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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 7 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Transcendent Difficulty Quest

“Transcendent Difficulty Quest……?”

When I went to the guild the following day, Claudia summoned me to the nearby courtyard, saying, “We need to talk.”

“Yes, the most difficult of all quests, those which are only exclusive for S-Class adventurers to take,” Claudia explained. A gust of wind ruffles her long, purple hair.

“Just the other day, when I met with the guild staff, I heard something like that. But considering my rank right now, I can’t take it, right?”

“No, there are exceptions; if an S-Class adventurer gives a special approval, the person may be added to the party under the guise of an assistant.”

Claudia continued.

“You helped me a lot last time in defeating the S-class demon, which proves your credibility, and because of that, your rank was raised by a lot. But can you help me again this time, boy?”

I see. So that’s what she’s talking about. If I were to participate in this quest, it will help me increase my rank significantly.


Claudia tells me as if to give me a warning.

“I’m gonna be honest with you. It’s going to be tough. Don’t think of it as the same as our last quest.”

There was a hint of nervousness in her expression, and this came from a woman who is always so confident in herself.

This could be the most challenging quest I’ll receive yet.

But I’ve done a lot of quests, and I feel like I’ve gotten used to fighting as an Elf magic swordsman. I should also have confidence in myself.


But even though I was told that it would be extremely difficult, I was more excited to take on the challenge than being afraid. Is it because of my trait? My new life? I was so surprised that I’m starting to have doubts if it’s still the real me. And yet……

“I’ll help.”

I nodded in agreement. It seems that Claudia was not expecting my answer, being she was surprised too. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“A quick decision. Honestly, I’m impressed to the point that I’m worried.”

“Well, I promised a certain woman in front of me I’d move up in rank, all the to the S-Class after all.”

I smiled at the woman in front of me.

“……I see.”

Claudia smiled shyly in return.

“I guess with this, I owe you another one, boy.”

“It’s okay. You don’t always have to feel like you owe me anything.”

“No, I’m indebted to you enough. I owe you a lot……including for what you did the other day.”

Claudia’s cheeks flushed quickly as she said this.

“I’ll be paying you back for this one in the near future……in whatever manner you want.”

This embarrassed beauty is awfully cute.

But, “in whatever manner you want,” this means that I can have sex with her again, right?

All right, I’m fired up even more!

“……What are you two talking about, Sir Lian?”

“Uwaaa, you surprised me!”

A girl suddenly called out to me from behind. She was a pretty girl with golden hair cut off at her shoulders. Her green eyes, usually vibrantly colored, were now unfocused and dull and strangely scary.

Yes, it was Mina.

I didn’t feel any sign of her at all.

“You seem to be as popular as ever…… mumble mumble……however, I can’t lose…… mumble mumble……”

Mina is mumbling something. However, for some reason, even my elf ears failed to understand it.

Looking away from her, I returned Claudia about the topic.

“Oh, yeah, this quest……”

Claudia, who for some reason was also overwhelmed by the pressure from Mina, turned her sweaty face to me and continued her overview of the quest.

──The other day, a party of B-class adventurers explored a dungeon where they found relics of the High Ancients.

By the way, the High Ancients are a super-ancient civilization in this world.

However, unlike my former world, where ancient civilizations were, well, less modern, this world had developed a magical civilization that far surpassed that of today. Regretfully, the civilization was destroyed due to a huge war. It is said that traces of this civilization still existed in various places in the form of ruins and dungeons.

And because the said civilization ceased to exist due to a major conflict, the relics found and survived often turned out to be very dangerous magical armaments.

In this case, one of these armaments reacted to the party that found it causing it to activate and rampage.


It was reported that dozens of priests and priestesses were dispatched from the guild after that – all of whom were top-notch in the services of Elciata, Armeris, Le Vie, etc., and have managed to contain the rampage with wards, but it was only temporary.

If the wards get broken, and the magic armament was to go on a rampage again, the towns nearby would be destroyed instantly.

The content of this quest was to seal off this magic armament permanently.

It would be best if we could destroy it, but according to Claudia, the weapons of super-ancient civilizations are basically not something that can be managed by force alone.

Thankfully, there is a facility in the ruins where these armaments are sealed.

They were told that if they could lead it there, it could be resealed.

“So this is for a transcendent difficulty quest, I see. I was worried that you were approaching Sir Lian for something else.”

Mina looks at Claudia and me equally with somewhat unfocused eyes.

“Ufufufufufu, so it’s work then. That’s good……But there are lots~ and lots~ of women aiming for you, Sir Lian, so you have to stay vigilant……ufufufu.”

She’s usually a calm, healing beauty, so seeing her face like this every once in a while gives me the creeps. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“High Ancient magic armament, huh. If you’re gonna invite this man, then invite us too.”

Ingrid also came to the courtyard, lightly brushing back her short, beautiful ice blue hair.

“We’re B class. Normally, we wouldn’t have the right to be accepted in these quests. But we can if Miss Claudia were to appoint us as her assistants.”

“But according to Claudia, it’s a pretty dangerous quest-“

“If Sir Lian goes, then I will go too. No, I must go!” Mina stepped forward.

“And even if we’re not opponents of these magical weaponry of High Ancients, and no matter how powerful you two are, I believe that your manpower won’t still be enough to handle everything. Suppose the direct way is difficult for us. In that case, we could still do other things, like conducting evacuation of residents, or treatment of injured people and the like, which is especially more so if we’re dealing with the aftermath.”

Mina also added. There was a strong glint in her eyes, unlike the dull and unfocused ones she had earlier.

“We may not be as strong as you, but we’ll do our best to help. We will try our hardest to prevent a calamity like that from happening again.”

In the end, Mina is still a Priestess. This was very likely of her.

Then, it was Ingrid’s turn to talk.

“Yes, it is as what Mina had said. Also, I have never experienced being in a Transcendent-level quest. I may be able to gain valuable knowledge that I don’t know. It’s an opportunity I can’t miss.”

Mina’s desire to protect others, Ingrid’s will to seek knowledge.

They had different reasons, but both were determined enough to give a hand.


Claudia looked at the two and groaned.


“Your rank is indeed B for now, but you’ve already defeated that S-class demon before. The magical support of the two of you and the sword skill of Miss Rosemary that put an end to it was both brilliant……”

“Ahh, Miss Claudia praised me…! Ehehehe, aah, my mind is so fluffy right now, fufufufu.”

Mary giggles as she plays with the tips of her red twintails with her fingers.

──Wait, how long have you been there!?

But as usual, Mary’s character changes in front of Claudia.

Well, it couldn’t be helped as Mary was Claudia’s admirer and the person who inspired her to become an adventurer.

“After all, it wasn’t me or Lian who defeated the S-Class demon. It was you, Miss Rosemary.”

“S-still, this Mary is not even close to you guys. All this Mary did was dealt the finishing blow. Auuu……”

Third-person!? Ahh, Mary’s character has collapsed!

“I can feel a lot of potentials in you and in the other two as well. Indeed, you may be able to expect more growth from this battle. Besides, it’s true that there’s never enough manpower.”

“……You’re saying that, but……”

While we’re conversing like this, I suddenly had a premonition.

“Growth? You’re not intending to train them just to fight them in the end, are you?”

“Why are you something so obvious? Of course, I’ll fight them.”

She didn’t deny that at all.

“Plus, these girls will definitely get stronger. That’s what my guts tell me. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

Claudia said with a twinkle in her eyes. Those were the same eyes of a kid who had just found a new toy.

Claudia is still the same girl who loves to compete.

Well, that’s just like her.

“With this, we are now set. However, take refuge immediately when things get dangerous, okay?”

Claudia reminded us once more. I could still see the nervousness on her face, indicating we’re in for a really tough opponent this time.

“We leave tomorrow morning. As for the length of the expedition, it will take us several days to get there, and the operation there will take another several days, maybe even several weeks. Be prepared for that.”

Claudia concluded.

──Does that mean that we will be leaving this town for a while?

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