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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – My First Sex with Ingrid, Part 1 ※

Soon as we returned to the inn, we heard about Ingrid’s past.

“I was born in Finia, a kingdom that goes back to the ancient times and had existed on the continent, and I was the daughter of its royal family.”

“Wait, does that mean you’re a princess!?”

I was surprised at the sudden revelation.

That being said, there is a certain elegance to her cool and good looks.

“When a king was still a prince, he fell in love with a wizard’s daughter, and as the fruit of their love, a lovely princess was born. However, though the instances are rare, the wizard’s bloodline sometimes produces an offspring that possess a ‘tremendous amount of power.’ That was what occurred to the princess.”


“Awed by its power, of course, the royal family tried to utilize it for their own goals. It is said to be even as powerful as an army at a rough estimate… However, the power of this magic was so great that even as time passed, the princess was unsuccessful in controlling it……and brought disaster to them instead. Times and times passed, many other royal families were born with this ‘tremendous power,’ but the person who was able to control it was yet to emerge. Some possessors were even recorded to have been so consumed by their powers that they have dragged the whole country into war.”

“Because of these series of incidents, by the time I was born and was discovered to have been possessing this tremendous power, rather than choosing to utilize its full potential once more, the royal family of this time decided to seal it instead. That’s when the Royal Seal, the Negaprotect, was developed.

All in order to seal off the powerful magic power. To prevent me from drowning in power. Because of this, the magic power I can use is only a tiny portion of my original power.”

Original power……huh.

According to Mina, while I was underground, Ingrid had repelled Fenrir’s Curse Blast singlehandedly.

And if the theory is correct, that was only a part of her inherent power.

“As a princess, I lived peacefully in the royal palace. But as a person too, who possessed the forbidden power, I was also treated as if I were a pest, but some people were still kind to me even then. It was a peaceful time in its own way. But one day……everything fell apart.”

Ingrid’s expression, which was always indifferent, was suddenly became distorted with grief.

“In just one night, the kingdom was destroyed. And only by a single dark elf.”

“A dark elf?”

Maybe ──

It was then when I remembered Elciata’s words.

[The Dark Elf Redone.]

[In his previous life, he was the worst kind of murderer, and even after his reincarnation, he continued to destroy and kill as he did in his previous life.]

“He came out of nowhere and burned the city to the ground with an army of demons in tow. Men were killed, and women were raped. The Knights of Finia, together with its Magic Forces, fought against him with all their might, but they were quickly decimated as if that person was just popping bubbles. It was a helpless and one-sided battle…”

Ingrid told to us with a blank expression, but I was still able to see the terror in her eyes.

However, despite the fear, I also saw on how it emitted a strange light. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.





It was a murky color, a mixture of several negative emotions.

“If I had been able to use my powers, I could have stopped the dark elf. If only I was able to break the seal……however, before I could even think about it, Finia was already destroyed, and my parents and all the people close to me were reduced to ashes.”

Ingrid bit her lip.

The trembling lips turned white with bloodlessness.

“And so, I sought a way to release my power so that one day I could defeat the dark elf that had destroyed my country. To get that power. That’s why I became an adventurer – my purpose to which was to gain the knowledge to break the seal.”

Now, eyes filled with determination are then shifted at me.

“If there’s a way to do that, I’ll do whatever it takes. But whenever I look at you, I can’t help but think of……that dark elf.”

She stared at me.

With eyes narrowed sternly.

Was she seeing the dark elf through my elven appearance?

“I want to get revenge, for my country, and for the people who are close to me.

I feel indebted to Lian. After all, it was you who saved my life. It was also by doing quests with you that our ranks grew and grew. So, I know. I know that I should be grateful to you, and I know I shouldn’t hate you……but, it’s just so painful. My heart hurts. I can’t control these feelings whenever I look at you……so I don’t want to be with you.”

“You’re right. There is no need to force yourself.”

I nodded towards Ingrid.

If you’re in such a situation, it’s only natural that you’d feel disturbed when you see me – or any kind of elf in this way.

And it is more out of the question for her to have sex with me.

“In that case, I guess we’ll just have to find another way to stabilize Ingrid’s magic crest.”

But when I was about to shift the talks, Mina spoke up.

“Continuing to avoid is a choice. Stepping out is also a choice.”

Mina’s eyes were filled with profound light.

It was the same deep light that shone as she healed, admonished, and guided others.

It was the light of a priestess’s will.

“However, isn’t facing it now instead of running away also a choice?”

“But I……”

“……Still, you don’t hate him, do you? No, you’re probably aware of your true feelings already.”

Mina looked at Ingrid.

Ingrid still insisted, but for some reason, her eyes – they were shaking.

“I know because I, too, am a woman. What you’re really thinking──”

“……Indeed, I am.”

Ingrid did not deny it.

But she didn’t affirm it either.

“When you meet the one you are meant to be with, you’ll give him your all, body and soul. This is the bliss of a woman” – as said by the Goddess of Love, Elciata, whom I serve.”

Mina started her sermon.


“What I feel is that Sir Lian is also Ingrid’s destined person. No, it wasn’t just you, as I’m sure as it’s the same for the three of us.”

“Destined person……”

“So, Ingrid, why don’t you give your all to Sir Lian?”

Mina smiled.

A long silence fell.

A suffocating, grim silence.


I don’t know what Ingrid is carrying on her back.

There is no way to know what a girl who has lost everything has been going through.

But if there is a way to help her, I want to do it.

That was all I could think about right now.

But in the end, that ultimate decision was for Ingrid to decide.

So I waited without saying a word.

In the end – the long, long silence finally came to a cease.

“……Sigh. You have a point. Maybe now is the time for me to take the next step.”

Ingrid lets out a long sigh.

Then she looks straight at me, now with her eyes unwavering.

“My chastity, I’ll dedicate it to you. Please accept it fully, Lian.”


In front of my eyes, Ingrid’s secret place was ‘breathing.’

She has not a single trace of pubic hair at all – the so-called paipan.[1]

It was refreshing to see a smooth genitalia, as all the women I had experienced had pubic hair, whether thick or thin.

It was fresh – and it was very sexy.

I could see the neat borders and the shape of the labia in full.

The two petals were tightly closed as if to indicate that no one has done it with her yet.

The shape of the lips, which are split vertically, looks even more obscene because it is completely unobstructed by pubic hair.

──In order to lift Ingrid’s demon crest, we had to have sex.

The method is simple.

All I had to do was to attach the ‘sacred treasure,’ the glowing amulet that I got from the goddess, to the bed and have sex with Ingrid there.

So, Ingrid and I, as well as Mina and Mary, who offered to help later on, are now naked and on the bed. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

The sight of three beautiful girls in the full nude was already giving me a hard-on.

Meanwhile, the amulet that was attached to the edge of the bed was emitting a mysterious purple light.

This is just a ritual ── but even if you tell yourself that, what we are about to do is sex itself.

In addition, the other party is an incredibly beautiful girl, a bonafide princess even more.

There was no way I could contain my excitement on that.

“I-if you’re going to do it, d-do it quickly……”

Ingrid spoke to me in a trembling voice.

“Are you really alright with this, Ingrid?”

I gave one last check to make sure.

If she still sees through me as the dark elf who destroyed her homeland, she will probably find it painful to have sex with me later on.

“I’m okay. I agreed too because I want to get over these feelings……uu, I’m being stared……”

It seems that even the coolest beautiful girl gets embarrassed when their genitals get exposed in front of a man.

However, that embarrassment of hers just aroused me more.

In this case, I’m gonna drown her in lust and make sure she forgets everything.

I slowly pulled my face closer to Ingrid’s secret garden.

I could see that it is already moist and sweaty up close.

The two labias that were closed together were twitching slightly.

I rubbed my tongue over the crevasse, making it twitch even more as I applied my saliva into it.

When I pried open the combined petals with the tip of my tongue, I was able to smell a faint sweet and sour odor.


Ingrid’s hips trembled as she squirmed.

I’ve only licked it lightly, but she already gave a surprisingly sensitive response.

I put some strength in the tip of my tongue and licked up and down along the crack.

Never rushing, but very careful.

Then, something that can’t be called sweat seeps out of her little hole.

I smeared on the surface of her ‘lips,’ and after I did that──I dug my tongue further into the said small hole.

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