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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Battle to Seal the Magic Armament

The site of the ruins is located in the middle of a mountain not far from Est City.

We’re currently on our way through these ruins with Sylvia’s guidance.

“Still, another S-class……does that mean Sylvia is as strong as you, Claudia?”

As we walked, I asked Claudia in a whisper.

“I’m a swordsman, and Miss Sylvia is a mage, so it’s difficult to make a simple comparison, but if we spoke of being a deterrent for demons, then she might be better than me.”

Heee, so she’s reliable.


“Don’t let her frankness misguide you. Silvia is one of the best magic users in the world. She was originally a military magic advisor for the famous magic kingdom of Runegalia.”

“Military advisor?”

“I heard she quit soon after because she didn’t get along with her vassals.”

“Heck, I was never cut out to serve in the palace.”

Sylvia snorted, still with her back turned to us.

So she has been hearing our conversation.

“Well, I’ve trained the Phantom Ark guys hard during my tenure. I think I already did a decent job for my paycheck.”

Sylvia sniffed again.

“What’s Phantom Ark?”

“The Phantom Ark is a band of mages in Runegalia. They are the most elite of the elite when it comes to offensive magic, and are dubbed as the most powerful Mage group in the world.” Claudia quickly answered my question.

“In terms of adventurer ranking, all of them are at least A-Class. I’m sure there are a few of them who are as good as S-Class as well.”

“That’s amazing…”

If she were the teacher of such people, then there is no doubt that Sylvia’s skills are excellent.

So this is what an S-Class Adventurer is like.


We proceeded further into the ruins.

Near the entrance, it looked like a natural cave with exposed rocks, but as we reached the middle, the path gradually turned into a man-made hallway surrounded by stone walls on each and every side.

“As I briefly explained in Regulus City, the purpose of this mission is to seal the magic armament that has gone wild.”

It was Claudia who spoke first.

“What exactly do you mean by “seal”?”

“Unfortunately, when it comes to magic, I’m an outsider. I’ll leave the rest to Miss Sylvia here.” She then passed the baton to the one-eyed sorceress.

“I guess I’ll give you a quick lecture then.”

Sylvia didn’t stop walking and began to explain.

── the magic armament was originally sealed in the deepest part of the ruins.

It was sleeping still until it was activated in response to a party of adventurers who explored this place. I don’t know if they’re lucky or unlucky, but they successfully made it out alive and called for help immediately. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“As for that weapon of calamity, we have temporarily disabled it, but now it’s stuck in the middle of the passage that leads from the deepest part to the entrance.

That thing is indeed ridiculously strong. However, being a tool, it also required a huge amount of magic power to continue its actions. While it could also regain energy by sucking in the magic particles in the air, it also knew the risks it would take, so rather than doing that, it tried to go to an energy source that is close at hand…….”

“Energy source?”

I had a bad feeling about this.

“There’s a great magic supply close by ── where he can kill a lot of people and steal innate mana in their bodies to replenish his own.”

“……and that is Est City, I presume?”

I bit my lip at Sylvia’s words.

“We’ve been using wards to stop him for a while now, but they’re becoming less and less effective. It is even possible that at any moment, the effect will wear off, and he will go on a rampage. …… Before that happens, we have to seal it completely.”

Sylvia ended the speech with a grim face.

I can’t help but imagine what would happen next. People being killed and towns being destroyed by a magic armament……the town girls I spoke to……as well as the people of the town that welcomed us with bright smiles……all being sucked their mana by a war machine of the past civilization……

I’m not going to let that happen.

“The first step in the sealing process is to push the magic armament back to the deepest part of the ruins. There’s a device in there that blocks magic from the surrounding areas. Once its magic supply is cut off, he won’t be able to move……by then, we’ll be able to remove all the battle parts and reseal it.”

“But how do we push it back?”

“That part is up to you.”

Sylvia just smiled aggressively at my question.

“We’ll have to use force to blow it up. Whatever you got, bring it there. Hit hard and push it all the way to the area where it should belong.”


After walking a bit of a distance, we finally arrived at the site.

The area was like a large hall, already the size of a small baseball field.

Armeris Seal(Holy Sparkle Seal)!”

Elciaskeil(Pure Heart Barrier)!”

Le Vie Bind(Supreme Saint Commandment)!”

Dozens of monks and priests are praying to their gods and casting warding spells, crossing and flashing dazzling streaks of white, red, and gold all over the place.

It was a dizzying whirlpool of light.

And in the center of it all, there it was, standing unconcerned.

Crimson eyes shining brightly.

A huge jet-black body resembling a dog but almost the size of a school building.

Armed with canon-like things protruding from both shoulders. No, were those railguns?

Its form didn’t look like a product of magic, but rather a mechanical design almost reminiscent of sci-fi weapons of my past life.

The Magic Armament “Fenrir”.

This is the target of this quest.

“Thanks for keeping this up! We’ll start the sealing process now.”

Sylvia stepped forward.


The monks and priests who were casting warding magic on Fenrir turned around at once.

“Ooh, it’s Miss Sylvia! And Miss Claudia as well!”

“If two S-classes are here, we might be able to handle this!”

Their faces were immediately filled with hope.

“Don’t be too complacent. The other party is a strong opponent. Make sure to never let your guard down.”


Claudia ruffled her purple hair and drew her twin swords.

“The sealing facility is in the back, in that direction.”

Sylvia pointed to the path that stretched behind Fenrir.

“We’re going to attack Fenrir with our magic and swords. Just keep pushing him until he reaches there.”

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but isn’t that just a power move?

It’s not like it’s a strategy or anything……

‘We can’t afford any more tricks. We already decided that the best strategy for this situation is to use the maximum force we can muster right now and push through. Because the next time we fail, the consequences will be irrecoverable.”

“……I see.”

Sylvia’s orderly speech convinced me for the time being.

“Ah, right. I’ll have the monks and priests cast a protective warding spell to prevent the risk of the ruins collapsing in the aftermath, so don’t hold back and unleash all you got.“

So you’re saying I can use magic sword techniques in full force now?

I’m still not sure they can handle that.

“Then, Lian and I will be the vanguard. Miss Rosemary, you’ll be our backup support. But make sure not to get too involved.”

Claudia gave instructions to us.

“I’ll do my best!” And Mary just nodded happily, as if she were a puppy.

The usual dignified female swordsman that I know was nowhere to be seen.

“Miss Sylvia, use your offensive magic to push Fenrir back. Miss Ingrid will provide the covering fire. Miss Mina will be in charge of defense and recovery in case any of the main members get injured.”

“Leave it to me~.”

“Roger that.”


Sylvia, Ingrid, and Mary answered respectively.

“I’m counting on you, boy. You’re the strongest ace we’ve got. Do it without holding back.”

“I’ll do everything I can.”

I nodded with determination.

“I’ll just have to push as hard as I can. How could that be any clearer?”

I drew my golden sword, Milfa, from my waist and held it at the ready.

And with Claudia’s order.

“Then, let the battle to seal the magic armament ── commence.”


──And so, when the battle to the death has opened its curtains. ──

“Let’s go, boy. We’ll set up this thing first.”


I followed Claudia, who was leading the front line.

“Monks and Priests, deactivate the warding spells in sequence, then immediately switch to warding to protect the surrounding walls, ceilings, and floors.”

While at it, Sylvia gave the instruction to the others.

Yes, Ma’am!”

With that one command, the multicolored light that the monks and priests had been emitting – the magical light of the warding magic – disappeared one after another. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

The light then instead covered the surrounding walls, ceiling, and floor.


Fenrir, who had been freed from its restraints, howled.

It was just his voice, but that alone was enough for the surrounding air to tremble violently, blowing a shockwave before our eyes.

“Let’s do this, Milfa.”

“The opponent is covered in magical metal armor. It’s best to attack with fire-attribute magic sword techniques first.” She gave me some advice.

The words floating on the pattern on her sword then changed from “Standing by” to “Attack mode.”

Of course, My Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) has already been applied.

My battle preparations are now complete.

“I’ll take the right. You take the left. Are you ready?”

On my side, Claudia held up her twin swords.

I nodded, and instantly after that, we both started running opposites at the same time.

── A moment later.


Fenrir howled again.

[Multiple new threats identified.]

[Threat Assessment: Measuring……Complete. A+: 1. A: 2. B: 2. Unknown: 1]

[Proceeding to Elimination. Producing Scrapers to protect the body.]

A series of mechanical voices echoed from Fenrir.

At the same time, its back of what looked like a backpack popped off.

No, it’s not a backpack. It was a part that came off on its own.

That’s, no way──.

“That’s the armament’s……babies?”

Someone spoke out loud.

After all, three smaller-sized ‘Fenrirs’ landed on the floor.

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