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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Night Before Leaving, with Paula for the Second Time, Part 2 ※

Zuzuzu, zubuu……!

Upon thrusting my member into her insides, the hot and soft mucous membranes immediately spread out.

And as it was just after her climax, Paula’s secret hole was soppy and wet, and it wriggled and twirled as if it was welcoming my meat stick inside.

“Uho, kuh, Paula’s insides, amazing……aah!”

I growled at the comfortable sensation, yet I didn’t stop my hips.

Guchuuguchuuu, guchuuu, love juices splashed all over our joining parts, and before I knew it, Paula’s soppy vagina had already swallowed me whole.


“Fuaaaaaah, aaaah, so deep, so deep!”

Paula shouted with delight upon me reaching the end.

It may have been because I had made her wet so much, or it may have been because this was my second time with her, but compared to the last time when she was a virgin, I was able to insert myself much smoother than before.

Paula’s hot insides writhed vigorously, twisting around the tip, the rod, as well as the rest of my dick.

I have just inserted it, yet I’m already feeling this good.

What more if I pull it in and out? Whatever happens, I’m sure it will feel more incredible.

“I’m going to move now, Paula.”

Driven by that expectation, and with both hands, I grabbed the fleshy but tightly knotted waist of Paula, then started rocking my hips.

Paula’s insides were like a vise, squeezing and squishing me with intense pressure. Despite the tightness, however, I gave her powerful pistons, and even pulled her plump body closer to ripple her insides even more.

“Kuho! So tight, guu, kuh, uugh!”

I thrust and thrust, savouring the feel of the slippery folds and the tightness of the already developed pleats.

“Haaaaaan! It’s reverberating inside, fuaaaah, auuhhh! Yes, that’s it, Lian……aguuh, fuaaaahh, aaahhh! More, morrree hiiiiiinnn, guuhhhhooo!”

This was already the second time Paula had sex with me, but I think she’s already gotten used to it.

Below me, Paula’s thick naked body swayed rhythmically, especially her breasts.

Her two fleshy, melon-sized tits bounced at an alarming rate, and each time, they would erotically flatten like they’re made of water before rising to their peak again.

Unable to resist the heaviness of the volume that bobbed with each piston, I reached out with both hands and grabbed a handful of tits that couldn’t be contained in the palm of my hand.

Gunii, guniii, because of their size, I could feel the rest of her flesh spilling out as I rubbed them between my fingers.

I toyed with the soft, elastic twin mountains as much as I could, and because her nipples were already hard and perking, I knew that Paula is feeling it as well.

“Fuaaaaah, aaahhhn, my chest, it feels good──!”

Paula raised a loud cry as she panted. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Each time I squeezed them with force, the oversized melon-like flesh transformed into vertical, sometimes horizontal, and often irregular shapes.

“Fuaaahh, ahhnn, more, squeeze it moreee, aaahhh!!”

This also made Paula’s orifice underneath contract as her pleasure increased, which quickly resulted to an intense squeeze on my other ego.

“I’m feeling the same too, Paula, uoooo!”

My arousal flared, making me give a few more thrusts to Paula. Then I pulled her up from our missionary to a face-to-face sitting position with our backs crisscrossed against each other.


Every time I thrust my hips out, the impact made Paula’s overly rich breasts shake and jiggle.

It was heavy and powerful.

My arousal only increased as I saw the flamboyant bouncing of her massive breasts that did not match her modest appearance.

“Yaaaaaahhh, you’re even going this far……fuaaahh, aahhhnn……uaaaaahh, aaaah……!”

“Haaa, haaa, haaa, cumming, I’m cumminnng!”

As I thrust my hips up with more force, Paula let out a thin scream and climaxed for the second time.

It was her final burst before she went limp and weak.

Looking down at her lower abdomen, I could see my erection plunging through her thin pubic hair and into her pink crack.

I wriggled my hips more.

The swaying of her breasts stimulated my lust, and the eroticism of the clearly visible joining parts excited me again.

“Fuahhh, aaah, no more……my body……no more strength……afuuhhh……”

Despite the cries, I rocked my hips like a man starved for flesh, staring at Paula, whose body was still convulsing from her recent climax.

Gatsu, gatsu, I deeply ground myself into the hole that has been throbbing and spasming since the break.

Giu gui, the fleshy meat, also started squeezing and squishing my dick.

“Kuho! I’m also about to come, Paula!!”

Soon as I reached her deepest, Paula’s insides squeezed me hard as if it locked my dick in place, and from that, I spat out a massive amount of semen to that hot and gushing meat vessel.

Byurururu, byuruurururu.

Semen was injected inside her again.


“Fuuu, nchuuu……hauuuu, Lian’s seed……I want to taste it……uchuu, juchuu.”

As soon as I finished ejaculating and releasing my grip on her body, Paula also let go of mine, but then she reattached herself to my supine waist and sucked on my penis instead.

It was a cleaning blowjob.

Was it her sense of service that made her do this naturally without me having to say anything? I couldn’t help but wonder. Nevertheless, I felt a sense of gratitude and conquest at the same time as Paula licked away the semen and love juices that were sticking on the surface of my meat stick.

“Ahh, it got big again……?”

And as expected, this action also made me desire to do it more.

Paula looked surprised at the re-erected penis.

“Can you still do it, Paula?”

I looked into her face.

“Yes, as long as you want it, Lian.”

And with a bright red blush, she nodded in reply.

── After that, we had sex again and again until almost dawn.

It was only the second instance I had invited her, but it felt like as if we had already done it together for several times. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

I wonder if it was the regret of leaving her for a while that made me feel that way.

In total, I poured semen into Paula’s vagina four times. The cum overflowed from the vaginal opening and made many stains on the bedsheet.

The smell of fresh chestnut blossoms drifting in the air will probably not come off for a while.

“Fufu, Lian’s scent……”

However, contrary to my negative expectations, Paula was smelling it with an enraptured look on her face.

She then wrapped a sheet around her naked body and hurriedly exited the room.

After dressing up for a bit and coming out of the room, Paula was already there, with another batch of tea.

Paula smiled when she saw me and offered me another cup, to which I smiled back and accepted.

“Take care, Mister Lian. But, be sure to come back safely.”

“I will. After all, I want to spend my time with Paula like this again.”

“…… I’ll be waiting for you.”

Paula’s cheeks stained red. She looked like a newly-married wife saying goodbye to her husband who will go on an overseas trip.

“For a long time, I have always waited for you to come. Now, I’ll look forward to your arrival, Lian.”

Once again, I was moved by the adorable sweetness of my new love.

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