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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – 3P With the Goddess and Milfa, Part 3 ※

I was finally connected to Milfa.

“Does it hurt?”

“Only a bit. Aside from the pain……I feel my insides expanding……fuaah.”

Milfa tried to smile, looking surprisingly unconcerned.

However, the tight crease between her eyebrows indicated that she may be holding back to keep me from worrying.

“Don’t strain yourself.”

“No, really, I’m fine. It’s just a bit……uncomfortable. Besides, it’s getting a bit good now……afuuuh.”

Milfa still tried to convince with a smile.

“I can feel Master Lian deep inside my body…… It’s a strange sensation……like, like, the feeling that we’ve become as one……is this happiness?”

“Then, shall I make you feel it more?”

I smiled back, and Milfa nodded obediently.

“Yes. As long as it’s your heart’s content, master.”

I wedged myself deeper into her vaginal opening, then began rocking my hips back and forth.

But rather than pulling out and in, it was more like rubbing the base of my penis against her secret lips and flesh buds.

“Affuuu. Uuu. Mm. this rubbing, it feels good……”

Milfa let out a muffled sigh, and a very licentious one at that.

Her brows were tightly knitted together, intoxicated by the feeling of sex for the first time in her life.

Watching her blossom from a virgin girl into a complete woman, my bliss completely turned to lust.

I gradually increased the vibration of my hips.

“Haaa, ahhnn, so good……master Lian……”

“Me too…… you’re so tight……guhh……”


The more Milfa felt pleasure, the more her narrow pussy got tight.

And like electricity, it created a sensation that flowed through my lower extremities as I felt it going intense.

“Haaa, auunnn, s-so good, sex is sho good……!”

Milfa let out a confused gasp before she lifted on her back. Then, as if weakened by the recoil, she plopped her upper body down on my chest plate once again.

“U-uhm, may I……kiss you on the mouth, mashter?”

Milfa slurred as she looked at me with upturned eyes.

I couldn’t help but feel a tingle in my chest at the loveliness she showed.

“Of course. Come.”

I smiled gently. Milfa then pulled her face closer to mine. After that,

──our lips overlapped.


I sucked on her sweet, soft lips, and immediately got lost in my thoughts.

To be kissing my own sword with such passion, it was really a strange feeling.

“You’ve created a world just for the two of you. I’m so jealous.”

Meanwhile, Eciata, who is watching us, leaned closer.

Fuaaahhh, ahhhmm……aahh, I’m sorry, Mashter Elciata……”

As if she had come back to herself, Milfa, who had been making intermittent charming noises, immediately stopped moving. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“I was just, so happy that I was able to become one with Mashter Lian……I, I will move at once.”

“There’s no need. I didn’t say that to interrupt you two, so you may still continue.”

The goddess of love smiled mischievously.

“Lian, you may satisfy Milfa first. After that, take care of me next, okay?”

“T-then, here I go, Milfa!”

“Y-yesh! My pusshy ish getting sho hot! Pleashe, mashter! I can’t hold on much longer!”

Milfa started to gasp in a sweet tone. She was so erotic that this immediately pushed me over the edge of my lust.

As proof, it was only a few pumps before I lost it in the end.

“I’m coming, Milfa!”

With a roar, I thrust deep and spewed my hot fluids into my sword’s vagina.

“Hyaaaa, aaahhhhhnn! Mashter Lian’s hot thing, it’s pumping hinsiiiiidee!”
Sample pic from the illustrator’s twitter page

Milfa’s naked body twitched violently as she squealed with delight.

She probably came as well.

Glad that I had reached my climax at the same time, I poured every last drop into Milfa’s womb.


That felt good……I said to myself as I shifted my hips and pulled my meat stick out of her tight little hole, soaking in the afterglow of my ejaculation.

Meanwhile, Milfa slumped to the spot as if an inflatable that just got deflated.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……”

I stooped down to look at my partner.

Milfa’s legs were left open in an M-shape, and because she’s out of energy, she didn’t even bother to close them.

The vertical muscles that had been closed earlier without gaps have now become a gaping hole.

It’s like a newly formed cave.

A red layer of flesh peeked out of the hole, and even from this angle, I could see it twitching and throbbing, and from underneath, white fluids are starting to come out of it like a flood.

“Wow, you poured so much. I’m so envious.”

Elciata laughed lasciviously and straddled my waist next.

As I had just released my cock, it was still going strong, as if it wants to show that its vigor is still far from over.

The goddess of love lovingly wrapped her hands around it, which was still fully erect despite the fact that it recently came.


“It’s still hot and hard──This will be delicious.” She spoke as she moistened her lips with her tongue.

After that, Elciata placed the tip of my cock in her secret place and sank her hips down.

The slimy mucous membranes wriggled and tangled around my member right away.

They were far different from Milfa’s, who was a virgin until recently. It was a fully matured sex organ that had been through a lot of experience.

Guchuuu, while splashing nectars that had accumulated inside, my thing was immediately swallowed deeply by Elciata.

“Kuuh……your insides are winding up a lot…… it’s incredible……”

“Me too, Lian. I can feel your cock spreading me up……my pussy is slowly changing into your shape.”

After muttering, Elciata began to move her hips as if she were hungry for meat.

She rolled her hips around our joining parts, changing the angles with each insertion, even tightening my thing with varied pressures.

Each move of hers was skilled, and I could feel the debauchery of her passions seeping up to the bones of my hips.

“Fuaaahh, mm, aahh! This is, so good! As expected, Lian……is the best!”

Elciata then began playing with her rich udders as she intensified her waist movements.

I couldn’t help but get thrilled by the combination of the sanctity of her goddess-ness and the lewdness she showed, that was enough to rival that of a prostitute.

“Uugh, no good, I’m already……!”

“It’s okay, cum! Pour your hot load inside of me!”

The goddess of love bobbed her hips up and down, adding more sweet frictions to the end.

That triggered my desires, and soon, my ejaculation gauge went off.

”Guuuuh. It’s coming!”

I thrust my hips upward and spurted a large amount of semen into Elciata’s depths.

“Aaah, so hot! Ahhhnn, and it’s so much! Me too, I’m also cummiiiinng!”

By pumping a considerable amount inside, the sensation also pushed the goddess to climax. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I continued to let out my hot load, flooding her also hot womb with cum.

“Haaa, haaa, haaaaa……”

“Fufufu, that an intense. To think your cumming brought me to climax as well……you’re good, Lian.”

As if it’s a reward for doing great, Elciata rolled over and kissed me.

However, although I was able to make her cum, I had a strong feeling that I was being led almost unilaterally to ejaculation.

She is the goddess of love, after all, and must be very good at intercourse between men and women.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated because I’ve sexually dominated so many women ever since I arrived in this world.

“You’re still hard inside me. Should we continue?”

I nodded vigorously in response to Elciata’s invitation.

──After that, I had a lot of sex with Elciata and Milfa.

The goddess of love, who is all-knowing about men’s sexuality, and the maiden of the sword, which is just getting to know a man.

I tasted each of their seductive holes, and in turn, all of us experienced a dizzying climax.

In the end, I ejaculated five times into each of Elciata and Milfa before finally getting content.

After a long day of copulation, we laid on the mat side by side

I was in the middle, and Elciata and Milfa were on my either side.

We’re only touching each other‘s bodies now, but the naked plumpness of the sex goddess and the slender bareness of my sword-turned-girl was so pleasant that I was already content by just having them with me.

“Now that we’re all refreshed, let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Elciata was the one to speak up first, slowly raising her body. Her ample breasts swayed in the air as she does so.


A large amount of cum from the five shots I’ve injected poured in between her innocently opened legs, giving off a fishy smell.

By the way, Milfa is also still dripping semen from her crotch.

I couldn’t help but get amazed at the amount I had served the two.

That’s how good it felt to have sex with the two of them, though.

“Eh, that wasn’t the reason you summoned me?”

I thought you brought me here because you wanted to have sex with me. After all, I’m not the only one who thinks about lewd things all the time.

“I don’t spend all my time thinking about lewd things, you know?”

Elciata puffs out her cheeks in frustration. However, that sultry expression on her face only increased my adoration of her.

“I even do my job as a god properly……at least once in a while!”

At least once in a while, huh?

I couldn’t help but feel troubled at her last phrase.

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