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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 (Full Text)

Volume 6 – Our Daily Lives, Before the Departure

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Chapter 1 – My Popularity Period
Chapter 2 – A-Class Malik
Chapter 3 – Incident in the Adventurers Guild
Chapter 4 – Crimson Emperor Beheading Moves
Chapter 5 – Thunderous Roar VS Raging Flame Overlord Style
Chapter 6 – First-Time with Paula, Part 1 ※
Chapter 7 – First-Time with Paula, Part 2 ※
Chapter 8 – First-Time with Paula, Part 3 ※

Chapter 1 – My Popularity Period

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I slept well until noon last night, thanks to the drinking session and plenty of ‘fun’ with Mina and Mary that came right after.

In the end, I skipped doing quests that day.

In the evening, Mary and I trained in swordsmanship, and I even learned a new technique.

I’ve been doing quests as part of my daily routine for a while now, so it was really a good change of pace.

So, the following day.

Maybe it was because I’d had a whole day’s rest, or perhaps it was because I’d been drinking and having sex with the two, but I was in a good state of mind and body.

Today I decided to do my quest properly.

I left the inn and headed for the guild office, but just as I reached the main street, I saw several girls walking towards me.

All of them were probably in their late teens.

They’re not rare beauties like Mina and the others, but they also possess cuteness and distinct charm.

Their figures were also quite……good.

“Hey, look over there. Isn’t that the rumored Lian?”

One of the girls, who had been chatting happily, turned around and stared at me.

“What a handsome boy……”

Her face immediately flushed.

“Even elves don’t look that good, do they?”

The girl next to her was equally enraptured.

“And that Lian is said to be the golden rookie right now due to his rapidly rising adventurer ranking. Ahh, I’m so jealous.”

“Does he have a girlfriend or something? If he hadn’t, I’d like to apply as one!”

“Ah, stealing a march is not good! I’ve always liked Lian for a long time too.”

“So have I!”

I’m sure they were talking in a whisper so I wouldn’t hear them, but unfortunately, elves have much better hearing than humans. As such, their whispers reached my ears as clearly as if they were holding microphones.

Anyway…lately, when I go out in the town, I’ve been getting a lot of noises from girls, and it’s only been about two weeks since I’ve been in this town.

Because of the combination of my looks and the fact that I’m improving my rank as an adventurer at an astonishing rate, it seems that my fame is increasing at an accelerated pace as well.

“Hey, why don’t you try talking to him today?”

“Uuu, but I’m so nervous.”

“But he seems to be looking at our direction, so I think he might be interested.”

“Let’s all go together, okay?”

The girls walked up to me as if they had made up their minds. The girl at the front of the group was a little nervous, but she still made it and spoke slowly.

However, that same girl seemed to have lost herself and soon stopped as if she was in a trance.

Seeing that, another girl pushed her away and spoke instead.

“Hey, hey, how about having lunch with us? If you like, then……also afterwards. Fufufu.”

“Wait, that’s a bit too straightforward!”

“We heard about your exploits, Lian, and wanted to hear about your adventures too~.”

“Do you have work today? We’d love to hear about your adventures! We are even willing to wait until your quest is over!”

Soon, girls crowded around me, enveloping me with the sweet scents of femininity.

Enraptured by the delicious smell, I couldn’t help but squint my eyes.

“Sir Lian~. Can I have your autograph? I’m your fan~.”

Another girl brought herself up to me.

“Oh, I want one too!”

Then another girl snuggled into my arms and pulled me close to her, making the elasticity of her breasts be felt against my arm.

“Please give me one too, Lian. I’ve been a fan of yours for years.”

And then another one, then another……

About the last one, how could that be!? I was reincarnated in this world a few weeks ago.

The town girls are making a lot of ruckus while I’m being tortured of their sweetness.

They’re treating me like a celebrity or an idol.

“My family owns a diner called “The Table Through the Trees” on 7th Avenue in the middle district. How about it?”

“Ah, that’s a good offer. Let’s do it.”

After I agreed, the girls squealed with excitement.

“T-then, please drop by after your daily quest is over.”

The girls’ enthusiasm pushed me to nod my head.

Is this a kind of reverse pick-up?

“Of course! It’s a promise!”

I shouted in unison, and the girls stormed off.

Wow, that was a lot of momentum.

I stared at the back of the girls as they left, feeling completely overwhelmed.

I thought I was used to girls after spending time with Mina and the others, but that was something else.

“……you’re really popular, Master.”

An electronically echoing voice sounded from the small sword at my waist.

For some reason, Milfa was blatantly unhappy.

I looked at the display on the handle and saw that it read “Attack mode”.

Why are you preparing to attack!?

Isn’t that a bit too hostile!?

“Greetings. Mr. Lian.”

When I entered the guild branch building, I was approached by a mild-mannered middle-aged man.

It’s a guild employee that I’ve met a few times.

“You’re on your daily quest today, aren’t you? Here, we’ve got your work already cut out for you.”

“Thanks. That would be of great help as I want to raise my rank as soon as possible.”

“And for that, we are really grateful. If you can do a lot of quests here, our branch’s achievements will improve as well. This might be shameless of me, but I wish you to stay here for a long time.”

The staff member looked happy.

“Our branch’s achievements?”

“The quests we introduce to adventurers are counted as achievements for this branch. The number of quests completed, the success rate, and how many of the more difficult quests are completed……competition among the branches is quite fierce. The results are directly reflected in the salaries and bonuses of the staff, and there is also the prestige of the members of the said branch.”

It’s still a businessman’s world out there.

“We also have quotas. Lately, the branch manager has been pestering me because I’ve only been introducing those that are low difficulty quests. That guy says that the number of completed quests of high difficulty is too low. On the other hand, I don’t want to put adventurers in danger by forcing them to take on more difficult quests. But the branch manager would always say, “Quota, quota……Oh, don’t tell anyone I was complaining.”

So the guild has a lot of difficulties in itself too, huh.

“I’m not sure if my salary will go down again at this rate. I still have a wife and three daughters to feed, you know?”

“I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time.”

I felt sorry for the troubled staff member.

“Oh, I’m sorry as well. It was I who complained so much. You’re just so easy to talk to, Mr. Lian.”

“No, it’s okay. Even I’d like to try some of the more difficult quests too that you have, and you can pass them on to me.”

“Speaking of difficult quests, I heard that a quest of Transcendent difficulty will be carried out soon. However, it’s only for S-class adventurers, so I can’t introduce it to you, Lian.”

“Transcendent difficulty……”

Quests are ranked according to the nature of their content.

From the bottom to the top, there are low difficulty, medium difficulty, high difficulty, and last and the worst of the usual group, extreme difficulty.

By the way, the first quest I completed after coming to this world, which was to defeat a class A dragon species, was a high-difficulty quest, and the other day’s S-Class demon extermination was the Extreme difficulty.

But there is one more level beyond that.

There are only a few of these quests a year, and they are of the highest and most dangerous to accomplish – the transcendent difficulty ranks.

“Even if you couldn’t get there, I can still introduce you to quests with High difficulty and Extreme difficulty. At that time, I’ll be counting on you.”

“Of course, by all means.”

I smilingly parted ways with the staff member and headed for the branch’s reception desk.

Now then, what kind of quest awaits me today…?

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Chapter 2 – A-Class Malik

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“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell is this?”

“What’s the deal with these guilds that only want to exploit us adventurers?”

As soon as I got to the reception desk, I heard a number of angry voices.

There was a group of men who looked like ruffians and had a sneaky look about them.

“E-even if you tell us that……”

The one with the frightened look on the other side of the conversation is the plain receptionist with black hair and glasses – Paula.

“Why is the reward for that quest only this much!”

“T-this is the condition that was offered from the beginning, and I’m sure you accepted it.”

Despite her trembling, Paula explained exactly what was going on.

“In our guild, we always explain the terms and conditions of the quest and make sure that they are understood before they are being accepted. All rewards, except for brokerage fees, are given to the adventuring party that completes the task, and we’ve never exploited anyone ─”

“I don’t need your bullshit!”

But the other party didn’t seem to have the ears to listen to such an explanation.

“We risked our lives to protect the village by defeating the demons, as you have asked.”

“We deserve a little extra, don’t we?”

“How about you pay us with your body?”

“Come on. Even with such a plain-looking woman like you should be thankful!”

These guys…

Also, that last bit was particularly annoying.

“Miss Paula, are you okay?”

“I ran up to the reception desk.

“Ah, Mr. Lian!”

And the woman’s face immediately lit up.


“This guy’s rumored to have risen to Class C in just two weeks…”

The adventurers all looked at me at once.

I glared at them.

“Don’t threaten Miss Paula.”

“I’m not threatening her! We’re just negotiating!”

“And where is the negotiating?”

“This has nothing to do with you! And stay out of it, brat……”

The tall man who seemed to be hotheaded raised his arm that was as big as a log.
Then, as if cutting off the wind, the man’s fist swung down.

“……if you don’t want to get blown away!”


“What the…?”

After that instant, the man was left stunned, still in a pose with his fist swung down.

“Over here.”

I said with a sigh behind the man, then activated my [Acceleration] and spun around at super speed.

I’ve always wanted to do this, the kind of thing you see in battle manga, where you get behind your opponent. I thought that if I showed them the difference in power, they might change their attitude.

“What the hell was that move?”

“It was too fast for me to see it……”

As expected, the men’s attitude changed, and they backed away as if they were frightened.


“Oh, come on, I told you not to cause a scene in the branch. We’re supposed to be a party with pride and class, remember?”

A cool voice sounded, but it wasn’t me.

“Mr. Malik!”

“I-its, Malik!”

The wild men stood upright at once and stiffened as if they suddenly became gymnasts.

The man who appeared was a beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed man.

The clothes he wore were glittering like he’s a member of the aristocracy.

Hanging from his waist was a sword decorated with luxurious goldwork, reminiscent of a work of art.

“I heard that you were not satisfied with the reward for the recent quest, so I was worried that you guys might take some rough steps.”

Malik smiled.

“So I came here, and it was as I expected. Miss Paula, I’m really sorry for my men being so rough with you. Please accept my apology.”

He bowed deeply to Miss Paula.

“No, it’s……fine.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

Malik slowly raised his head at Paula’s words.

Then he looks at me and raises one eyebrow.

“Oh, are you the Lian Tiarade I’m hearing so much about?”

“You know me?”

“You know me? You are reputed to be a golden rookie who rose to C-Class in just two weeks! No, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Malik greeted happily.

Well, I won’t feel bad if you say it like that.

“Well then, I don’t mean to be rude, but we’re still in the process of talking to her. The rowdy attitude is out of the question, but the negotiations themselves are still going on.”

But then he returned with a serious look on his face.

“In the end, you are still an outsider. Could you not get in the way?”

“You aren’t done talking?”

I stared back at Malik.

“They looked like they were threatening her.”

“And I think they’ve learned their lesson. I promise you that from now on that they will continue to negotiate in a gentlemanly manner.”

“……Oh, with those guys? I really hope you can uphold those words.”

I look again at the other adventurers.

Aside from Malik, I have a feeling the rest of them are going to continue to lash out at Paula soon as I look away.

“On the other hand, I take that back. I don’t trust them.”

“Hey, hey, do you know who you’re talking to, ah?”

“No, I don’t.”

“This is our leader, Malik Shahzad! Ranked 17th in A-Class, he’s an elite who’s sure to end up in S-Class!”

“He’s also very popular with the girls because of his looks!”

“In addition to being an adventurer, he’s also a popular theater actor, so he’s got multiple talents!”

“His copies are selling like hotcakes in the royal city of Gloria!”

The men praised Malik one after another, like idol celebrities in modern Japan.

The men seem to be……fascinated by Malik? Well, for sure, this guy has charisma. I just hope it is charisma.

“If a C-Class like you goes against him, you’ll be wiped off the face of the earth in an instant, ah?”

“Haha, I’m not that savage,” Malik said, raising a single hand.

“You just can’t trust us. You have that look in your eyes.”

Malik’s gaze caught mine. But his gaze grew sharper.

“I’m sure you’re still suspicious of us, but now that we have met a promising rookie, I cannot just let this pass through. Can you bless this one with a match? I’m sure the people here have a lot of questions regarding our abilities.”

“A match?”

“Yes, a match. It would be fun to settle this with our arms like adventurers, wouldn’t it? If we win, you’ll leave quietly. If you win, we’ll withdraw from this matter.”

What the heck, is this guy as competitive as Claudia?

Well, he had me in saying that he’ll back off if I win, so let’s make this quick and easy.

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Chapter 3 – Incident in the Adventurers Guild

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Side: Paula Arulade.

How about we settle this through a match, like adventurers do──.

That’s what Malik and the others said, and they took Lian away.

Unlike the adventurers who were like ruffians, Malik’s attitude was very gentlemanly.

In fact, he had a reputation that was beyond that.

In addition to being the second son of the Duke of Shazad, the most prominent noble family in the Kingdom of Aisha, he also had excellent looks.

In addition, he is the top star of a large theater troupe that performs in the royal capital, so he is especially popular with women.

But what’s shocking is he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what he is, unlike those popular men of high standing.

As an adventurer, he takes down the strong and helps the weak – a true friend of ‘justice’, or so what he himself proclaim.

It’s pretty ironic that he has followers that do what’s the reverse, but the reason he invited Lian must be because he really wants to try his hand at him.

An A-Class adventurer with both popularity and ability versus a handsome elf known as a golden rookie.

It’s a dream matchup.

(Still, I couldn’t help but worry……!)

I’ve introduced him to a number of quests in the past, but I’ve never actually seen him fight.

I want to see it.

I want to see how Lian fights so brilliantly.

(I’ll not be able to get my work done, but this is my once in a lifetime chance!)


Feeling guilty about interrupting work, Paula left her seat.

She bid goodbye to her colleagues and left the reception desk first, then stealthily followed the party and that man.

Soon, they came to a vacant lot on the outskirts of town.

(Looks like the match hasn’t started yet.)

Paula hid in the shadows and quietly inquired about the beautiful elf boy.

Her heart…tingled.

“The first time I met him, I had been curious about this boy with his inhuman beauty.”

However, it wasn’t just his good looks that attracted the guild employee.

Paula is a serious person, an adult more so, so she knew where she would draw the line between fantasy and reality.

However, the more she knew about him, the more she found Lian’s personality more and more of a fantasy. It was just too good to be true.

She felt a bittersweet crush on him, which could not be described as either admiration or a faint love.

An introvert by nature, she loves to read romance novels and has a strong wanting to fall in love.

However, since her childhood, she had been devoted to her studies and had no experience with men, and even now, at the age of twenty-six, she had never been in a relationship with the opposite sex.

To Paula, Lian was a prince in a white horse who appeared straight out of a fairy tale.

The fact that he was an elf, a race similar to humans but not human, added more to this impression.

It was as if he was a resident in a fantasy world that had stepped out into this mortal world.

“Of course, I can’t expect him to be attracted to a simple woman like me.”

Not forgetting her place, she didn’t intend to place high hopes on herself.

For her, it was already enough to talk to him or see him from time to time.

Yes. This was already enough to satisfy Paula’s sweet and sour yearning.

(Ah, Mr. Lian is still as wonderful as ever.)

Paula thought as she continued to mesmerize herself at the beautiful elf she admired.


I was taken to the outskirts of town by Malik and his friends.

To be exact, we’re already beyond the outer walls of the city.

The height of the wall is about fifteen meters.

There are three gates where people go in and out, but this place is the farthest away from all of them.

Because of that, there is no traffic, hence it was a lonely, empty space with no one but us in it.

“Is this where the match will take place?”

“Match? Match, you say?”

Malik chuckled at my question. The cronies behind him were also smirking.

Hmm? You’re acting weird……

Then, I had a bad feeling.

“You may not know this because you’ve just become an adventurer, but the competition for rankings is fierce at the C level, where you’re considered a full-fledged adventurer, not to mention the D and E levels at the bottom.”

Malik smiled and started talking.

I wondered what he was joyous in ranting about.

“The rank is the adventurer’s reputation. The higher the rank, the more the adventurer’s pride is at stake. Which means to say that the higher your rank, the more you devote yourself to improving your rank, and the more you fear being overtaken…”

Is that how it is?

“That’s why an existence like yours is such a threat, Lian. Right now you’re still a Class C, but in the near future you’ll move up to Class B, maybe even Class A or Class S.”

Malik’s expression suddenly changed.

The smile that had been refreshing suddenly changed to an evil one.

“Sorry about this, but this is also your fault hitting the stakes too early.”

“……is that just an excuse to pounce on me? I should have known.”

He wants to crush me, a promising adventurer, early on. That’s what he really wants.

“I’ll have a match with you, though my bad if you go injured so badly that you’ll never be an adventurer again.”

Malik grinned.

“Don’t worry, as it is a common thing. Many people retire from adventuring because of this.”

In short, they’re pulling each other’s leg.

I felt disappointed.

I guess corruption is still rampant, even in a job to fight and protect people.

At the very least, there are still Mina and her team – in their fight against the A-Class dragon species – they did their best to protect people and villages, even if they aren’t paid that much, and even if it was beyond their abilities.

But there are those who don’t, like these guys.

They want wealth and fame, they are jealous of those who are higher than them, and because of that, they want to oust them.

Of course, as human beings, we can’t be free from such feelings.

But still, now that I have been given a second chance, I want to be an adventurer like Mina and the others.

I can do it now, because I have power.

Honestly, adventuring it’s a job I chose vaguely at first.

Meeting Mina, Mary and Ingrid, I decided to go with the flow.

But as days pass, as if their passion has also rubbed off to me, I’ve changed.

Now, I wish to be the kind of adventurer who can take pride in this job.

“There’s no way that I could ever be surpassed by someone like you. Our abilities and talents are too different. Do you know what this is?”

Malik proudly showed the pendant from his chest.

It was a beautiful gold pendant with a flame design.

“This pendant is a proof that I am an accomplished practitioner of Raging FlameRekka Overlord StyleHakenryuu. How’s that for a surprise?”

Malik proudly thrust his chest up.

Raging FlameRekka, you say?”

“You don’t know?”

Malik looked aghast.

“It’s the most powerful and difficult sword art on the continent, and it takes a normal person decades to master it! It’s common knowledge if you live on the continent!”

I’ve only been reincarnated for a few weeks, so……

“Anyway, the Raging FlameRekka Overlord StyleHakenryuu is the highest level of swordsmanship. And I learned it in just two years.”

Malik returned to his previous tone and said proudly.

Heee, that’s amazing.

No, I’m honestly impressed.

In other words, he’s a jerk, but he’s also a skilled swordsman.

“I take pride in my swordsmanship,” he said. “It’s not like Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsus the crude mercenaries use, which are so focused on actual combat that they lack any semblance of elegance. It’s a good sounding sword technique, but it’s not just the same. Same goes for the mysterious and unidentified Thunder EmperorRai Ou RuinationFuumetsu SwordsmanshipKen. But the Raging FlameRekka Overlord Style is different. The royal families love it, and the Royal Knights even have adopted it as their own style… It’s a royal sword technique that embodies chivalry, fair and grace as one!”

Malik held out his hands in a theatrical motion, as if he was a stage performer looking for praise and applause from the audience.

“Being the case, it’s a school worthy of my grace, don’t you think?”

“I don’t see where the elegance lies in someone who disparages another’s school just to look good. Also, you sure have the gall to talk about chivalry and fairness, for someone afraid of being overtaken in ranks. So definitely, it’s not a technique worth of someone like you, that’s for sure.”

I stared at Malik.

“……you. You subhuman, watch your mouth.”

Malik’s complexion changed.

Oh, so this is that kind of guy. I somehow realized.

They take everything for granted and take pleasure in looking down on others – and when others fight back, they become enraged.

All he wants is to be superior to others.

That’s why he sees me as such an enemy, as a potential threat to him.

“Then let me embed it in your flesh. My noble sword.”

Malik drew the sword at his waist and held it at the ready.

Indeed, even while drawing it, it has a somewhat elegant atmosphere.

“Draw your sword. You can use your rumored magic sword techniques if you want; I don’t care. I’ll defeat you with this sword and this sword alone. That will teach you the difference of us.”

“There’s no need. I just need to strengthen my body, and that’s it.”

I pulled out the small sword Milfa at my waist and set myself in the 8th stance.

It’s one of the basic forms of the Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsus.


However, Milfa shouts in worry.

I chuckled, telling her it’s okay.

That’s right, my stance is not in the strongest magic sword technique that I acquired when I was reincarnated…

“I will defeat you with the Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsus you just insulted.”

I’m going to use the skills I learned from the beloved companions I met in this world, and slam the difference of ours on his pride-filled face.

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Chapter 4 – Crimson Emperor Beheading Moves

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“Beating me using only the Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsus? Oh well……”

Malik shrugged his shoulders in finding out my following actions.

“Do you realize that your magical swordplay, which allows you to attack from a greater distance than what an ordinary swordsman does, is your only advantage? To let go of your only trump card……this is why you are called sub-humans. You even lack in wits.”

It was another line that condescended to others.

That’s why I want to go physical – to break this guy’s nose.

In addition, the term “subhuman” – a term that refers to all non-human races such as elves and dwarves – is often used as a discriminatory term in this world.

Fortunately, I’ve yet to be discriminated against because I’m a handsome elf……until now.

As far as what I’ve experienced, the people of this town do not have that kind of discriminatory mindset. Even in the rural villages I have been visited, I never had anyone said these lines to me before.

Though it is too early to say because it wasn’t even a month since I got here, but for another world dominated by humans, I think I have met a lot of nice and warm people already.

“You’re going to handicap yourself against Malik?”

“You’re a hundred years too young.”

“Subhumans are so stupid.”

The cronies laughed as they followed suit.

“Then, come.”

Malik announced, lowering his sword slackly.

“……you’re not making a stance?”

I couldn’t help but ask.

Though my knowledge about swordplay is new, I’m sure that that is not the basic stance of the Raging FlameRekka Overlord StyleHakenryuu.

“It’s a handicap. This is a battle between A-Class and C-Class. And you don’t even intend to use magic sword techniques. Even my pride will not allow me to do that.”

Malik smirked slyly.

The freshness he had when we first met is no longer there in the slightest.

“You can go ahead and hit whatever you want, Lian.”

“Then don’t mind if I do!”

I shouted and kicked the ground.

Using my Acceleration, I doubled my body’s leg power.

In just one breath, I was able to close the gap between us.


Malik’s slitted eyes narrowed. Then,

Ginnnn, a metallic clang resounded, scattering dazzling sparks onto the air.

Shock reverberated in both of my hands.

My slash, which I cleaved at close range, was met by Malik’s sword, which leaped up from the lower level.

But I didn’t stop there, and unleased my second strike.

My body moves so naturally. Is this the result of Mary’s training?

It feels like the basic movements of the swordsmanship are starting to become second nature to me.

Of course, I still couldn’t compare to a top-notch swordsman in terms of technique.

But now that I have strengthened my body and have gained much more power and speed than ordinary people, let’s use that to our advantage and unleash a series of storm-like attacks.

“……Kuh.”  Smile disappeared from Malik’s face.

Third clash, fourth clash, five ──.

Malik retreated slowly from the slashes I released.

“I see, it’s no wonder you made it all the way up to C-Class so quickly…”

Muttering, Malik took a giant leap back.

“…… Looks like I don’t need myself to hold back on you.”

He then slowly pulled up his sword, which had been slackly lowered until now.

Then, he aimed it at my eye level.

“Finally…and here I wonder when you’ll actually get serious.”

I said as I watched my opponent’s movements.

Using my enhanced kinetic vision and reflexes to the fullest, I prepared for my opponent’s first strike.

After all, What they cannot match in terms of technique and tactics, such as reading each other’s moves, they have to make up for with their overwhelming physical abilities.

“Here I go, subhuman!”

Malik shouted, and in one movement, he closed the distance and struck.

“Gu, uuu……”

But I caught him, even just barely.

Honestly, I almost dropped my sword when I felt the strong blow.

After that, countless silver lights danced around us, as sparks of slashes scattered.

Malik’s sword, now on the offensive, was heavy with each strike.

It was astonishing to see how such power could be found in such a slender body.

And as expected of an A-Class adventurer, he was no slouch.

The sword strikes were so heavy that even my enhanced arm strength is having a hard time catching it.

If it was just in terms of power, he might be equal to or even greater than Claudia.

“This is more entertaining than I thought! You’re a subhuman, but you’re persistent!”

The strikes became heavier and heavier. Eventually, I couldn’t overcome the power, and my stance slightly collapsed.

At that moment, Malik jumped up in the air.

Raging FlameRekka Overlord StyleHakenryuu ── Beheading Emperor FlashZan Ou Sen!”

A slash with the added momentum of a gravitational fall – approached above my head.

I jumped caught the blow just in time after I regained my bearings, but──,

“What a weight……!”

A tremendous impact ran through my body, as if my bones were about to get shattered.

I clenched my teeth and managed to pass it off by jumping backwards.

“Oh, so you managed to take on one of the profound techniques of the Raging FlameRekka Overlord StyleHakenryuu, eh? I commend you, subhuman. If you were an ordinary swordsman, your sword would be broken together with your arm.”

Malik smiled coolly.

“In that case, let’s go with something heavier.”

This guy wasn’t even at his best just now!?

Facing my shuddering face, Malik swung his sword around like a windmill.

However, I returned the favor by fighting back.

As a consequence, another impact ran through my whole body felt as if it’s going to fall apart, and that’s by only matching him with my sword.

Despite its slender build, this guy’s sword seemed to be mainly destructive.

“If that’s the case…”

I aimed at his sword itself and readied another stance for a slash.

It wasn’t just an ordinary slash – it’s the weapon destruction technique I also used on Claudia back then – the Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsu called RendHa BladeJin.

“You’re wasting your time!”

Malik’s swordsmanship is a gorgeous dance. The exchange at the right time were deflected without hesitation.

This meant that if I didn’t time this right, I would receive an incredible backlash that more than just losing my sword and my arms.

Of course, it’s the magical sword technique that defeated Claudia, BurstRend – Seraphim ZapperSearing Angel’s Absolution could easily destroy Malik’s sword.

However, I’ve already declared that I’ll win this match using only the swordsmanship that I have learned.

It’s not already a simple matter of winning by force. I will win by showing my pride as an adventurer.

Thinking of the adventurers I’ve met so far – Mina, Mary, Ingrid, and Claudia – I renewed my resolve.

I back stepped out of the way – however, he released a slash to put a check on my movements.

“I won’t let you get away.”

Malik is not naive either.

He stepped in further and challenged me to a close combat to no end.

Then suddenly, with a thud, I felt something hard against my back.

Before I knew it, I already had my back on the city walls.

He had me.

“There’s nowhere to run now, is there, subhuman?”

Malik smiled in joy.

However, it’s the kind of smile a hunter would have after hunting down his prey.

“Do you want to give up?”

He then spoke arrogantly.

“Kneel. Bow down and kiss my boots. If you pledge your submission to me, I might add you to my cronies.”

“Kukuku. Ah, sorry about that. You were just so silly.” I snickered.

“But I won’t do it even if I die.”

After all, it’s about time I win this fight.

Let’s end this disgusting man once and for all.

“Hmm, for now, let’s go with that one.”

There is a new technique that Mary taught me yesterday. And now, I have a perfect dummy to test it out.

Crimson EmperorTeikou Beheading MoveZan Jutsus, Fifty-first SwordGojuu-Ichi no Tachi ── Thunderous RoarRai Hou.”

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Chapter 5 – Thunderous Roar VS Raging Flame Overlord Style

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“Not giving up, eh? It seems your brain is too small you can’t even understand the situation you’re trapped in. In the end, a subhuman is a subhuman, an inferior species.”

Malik blabbered with a sneer.

“You’re not even worth adding to my list of cronies. Very well, I’ll beat you to the ground as planned.”

“Well, give it a try, that is if you can.”

I growled in a low voice.

“Haha. Wow, very brave. As a reward, I’ll show you my Ultimate MoveKiwami in the deepest inner workings of the school, the Raging Earth Sky Phoenix SwordRekkai Ten Hou Ken. Can you take this?”

With the flamboyant name of the technique, Malik changes his stance.

From the level of his right eye, he’s now holding the sword with the tip held high.

It’s like he’s gonna do a full-blown chop from the top of my head.

Or will it be a feint?

As it was an technique I’m seeing for the first time, there was no point in anticipating what’s coming in next.

I’ll just use my full power to meet it.

“Here I go.”

Malik said briefly and took a step forward.

And then.

The proper timing……came.


Malik’s downward swinging sword wind cut through the air as it closed in.

This is…

Reflexively, I jumped sideways to avoid it, shattering the city walls immediately behind with a roar.

“Magic sword technique…?”

No, it’s different.

“You did well to avoid it. Well, I guess someone gets lucky from time to time.”

Malik snickered.

“That is only the so-called Kamaitachi. It is just an air pressure created by my sword slash which was accelerated to the maximum, but it was so strong that it creates a fault in the air and becomes a blade that cuts through everything— First maybe the walls, but the second will be you, subhuman. Fortunes don’t last long.” He said and raised his sword again.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll let you off with a slash across your beautiful face so that we’ll never see it ever again.”

His slitted eyes were filled with the pleasure of torment.

“Will the girls who were fussing over you be disappointed? Hahahaha. I can’t wait to see that.”

“You really are a douchebag, aren’t you?” I spat out.

“Well, I never intend to lose to a guy like you anyway.”

“You’ve got a big mouth for a subhuman.”

Snickering, Malik closed the distance once more, much, much closer than he was before.

Because the shockwave is intangible, it’s impossible to deflect it with a sword.

And because my back is already against the wall, there is not enough space to dodge.

“This is checkmate! Say farewell to your face, subhuman!”

Malik swung his sword down from the upper level.

The trajectory of the sword was very simple, as it was a straightforward downward cleave.

However, it was the speed that was unusual.

Because of that, my reflexes, kinetic vision, judgment, muscle power, concentration…I got no choice but to raise all of them to super speed.

To the limit… no, beyond the limit.

“Over there!”

I stepped forward in perfect time with the timing of the sword being swung down.

It takes a lot of courage to jump into a slash by yourself.

If the timing is even slightly off, I’ll be ripped starting from my brain.

But if I was afraid, I would never be able to complete this technique.

So I just stepped forward.



And further.


The silver trajectory of Malik’s sword and the gold trajectory of my sword intersected.

“H-how……” A moment later, I heard a short cry of anguish leak out.

It was Malik’s cry of pain.

But more than that, was shock – as what he had seen was a slash that was even faster than his slashing speed that was already enough to create blades out of air.

What’s more, it was even sharper than his!

 My sword, which I had thrust straight out, slammed into Malik’s chest. To be precise, it was the hilt of my sword, which I reversed my grip to upside down, that slammed into his chest.

It was a plain counterattack, but the execution is godly.

Not only this technique needed the ability to accurately see the speed and trajectory of the opponent’s sword; it also required the best timing. Also, the sharpness of the slash must be faster than the opponent’s by only a moment.

I remedied the former by increasing my dynamic eyesight and reflexes to the limit, and manifested the latter by increasing every muscle strength in my body.

I had practiced this with Mary a few times, but this was the first time I tried it in a real fight.

And with that gamble, I won.

“……haaa, guh……uu……”

Adding the momentum of his to the blow I delivered, like a bus speeding even more towards an incoming train, the impact Malik received increased multiple folds, and he immediately kneeled on the spot, ungracefully scattering the vomit and excretory things along the way.

Goboh, gohaaa.

“Match over, Malik.”

I looked down at the man while posing arrogantly like he did to me a while ago.

“The one that won ── is my sword technique.”

“Malik is down……?”

“Get a grip, Mr. Malik!”

The cronies helped Malik up, who was still cowering and couldn’t get up, and then ran off.

I have beaten Malik, their leader and charismatic figure, head-on.

With this, I could only hope wouldn’t behave like that to Miss Paula anymore.

I’m sure he’s learned the hard way that I won’t standby anymore if he tries to ‘negotiate’ with me again.

“Excellent swordsmanship, Master Lian.”

Milfa’s voice resounded in joy.

“You’ve become quite proficient in the use of physical enhancements. Now that we came to this, you’re already set to move on to the ‘next level’ ──”

“Mr. Lian, are you alright?”

 I suddenly heard a voice from behind me. Turning around, I saw a woman with dark hair and glasses rushing towards me.

“Miss Paula?”

Had she been watching our exchange all along?

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was really worried, so……”

Paula said in a fading voice.

“It was supposed to be a match, but it turned into this kind of duel. …… I’m really sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you.”

“It’s not your fault, Miss Paula. Either way, even if it didn’t happen with me, Malik would still be challenged in the not-too-distant future with the way he does.”

I responded with my usual refreshing smile.

“Right now, I’ve given him a good beating. While we still don’t know what will happen in the future, at present, he sure won’t be bugging Miss Paula.”

“Mr. Lian……” Paula stared at me.

Her eyes were moist with tears, her lips were half-open, and her cheeks were tinted rosy. From time to time, hot breaths escaped her beautiful lips.

But even with a face so full of longing, Paula just stood there, unmoving.

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Chapter 6 – First-Time with Paula, Part 1 ※

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Side: Paula Arlade

I had no idea that Malik Shahzad, a renowned adventurer for being ‘a true friend of justice’, was hiding his true nature like this.

How dare he try to destroy Lian, a promising adventurer, under the guise of a practice match? Or so that’s what the girl thought.

Still, Paula was ashamed of herself for being a helpless onlooker, as well as being the root of the incident.

But at the same time, she became more fascinated by Lian, who had defended the pride of adventurers and won.

It was an amazing spectacle, as if her soul was blown away.

She was just there, staring at the beautiful boy in front of her.

Yet, the boy’s dignity, his strength of will,

And his carefree cheerfulness,

“He’s a wonderful person,” she thought again. “Just looking at him made my heart burn with passion.”

“Ah, Mister Lian, blood is……”

Paula’s face scrunched up as she noticed red smudges on the elf boy’s arms.

Perhaps the blade had grazed him during his exchange with Malik.

“I’m sorry…… it’s my fault……”

In the first place, Lian had agreed to the “bout” to protect her.

“It’s not your fault, Miss Paula. Despite his nature, he still challenged me to a fight, and I accepted it of my own volition.”

Paula’s heart tingled again as Lian smiled.

(Aah, no, if you do it like that, my heart is gonna beat fast again……)

“It’s time to go back to the branch. I still got a quota to finish today.”

“But you’re injured! You need to rest today.”

Paula hurried to stop him.

“But it’s only a scratch.”

“I’m worried about you……”

As she said this, something flared up inside Paula.

It was a hot urge that she had never felt before in her life.

When she saw how Lian fought and how proud he was just now – she felt something change in her as well.

I want to take a step forward, too…… She felt such desire rising up in her.

“Ah, right, yes, I’ll patch you up at my place, how about it! No, please, let me!”

Following her impulse, Paula reflexively shouted. It was only after she let out those words that she fell into a surprise.

After all, it was the first time in her twenty-six years of life that she had invited a member of the opposite sex into her home.

“Uhm, you see, this…… uhh…… I want to make amends for today, yes. And I also want to thank you for intervening between me and the adventurers, you know……just before it becomes a dispute……”

However, the more she spoke, the more Paula’s words became soft.

──until it ended up in an awkward silence.

(Uwaaa, I wonder what Lian thought when I said that. He must be thinking I’m a disgraceful older lady who likes to hit on younger ones right now! This is bad. This is really bad!)

“Aah…I’m sorry for saying something crazy! You don’t have to go to my house; just the guild’s first aid room will do!”

Paula apologized in a flustered voice. She’s so much embarrassed that if there’s a hole nearby, she would immediately get into it.

However, she felt she was further ‘exposed’ because there was none, and her whole body felt even hotter.

“Auuu……I’m really sorry……please forget what I just said……”

“N-no, it is not that I’m bothered by it, but I think that it’s a waste if I decline your offer……so, I’ll go.”

Lian smiled refreshingly. She always saw the usual smile, but somehow, she felt wonderful relief, seeing this expression today.

And then,

“Also, thank you, Paula. For worrying about me.”

That fairy-like smile made Paula’s heart beat even more sweetly.


(Lian’s POV)


I am really surprised. After all, this is the first time that someone so meek-looking has invited me into their home.

Perhaps it was the remorse of being unable to do anything that was driving her to do this, but in the end, I know that Paula is still a kind person.

As I didn’t want to disrespect her feelings, I accepted her invitation.

She took me to her home, which was a house not far from the guild office.

The room was neat and tidy, reflecting her outward personality. The flowers that were displayed here and there added color to the room.

……wait, she lives alone?

Does that mean it’s just the two of us, right from the start?

I’m starting to get a little nervous.

“C-come, let me see your wound. I’ll bandage it after I disinfect it.”

Contrary to my expectations, Paula treated me in an excellent manner.

“……speaking of which, is there anything like a healing spell in our magic sword techniques?”

Curious, I whispered to Milfa.

“…… that’s the category of wizardry. Most magic sword techniques are basically offensive techniques. You can’t use spells like recovery or assistance spells. At most, you can only enhance your physical capabilities beyond the norm, but that puts more strain on your body than healing them, so it doesn’t count.”

I don’t really understand the detailed difference between the two, but…… to sum it up, if you get wounded, you have to be treated normally like this or have a priestess like Mina cast healing magic on you, huh?

Being a Magic Swordsman isn’t an all-rounder than I thought.

“There. It’s all right now.”

When Paula finished wrapping the bandage on my scratch, she quickly moved away from me.

Silence fell between us again.

What I should say to her, I wonder?

I was once again aware of the fact that we were alone, and my tension started to act up again.

When I look at her again, I realized once more of Paula’s beauty hidden within her plain appearance.

It’s hard to notice because she has black pigtails, glasses, no makeup, basically a really simple look.

But after looking at her closer, she was indeed a beauty.

As I was gazing at her, Paula stared back at me.

“Mister Lian, I──”

Her wet eyes have a wistful light in them, as if she is inviting me – or perhaps she is waiting for me all this time.

Yes, they looked just like the town girls who had surrounded me on the way to the guild.

However, there’s a big difference between her and them, as my heart tingles sweetly and sourly when Paula gives me that look.

It’s so lovely.

Unable to contain my excitement, I gently brought my face close to Paula’s. Of course, if she refused, I wouldn’t force her and stop just right there.

But Paula didn’t show any signs of trying to avoid me. Though she’s shivering, she slowly closed her eyes as if she’s anticipating it all along.

I took that as an affirmation and pulled her face even closer to mine.

We were now so close that we could feel our breaths blew on each other.


Slowly, my lips overlapped on Paula’s lips.

Her lips are soft and plump.

“Nnnnnnn, muu, chuu, leroo……!”

Suddenly, Paula’s tongue darted in and around my tongue with great force.

It was awkward, but I knew she’s trying her best.

It was the kind of kiss that makes you adore Paula. Just by having your lips touch each other, you could immediately feel how adorable and lovable Paula is inside.

“Fuuu……haaa, haaa, ahaaaa……”

When we eventually finished kissing, Paula looked at me with an upturned pair of eyes. Then, as if she had just realized what just happened,

“T, this, so this is a kiss……ahh, I never expected kissing to be this good……!”

That means it was her first kiss.

By the way, at the banquet the other day, I thought I heard something about her having a 26-year history of not having a boyfriend…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this all of a sudden.”

I apologized, but I couldn’t help to smile as well, feeling bliss about her initial reaction.

“You said you wanted to thank me, but I think I got carried away……do you hate it?”

Uwaaa, that was too overboard, me!

After saying such embarrassing words on impulse, I couldn’t help but get embarrassed as well.

“N-no! It is not that I hate it. In fact, I liked it too. T-thank you.”

“As for me, I couldn’t be any more grateful that I have received Miss Paula’s first kiss.”

Still, now that I reached this far, my mind is pestering me to “do it, do it already!!!”

Besides, having witnessed Paula’s innocently cute reactions so far, my crotch is already swelling up.

“Would you like to……go further, Miss Paula?”

I gulped and said with all my might.


Paula’s cheeks immediately turned bright red on my words.

I gently ran my hand down her chest.

“Nnn, hauuu……nnn. Haaa……”

I groped her breasts with my right hand, and they swayed voluptuously like melons.

It’s amazing how heavy it is, weighing down my palm.

And though she’s the skinny type of girl, Paula’s breasts could already be classified as enormous.

They are definitely the largest size of any woman I’ve ever had relations with.

And with that reason, I couldn’t help but reach out my other hand to the huge knockers in front of me.

When I lightly squeezed them, the overly rich flesh of the breasts crushed and deformed in a nasty way.

“Aaah, my breasts are being groped hard……this is too embarrassing……”

Paula murmured, her cheeks still as bright as a tomato.

She should be seven or eight years older than me, but I feel like I’m dealing with someone a lot younger.

I held my breath in excitement and pulled her top off.

With a boing, the two bulges which were wrapped in her bra generously popped out.

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Chapter 7 – First-Time with Paula, Part 2 ※

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Wow. I knew they were big, but I didn’t expect them to be this big!

My head was too occupied with the size, yet my hands couldn’t stop themselves from groping.

They are as big as melons, and that’s not a metaphor, and it was really boner-inducing as they move dynamically in time with Paula’s breathing.

I couldn’t help but swallow my spit, witnessing the gap between her sober and demure appearance and her overly erotic bulges.

Of course, the pain in my crotch didn’t subside. In fact, it only worsened further.

My cock, tingling sweetly with naughty anticipation, was pushing up my leather pants with force.

It was a complete tent.

“Mr. Lian, that’s……”

Paula let out a gasp and a surprised look as she saw my crotch.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the first time she had seen a man’s genitals, with her reacting like this.

But though she’s actually older than me, the way she gives this kind of first-hand reaction is really cute.

It makes my heart flutter even more in my core.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Because of me……that you’re feeling it now. I have such a nasty body, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not. In fact, they are fascinating.”

I tried to keep a fresh smile once again, but I couldn’t help but breathe hard with excitement.

“No way……if you tell me that……”

Paula fidgeted as she got more embarrassed.

“I’ve got a complex about my large breasts……but I’m happy as long as Lian praises them……aah, now I don’t feel bad about it anymore.”

“So, can I ask you another favor?”

I stood up and slowly pulled down my pants, causing Paula to gasp at the sight of my now exposed penis.

“Can I have your wonderful breasts to make me feel better, Paula?”

As I said this, my erection grew stiffer with the anticipation of a big titty squeeze.

“Come, take it off,” I whispered as I lightly kissed her earlobe.

“If that’s what you wish, Sir Lian……” and she finally nodded her head.

With a bit of trepidation, Paula took off her jacket, and her breasts, wrapped in her huge bras, popped out completely with a huge bounce, as if attempting to fly out.

The size of her breasts was so huge that I was amazed that she had managed to keep them inside her clothes.

They were pure white and not tanned, and they sway and sway even when she is not doing anything.

The nipples and areola have a lovely cherry color, and despite the slightly larger size of the nipples, it was a perfect match on the size of her breasts.

“Yaaa, this is too embarrassing, after all……”

Paula mumbled in a muffled voice as she hid her tits with both arms. However, her thin arms were just not enough to hide something this big.

Her tits were sticking out from between her arms so much that rather than reducing my lust, it heightened it even more as it became more erotic when she hid them.

“Yours are beautiful breasts, Paula. Let me see them more……”

I whispered in her ear, trying to make my voice sound as sweet as possible.

“Are they really……?”

This quickly had a positive effect, as Paula slowly pulled her arms away from her chest little by little, despite still looking embarrassed.

I couldn’t contain my excitement at the sight of her breasts spilling out once again.

“Can I have that……done on your chest?”



“Tit……job? What is that?”

I whispered to her what I was going to do. And surprisingly, she said,

“I’ll……do my best, as long as you want it, Lian……”

Paula nodded her head, still red in the face.

……muchu, muchii, muchumihuu , gyuunii!

A pair of massive breasts leaned toward the center and wrapped around my penis as they squirmed softly.

I’ve had some experience with titjobs before, but Paula’s big tits were definitely something else.

My manhood immediately sank into the overwhelming volume of hers, and the tip of my cock only peeked out slightly from time to time.

Soon, the feeling of being pushed into the soft flesh from all sides slowly spread and brought a familiar pleasure throughout my penis.

“nnn, kuh, A-am I doing it right? Nnn, sho.”

Paula worked hard, pushing her own breasts from side to side, bobbing up and down, and rubbing my thing all over her.

Because of my gushing precum from my tip and the moist, sweaty skin that was let out by her breasts, it made it easier for her to slide through. Muddy, slurping sounds occurred every time she adds a sweet friction to my throbbing meat rod.

“Yes, that spot……kuohh, that’s it, it feels good!”

I groaned, my hips twitching.

“Is that true? Ahh, I’m glad, I’m making Lian feel good……ehehehe.”

That innocent giggle that was in full contrast to the lewd act she makes……ahh, it’s so cute, yet so sexy at the same time.

This feeling got even worse as she swayed her breasts more, trying to sandwich my cock further in between.

It was only a gentle pressure, but the impact it accumulated became bigger and bigger – until I could hardly bear it anymore.

“Nn, nnnn……”

Despite this, Paula continued her work, breathing hard on her nose as she eagerly tried to breast-fuck me.

The more I look at her twin mountains, which were changing their shape in an intriguing way every second, the more I feel aroused.

In addition to that, there was also the satisfaction of having an older, inexperienced beauty serving your breasts, which accelerated my urge even more.

These number of emotions fused and added to my lust, searing my flesh with pleasure and building up my feeling of wanting to ejaculate slowly to its peak.

It was different from the sudden rushing I got in the actual sex – It was a slow-paced climax until the end.

“Guuuh. I’m gonna let it out, Paula……uaaahh.”

Yet, I still let out a muffled squeal of pleasure as I reached the peak, still wrapped in Paula’s big tits.

Dokudoku, byukubyukubyuku, dobyuuuuuuu!

What followed next was a feeling of great conquest.

My cum was released with such force that it splashed into the valley of her deep mounds, spreading a strong fishy smell everywhere.

It was the most superb ejaculation that I had while being sandwiched between the rich milky teats.

And it wasn’t just the cleavage, but the collarbone, the neck, Paula’s pouty lips, her uplifted cheeks, the bridge of her nose, and even her glasses,

Almost no part of her face was left untainted by my own seed.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……w-wow, this is so much……so this is a man’s……”

Paula, who was covered in semen from her face to her breasts, murmured in an entranced tone.

But as for me, the fact that I had just dyed an older beauty of my white, turbid color, and so extensively at that, even staining the glasses that she wore every day for work – I found it highly exhilarating.

It was so much I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to plunge in.

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Chapter 8 – First-Time with Paula, Part 3 ※

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Even though I had just finished my ejaculation, my vigor did not diminish.

In fact, I felt that my lust for Paula increased somewhat after the act.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Paula?”

I laid her gently on the bed, her naked white body still twitching slightly.

Having stripped off all her clothes, the sexy guild staff is now at my complete mercy, fully open for a carnivore to devour.

“Y-yes, as long as it’s you, Lian.”

Yet Paula just stared at me while letting out a yearning sigh.

The anxiety and anticipation of what is to come that she is showing right now……

It’s definitely the reaction of a virgin.

My excitement rose up, and I turned my gaze to Paula’s naked body.

Though she appears thin at first glance, it might be because Paula’s a tall woman, but now that she’s all laid bare, I can see that she has just enough flesh to be worthy of being called sexy.

She gave a nice texture on her skin, appearing plump and healthy, and the added sweat from our actions made her body more gleaming and appealing.

“No, don’t stare at me that much……”

Paula spoke, turning bright red up to her ears upon discovering she’s being watched.

And as if she could no longer bear the shame, she pulled the sheet over her body to hide it.

“You have a beautiful body. I want to see it more.”

I said, unabashed. Perhaps it was because I had more experience with women now, I could say these words much more straightforwardly than before.

“M-my body, is beautiful? B-but……”

“You look beautiful, Paula.”

To boost her confidence, I tried to debauch her with my signature fresh smile, and the eyes behind her glasses immediately went wild.

My trait was more effective than I thought.

Looking at the base of her plump thighs, I could see that her small pubes underneath were already moist and wet, signifying that she was secretly aroused by the breast pumping services she did at my member earlier.

I stooped down, lightly caressing her untouched place with my fingers and tongue.

Even though she’s already in her late twenties, Paula’s mature body responded sensitively, quickly becoming slippery in the process.

After thinking she was ready, I promptly got into position to penetrate her.

“I’m going to take your virginity, Paula.”

When I declared with a smile, Paula nodded her head shyly.

She split apart her shapely legs, and from that, I fixed my hips in between.

As for my penis, it was already pointed straight up to my navel, leaking lots of pre-cum and giving off a fresh male odor with its massive erection, as if it’s telling how much it anticipated this moment all along.

“Please, Lian. I want to accept your love too.”

The plain beauty also told me with begging eyes, all while letting out lustful breaths like a dog in heat.

But she still couldn’t remove her shaky tone, indicating she’s still nervous of the approaching act.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

I whispered those words to appease her, and kissed her lips, cheeks, ear, and neck again and again.

Then, I slowly pressed my taut tip against her secret hole.


As the tip slipped in, Paula’s eyes narrowed behind her glasses.

I kissed her softly in the meantime and proceeded to insert it little by little in a slow pace.

“If you’re in pain, please let me know. I’ll stop right away.”

“It’s okay …… I’m just so……happy to be able to feel Lian inside my body……nnn.”

Paula’s brow wrinkled tightly, but she still put up a smile.

It definitely hurts after all.

With that, I reflexively stop the movement of my hips.

But Paula wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me towards her more.

“Don’t stop. …… I want to …… do it with you……till the end, Lian.”

She desperately told me while enduring the pain, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of adoration for her.

“I understand. I’ll go all the way in.”

I started to put my weight on my hips. Also, I didn’t forget to gently place my lips on hers, to relieve Paula of her pain a bit.

“Nnn, chuuu……Lia……nnn……come, pleashe……mmmm, chuuu.”

“As you wish. But let’s take it one inch at a time.”

As we continued to kiss gently, our lips just touching each other, I put more pressure on my hips.

Pushing the wet mucous membranes apart, I carved my shape into the untraversed virgin passage.

The strong resistance and repulsive force almost pushed me back, but I put more weight on it and pushed my object inside Paula, until eventually feeling the glans collide and reach the end part of her femininity.

Looking down, I saw that I had penetrated her so deeply that her pubes and mine were already intertwined.

Added to that was the base of my penis covered with thin red streaks, a sign that Paula has finally lost her innocence.

“Haaa, haaa……Finally, it’s finally in……!”

Paula broke the kiss to look at our joining parts, and her eyes widened in surprise.

“My first time……I have finally experienced it……”

A sigh of deep emotion followed her after.

“My first time was much later than most women, but I’m glad I dedicated it to you, Lian.”

“It’s up to each individual to decide when to experience it. But I am really grateful as well, Paula, for you have allowed me to be your first. In fact, I’m so happy right now.”

While staying connected, we exchange each other’s smiles.

And looking at her calm expression, it’s safe to say the pain of insertion isn’t that severe.

The first contact was a bit painful, but maybe after it reached deep inside, it probably didn’t hurt as much? Honestly, I wasn’t sure.

“I think I’m okay now. so, please……move as you like, Lian.”

Paula said in a smile as if trying to convince me.

“Then, I’ll be moving now.”

I kissed her lightly and began to rock my hips. I took it slow as even though she seemed to be in no pain now, Paula was still a virgin.

I observed her closely as I resumed my waist at a snail’s pace.

Guchu, guchu, her moist insides made an enticing watery sound with each thrust.

Added to that was the incredible tightness that was only unique to virgins, but surprisingly, the insides of a twenty-six-year-old virgin are flexible enough to adapt and entwine with my object right away.

I raised the pitch of my hips little by little, thrusting deeper and deeper.

“Aahhnn, nnn, auuhnn!?”

For a moment there, Paula let out a voice that was neither surprised nor confused, but the way she swayed her fleshy naked body was really pleasing regardless.

From her reactions, I judged that it’s now okay to pick up the pace a bit. After all, I also want to taste more of this superb vagina, which felt both tight and soft.

And so, I started ramming faster.

“Aaaah, yes, that feels so good, Lian! Haaann, uaah, hiii, aaaaaah!”

Perhaps it’s because her body is mature enough; even though it’s her first time, Paula seems to have developed her pleasure senses right away.

“Fuaaaa, aaah,, aaaahhnn! Aah, hiyaaaa, auuu, nguuu, kuhaaa, aaaah, so good, its so gooood!”

Paula’s voice was now loud and flamboyant, far from the usual meek image she originally showed.

This sexy voice made me more excited, so I slammed on her even harder.

Zuchu, guchu, pan pan pan!

Every time our hips clashed against each other, a sound of muddy water echoes from our union, along with the sound of flesh clashing against flesh.

And with each stroke, Paula’s inner walls became tighter and tighter, becoming more intertwined with my own.

This lush sexual sensation seeping into my flesh increased at an accelerated pace, and I quickly felt my ejaculation building.

Should I pull out and release it outside?

When I was about to pull my hips back, Paula raised both her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

It was the so-called “Daisuki Hold Position.”

“No, don’t pull it out……!”

Paula exclaimed in a frenzied tone.

“Please! I want it inside me! Cum inside, cum inside, cum!” she even begged for me to ejaculate in her womb, with her eyes moistening behind her glasses.

“I understand. Then, let’s be together to the end……!”

I thrust my penis, which I was intending to pull out, back inside her again, and quickly, I started my last spurt.

“I’m gonna let it out, Paula, take it, take it aaaaaall!!”

I plunged in as deep as I could.

Dokudokudokudoku, byururururu! Byukuuuuu!

Intense electric current of pleasures ran through the core of my penis, and at her newly opened depths, I filled in a massive amount of hot spurts inside.

“Fuaaaa, aahhhn! So hot, so hot, I’m gonna burrrrn! Oh no, is this it!? Aahh, I’m cumming, even though I’m a virgin, I’m cumming haard!”

Paula also reached orgasm, indicating the intensity of the sensation I brought inside her.

Despite that, the ejaculation continued, my penis giving a series of nice throbbing pulses as I pumped in one thick load of cum after another.

We stayed there, deeply connected until the sensation finally subsided on both sides.

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