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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – First-Time with Paula, Part 2 ※

Wow. I knew they were big, but I didn’t expect them to be this big!

My head was too occupied with the size, yet my hands couldn’t stop themselves from groping.

They are as big as melons, and that’s not a metaphor, and it was really boner-inducing as they move dynamically in time with Paula’s breathing.

I couldn’t help but swallow my spit, witnessing the gap between her sober and demure appearance and her overly erotic bulges.

Of course, the pain in my crotch didn’t subside. In fact, it only worsened further.

My cock, tingling sweetly with naughty anticipation, was pushing up my leather pants with force.

It was a complete tent.

“Mr. Lian, that’s……”

Paula let out a gasp and a surprised look as she saw my crotch.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the first time she had seen a man’s genitals, with her reacting like this.

But though she’s actually older than me, the way she gives this kind of first-hand reaction is really cute.

It makes my heart flutter even more in my core.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Because of me……that you’re feeling it now. I have such a nasty body, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not. In fact, they are fascinating.”

I tried to keep a fresh smile once again, but I couldn’t help but breathe hard with excitement.


“No way……if you tell me that……”

Paula fidgeted as she got more embarrassed.

“I’ve got a complex about my large breasts……but I’m happy as long as Lian praises them……aah, now I don’t feel bad about it anymore.”

“So, can I ask you another favor?”

I stood up and slowly pulled down my pants, causing Paula to gasp at the sight of my now exposed penis.

“Can I have your wonderful breasts to make me feel better, Paula?”

As I said this, my erection grew stiffer with the anticipation of a big titty squeeze.

“Come, take it off,” I whispered as I lightly kissed her earlobe.

“If that’s what you wish, Sir Lian……” and she finally nodded her head.

With a bit of trepidation, Paula took off her jacket, and her breasts, wrapped in her huge bras, popped out completely with a huge bounce, as if attempting to fly out.

The size of her breasts was so huge that I was amazed that she had managed to keep them inside her clothes. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

They were pure white and not tanned, and they sway and sway even when she is not doing anything.

The nipples and areola have a lovely cherry color, and despite the slightly larger size of the nipples, it was a perfect match on the size of her breasts.

“Yaaa, this is too embarrassing, after all……”

Paula mumbled in a muffled voice as she hid her tits with both arms. However, her thin arms were just not enough to hide something this big.

Her tits were sticking out from between her arms so much that rather than reducing my lust, it heightened it even more as it became more erotic when she hid them.

“Yours are beautiful breasts, Paula. Let me see them more……”

I whispered in her ear, trying to make my voice sound as sweet as possible.

“Are they really……?”

This quickly had a positive effect, as Paula slowly pulled her arms away from her chest little by little, despite still looking embarrassed.

I couldn’t contain my excitement at the sight of her breasts spilling out once again.

“Can I have that……done on your chest?”




“Tit……job? What is that?”

I whispered to her what I was going to do. And surprisingly, she said,

“I’ll……do my best, as long as you want it, Lian……”

Paula nodded her head, still red in the face.

……muchu, muchii, muchumihuu , gyuunii!

A pair of massive breasts leaned toward the center and wrapped around my penis as they squirmed softly.

I’ve had some experience with titjobs before, but Paula’s big tits were definitely something else.

My manhood immediately sank into the overwhelming volume of hers, and the tip of my cock only peeked out slightly from time to time.

Soon, the feeling of being pushed into the soft flesh from all sides slowly spread and brought a familiar pleasure throughout my penis.

“nnn, kuh, A-am I doing it right? Nnn, sho.”

Paula worked hard, pushing her own breasts from side to side, bobbing up and down, and rubbing my thing all over her.

Because of my gushing precum from my tip and the moist, sweaty skin that was let out by her breasts, it made it easier for her to slide through. Muddy, slurping sounds occurred every time she adds a sweet friction to my throbbing meat rod.

“Yes, that spot……kuohh, that’s it, it feels good!”

I groaned, my hips twitching.

“Is that true? Ahh, I’m glad, I’m making Lian feel good……ehehehe.”

That innocent giggle that was in full contrast to the lewd act she makes……ahh, it’s so cute, yet so sexy at the same time.

This feeling got even worse as she swayed her breasts more, trying to sandwich my cock further in between.

It was only a gentle pressure, but the impact it accumulated became bigger and bigger – until I could hardly bear it anymore. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

“Nn, nnnn……”

Despite this, Paula continued her work, breathing hard on her nose as she eagerly tried to breast-fuck me.

The more I look at her twin mountains, which were changing their shape in an intriguing way every second, the more I feel aroused.

In addition to that, there was also the satisfaction of having an older, inexperienced beauty serving your breasts, which accelerated my urge even more.

These number of emotions fused and added to my lust, searing my flesh with pleasure and building up my feeling of wanting to ejaculate slowly to its peak.

It was different from the sudden rushing I got in the actual sex – It was a slow-paced climax until the end.

“Guuuh. I’m gonna let it out, Paula……uaaahh.”

Yet, I still let out a muffled squeal of pleasure as I reached the peak, still wrapped in Paula’s big tits.

Dokudoku, byukubyukubyuku, dobyuuuuuuu!

What followed next was a feeling of great conquest.

My cum was released with such force that it splashed into the valley of her deep mounds, spreading a strong fishy smell everywhere.

It was the most superb ejaculation that I had while being sandwiched between the rich milky teats.


And it wasn’t just the cleavage, but the collarbone, the neck, Paula’s pouty lips, her uplifted cheeks, the bridge of her nose, and even her glasses,

Almost no part of her face was left untainted by my own seed.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……w-wow, this is so much……so this is a man’s……”

Paula, who was covered in semen from her face to her breasts, murmured in an entranced tone.

But as for me, the fact that I had just dyed an older beauty of my white, turbid color, and so extensively at that, even staining the glasses that she wore every day for work – I found it highly exhilarating.

It was so much I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to plunge in.

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