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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – 3P With the Goddess and Milfa, Part 2 ※

“Fuahh, that was fantastic.”

“Fufufu, I’m delighted that you’re feeling good with my breasts, Lian.”

The semen-covered goddess smiled lustfully as she spoke, before switching her attention to my other partner who is watching on the side.

“You’re next, Milfa. It’s about time you enjoy your master’s white brew.”

“Okay. Here I go, master.”

As Elciata urged, Milfa stepped forward.

I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva as I admired her nude body.

I’m not sure if it’s related to her being a sword before, but despite her slender frame, she is well-toned.

Her breasts were small, but they have a wonderful, perfect bowl shape.

Her buttocks, too, were also cute but firm.


Overall, despite having a lower amount of curves, her proportions were neat and clean.


Milfa wriggled her slender body as she leaned shyly in the same way as Elciata.

She let out a faint breath that gave off an erotic feeling, and it was already enough to made my heart pounding.

After all, those breaths were very uncharacteristic of a virgin.

I then began feeling Milfa up.

Soft and smooth to the touch, it was hard to believe she was a sword before.

The ‘it’ has now the perfect feel of a human girl.

She placed her slender body on top of my own and slid like she was sliding on a surfboard.

Our smooth skins rubbed against each other with almost no friction, and it felt superb.

And then.

“Nn, chuu.”

Milfa lightly touched her lips to mine.

“Ah, I’m very sorry, master Lian……I, I kind of lost myself over there. I didn’t mean to kiss you in the mouth.”

“No need to apologize. In fact, I’m happy that you kissed me yourself.”

“Ah. My heart keeps beating hard. I wonder why it is?”

Milfa’s face became redder and redder.

Is it possible that she is……embarrassed?

“Ahh, so cute and innocent. I can’t believe you’re learning to get shy about your first kiss already.”

Elciata looked at Milfa with a smile.

“So that was……kissing……”

Milfa mumbled with a dazed face.

“It’s very sweet and gentle to the touch…… Ah, Master Lian!”

As she says this, she touches her lips toward mine again.

In response to the kiss, I also pecked at Milfa’s lips.

Her face, as she gazed at me, was so pretty that it was hard to believe that she’s used to be a sword. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Nguuuu!? M-mashter Liann……nmmm.”

I impulsively pried open Milfa’s lips and inserted my tongue next.

I was no longer satisfied with just kissing and overlapping our lips.

Milfa’s confusion over the deep kiss was adorable.

I want to make her more confused.

I want to make her go wild.

When I thought of that, I couldn’t stop my lust.

I twirled Milfa’s tongue with my own and forcefully poured saliva into her mouth.

“Nguu, uuu, mmu……”

With her eyes darting about, the sword maiden swallowed my raw spit.

Each one of these healthy reactions is so endearing.

The tip of my penis, which has become more erect, poked Mirifa’s thighs and started rubbing at her crotch.

“NNn, fuaah……it’s hitting me……”


She gasped; her face flushed at the feel of the hard manhood below.

“Oh, that rubbing……feels so good, so good……more……”

Milfa twisted her hips pleadingly.

The pale pubic hair adorned genitals rubbed against my tip underneath, making a guttural sound each time.

It showed she was getting wet with excitement.

Half-unconsciously, or was it half-intentionally, I thrust my hips up.

The taut tip of my cock rubbed against Milfa’s virgin flesh, running intermittently a sweet, itchy numbness throughout my penis.

“Aaaahh, fuuu……nnn, guu, uu……so good……more……”

Milfa is starting to get the pleasure of having her crevasse rubbed as well, as sweet exhales began to escape from her half-opened lips.

“Fufufu, look at you know. It feels so good to be naked and touching your own Master, doesn’t it?”

“Aaah, Master Elciataaaah……”

The sword maiden squealed in shame as she was whispered mischievously by the love goddess.

“It’s okay. After all, you’re his partner. Let’s all feel the pleasure together, shall we?”

Elciata then put her hand behind Milfa’s back and squeezed her small breasts, crushing and flattening the modest swellings with her supple fingertips.

“Fuaaaah, aaaaahhh.”

Milfa’s body arched upward and convulsed.

The shuddering was transmitted to her lower body and then to the tip of my rod that was touching her clit. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“Guuu, uuhh……”

The frictional vibrations from the wet crevasse brought a sweet numbness to my tip.

My erection grew stronger and stronger, pushing towards the two petals above while at it.

Guchuuu, with a nasty sound of water, the bellend was sucked in between the two labias snugly.

If I push my hips up just a little bit more, it’ll go straight into her womb.

“Now then, Lian, it’s about time we take her virginity.”

Elciata whispered as she rubbed Milfa’s bowl-shaped breast mounds.


“You are now going to be partners in the truest sense of the word.”

My heart raced at the goddess’s words.

Milfa, too, is probably just as thrilled as I am, the way she looks at Elciata and me with a bright red face.

Her cherry-red lips were already letting out exhales that are unable to be distinguished as excitement or nervousness.

And they were extremely seductive to my ears.

“You don’t have to be afraid. Lian will be gentle… Isn’t that right, Lian?”

“A-are you sure you want to do this?”

“If it’s with Master……I do.”

Milfa’s face is beet red.

“Now, I want to serve you……not as a sword, but as a woman.”

If you say such endearing thing, I won’t be able to stop myself.

Milfa got up then straddled my waist as Elciata held me from behind.

At this stage, my symbol is already erect and towering vertically.

Milfa gently grabbed the swollen thing, which seemed about to burst open at any time.

“That’s right. Lower your hips. Slowly.”

“Y-yes, Master Elciata……”

Elciata whispered, and the sword maiden gave a small nod.

“I’m coming, Master Lian.”

Exhaling nervously, Milfa placed my penis against her private parts, and after carefully aligning herself into it, she slowly lowered her hips.

A wet ‘guchu’ sound was heard, and the flaming glans got pushed down, wrapping the wet petals inside.

“Aguuuuu, nnnn, haaaaa, uuuu!”

Milfa gasped, shaking her long golden hair.

While at it, my penis pushed forward, dilating her tight vaginal opening little by little.

Milfa’s womb is small and narrow, as if to show that it had not been penetrated, and her wet insides, still raw and hard, is pushing back against my foreign object with a strong repulsive force.

I had dealt with many virgins in my life, so I knew that the first penetration would be difficult.

Still, it’s hard to adapt to something this strong.

“It’s okay,” Elciata said. ‘Here, relax.”

Elciata hugged both of Milfa shoulders and slowly assisted as the other lowered her hips.

With the support of the goddess, my rod began to fill Milfa’s vaginal opening bit by bit.

“Master Lian…it’s finally inn……auuuu.”

It was tight, like a layer of flesh packed tightly together. However, it was still within my expectations.


I thrust my hips upward, shaking off the mucous membranes that tightly wrapped around me.

And being a virgin, I pushed it in with much more force.

“Nguuuu!? Masshter Liaaann!”

The folds creased as the meat stick passed through.

At the same time, a slippery red substance oozed out of our joining parts.

It was Milfa’s blood, the blood of being deflowered.


Using its slipperiness as a lubricant, I penetrated to her very back.

The moment it was buried to the base, Milfa gasped, her golden hair shaking.

I completely took her virginity.

That realization brought me joy and a sense of conquest at the same time.

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