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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Reunion at the Temple ※


With a weak roar, Fenrir’s huge body finally fell.

Perhaps because the central part of the body was caught in a direct hit by its weakest attribute, it is no longer able to get up.

Despite that, I continue to hold my small sword at the ready in case it fights back.

However, just holding the sword like this – or even just by breathing – it is already so hard because it was causing intense pain that makes me want to faint.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III, as well as Over Drive(Transcendent Burst Mode).

Milfa is right. It’s still too early for me to use this power.

“Sir Lian!”

A little later, Mina and the others arrived.

“W-what is this……you……a magic armament in an instant, just like that……”

Sylvia looked at me and the scrapped Fenrir with a stunned look on her face, alternating in between.

“can you……cure Ingrid……here?”

I held back the pain that was building up in me and asked right away.

Ingrid was being held by Mary in her arms.

Her face is still pale, and she seems out of breath.

On her chest, ‘that’ crest flickered eerily through her clothing.

“There should be a device here that blocks the magic. I’ll try to operate it.”

Sylvia stepped forward.

Of all these members, she would naturally be the one who knew the most about magic.

I decided to leave it to her.

Of course, we have to stay alert in case Fenrir strikes back.

I continued to hold my Milfa on guard.

Meanwhile, Sylvia walked up to the wall and chanted some kind of spell, to which a section of the wall slides away to reveal some kind of a screen panel and a mechanical control console inside. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“The control unit is……this? It’s the same format as the ruins we saw in Gimr Empire……Thankfully, with this, we can somehow manage……”

Sylvia mumbles as she operated the buttons on the console.

“Magic power Interruption……Effect Range: Maximized……Operation at Full output…….”

As she mumbled, the screen began to glow faintly.

And then, a light spread to us like a ripple.

This is──!?

My strength suddenly got drained from my entire body.


But as if it was a blessing in disguise, the intense pain that I had been having disappeared with it as if it has been a lie.

No, That’s not it.

It’s the effects of the Physical Reinforcement that has worn off.

Perhaps the device in the ruins had caused all the magic in this place to disappear……

At the same time, a tremendous sense of weakness hit me.

Unable to stand, I slumped down on the nearby wall.

It was probably the rebound to the release of my Physical Reinforcement.

After all, it was a lot more intense than the previous ones.

“……Uuu……haaa, aaah……”

Ingrid’s face, which had been contorting in anguish, quickly changed to a peaceful expression.

“Okay, we’ve successfully deprived this area of all mana!”

Sylvia looked back at us.

“How’s Ingrid doing?”

“The magic power running rampant in her body seems to have calmed down,” Mina replied.

“That’s good. with this, Ingrid is now……”

I murmured, with tears of relief running down my face.

Mary looked like she was about to cry as well, and also smiled in relief.

I guess I’m done for now.

Now we just have to work on sealing Fenrir.

With that in mind, when I was about to look at Sylvia again──


……Suddenly, it appeared.

Something black spread out in front of me.

No, it was blacker than black, like a bottomless abyss.

And before I could even say anything,

In the blink of an eye, it swallowed me whole.


When I came to, I found myself in a strange hall.

I was still slumped over, unable to stand up.

“Where am I?”

Beautifully carved columns were lined up around me.

It was a vast hall, and it reminded me of Ancient Greek temples I’m seeing in western movies.

“It’s not the same as the ruins we were in a while ago, at least.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Soichi. Or was it Lian now?”

All of a sudden, a voice came to my surroundings.

And upon observing, there is a woman who is coming at me from the front.

She was probably in her twenties in appearance.

She has lustrous pink-colored hair, enough to reach her feet, and lustrous purple eyes.

Her loose-fitting white robe reminded me of a goddess from Greek mythology.

“No way, Goddess Elciata?”

“It has been a while, not since your Reincarnation Ceremony.”

With a snap, the white wings on her back spread out.

When I was reincarnated from my previous life in Japan to another world, she was the goddess who performed the ‘reincarnation ritual’ with me……the Goddess of Love, Elciata.

“You look very worn out. Let me give you a quick miracle of recovery.”

Elciata placed her fingertips on my forehead and chanted something briefly.

The weakness in my whole body immediately disappeared as if it were a lie.

“Ah, I feel much better now……”

I slowly stood up.

“This is my temple, the sanctuary of the Goddess of Love.”

As if answering my question earlier, Goddess Elciata spoke.

“I had you to be transported through space and time to get here.”

“Wait, is that spatial transfer?”

“The Magic Armament, all sorts of sealing spells, and the magic sword techniques that have advanced to the third stage── the power of these amalgamations of mana collided with each other, creating a huge rift in space……I used that to my advantage and brought you here.”

Elciata explained.

“There are a number of rules for gods and goddesses to interfere with the human world. The gods are all-powerful, but they can’t wield these powers as they please – so I took advantage of the aftermath of your battle as a loophole and successfully brought you here. Just think of your transfer here as an ‘anomaly’ caused by the rift in space-time for now.”

I’m not sure I understand.

No, what’s with this anomaly anyway──.

“Um, but I left my friends over there, so I need to get back soon…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take you back to the timeline right after you were swallowed by the special transfer.”

Elciata smiled.

“Also, you need to rest your body. The repercussions of using the third stage of Physical Reinforcement are taking a toll on your body greatly. You may not be aware of it, but you are badly tattered right now. Use this chance to get some rest.”

“I understand.”

I guess I’ll take the Goddess’s words for now.

Even though I’ve recovered a bit, it may not be enough.

There’s no guarantee that the second round with Fenrir won’t start as soon as I get back to the other side, so it’s better if I’m recovered as quickly as possible. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.


Suddenly, Elciata came close to my face.

Her mysterious purple eyes stared at me sullenly.

“W-what is it……”

The beauty of the Goddess at close quarters is a doggone sight.

A sweet scent immediately wafted to my nose due to that, and it’s already enough for my heart to skip a beat.


I feel like I had taken too much puff of her pheromone that my lower stomach is already tingling hard.

“It seems that you’ve gained a lot of experience in the world of your reincarnation. Why don’t we have some fun in the meantime?  To commemorate our reunion.”

Elciata smiled seductively.

I could feel her breathing towards my face.

The distance between my lips and Elciata’s is now only a few centimeters.

That tiny gap was so subtle that I felt like I could be kissed at any time.

I’m getting more and more flustered.

“Also, I’m curious to see how much the boy who gave me his virginity has grown.”

Yes, she’s my first girl. No, my first woman.

Since my reincarnation, I’ve had sex with a number of girls, but the one I had my first experience with is special.

Once again, with Elciata……

A sense of bewitching anticipation immediately swelled inside me.

My lower area quickly tingled.

At the time, it was one-sided, being tossed-around kind of sex.

But now, I might have a chance to have sex with this goddess in a way that will make her a little more debauched.

“Since we’re at it, maybe we can get Millfarazé to help us.”

Elciata then looked at the small golden sword in my hand.


Wait, but Milfa is a sword──

I was just about to make a comment when…

“Human Form Mode engage.”

Elciata cast a spell, or was it an activation code?

But as soon as she spoke that line, the small golden sword emitted a dazzling light.

──Oi oi, no way……

Slowly, the light cleared, and a slender figure appeared.

It was a girl of icy beauty.

Golden hair that reached her waist.

Green eyes that tended to droop.

A skin with was translucent white.

She is wearing a white garment of the same design as Elciata’s.

However, the fabric was so thin that it showed through her skin, highlighting her slender body lines underneath.

“You are……Milfa?”

I stared at her, stunned.

“Master Elciata? Why did you put me in human form?”

Milfa, who had turned into a beautiful girl, looked confused.

“Millfarazé…… No, let’s follow Lian and call you Milfa. You should join us.”

“As you wish, Master Elciata.”

Milfa nodded reverently.

“Please excuse me, Master Lian.”

She walked over to me and knelt down.

“Today, you are not to provide service in combat, but service in sex.”

“O, oi, Milfa……!?”

My sword and my partner, Milfa, is now in front of me as a beautiful girl.

To be honest, I was so surprised and confused that I could not organize my feelings.

“I feel……strange. When I’m facing master in this human form……my heart is kind of burning and pounding somehow ……”

Milfa mumbled.

Her embarrassment as she does that is strangely cute and enticing.

Milfa then breathed softly from the top of my trousers and brought her lips close to it.

“It’s my first time here, so I’m not used to it, but I’ll do my best to serve you.”

Chuuu. Milfa’s lips touched my crotch.

Her lips were so hot and soft that I could feel them even through the fabric.

It was a metallic sword no longer.

It was – without a doubt – the touch of a girl’s lips.

“Uuu. guh……”

The comfortable pressure mixed with the faint friction caused a sweet numbness to run through my meat stick.

Nchuu, chuuu. Milfa kissed my crotch again and again through the fabric of my pants.

Every touch sends hot rushes of blood through the erectile tissue in my body each time she did it.

Eventually, this resulted to an amazing tent in the crotch of my pants.

“Master Lian, may I……touch you directly?”

Milfa looked up at me and asked.

I could see that her eyes were already moist and filled with a faint excitement.


I nodded vigorously, already intoxicated with lust.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me……”

Milfa unbuttoned my pants and underwear, revealing before her a bare penis.

She held it reverently in both hands as it warped majestically.



With a faint exhale, the cherry-red lips approach the reddish-black tip.

I looked down at the scene with bated breath, anticipating the blowjob that is finally about to begin.

Chupuh……and just like that, along with the sound of saliva, Milfa’s cute mouth swallowed the tip of my masculinity whole.

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