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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – My First Sex with Ingrid, Part 3 ※

To twist myself from the resistance of the hard insides, I slowly pushed my hips down.

The tip was then enveloped by a hot mucous membrane, giving me a pleasant feeling.

“Ahiiii, nnnguh, uuu……”

Ingrid moaned, her thin eyebrows furrowed.

“My insides……are spreading out……guh, nmmmm!”

The confusion of her cool beauty aroused me more of my male instincts.

“I’m going to go deeper.”

I said and moved my hips further. I gradually cracked open the wet insides to allow the taut member to push its way in.

But as expected, it was still too narrow to go in easily.


So I put my weight on it as hard as I could and began to explore the virgin territory.

Wet sounds began to reverberate as I forcefully pried open the tightly closed vaginal walls.

The bliss of knowing that right now, that I’m carving my own path to an untainted maiden who has never known a man, fueled my sense of conquest.

A privilege that only once in a lifetime a man can enjoy to a woman.

I’m finally doing it with Ingrid.

“Fuaaahhh, deeper, go in deeper!”

Fortunately, despite being the first time, Ingrid didn’t seem to be in any pain, so I pushed my hips forward in relief.

Soon as I passed the tightest part, I felt Ingrid’s hymen that had completely torn off.

My penis was now buried in Ingrid’s vagina up to its root.

“Aahh. I can feel Lian all the way to the back of my belly. I feel strange.”

Ingrid rubbed her tight abdomen with her palm and sighed.

“I can feel someone else’s body part inside of me……so this is sexual intercourse……”

She then looked up at me wistfully.

“More, let me taste it more, Lian……”


I couldn’t help but fall in love with her earnest and sincere plea.

I don’t know Ingrid was ever this cute.

Of course, I was aware that she had always been a beautiful girl, but she had been morose for so long that it was very destructive when it was turned upside down.

I was so engrossed that I madly took Ingrid’s lips. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Nmmmmm! Mu, chuu, lero……”

She looked surprised but quickly accepted my lips and intertwined her tongue with mine.

We haven’t even begun our sex yet, but we’re already immersed in a passionate kiss.


We slowly parted our lips.

I saw Ingrid’s face right in front, looking up at me.

“It’s fine now. Please. Move.’

Ingrid smiled.


It was the first time I had ever seen her smile so warmly.

It’s just too cute.

I nodded vigorously and began to move my hips.

It was when I noticed that the tightness in her vagina had eased somewhat.

It’s as if her insides had loosened up during the kiss earlier.

I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts, letting the shape of my penis adjust to the untraversed sinuses.

“Mhaaa, aaahh, Lian……I’m, I’m feeling weird……”

Immediately, Ingrid’s reactions changed.

The vaginal opening twitched and clenched, making it hard against my meat stick.

I was about to slam my hips down with intense pleasure, but I held back.

In order not to put too much strain on the virgin’s womb, I made sure to extract carefully.

Little by little, I increased the intensity of my thrusts, stimulating Ingrid’s senses as if I were roasting her over a fire.

Eventually, the change in her became more pronounced.

“My……it’s all tingly, and my body’s all fluffy……Ahhuu, fuaaah, ahhhnn! Aaah, auuhh! Nooo, what is……this?”

Ingrid made bewildered and coquettish noises as the extraction gradually intensified.

But this was not surprising. After all, she was filled with a feeling of climax that was far more intense than the cunnilingus he had just experienced.

I’m going to make you scream all the way until the end──.

Such a ferocious animalistic lust welled up in me, and I accelerated the extraction even more.

I thrust my penis into her with such force that it seemed to burrow into her tiny womb.

“Ingrid’s is so hot and wet inside……it feels so good……”

To such a violent in and out thrusting, the raw hardness of Ingrid’s virginity faded, and the vagina that lost its resistance became more slippery, causing me to piston more smoothly.

However, as the speed increased, the pleasure of our friction grew and grew.

Not only Ingrid, but I was also already at my limit.

“Let’s cum together, Ingrid!”

“Cum……? So this is……cumming……fuaah, aahh, Lian, together……!”

We both screamed and slammed our hips even harder than we could muster.

Completely intoxicated by the tightening vaginal flesh, I finally spat a huge amount of hot stuff deep inside Ingrid.

Dokudokudoku, dokuun, byurururururu!

The semen that spurted out at a substantial rate dyed the innocent fresh womb of my color. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Aaaahh, what is this? So hot! Yet, it feels so good! It’s coming out! Something is coming ouuuut!”

Ingrid, shivering from her orgasm, cried out in a loving voice.

The vaginal opening that tightened around my penis as it spasmed awakened me another sense of pleasure, making me continue to pump as much cum into her as I could.

When the last drop of cum had been injected into her vagina, I pulled my male symbol out of her tight womb with a feeling of satisfaction.

My cock, covered in love juice and semen, felt so hot it was almost steamy.

The strong smell of sex drifted out from there, further aggravating the already fascinating mood.

“Haa, haa, haa……That felt good……”

Ingrid stared at me with glazed eyes as if she’s in a trance.

It was hard to believe that she was also the same person who had always looked at me with disgust.


It was as if all the barriers between us had vanished at once, as we spoke our true feelings and laced our skin together.

“Lian, that……thank you……”


Her voice was so quiet that even with my elven ears, I couldn’t hear her well.

Ingrid’s cheeks flushed, and she turned away.


I wonder if she still hates me.

“Mmm, that’s a lovely mood you got there.”

“But we can’t lose, too.”

As if in a show of competitive spirit, Mary and Mina rubbed up against me from each of my sides.

“You’re still going strong. It will be hard for Ingrid to take it all on her own, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, so let us have fun with it next♪”

Mina and Mary smile brightly at each other.

“I’m going to take a little break first……fuuh”

Ingrid, for her part, breathed sweetly, still basking in the afterglow of her first time having sex.

In the meantime, I decided to take care of Mina and Mary next.

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