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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – First-Time with Paula, Part 3 ※

Even though I had just finished my ejaculation, my vigor did not diminish.

In fact, I felt that my lust for Paula increased somewhat after the act.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Paula?”

I laid her gently on the bed, her naked white body still twitching slightly.

Having stripped off all her clothes, the sexy guild staff is now at my complete mercy, fully open for a carnivore to devour.

“Y-yes, as long as it’s you, Lian.”

Yet Paula just stared at me while letting out a yearning sigh.

The anxiety and anticipation of what is to come that she is showing right now……

It’s definitely the reaction of a virgin.

My excitement rose up, and I turned my gaze to Paula’s naked body.

Though she appears thin at first glance, it might be because Paula’s a tall woman, but now that she’s all laid bare, I can see that she has just enough flesh to be worthy of being called sexy.

She gave a nice texture on her skin, appearing plump and healthy, and the added sweat from our actions made her body more gleaming and appealing.

“No, don’t stare at me that much……”

Paula spoke, turning bright red up to her ears upon discovering she’s being watched.

And as if she could no longer bear the shame, she pulled the sheet over her body to hide it.

“You have a beautiful body. I want to see it more.”

I said, unabashed. Perhaps it was because I had more experience with women now, I could say these words much more straightforwardly than before.

“M-my body, is beautiful? B-but……”

“You look beautiful, Paula.”


To boost her confidence, I tried to debauch her with my signature fresh smile, and the eyes behind her glasses immediately went wild.

My trait was more effective than I thought.

Looking at the base of her plump thighs, I could see that her small pubes underneath were already moist and wet, signifying that she was secretly aroused by the breast pumping services she did at my member earlier. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I stooped down, lightly caressing her untouched place with my fingers and tongue.

Even though she’s already in her late twenties, Paula’s mature body responded sensitively, quickly becoming slippery in the process.

After thinking she was ready, I promptly got into position to penetrate her.

“I’m going to take your virginity, Paula.”

When I declared with a smile, Paula nodded her head shyly.

She split apart her shapely legs, and from that, I fixed my hips in between.

As for my penis, it was already pointed straight up to my navel, leaking lots of pre-cum and giving off a fresh male odor with its massive erection, as if it’s telling how much it anticipated this moment all along.

“Please, Lian. I want to accept your love too.”

The plain beauty also told me with begging eyes, all while letting out lustful breaths like a dog in heat.

But she still couldn’t remove her shaky tone, indicating she’s still nervous of the approaching act.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

I whispered those words to appease her, and kissed her lips, cheeks, ear, and neck again and again.

Then, I slowly pressed my taut tip against her secret hole.


As the tip slipped in, Paula’s eyes narrowed behind her glasses.

I kissed her softly in the meantime and proceeded to insert it little by little in a slow pace.

“If you’re in pain, please let me know. I’ll stop right away.”

“It’s okay …… I’m just so……happy to be able to feel Lian inside my body……nnn.”

Paula’s brow wrinkled tightly, but she still put up a smile.

It definitely hurts after all.

With that, I reflexively stop the movement of my hips.

But Paula wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me towards her more.

“Don’t stop. …… I want to …… do it with you……till the end, Lian.”

She desperately told me while enduring the pain, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of adoration for her.

“I understand. I’ll go all the way in.”


I started to put my weight on my hips. Also, I didn’t forget to gently place my lips on hers, to relieve Paula of her pain a bit.

“Nnn, chuuu……Lia……nnn……come, pleashe……mmmm, chuuu.”

“As you wish. But let’s take it one inch at a time.”

As we continued to kiss gently, our lips just touching each other, I put more pressure on my hips.

Pushing the wet mucous membranes apart, I carved my shape into the untraversed virgin passage.

The strong resistance and repulsive force almost pushed me back, but I put more weight on it and pushed my object inside Paula, until eventually feeling the glans collide and reach the end part of her femininity.

Looking down, I saw that I had penetrated her so deeply that her pubes and mine were already intertwined.

Added to that was the base of my penis covered with thin red streaks, a sign that Paula has finally lost her innocence.

“Haaa, haaa……Finally, it’s finally in……!”

Paula broke the kiss to look at our joining parts, and her eyes widened in surprise.

“My first time……I have finally experienced it……”

A sigh of deep emotion followed her after.

“My first time was much later than most women, but I’m glad I dedicated it to you, Lian.” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“It’s up to each individual to decide when to experience it. But I am really grateful as well, Paula, for you have allowed me to be your first. In fact, I’m so happy right now.”

While staying connected, we exchange each other’s smiles.

And looking at her calm expression, it’s safe to say the pain of insertion isn’t that severe.

The first contact was a bit painful, but maybe after it reached deep inside, it probably didn’t hurt as much? Honestly, I wasn’t sure.

“I think I’m okay now. so, please……move as you like, Lian.”

Paula said in a smile as if trying to convince me.

“Then, I’ll be moving now.”

I kissed her lightly and began to rock my hips. I took it slow as even though she seemed to be in no pain now, Paula was still a virgin.

I observed her closely as I resumed my waist at a snail’s pace.

Guchu, guchu, her moist insides made an enticing watery sound with each thrust.

Added to that was the incredible tightness that was only unique to virgins, but surprisingly, the insides of a twenty-six-year-old virgin are flexible enough to adapt and entwine with my object right away.

I raised the pitch of my hips little by little, thrusting deeper and deeper.

“Aahhnn, nnn, auuhnn!?”

For a moment there, Paula let out a voice that was neither surprised nor confused, but the way she swayed her fleshy naked body was really pleasing regardless.

From her reactions, I judged that it’s now okay to pick up the pace a bit. After all, I also want to taste more of this superb vagina, which felt both tight and soft.

And so, I started ramming faster.

“Aaaah, yes, that feels so good, Lian! Haaann, uaah, hiii, aaaaaah!”

Perhaps it’s because her body is mature enough; even though it’s her first time, Paula seems to have developed her pleasure senses right away.

“Fuaaaa, aaah,, aaaahhnn! Aah, hiyaaaa, auuu, nguuu, kuhaaa, aaaah, so good, its so gooood!”


Paula’s voice was now loud and flamboyant, far from the usual meek image she originally showed.

This sexy voice made me more excited, so I slammed on her even harder.

Zuchu, guchu, pan pan pan!

Every time our hips clashed against each other, a sound of muddy water echoes from our union, along with the sound of flesh clashing against flesh.

And with each stroke, Paula’s inner walls became tighter and tighter, becoming more intertwined with my own.

This lush sexual sensation seeping into my flesh increased at an accelerated pace, and I quickly felt my ejaculation building.

Should I pull out and release it outside?

When I was about to pull my hips back, Paula raised both her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

It was the so-called “Daisuki Hold Position.”

“No, don’t pull it out……!”

Paula exclaimed in a frenzied tone.

“Please! I want it inside me! Cum inside, cum inside, cum!” she even begged for me to ejaculate in her womb, with her eyes moistening behind her glasses.

“I understand. Then, let’s be together to the end……!”

I thrust my penis, which I was intending to pull out, back inside her again, and quickly, I started my last spurt.

“I’m gonna let it out, Paula, take it, take it aaaaaall!!”

I plunged in as deep as I could.

Dokudokudokudoku, byururururu! Byukuuuuu!

Intense electric current of pleasures ran through the core of my penis, and at her newly opened depths, I filled in a massive amount of hot spurts inside.

“Fuaaaa, aahhhn! So hot, so hot, I’m gonna burrrrn! Oh no, is this it!? Aahh, I’m cumming, even though I’m a virgin, I’m cumming haard!”

Paula also reached orgasm, indicating the intensity of the sensation I brought inside her.

Despite that, the ejaculation continued, my penis giving a series of nice throbbing pulses as I pumped in one thick load of cum after another.

We stayed there, deeply connected until the sensation finally subsided on both sides.

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