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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – S-Class Sylvia

Three days later, Mina, Mary, Ingrid and I came with Claudia to Est City.

Though it was not as big as Regulus City, it’s still a reasonably prosperous place.

Still, it was a considerable distance, that with the physical strength of an elf alone, even a three-day trip would be pretty strenuous, but since we proceeded while I’m constantly using my Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration), I received no particular burden.

“I’m sure you’re tired of the long trip. There’s the guild branch just up ahead. We’ll take a rest once we get there.”

Claudia checked upon us as we walked down the main street.

At the end of the street, where many merchants were passing by, we saw a luxurious building.

That must be the guild branch building.


“Hey, look, it’s an elf.”

“Ah, he has a very beautiful face.”

As we walk along, I could hear the town girls whispering to each other. Though they’re in a bit of a distance and whispering to themselves so that we can’t hear them, my elf ears could still catch their words as we have different sensitivity when it comes to hearing.

“That’s unusual……oh my, he really do have pointed ears.”

“Right? It’s the first time I’m seeing one.”

“I have seen an elf before, but that guy is much more beautiful……”

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way.

Even back in Regulus City, it is not the unusual scenery to treat me like some kind of unusual being at first.

However, as this often happened since I stayed there, the people got used to my existence eventually.

But here I am, in another town, being treated like some kind of exotic animal once again.

But these people.……they were a bit more distant compared to when I was in Regulus which gave a more welcoming vibe.

……Maybe there’s prominent discrimination against sub-humans in this town? Like Malik, the A-Class adventurer who I got into a bit of trouble a while back.

It can’t be helped as some humans in this world really do have prejudice and discrimination against sub-human people such as elves and dwarves.

“Also, that’s Claudia, right?”


“You mean, the S-Class adventurer?”

“So cool……”

As we walked, some of the town girls approached us.

One of them even held a piece of parchment to Claudia. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Uhm, uu, you see, Miss Claudia, right? I’m your fan! Can you please sign this parchment? I’m gonna treat it as memorabilia of you!”

The town girl exclaimed with a puffed-up look on her face.

“Oh, that’s not fair. Me too, me too.”

“Miss Claudia, over here!”

immediately, the other town girls rushed to Claudia.

“Don’t panic. We’ll do this in order, girls. Come on, get in line.”

Claudia smiled at the girls, looking very familiar with them.

Claudia is very popular, isn’t she?

“I once defeated a demon tribe that appeared near this town. Since then, I’ve been welcomed every time I stop by this town.”

Claudia gave a smile that was neither embarrassed nor bitter.

Still, the concept of autographs already exist in this world? Interesting.

“Oh, um, is that elf over there……”

Some of the girls who were fascinated by Claudia switched their glances at me.

“His name is Lian Tiarade. He’s only been an adventurer for a short time, and his rank is still C, but he’s a great talent who will rise to S-Class in the near future. You guys might want to get his autograph early on, or you might not get any more chance in the future. Fufufu.”

Claudia said as she introduced me to the town girls.

“T-then, S-sir Lian, please, sign too.”

“No fair, I want one too!”

This time, the town girls flocked at me.

So, rather than discriminating against subhumans, they were more like idolizing them? No, that’s not it. Claudia in the first place is a human. I don’t know about her inhumane strength, though.

“I’m sorry, our dear travellers. These kids are always like this when a famous adventurer comes.”

“Because they don’t mean any harm, please forgive them. Miss Claudia and Mister elf over there too.”

The elder folks spoke to us.

The people in the town were smiling.

I had been thinking about subhuman discrimination ever since I entered this town, so I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

I am really glad that this wasn’t the case.

The people of this town seem to be just as warm as the people of Regulus City.

If the magical armament of the High Ancients were to break through the wards…… the first to be attacked would be this town.

In that case, I have to protect them.

I tightened my resolve once more.


“Miss Claudia and her assistants, please come this way.”

When we entered the guild branch, a staff member greeted us.

We were then led to a hall-like place in the centre.

“It’s been a while, Claudia.”

There, a woman greeted Claudia as if she had been waiting for her all along.

From her looks, she should be in her early twenties, but her short blonde hair with ruffled ends gave her somewhat an aggressive vibe.

She had a neat face, but what’s so distinctive about her was the eyepatch on her left eye.


As for her body, she had a slender, toned figure, and she wore a black military-like outfit.

“It’s been a while, Miss Sylvia. To be more exact, it has been a year.”

Claudia returned the greeting and introduced us to the woman.

“She’s Sylvia Roiga, the fifth-ranked S-class Adventurer who goes by the nickname Rune Master(Sorcery Nymph).”

“Wow, an elf. Moreover, he’s a beautiful boy. Where did you get him?”

Sylvia stared fixatedly at me as she approached closer.

Her tone of voice is rough and manly, but it didn’t sound violent because of her clear, bell-like pitch.

Rather, it sounded dignified and even beautiful in my ears.

“I’ve heard someone say that elves are all beautiful, but none of them are as good looking as this one.”

She went so close that she’s almost kissed me, which was enough to make me jump.

Now that I stared at her closely, I could see that she’s quite the beauty as well.

In addition, her breath that was blowing on me was very sweet.

The gap between the manly tone and the atmosphere of the beautiful woman……I couldn’t help but become nervous.

“Hmm? What are you blushing about? Perhaps, you have fallen for me?”

But Sylvia only chuckled at my reaction.

“No, I’m not. I’m……”

“Well, I don’t mind a pretty boy like you.” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

The grin on her face was clearly teasing me.

“You know, why don’t we have a little fun before we kick off to the quest? If you want, I can teach you how to handle a woman from scratch.Fufufu.”

“I think it is a bit improper to invite a person for such a thing in their first meeting, isn’t it?”

Mina stepped forward before I realized.

Her expression was grim, which was unusual for a woman of meekness.

“It was a joke. I just thought I’d lighten the mood since we’re about to go on a dangerous mission after all.”

Thankfully, Sylvia didn’t take offense.

“Let’s be friends. We’re comrades-in-arms in this quest.”

“……as long as you don’t mess around with Sir Lian.”

Mina, however, got closer to me instead.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that Mina’s demeanour changes a bit when Lian is involved.”

It was then Mary who interceded.

“Maidens in love sure change a lot.”

Ingrid annotated as well.

“Ah, jealousy, isn’t it? What a sweet naivety. I don’t hate women like you.”

Sylvia chuckled once again.

“Well, I’m sorry too that you were offended. I guess my joke went too far.”

She bowed her head lightly, which was unexpected.

“No, I apologize for my behavior as well.”

Mina, too, released her stiff expression and followed suit with a smile.

“Anyway, pleased working with you. Ooh, that woman has quite the amount of magic power──”

Sylvia’s expression changed as she turned to look at Ingrid.

“……What is this? Ooh, interesting.”

She said as she squinted her right eye.

Her gaze, for some reason, went down on Ingrid’s chest area.

“The Seal spell formation Negaprotect(Seal that Repels all Evil)? Moreover, I’m pretty sure that’s the crest of the Finia Royal Family──”

“…… Don’t pry.”

It was then Ingrid’s turn to make a scowl.

What is NegaProtect?

I, who couldn’t understand what they’re were talking about, could only stare speechless at the two.

Mina and Mary, on the other hand, looked shocked as if they’ve figured something out.

“Scary, scary. Well, I’m not the type to stick to other people’s affairs either. I’m just a little curious, you see.” She gave a bitter smile.

“On behalf of her, I apologize. As you can see, She’s the type of person who says what she thinks immediately. She has such straightforward personality. So please, don’t take it personally, everyone.”

Claudia interceded in the situation.

“Yep, as what she said!”


“Still the same as usual.”

Sylvia’s bitter smile deepened, and Claudia just shrugged lightly.

“Well then, I guess I’ll take you right to the scene.”

“They’ve just arrived. Let them rest a while.”

Claudia insisted.

“I’ve also heard that the sealing of magical armament is still relatively stable, so there’s no need to hurry.”

“That was the case before. But now we’re not gonna hold much longer.” Sylvia’s expression tightened.

“The situation changed while you were out, Claudia. The site right now……is clearly in a deeper shit than before.”

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