenrir who let out the bitter growl and it retreated significantly.

Its armor shattered here and there, and white smoke even started to billow out from its back.

However, it was still far from enough for it to stop functioning.

“You’re a sturdy one.”

I looked at Fenrir, who is still standing in the corridor in a battle stance, with a grim expression on my face.

It was literally a blow with all my might, but it was still far from fatal.

“That’s not it, master. The damage is definitely done.”

Said Milfa.

“Perhaps another twenty exchanges or so will bring it to a near standstill.”

“We got no time for that.”

I bit my lips in frustration.

The current offensive and defensive actions alone cost us a few dozen seconds already.

If we’re not bound by the time, I would have already used high-powered attacks to chip away its energy little by little.

But we don’t have that luxury anymore. I have to get to the sealing facility as soon as possible to save Ingrid.

And for that, I have to get Fenrir out of the way as soon as possible.

“But how?”

To be honest, I got a little conceited.

The power of the second stage is immense, but I didn’t expect it to be far from enough.

What’s more, my impatience is starting to dull my magic sword techniques.

The next thing I knew, Fenrir was about to unleash a claw strike at my face.

── no, it has gone faster than before!?


I hurriedly flicked the claw strike back with my magic sword technique while keeping my distance altogether.

But Fenrir quickly closes the distance and follows up.

Claws filled with powerful magic power got unleashed, cleaving and attacking in rapid succession towards my person.

At the same time, the cannons on both shoulders shot out magic bullets, blocking my escape.

“Its attacks are getting more accurate than before……”

So this is what they meant by it getting stronger as it learns its opponent’s moves.

I remembered Claudia’s words.

If you play passive, you will only get hit.

So I stopped trying to leave some gaps and did the reverse – and closed the distance between us instead.

When I went on the offensive with my flaming magic sword technique, Fenrir retreated as if it couldn’t resist the blow.

“I’m still stronger than you.”

Still, it’s not enough to win the battle all at once.

I need power. Much stronger power.


Something on the level that can overwhelm the odds.

I thought about it, and then I realized.

“……Tell me, Milfa.”

I asked my partner, the divine sword.

“The power I’m using now, is the “Second Stage,” right? Does that mean there’s still more to come?”

“Master Lian, that’s……”

Milfa’s voice halted.

“So it exists.”

Even though it’s not long, I’ve known this sword for a while.

By the way she just reacted, I immediately knew that the answer is yes.

But at the same time, if I do that, I’ll probably……

“You probably didn’t tell me because my frail elven body won’t be able to take it, am I right?”

“Master’s base strength is still insufficient. You still need training to some extent.”

“We don’t have time for that, now that Ingrid is in danger.”

I told her without hesitation.


A short silence fell.

I wondered if Milfa is conflicting with herself right now.

After all, her sole purpose, of why she was sent here, is to protect me, her master, from harm.

Now, I’m requesting her to do the reverse.

“I want to save my friends. I want to save Ingrid. Lend me your help, buddy, Milfa.”

Another silence.

But when I was about to give up and think of something else……

“……It can’t be helped then.”

I felt Milfa sigh faintly as she said those lines. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“I trust you, my master.”

“Thank you.”

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

“We’ve known each other for a long time now. It is not only master who’s learning my personality. I’ve been learning from you as well.”

Milfa’s voice sounded neither dismayed nor resigned.

I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

This sword, too, seems to have become more human than when we first met each other.

“Let’s go, then. Milfa.”

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III”

All of a sudden, my heartbeat jumped up with a thump.

I had an ominous premonition that I was about to step into a territory I shouldn’t have.

That maybe it’s too early to use this power……

But I can’t afford to hesitate.

After all, there’s no more time to hesitate.

It’s now that we need power.

Over Drive(Transcendent Burst Mode)

Milfa’s voice echoed, and then……

“Uaaaaaaaaaa……auuu, guuuuuaaaaaaaaauuuoooo!”

A tremendous shock went throughout my whole body.

What, is this……

Lightning sparks that came out of the blue surrounded me, and the fiery aura which covered my body is now blazing tremendously.

I could even personally feel that my Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) has gone up to several levels.

No, it is going stronger and stronger.

“Guaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooo……”

My whole body is in extreme pain.

My every flesh is throbbing and my bones are creaking.

Every time I move my every nerve in my body, I could feel them burning out one after the other.

If this keeps up, my body would surely break down.

I probably won’t even last long.

“……Out of the way……Fenrir……”

I told to it shortly.

I only said those few words, but I was assaulted with tremendous pain already.

However, right now is not the time to worry about pain.

I’ll have to get this over with in an instant.

I kicked the ground.


I went fast

As fast as sound.

Faster than sound.

Much, much faster.

I couldn’t keep up with my own perception anymore.

When I came to my senses, I had already jumped into Fenrir’s bosom.


With a yell, I thrust out my arms.

Fenrir’s huge body felt as light as a feather.


Fenrir, as expected, roars in confusion at my sudden increase in power.

However, our power difference is too different for it to be even able to resist.

I pushed it all the way to the back.

The floor scraped and blew away with every step I took.

The movement that went far beyond the speed of sound created a shockwave that shattered the walls of the ruins into tatters.

Just like that, in just a few seconds, I pushed Fenrir to the deepest part of the ruins in one go.

From my surrounding vision, it was a creepy room with countless pipes and tubes stretching across the walls like veins.

“Time……to end this”

I flashed my Milfa.

It wasn’t even a magic sword technique, just an ordinary slash, but it easily severed Fenrir’s limbs.

“Rest in pieces, you piece of junk! Bloody Fang(Sky Dragon Fang)!”

On the next instant, I unleashed another blow──this time, piercing the ‘heart’ of Fenrir, which was at the center of it all.

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