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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Full Drive

I checked the situation around me.

In front, Claudia and Sylvia are lying on the ground.

Nearby, Ingrid is being treated by Mina.

Thankfully, none of them seems to be in any danger of death.

For now, I am relieved that everyone is safe.

On the other side of the room, there were the remains of two “baby Fenrirs” – “Scrapers”, that seemed to have just been eliminated.

One was the one I had just defeated, and the other must have been defeated by Claudia and her team.

In the background, the monks and priests continuously apply warding magic to prevent the ruins from collapsing in the aftermath of the battle.

──If they’re alright, it means that the situation is still under control, or yet to blow up.

Thanks to that, even if we fight with all our might, there will be little risk of the ruins collapsing and burying us alive, so all that’s left is for me to take care of Fenrir and the six of his remaining “children” once and for all.

“By the looks of it, you guys have gone through a lot. Everybody stay back.”

I said to the others and moved on.

“I’ll take care of the rest.”

I looked at Fenrir and the six Scrapers.


“Wait. You’re not going to …… do this alone, are you?”

Claudia said with a groan.

“Sir Lian……”

Mina, too, looked with worry.

However, I just replied to them with my usual refreshing smile.

“I’m fine. I learned a few tricks while I was fighting underground.”

I spoke, trying to reassure her and everyone else in the room.

“A few……tricks.”

“I’ll finish it soon.”

I said, thinking back to the fight I had just had.


Back to when I fell into the basement and was confronted by two baby Fenrirs.

If I fought with it with all I’ve got, I would have won, but I was worried about Mina and the others getting caught up there.

I’ve got to get rid of them without doing much and get back soon.

“Let’s hurry this up, Milfa.”

I said, and I sprinted.

With the enhanced speed, I dove into the enemy’s path, and,

Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution)!”

Released a crimson ball of light.

Just like that, I annihilated one of the baby Fenrirs.

“Your use of enhancements and control of magical swordplay is becoming superb, Master.”

Milfa sounded satisfied.

“You’ve successfully mastered your physical enhancements and magic sword techniques through repeated battles. With this, we can now move to the ‘next stage’.”

“Next stage?”

“You are not yet utilizing all of your power, master. As your soul adjusts to your reincarnated body, you will be able to draw more of your true power. Right now, you are still in the process of calibrating to it.”

“In other words……”

I gulped.

“You’re saying I can become even stronge──”

“Getting back to your true form, to be exact. But if you remove the limiter all at once, you will not be able to control your power, so we opt to release it phase by phase……”

Milfa interrupts my speech with her own.

A moment of silence came afterward.

“Yes, just like the cause of the destruction of Super-Ancients, too much power can be dangerous. Please learn to control it. Master Lian.”

“Control of power……”

If you can’t control it, you’re no better than that monster. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Just like Fenrir, huh.”

“But I believe you can handle it. I’ve already finished my adjustments for you to perform the ‘next level’ of magical swordplay. Let’s give it a shot, Master Lian.”


── With that, I defeated the other baby Fenrir in this method, broke the ceiling with my magic sword technique, and came back here.

“Even for you, it’s dangerous to take on six of them at once. In addition, the main body is still waiting for you. We need to retreat for now…”

Claudia weakly tried to stand up, only to fall on her feet again.

She doesn’t look like she’s in danger of her life, but she’s pretty exhausted.

“And every time he fights, he gets stronger……Kuh.”

Sylvia, who is lying on the ground nearby, also looked like she couldn’t get up.

So, Fenrir’s ability to beat up two S-class fighters to this level is something to be expected, huh?

“Take it easy. Get some rest.”

I readied my Milfa.

The power level of this opponent is more overwhelming than any other enemy I’ve fought.

Fenrir, a magical armament known for its transcendent difficulty, and six powerful Scrapers that supported it.

But I’m not worried.

I have no fear.

What I had now was the confidence─no, the certainty──that I could do it.

“Now, then.”

I let out a breath.

Let’s do it one more time, similar to what we did underground.

“Are you ready, Milfa?”

“Always ready, my master.”

“then, here it goes.”

Along with her answer, a pale glow emanated from the golden blade.

But this time, the glow of it enveloped my entire body as well─

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) II”

─before bursting into a fiery aura.

Compared to before, I’m now feeling an overwhelming presence of power surging through my body.

Muscle strength, kinetic vision, and reflexes – they increased at a rate far greater than the Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) I’ve been having so far.

However, it is also a double-edged sword.

By itself, the body of an elf is weak.

If it got strengthened too much, it might end up damaging itself in reaction instead.

However, since I’ve been doing quests every day since I was first reincarnated in this world. I’ve accumulated a lot of experience, which also became a factor for my body to quickly adapt to the technique itself.

I used my willpower to suppress and control the overflowing power and assimilate it into my senses……

……to this next level, which I can proceed with only because I am proficient in physical enhancement and magical swordplay.

Full Drive(Full Burst Mode)

I announced and took a step forward.

A moment later.


A powerful shockwave slammed into my entire body.

It was proof that my movement had far exceeded the speed of sound.

As I rushed forward at super speed, Fenrir’s children prepared themselves at once.

Too slow.

I didn’t even give them time to finish their stance, and even faster than they could react…

I ran at super speed.

First, I cut down the one in front of me on the right with a slash filled with magic power.

One down.

Leaving behind the one whose armor was sliced through like butter and collapsed, I accelerated further.

I cut down the two in front of me, one after the other.


Two down. Three down.

The next one……it was then when I felt the air behind me waver slightly.

It was probably from another one trying to hit me with a magic claw strike from behind.

But unfortunately for it, my physical abilities have increased to an extent that is incomparable to my previous Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration).

Not to mention my power, speed, reflexes, and dynamic vision as well.

Much faster than the claw strike from behind, I swung and slashed, cutting the approaching little Fenrir in half.

And that’s four.

The remaining two little Fenrirs retreated.

They were supposed to be emotionless pieces of machinery, but they acted like they’re scared of me.

But I’m sorry.

I’m not gonna let you go, after you’ve done to my friends.

I kicked the ground and ran through them at top speed.

Two flashes of silver light were then released.

It’s just a supersonic slash, but just like that, it sliced through the two Scrapers in an instant.

All of them quickly turned into wreckage and rolled around. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Six Scrapers in an instant……no way……!”

“What the heck. He……he was this strong……?”

Claudia and Sylvia groaned in dismay.

[Threat assessment: Immeasurable. Proceeding to eliminate target at all costs.]

It was then when another mechanical voice sounded from Fenrir, who had lost all its ‘children’.

“Fuuuh…… Now then. I guess this is where the real thing starts?”

I let out a breath of air.

As expected of a boss, even I felt the tension rising and regripped the handle of Milfa in my hand.

And in the next moment, Fenrir’s movements became an afterimage. A roar sounded behind the rush.


Claudia groaned.

However, among the observers, she was probably the only one who could catch Fenrir’s movement right now.

Well, except for me, of course.

Like me, Fenrir’s movements became faster than sound – supersonic maneuvering.

The movements that ordinary people can’t even see are as precise as a slow-motion image to my kinetic vision, which has been enhanced in my second stage.

With this, I easily avoided Fenrir’s lunge and walked behind him.

Blade Prominence(Scorching Blade Decapitation)!”

I hit him with my magic sword technique of fire, which is its weakest attribute.


The explosive wave successfully arrived at its target, causing it to burst in flames, shaking the surroundings with a roar.

Fenrir is still standing, but it had its armor shattered and burned in many places.

It seems that not only highest-grade spells but also magic sword techniques of his weakness attribute are effective against him.

“Let’s continue to attack with fire-based techniques, Master.”

Milfa advises me.

“With Master’s current speed, you can beat your opponent to the punch now.”

“So your point is, we should attack with guns blazing? Okay then.”

Simple and good. Milfa isn’t a gun but a sword, though.

I rushed forward again, faster than the speed of sound.

Still, even though I’m in the offensive, I have to keep myself on guard.

Even though its armor was shattered, Fenrir’s movements did not slow down in any bit.

As expected, this thing is tougher than the Scrapers it has just unleashed.

I didn’t let my guard down and steadily accumulated damage by parrying and breaking Fenrir’s claws or using my magic sword techniques to repel the magic bullets from the cannons on both of its shoulders.

It’s only little by little, but I am gradually pushing through.

“……Stay alert, boy!”

Claudia warned behind me.

“We had some success with Fenrir at first! But we didn’t think he’s also learning our moves and getting stronger and stronger!”

“I see……You mean the longer the fight goes on, the worse it gets.”

I nodded my head.

Rather than slowly chipping away at it, It’s better to hit it with the most powerful sword technique I could muster, right on, even if the gap is a bit huge.

“Milfa, let’s finish this off with a high-powered magic sword technique.”

It wasn’t just Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) that reached the “next level.”

Naturally, I was able to unlock more powerful magic sword techniques as well.

From this point onwards, this will be a head-to-head contest of strength.


“Understood, master. Starting the countdown of the mana charging sequence……”

Time to slam you to the ground, Fenrir.

But, soon as Milfa told me that,

“Uuuu, guuuuooooooooooooo……!!?”

A strange cry of agony was heard. And when I looked on the front, it wasn’t from Fenrir.

It was from Ingrid, which is still in Mina’s embrace.

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