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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Desperate Struggle

The battle opened with the two S-classes on the offensive.

Edge Five(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell)!”

Claudia’s omnidirectional technique, which consisted of hundreds of thousands of slashes that covered all directions, slammed into Fenrir, making the huge jet-black body flinch in the opposite direction.

Sylvia then held up her staff to the enemy, who is now out of position,

Blazing Cannon(Refined Flaming Lion’s Sphere)!”

Then struck with her strongest fire-based spell in her arsenal, causing an explosion to ring out that was enough to shake the entire cave.


Fenrir, who appeared from the other side of the explosions, roared in anger.

It was still standing, as they expected.

However, a huge part of its armor had been shattered and charred in many places.

“Alright, it seems that highest grade spells work on it, just like with its babies. Still, it’s not enough reason to relax yet── Claudia!”

“I already know!”

Upon making eye contact with Sylvia, Claudia jumps out quickly.

In terms of speed, she’s better than Fenrir.

While Claudia incessantly bombarded it with slashes, Sylvia would see an opening and hit it with the highest level of attack magic.


And each time she does, a part of Fenrir’s armor gets torn apart and shatters.

It was a brilliant, coordinated effort.


Mina and the others could only utter in awe, utterly powerless to do anything.

She knew that it would only pose them a distraction if she gave them inadequate support.

“Well, it seems that they aren’t gonna need any back-up soon.”

Mary muttered beside.

“Those two clearly had the upper hand.”

Ingrid appended.

Fenrir’s attacks couldn’t catch Claudia and Sylvia, while their attacks were slowly damaging the magical armament in turn.

If they keep doing this, the accumulated damage will eventually neutralize Fenrir.


Suddenly, Claudia let out a voice that sounded unusually impatient.

The clawed blow of the armament, which had never even grazed her before, grazed her shoulder slightly.

“Hey, Claudia……”

“Something’s wrong…… it’s getting faster!”

Claudia groaned at the sound of Sylvia’s voice.

“Don’t tell me……”

Mina stiffened, her face scrunching up.

It was then that they realized.

It was indeed that Fenrir’s movements were getting quicker and quicker.

And albeit gradually, they could feel its firepower increasing as well.

“What’s worse, it’s like it’s beginning to learn our movements and adapting itself to it──”

And as evidence, its moves were becoming sharper.

Claudia’s slashes, which hit with a hundred percent chance before, are now missing almost in its every spot. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

And because of her inability to create an opening, most of Sylvia’s magic is starting to miss its mark as well, and those which did hit did not do much damage.

“It’s getting stronger and stronger. …… Not good!”

Fenrir’s claws bounced off Claudia’s slash ── and this time, it snapped one of her swords.

“T-this piece of junk……!”

Fenrir also repelled Sylvia’s frenzied magic spells and even made its way toward them.



Before they knew it, a claw strike filled with magic power blew them away at once.

They were knocked to the ground, and they could not get up.

With just one blow, the situation was completely reversed.


The two S-classes were no match for it at all──.

Mina stood there, unable to digest the situation.

She choked on her breath with unprecedented fear.

Like a frog being stared at by a snake, she could not move, nor even blink.

Even if the three of them joined in the fight, the result would be the same.

No, they would probably be killed the moment they stepped in front of Fenrir.

After all, it was because of the two S-classes that they were able to hold out that long.

[Proceeding to eliminate the two A-ranked threats.]

A mechanical voice sounded from Fenrir.

Its mouth, which has a slit going through its ears, opened wide, and a cannon protruded from the back of its throat.

A white glow of light then converged on the muzzle of its tip.

“Damn it, it’s going to shoot the Curse Blast(Curse Energy Burst)! That’s not good!”

“Miss Sylvia! You’re alright! We should go!”

“No, that thing must be repelled first. It’s not just a destructive magic attack. It’s an artillery barrage filled with an extremely evil curse. If it were to unleash it successfully, it would not just blow up the entire ruin. It will also contaminate the surrounding area with its curse. Who knows how many magical disasters it will cause later on──”

“──then I won’t let you.”

The one who jumped out was Ingrid.

“Don’t be absurd! It’s not a level of attack that a B-Class mage can prevent. Damn it, if I knew this is gonna happen, I would have put a defensive formation early on.”

Using her staff as support, Sylvia forced herself to stand up.

However, it was clear that she was in no condition to cast even a single spell.

Mina also tried to cast a defensive spell, but it was too late──as the blackish purple mass of stagnant energy was already released from the cannon in Fenrir’s mouth.

Curse Blast(Curse Energy Burst).

Anger, sadness, hatred, murderous intent, despair… all kinds of negative emotions got condensed into what could be called a curse sphere in front.

“If it’s the demonic crest──”

But Ingrid just stood there with her arms outstretched, as if she’s going to use her own body as a shield.


“Stop it, Ingrid!”

Mina and Mary screamed in turn.

But Ingrid turned her neck to them instead,


 Revealing to them a smile with deep sadness in it.

The next moment, the black and purple magic sphere struck her petite body.


Mina screamed out.

Reflected on her vision was Ingrid’s tragic figure being consumed by the highly concentrated curse and dying instantly.

Then, the black brilliance burst out.


However, there was no sound, no blast, no shockwave.

Only a chilling silence, and then…


At the next moment, Mina’s eyes widened in surprise.

Amongst the remnants of the magic sphere bursting into countless particles, Ingrid is still standing in the center of them.

“The curse disappeared without a trace? Ridiculous!”

Sylvia murmured with a stunned look on her face.

“No, wait, don’t tell me that the repulsive force of the sealing spell Negaprotect(Seal that Repels all Evil) forcibly repelled the curse in its own? Does the magic crest of the Finia royal family have that much sealing power──”

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……”

It was then when Ingrid let out a ragged breath before collapsing on the spot.


Mina was the first to charge in.

Ingrid fell on her back and was blue all over her face. However, on her small chest that risen and fell gently──something glistened between her breasts.

It was something like a coat of arms.

Mina couldn’t help but wonder if this bounced back the curse that was just unleashed on them.

However, she also knew it’s not the time to think about that.

Curing Hand(Palm of Healing).”

Mina hastily cast a healing spell on Ingrid, who was unusually drained of energy.

Her face, which had been pale, gradually began to regain its color.

However, the biggest problem still remained.

[Confirmed the formation of a powerful magic field. Revising the target’s threat rating from “A+” to “S.”]

Another mechanical voice sounded from Fenrir.

(What, does that mean……)

Mina suddenly felt doubt.

Earlier, when this magical weapon had seen them for the first time,

[Threat evaluation – finished. A+:1 A:2 B:2 Unknown: 1]

It was its evaluation.

She had thought that the A+ was Lian and the A was Claudia and Sylvia.

But now, in the way it talked just now, it was like that the A+ just earlier is──

(it was Ingrid all along!?)

Of course, for them, they knew that Ingrid is an excellent mage.

Even so, the fact that she was rated higher than Sylvia, one of the strongest mages in the world, was indeed incomprehensible. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

[Scraper Deployment not sufficient on S-rank threats or higher. Proceeding to implement Immediate Extermination and Suppression Protocol.]

With a roaring engine sound, Fenrir’s back burst apart.


This time, a total of seven “Baby Fenrirs” landed on the floor.

Claudia and Sylvia had already fallen, however, even if they still haven’t, they already had no power left to intercept them.

And now that there are seven of them, she couldn’t see any other future than being clawed to death.


Mina embraced Ingrid even tighter.

As if to cover for her.

However, her arms, even her whole body, trembled.

She knew, at that moment, that they’ll gonna be all be killed.


She could only groan, half-unconsciously.

It was an enemy that even the strongest S-class adventurer can’t compete with.

But Mina knew.

She believed.

No matter what happens.

He’s still gonna triumph over all.

No matter what the enemy is, he will defeat them completely and emerge victorious.

And so, she pictured it in her mind.

Her destined person.

“Please help us……Sir Lian……”

Mina murmured, with one of the seven little Fenrirs slowly approaching…

Then, it lunged at her.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

A shining slash manifested all of a sudden and blasted the machination away.



At that moment, she was struck with a strong sense of deja vu.

Yes, She had experienced something similar before.

That time when Mina and her party were being cornered by the A-Class Dragon species.

It was he who appeared gallantly and saved the day.

It was the exact same situation.

“No way……”

She turned around and gulped.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. It seems I made it back just in time.”

From the origin of the sword wave that burst out, a beautiful, black-haired, blue-eyed elf finally appeared.

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