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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Magical Armament ‘Fenrir’

A form reminiscent of a wolf.

Huge body covered in armor.

Cannons protruding from both shoulders.

The three ‘child’ units, called “Scrapers” or “Eliminators”, have a similar design to the main body of Fenrir.

The only differences are that they are a size smaller and that while the main body is jet black, the child units are blue.

As if to protect the main unit, the three stood side by side in front of us.

“I didn’t know this kind of function existed…… Damn, this is why the weapons of the High Ancients are so troublesome to deal with.”

Sylvia clicks her tongue behind me.

While at it──

One of the child units suddenly jumped at us. Its target is me and Claudia in the vanguard.

──No, it’s not us!

“Get out of there, Mina!”

After jumping over us, the ‘baby Fenrir’ attacked Mina, who’s at our rear.

It was trying to slam its claws down on her head from above!


An echoing scream followed.

With only ordinary physical abilities, it was beyond Mina to avoid or prevent the super-speed attack…


I clicked my tongue and bent my legs to full power, making a mad dash for Mina, and ran past her.

Limit(Slash) Break(Release) ── Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

Just before the magic war machine’s sharp claws sliced through our healer, I intercepted it with my magic sword technique, just in time.

As it was a slash with the power to blow away even an A-class dragon species, with a burst of light, the little war machine staggered greatly.

Still, as if my power wasn’t enough, it regained its posture quickly and, this time slammed his paw down on me.

I could see its claws glowing, indicating that they are filled with a powerful magical power within.

It’s like a magic claw strike I see in RPGs.

“However, it’s useless!”

I bounced it back with a magic sword technique without hesitation.

And then the second one, and then the third.

The claws swung down repeatedly, but I flicked them with a slash of magic power each time and even slashed one of them away.


The small machine backed away as if flinching.


“──I can do it!”

No matter how many features the opponent has, even if it was from a High Ancient civilization, my magic sword technique is still far above.

── But that’s when it happened.

“Sir Lian, behind you!”

Mina warned with a scream.

It was a momentary gap.

As I turned around, another ‘child’ unit was approaching from behind me.


I hurriedly hit the guy with a magic slash in a panic.

However, I was too late, and the magic claws of the approaching child machine struck.

But it was not to me…

It was to the floor, where I was standing on. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.


Spiderweb-like cracks appeared all over my area, easily penetrating the protective magic the monks and priests had cast.

It crumbled away with a great deal of debris, leaving nothing but a caved space underneath.

“Oh no…”

“It was then that I realized.

This thing wasn’t aiming at me from the start.

The way ‘it’ saw me in the eye, it must have judged that I am not an easy opponent.

That’s why ‘it’ chose to pull me away from the scene first.

The moment I realized this, the floor I’m stepping on had already collapsed.

“Crap, I’m gonna fall!”

I fell down the bottomless pit together with the two little Fenrirs…


Mina Arabelle’s Side.

“Sir Lian!!!”

Mina stared in shock as Lian and the two ‘baby Fenrirs’ fell under the crumbling floor.

She immediately ran over to the edge of the hole and looked down, but what brought to her eyes was complete darkness.

She couldn’t even see where the bottom is.

Mina believed that Lian won’t crash to death so easily, but she still couldn’t help but feel anxious, like her heart was about to burst.

“I’ll be right there!”

She then cast a levitation spell on her self to chase the boy who fell, but before she could even jump, the debris from the surrounding area gathered and blocked the hole in the floor.

“No way……”

In the blink of an eye, the floor was restored to its original state.

“To think that these the ruins have a self-healing function as well. However, this also meant that I can’t chase after him……”

“For now, focus on the enemy in front of you.”

Ingrid rushed up to Mina’s side to check on her.

“Still, I’m sure that Lian would be fine. I trust him.”

Believe in him…….

Mary rushed over and spoke as well. However, the hands holding the hilt of her sword were trembling faintly.


Despite what she said, the truth is that Mary was also worried.

She also couldn’t help but think of the possibility that Lian had crashed and died by now.

If the situation allows it, she must have already chased him while she can.

But that means has been cut off, and if they were not careful, the biggest enemy over there would definitely take their lives.

“……I see, you’re right. We have to do this mission first. And that is to help them seal Fenrir to secure the safety of the place. After that, let’s go after Sir Lian.”

Mina let out a deep breath to calm herself down.

Anxiety still lingered in her thoughts.

She still couldn’t help but worry about Lian.

Nevertheless, she kept her will strong and refocused on the battle ahead of her.

“Damn, I didn’t know we were suddenly going to be split up.”

Sylvia looked at Fenrir and the remaining little machines with a grim expression.

She then held up her staff, which has a huge jewel embedded in its tip.

Rumors spread that it was the legendary artifact, The Blaster Rod(Legendary Rod of Destruction), which amplifies the magical power of the wielder.

“We’ll take care of the rest. Claudia!”

“I’m on it!”

Claudia rushed towards the remaining ‘baby Fenrir’ with her twin swords in hand.

But it was then that the small one’s eyes emit a red light.

In the next moment, the blue body of metal turned into a whirlwind.

“Fast ──!?”

Exclaimed Claudia in astonishment.



And after that, a metallic sound reverberated in the atmosphere.

The dust cleared, and what was brought next was an S-Class adventurer using her twin swords to parry the magical claw strike from the mechanical beast’s super-speed rush.

However, the parry wasn’t perfect, as the right shoulder armor that Claudia was wearing ripped open like butter and shards flew out.

What’s next was an incoming barrage of claws from the left and right being thrown like punches, and Claudia swung her twin swords on them each and every time, flipping them off, blocking them, even intercepting them with her own.

“Wow……that first attack would have cut me in half if it was me.”

Mary murmured in dismay.

Mina was stunned as well.

She wanted to support her with magic, but she could even hardly even follow the movements of Claudia and the ‘baby Fenrir’ opponent.

The close-quarters combat between the smaller magic armament and the S-class adventurer was just too fast for her own eyes.

What was even more odd about it was Fenrir, the humungous magic armament, still hasn’t moved in place, just watching the situation from a distance. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Maybe it has decided that the ‘child units’ are enough to sweep them off their feet.

“Don’t underestimate us……Edge Five(Fifth Noble Sword)Blaze(Hellfire)

Claudia’s five swords covered themselves in flames and were released as fire arrows exceeding the speed of sound.

Upon contact, the swords made an explosion, blowing the remaining small Fenrir to quite a great distance.

“If it’s that distance away from her, even I can do it ── Icicle Cannon(Ice Magic Dragon Fang)!”

Sapphire Slash(Blue Ice Blade)!”

Sylvia waved her staff and unleashed a huge ice dragon. And as if to supplement the spell, Ingrid also created an Ice blade and clung at the emerging frost wyrm.

The magic of the two merged and became a more powerful magic that slammed into the ‘child’ that went out of position.


The ‘baby Fenrir’ appeared from the aftermath of the white explosion, and as expected, its armor was shattered and damaged in many places.

But it wasn’t enough to stop it from functioning, as it still tried to come at them at such state.

“Then, how about this ── Elciata’s Scales(Pure Heart Binding)!”

It was Mina’s turn to act, and she released a binding spell.

Snake-shaped bundles of magic power entangled the entire body of the scaled-down mechanism.

Pouring all of her magic power into it, she desperately tried to block the enemy’s movements.

However, the power of the little one is still immense.

It shook its body, shaking off one magical binding after another, and seemed about to regain its freedom.

“Kuh, so strong── I can’t hold on much longer!”

Sweat beaded on Mina’s forehead as she continued to pour in mana to her spell.

“That’s plenty enough time.”

Claudia sprinted.

“Rosemary girl, I need your support!”

“She called for me personally! I’ll do my best!”

And Mary followed close behind.

Even at this time, she’s still grinning like mad.

Edge Five(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell).”

Numerous silver flashes filled the surroundings.

This was Claudia’s greatest skill, in which she had used against Lian before.


The Fenrir’s ‘child’ tried to jump down from its spot, as if it had decided that it was not a good idea to receive this attack.


“I won’t let you escape.”

However, Mina’s binding magic held it in place.

Adding the damage caused by Ingrid’s and Sylvia’s spells, its reaction time has considerably slowed.

It was only a slight delay in evasion ── but that split second was enough to change the outcome of the battle.

Claudia’s simultaneous slashes from all directions attacked the miniature Fenrir and sliced it to pieces.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s, First Sword(Ichi no Tachi) ── Flame Emperor’s Blazing Fire(Entai Gekisen)!!”

Mary’s slash followed up. She jumped high in the air, spun around, and using that momentum, she power-slashed her blade to the core of the little Fenrir body.

“I did it!”

“Nice impromptu follow-up. I’m impressed.”

“Both your spell’s timings and coordination are perfect.”

Sylvia smiled at both Mina and Ingrid.

“Nice swordsmanship.”

“Ahaha~. To be praised by Miss Claudia, this Mary is so blessed!”

Claudia and Marie, who had made the killing blow, also high-fived each other.

However, their joyous occasion didn’t last long.

“……From here on, this is where the real thing starts.”

Mina looked up head with a pale hue on her face.

Because the Fenrir, who was staying still a while ago, is now slowly approaching.

As if the main body has finally entered its “attack mode”, it gave off an overwhelming sense of intimidation which made even their body to stop shaking.

They felt a sense of fear that made their whole body’s blood freeze.

”Be careful, everyone!”

It was Claudia who sent the warning.

“You could tell by its presence── this thing is not comparable to those little ones it had just unleashed.”

Despite their nervousness showing, Mary held her greatsword, while Sylvia and Ingrid held their staffs.

Mina prayed to the Goddess of Love at the very back.

I hope that we can all make it through this battle in one piece.

Please, without missing a single person ──.

And so,

The true battle to the death opened its curtains once again.

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