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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – My First Sex with Ingrid, Part 4 ※

After having a lot of fun with Ingrid, Mina and Mary’s turn came next.

“Come, Mina. Mary.”

I smiled at them.

Both of their faces immediately turned red and flustered.

The corners of their eyes both curved happily, and in an instant, they had a look of debauchery on their faces.

The first one to rub up against me was Mina.

“Nnmchuu, mmm, Sir Liannn……please make love with me as well……”

She kissed me passionately and pressed her soft naked body against mine.

Her voluminous mounds bobbed and swayed as she clung to my arms.

The elasticity and softness of them are truly superb, and as I swooned in by their comfort,

“Me too……nchuuuu.”

My face was turned to the other side, and this time, it was Mary who put her lips on mine.

Her big tits, which are just as big as Mina’s, were pressed against me with such force that they were squashed flat.

“Don’t worry. I still have plenty of energy for everyone.”

“Oh, Liaan……nchuuuu”

As if to show that she wanted to be fucked as soon as possible, Mary pressed her lips to mine more and more tightly, sucking my lips as if she were intending to break them.

I was so excited that I pushed her down on the spot.

I lifted her long, slender legs and thrust into her base at once.

“Ahh, mmm! Ehehe, fuaahh……looks like……I’m the first, Minaa……nnhhh.”

“Mou~, It’s not fair.”

Deeply penetrated first, Mary’s lips smiled in delight, while Mina’s mouth twitched in sulkiness.

“Sorry about that. I’ll be switching to Mina soon enough……okay?”

I lightly kissed Mina beside me and then looked at Mary again.

“Sorry too, for stealing the march first. It’s just, I’ve been wanting Lian so badly, I couldn’t stop myself, haannn~!”


Mary’s words were cut short by the sudden onslaught of my pistons.

I put her legs up on my shoulders and let her hips float as I pumped in and out in rapid succession. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Like a stake driving machine, I continued to stir the already wet flesh with my rod.

“Sir Liannnn, me too……”

As if she couldn’t take it anymore, Mina slid down beside me.

“Wow. It’s really going in and out of Mary……aahh, I’m envious.”

She looked down at our union while letting out wistful breaths.

Meanwhile, I tried to make her more excited by showing her more of it, and Mina immediately reacted by stirring her insides which were already gushing even more.

“Uaaah, aahhhnn! Ahh, I never thought it would be this embarrassing……nooo, don’t look at me, Minaaaah……!”

As if she had just realized the fact that her companion was looking directly at our raw union, Mary let out a weak scream in shame.

But even act seemed to have also become be a spice that increased the pleasure she felt.

As I pounded into her, Mary’s insides contracted and tightened around my penis.

“Aaah, I’m so jealous.”

All of a sudden, Mina ran her fingertips over the area where Mary and I were connected. Then, she gently stroked the base of my penis and the area of Mary’s labia as the meat stick moved in and out of the crack.

“Ahiiii, iiiihh, nnnn! Waait, you can’t touch me like that……Ahhhh!”

Mary’s seductive moans rose with the addition of the new stimulation.

“Me too, together……together……”

All of a sudden, Ingrid came as well, weakly raising her body.

I wondered if he was jealous of the sight of us making love.

Or was it a burning sense of rivalry that made her do it?

As she approached me, Ingrid’s usually sleepy eyes began sparkling with interest.

It was full contrast to her body, which still showed lingering convulsions of her orgasm from time to time as she swayed and sagged against my back, but the gap between them only aroused me more.

“Turn around, Lian……Mmm, chu.”

When I turned around, Ingrid sucked on my lips.

“Aah~, I want it to. Sir Lian, please kiss me on the mouth too……”

Mina looked at Ingrid and me enviously.

“Then, we’ll take turns.”

“Really, Ingrid? That’s great~!”

Ingrid and Mina nodded at each other with their gazes and showered me with kisses in turn.

While tasting the plump lips of the two beautiful girls, I also poked Mary’s insides as hard as I could.

“Hmmm, nnguuh, so deep oohhh! Aaahh, aahhnn, fuaahhh! Good, so good!”

Soon, the heavy thrusts that seemed to shower her with a lot of weight sent Mary rushing toward her climax.

For the last time, I stirred the slick flesh of her pussy and gave her the deepest thrust I could muster.

“Hiaaaaaa, ahhhhm! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

I pumped her full of cum, filling her cramped interior with white sap.

Mary screamed as if she couldn’t take it anymore.

When I finished my exhilarating release, which seemed to have penetrated my partner to her very core, I immediately pulled away.

Mary was then left shuddering in her climax.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mina. Next is your turn.”

I turned to Mina.

Of course, even after ejaculating, my penis was still fully erect, and still in a full-on battle position.

“Yes, Sir Lian~.”


Mina let out a sweet voice and laid down on the spot.

She quickly spread her legs in an M-shape and waited for me to enter her.

“Here you go, Sir Lian. Please taste this Mina with all of your heart’s desires.”

Mina looked up at me with a longing sigh in her voice.

The base of her legs was soaked, and the sweet smell of her nectar was already drifting up to my nose.

Attracted by the scent, I pressed my fully erect cock against it.

And with a splash, I pierced Mina with one breath.

“Hiyaaaaaa, aaahhnn! Yes, this is itt!”

When I thrust up to her womb with a thud, Mina screamed out.

Apparently, she already came just by thrusting deeply into her.

I couldn’t help but wonder if her lust was already at its peak. After all, she had been waiting for so long.

This also showed how Mina’s body had developed since our first time, after having sex with her so many times.

The narrow vagina fitted my meat stick perfectly, and it already felt so good from just inserting it.

All the more when I pulled it in and out lightly, as I felt an intense friction that sweetly numbed my brain.

It was a sweet, tingling sensation.

Is it because our skins are getting familiar with each other?

”Haaa, haa, haaa…… I’m sorry, Sir Lian…… I’m the only one who felt good……”

“No, I felt really good, too.”

“Really? Ahhh, I’m so happy.”

Mina’s face lit up. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Since it was so cute, I gave her a light kiss.

“Nnn, chuuu, I love you, I love you, Sir Liaaann……hafuuuu.”

The more I looked at Mina, the happier she looked, and the happier I felt as well.

It also drove me a desire to make me feel better and better with her.

I humped my hips as if I was starved for flesh.

It’s still as tight as it was when she was a virgin, but the hot, wet folds are now greedily entwining mine, as wanting to devour it.

As I groaned with pleasure, I adjusted my hips slightly to stimulate her where it felt best.

“Guooh, it’s so tight……it feels so good, Mina!”

“Aaahh, auuh, Yes, yesshh! That’s it, pierce me there mooore!”

As I had been getting laid with her so many times, I already knew the points where she could get pleasure the most.

Whenever I struck her with the right angle and depth, the innocent beauty would show a look of lewd pleasure.

“I’m coming! I can’t do it anymore. I’m cummiiinnngg!”

Soon after, Mina reached her climax, her ample breasts swayed as she slumped down.

At the same time, the vaginal flesh clamped down tighter and tighter, and soon I rushed to the peak as well.

“I’m going to cum, too, Mina! Take it all!”

Soaking in the joy of having completely conquered Mina, I spewed a generous amount of semen into the deepest part of her gushing wet vagina.


After that, I decided to give Mina, Mary, and Ingrid three shots each of creampies, facials, and breast shots.

Once again, it proved to them that my immense sexual prowess was not a fluke, as the girls were the ones to be exhausted first by the intense barrage of our repeated climaxes.

Too overwhelmed with pleasure to move, the three ended up throwing out their limbs and they all went limp.

After that……

“A daughter of the royal family is vowed to spend the rest of her life with the man to whom she has given her innocence……Reluctantly, it’s with you.”

Ingrid staggered up and looked at me.

The look in her eyes was jittery, but her face was blushing as if she was embarrassed.

“After all, that dark elf and you are different…… It’s obvious, but it took me a while to get over it……”

Her gaze swayed impatiently with a hint of embarrassment in it.

“But I don’t want to be lost anymore……nor feel a loss ever again. So, Lian, can you, stay with me for the rest of your life?”

“I have no intention of leaving Sir Lian, my destined person, either.”

“Me too. I’d like to be with you forever if possible.”

As if to prevent Ingrid from saying something further, Mina and Mary also got up and hugged me from both sides.


“I see. So both of you are my rivals now……”

Ingrid sulked as she puffed out her cheeks.

She’s usually so cool, but when she shows this side of herself, the wide gap between them couldn’t help but make me nervous.

There’s, of course, Mina, who adores me in every way possible.

And then there’s also Mary, who’s spirited and cheerful and can cheer me up just by being with me.

All three of them are my dearest companions – my dearest women.

I strongly, strongly wish to protect them.

The Dark Elf, Redone.

The incarnation of lust and destructive instincts.

Even if that evil hand reaches us…… I’ll definitely protect them.

After having sex with the girls, my resolve was strengthened once again.

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