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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Night Before Leaving, with Paula for the Second Time, Part 1 ※

I was walking while deep in thought about the matter of the quest, so before I knew it, I had already entered the guild’s reception desk.

Moreover, it was reception desk where Paula is usually stationed.

“Hello, Mister Lian. Are you here for another quest today?”

Paula’s face beamed with happiness when she saw me. Her eyes behind her glasses were sparkling, her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were full and puckering.

She used to be a bit more clerical, but after we did it, she’s now emitting a vaguely seductive atmosphere. It was incredible how much a woman can change a lot upon experiencing their first love.

Ever since we had sex just the other day, she’s been giving me this look whenever we meet.

Also, though she usually doesn’t wear any before, Paula started wearing light makeup from that point onwards.

It’s just natural makeup in modern Japan, but because her face has always been well-developed, she looked much gorgeous than before.

The atmosphere of Paula’s rapid blossoming as a woman is already enough to make me feel like I’m in a daze.

“No, that’s not it. I can’t accept any quests for the time being. Actually…”

I broke my entrancement and explained that I would be taking on a transcendent difficulty quest in the name of being Claudia’s assistant.

“……I see. So, you’ll be leaving tomorrow?”

Paula looked down with a sad face.


“To be honest, even for us, the quest sounded really tough. I might spend a lot of time there, maybe a few weeks? I don’t know.”

“Then, please have a safe trip……”

Paula spoke with darkened eyes moist with tears as if they were about to overflow to her cheeks.

“But, if it’s okay with you, as since we won’t see each other for a while, can I……spend the rest of my time with you? You know, at your home, with a cup of tea……before I go……”

Those words came out of my mouth almost unconsciously. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Maybe the now blooming Paula had grown in me that I felt an urge to get closer to her?

Well, regardless of this outcome, I won’t be able to see her for a while……

“If it’s Mister Lian, then it’s okay.”

“So……can I come by when you’re done after this, Paula?”

When I smiled at her with my usual handsome elf smile, Paula immediately blushed.

“Ah, yes! In fact, I’d be happy to! Eh, Ah!”

She nodded with a flustered high pitch, which was very innocent and cute.


In the evening, when Paula finished her work, she took me to her house.

I went to this place just the other day.

“Come in, Mister Lian.”

She invited me to a seat, and after a short while, I was already able to smell the fragrant aroma of the tea.

Paula then came back and served a cup to me.

“Thank you.”

She then sat next to me. While we took a sip of each of our own tea,

“Speaking of transcendent difficulty quests, they are jobs that only adventurers of A-Class or higher can receive and must be led by an S-Rank. I couldn’t help but worry.”

“A-Class? I thought it was only exclusive for S-Class?”

“Yes, they are exclusive for S-Class to accept. But there are only a few S-Class Adventurers in the guild. Due to the shortage of manpower, and if urgent support is required, sometimes, the guild allows A-Class Adventurers to handle the task, but of course, they have to prove their abilities first.”

Paula, sitting next to me, explained in a sad tone.

“What about our case? We aren’t even A-Class yet?”

“But you already have proven your skills, as your team has accomplished defeating an S-Class Demon with your party alone. Also, you have defeated the S-Class Claudia Wellstein twice.”

“I see.”

The two of us sipped our teas again.

“Still, I think I’ll be fine. I’ve fought some tough opponents in the past.”

“But I’m still worried. I’m afraid that something will happen to you, Lian……”

Paula’s body is shaking.

“I know that it is your line of job as an adventurer……but I don’t want you to be in danger…nmmuu!?”


I hugged Paula and took her by surprise with my lips.

The sweet taste of that pair of soft flesh quickly enchanted me as it touched.

“Then encourage me. Make me sure I come back safely.”

I whispered to her and sucked her flowery lips again and again.

“Lian……chu, mmm, mmm.”

Paula’s expression was immediately debauched. Yet, I hugged her tightly as I continued to kiss her.

As we are about the same height, her ample bosom got pressed against my chest.

And just the other day, I was able to taste these seductive breasts in full.

That was just a passing thought……yet blood immediately gathered in my lower body.


Paula looked up at me and blushed. She must have noticed that I already have an erection since our bodies were so close together.

“I’m sorry, with your breasts and other parts that are hitting me……I couldn’t help but get hard.”

My voice was filled with uncontrollable lust at that point.

I want her, I thought honestly.

I’ve been thinking about this since I came to her house.

When I hugged her and kissed her, it was like all those feelings exploded at once. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Perhaps Paula sensed this, too, and her cheeks grew redder and redder.

“If this body can help rise Lian’s spirits……then I’ll gladly give it.”

“Thank you. If a beautiful woman like Paula is my partner, no matter how transcendingly difficult the quest is, I’ll be able to clear it in no time.”

I gave a confident smile. I was able to say it so unabashedly, though it seemed like an embarrassing line when I thought about it, honestly.

However, even it was a shameful speech, Paula’s face still glowed with happiness.

“T-then, it’s my honour to be your partner. P-please, go ahead…….”

Even with an awkward look on her face, Paula tried her best to invite me to her bed.

The way she acted like she’s not used to men like a young girl, even though she’s already twenty-six years old, and even though it is not surprising as this is already the second time for her, all of it is very adorable.

I really like that part about her.

──After we undressed our clothes, Paula and I quickly got to what was called the sixty-nine position.

“Nchuu, jyuuu, Paula……lero……”

“Ngugugu, Lian’s ……so big……chupaah……”

Picha, kuchu, chuuku……!

While brushing her thin forest, I tasted Paula’s slippery crevice with my lips and tongue. Then after running the tip along the grove of her flesh, I next licked and sucked the part where her clit is.


Immediately, slippery nectar began to leak out of the gaping hole of Paula’s body.

It’s a rich, mellow taste, and I could feel it seeping across my tongue.

“Nchuu, guuu, muu……”

Paula, on the other hand, was sucking on my meat stick with all her might.

Her use of her tongue and the tightness of her mouth were not very good, and her blowjob itself was still a bit awkward, but considering she was a virgin until the other day, and because she’s trying her best for me, I couldn’t help but find it very arousing.

After all, such naivety was also her charm.

Imagine a simple older woman who knows nothing about sex, and you’re teaching her how to have sex from scratch… It was a sweet and sour situation that was already enough to make my heart throb.

Added to that, I also love the way she sways her voluminous naked body, sometimes rubbing her ample breasts against my penis as she tries her best to make love to me.

It makes me want to teach her about sex even more.

And so, I intensified my caresses to take complete control of the six-nine.

Ever since I had my first experience taken in that reincarnation ritual and gained that maximum luck with women, I’ve experienced having sex with women several times in this world, so at this point, I have already gotten more or less used to what to do.

And because I have been given several chances to watch a lot of my partners’ reactions, I now know how to change the strength and pattern of my caresses, even if it’s just for a bit.

I focused my tongue and fingers on the places where Paula seemed to be enjoying herself, sending more and more pleasure into her body.

“Ahhh,. T-that place……that’s it……Afuuu……it feels good there……hyaaaa, yesh……there!!”

Paula’s twenty-six-year-old body responded to my cunnilingus and fingering so well even though she should still be new to sex. I guess it’s because she has always been this sensitive, I suppose?

I repeated the caresses with great care, and soon after…

“Yaaaa, my body iss……ahh, my head, my head is becoming fluffy……Lian, you’re so good……uuuu, kuhaaaa, aaaahhh, ahhhhh, hiyaaaaaa……cumming, cumming, I’m cummiiiinnnggg!”

While constantly stirring the honey pot with my tongue, Paula climaxed.

Haaa, haaa, she let out ragged breaths as her gleaming naked body with a nice amount of flesh shook and convulsed.

Without pausing, I switched positions and moved my hips between Paula’s legs.

Seeing her in a state of alluring disarray, I have already lost my patience.

I grabbed my erection with both hands and pressed it against her twitching little hole.

“Eh, w-wait, if we continue right away, I’ll ──hauuuu!?”

I smiled at Paula’s confusion and thrust the tensed object inside of her, regardless of her warning.

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