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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – 3P With the Goddess and Milfa, Part 1 ※

“Fufufu, perhaps I should join you for a taste.”

Smiling lasciviously as ever, Elciata began by kneeling beside Milfa.

She then brushed her long pink hair before looking up at me.

“I’ve never done it with you as an elf before, but since we have all the time for ourselves, I’m going to enjoy this to the fullest.”

She added, then crawled her cute pink tongue along the sensitive head, which is now left vacant.

“Kuuu, uuu, afuu, aah……”


What came next was a series of light licking and rubbing, and each time it did, it sent a sweet numbness throughout my entire manhood.

She’s so skilled with her tongue that the way it entwines the glans and clings to it, it almost resembled another living creature.

There’s not even a waste in her movements, as if she already knew the key to the male sexuality.

As a result, a pleasant sensation similar to an electric current immediately spread to the tip of my thing.

“Milfa, you have to……n, lero……lick the back of the shaft too……chupu……”


“Look, over here……chuu, pahh”

The tip of the goddess’ tongue crawled around the underside of the penis as she instructed Milfa.

A sweet, itchy sensation that sent shivers down my spine ran through me.

“T-then, here I go……nn, chuu.”

Replacing Elciata, Milfa licked the back muscles in a looky-loo manner.

As expected, her tongue is more awkward compared to the goddess.

But that kind of freshness, too, is cute in a way.

Meanwhile, Elciata once again returned to the tip and showered it with her expert tongue work.

Her tongue trailed along the roundness of the bell-shaped end, and when it reached the peak, she immediately poked and prodded at the hole on its top.

This, with Milfa’s tongue caresses as she carefully licked and sucked her way down to my back muscles, combined together, resulting in the stimulation seeping into my meat stick to increase exponentially. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Jupoo, jupoo, chupaah, the sound of saliva splattering in the air became louder and clearer.

“Kuhaaa, aaaaahhh, uaaa, it’s so good……uuugh.”

It felt incredible, too incredible, in fact, that I almost fell to my knees.

The Goddess and the sword girl are both sucking on my cock, feeding the entire lower half of my body with adult pleasure without pause.

The combinations of their tongues were so good that it felt as if my penis is about to melt at any time.

Two tongues alternately crawled over my rod, which now had gone slippery with their own saliva, and together with their soft lips, they took turns sucking on the tip, which was already on fire.

“Fufu, Lian…….your cock, it’s throbbing so hard…… you can let it out anytime, you know? chuuu……we’re always ready for you.”

Elciata enticed me with her speech.

“Master Lian……Nnchuu, mmmu, does it feel good? I’m at your service, so I will please you ash you like……chupah, haamu……”

Meanwhile, despite stiff, perhaps from nervousness, Milfa tried to speak sweet nothings as well.

I could see in her greenish eyes that she really held great affection for me.

The service of two contrasting people continued, and it was not only pleasing me in a physical sense, but also filling up my mental excitement.

The feeling of ejaculation rose rapidly as the core of my hips got hot.

Not good, I can’t take it anymore……

Despite my desire to keep enjoying this wonderful time, the ever-increasing pleasure finally brought me to my limit.

“Ooooo, It’s coming out!!”


I let out a yelp, and my hips quivered.

Then, I shot a large amount of cum from my penis towards the faces of Elciata and Milfa.

“Kyaaan, so hot.”

“Hyaaa, Master Lian……”

The goddess and the former divine sword both screamed in surprise as a rain of semen came out with great force.

The way their beautiful faces got stained with white mucus was very erotic.

The beautiful woman and the beautiful girl immersed themselves in ecstasy as they received my white stuff all over their faces.

On the other hand, I was filled with an intense sense of exhilaration and a simmering sense of conquest as I continued my pleasurable ejaculation in a state of euphoria.

Dokudokudokudoku, dobyuudobyuuu, the semen shower didn’t decrease in momentum, all until it glazed Elciata’s and Milfa’s faces entirely.

And after finishing the facials of the two, a pungent, fishy smell came all around us.

““As I recall, you have also requested the “Matchless Vigor During Sex” Trait, didn’t you? Doesn’t that mean you are still yet calm down from just this?”

Elciata smiled lustily as she inhales the rich smell of my cum.

“The fun is just beginning. Let’s feel good together more, Lian.”

Together with that smile with a profound meaning, Elciata took off her white vestments, revealing to me her well-proportioned glamorous body.

It’s just as I saw back then.

And as if to provoke me, she swayed her ample breasts and buttocks as she undressed.

“Let’s get you a mat in the meantime.” She chanted a small incantation again.

With a poof, white smoke rose, and a large mat appeared.

The power of God. It’s so convenient.

As I was admiring her, Elciata pushed me down on the said mat.

In a fluid motion, she removes the rest of my clothes and strips me naked.

“Milfa, I need your help. Apply this lotion to our Lian here.”

Once again, a puff of white smoke appeared and disappeared, leaving behind a tiny bottle beside the mat.

It was probably filled with lotion, as she had said.

“Yes, Master Elciata.”

Milfa nodded obediently, and, like Elciata, she also took off her vestments.

Milfa has a petite build, but she was already too grown up to be classified as what they call a loli. If there’s a resemblance, it was only the lack of development on her breast part.

Also, the way the ridges of her body formed soft curves and exuded very mature charms, it was enough to catch my breath. Adding that naivety she gave off, it was similar to what I felt in Paula; very erotic on the outside, but very innocent on the inside, despite the massive difference in the bust part.

Milfa picked up the vial, shaking her naked body in embarrassment.

She was still far behind the very confident Elciata.

“Then, I’ll apply it now, Master Lian.”

She opened the lid and dutifully applied the lotion.

“As expected of the slender elves, you have a magnificent body.”

From time to time, Elciata makes her hands stop, all to gaze and mesmerize at the beauty of my new vessel. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Milfa, on the other hand, was silent as she nonchalantly applied the lotion on me.

Soon, most of my body was covered in a slippery lube.

“Then, I’ll be first. You’ll be next, Milfa.”

As if to set an example, Elciata leaned over my body.

Munyuuuu, her rich udders collapsed lewdly on my chest as it got sandwiched to it.

The view was so erotic that it almost gave me a full erection once again.

“Nnn, fuaaa, aahhh, this……the way it rubs at me……it feels good.”

Taking advantage of the slickness of the lotion, Elciata then slid herself back and forth on top of my body.

Her soft skin and bouncy tits caressed my skin in a very arousing way.


What’s more, Elciata’s nipples were already hard and pointed, meaning she was already burning with excitement even before this lotion play with me.

“Fufufu, that’s it, go harder……get harder more with my tits.”

Elciata, still with a lustrous smile that was more like a little devil than a goddess, slid her body toward my lower abdomen next.

With a boing, she lifted them jugs up with both hands, making the strong luster of the lotion-drenched mounds be accentuated even more along with their lascivious shapes.

“Uwaa, so erotic……!”

I gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

The two tits swayed sensationally and stooped down before pinching my vertical, towering object in between them.

Muniii, munii, guniii, michiiii.

Elciata began squeezing them next.

She also didn’t forget the tip.

She tickled it with the tip of her tongue as it poked between her breasts.

“Fua, ah, guh, ooh, kuhaa……”

Now being sandwiched by mounds of full elasticity, I was then rubbed with a high-speed titjob, fully utilizing using the slipperiness of lotion they applied.

A sweet itchy numbness ran through my spine as the caress of her breasts and tongue combined.

Soon, my object swelled and pulsed and reached its limit.

“Lian, don’t hesitate to let it out, okay? After all, you can still do it as many times as you want.”

Elciata started enticing me to ejaculate.

Little did she know, the sexiness in her smile was already enough to push me over the edge.

“Kuhaaaaaaa, aaaaahh, I’m, I’m cumming!”

Screaming, I climaxed between her plump breasts.

The hot spurts of white sap then stained Elciata’s big tits, her collarbone, her slender neck, and her beautiful face for the second time.

It was an arousing sight.

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