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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Incident in the Adventurers Guild

Side: Paula Arulade.

How about we settle this through a match, like adventurers do──.

That’s what Malik and the others said, and they took Lian away.

Unlike the adventurers who were like ruffians, Malik’s attitude was very gentlemanly.

In fact, he had a reputation that was beyond that.

In addition to being the second son of the Duke of Shazad, the most prominent noble family in the Kingdom of Aisha, he also had excellent looks.

In addition, he is the top star of a large theater troupe that performs in the royal capital, so he is especially popular with women.

But what’s shocking is he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what he is, unlike those popular men of high standing.

As an adventurer, he takes down the strong and helps the weak – a true friend of ‘justice’, or so what he himself proclaim. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

It’s pretty ironic that he has followers that do what’s the reverse, but the reason he invited Lian must be because he really wants to try his hand at him.

An A-Class adventurer with both popularity and ability versus a handsome elf known as a golden rookie.

It’s a dream matchup.

(Still, I couldn’t help but worry……!)

I’ve introduced him to a number of quests in the past, but I’ve never actually seen him fight.

I want to see it.

I want to see how Lian fights so brilliantly.

(I’ll not be able to get my work done, but this is my once in a lifetime chance!)


Feeling guilty about interrupting work, Paula left her seat.

She bid goodbye to her colleagues and left the reception desk first, then stealthily followed the party and that man.

Soon, they came to a vacant lot on the outskirts of town.

(Looks like the match hasn’t started yet.)

Paula hid in the shadows and quietly inquired about the beautiful elf boy.

Her heart…tingled.

“The first time I met him, I had been curious about this boy with his inhuman beauty.”

However, it wasn’t just his good looks that attracted the guild employee.

Paula is a serious person, an adult more so, so she knew where she would draw the line between fantasy and reality.


However, the more she knew about him, the more she found Lian’s personality more and more of a fantasy. It was just too good to be true.

She felt a bittersweet crush on him, which could not be described as either admiration or a faint love.

An introvert by nature, she loves to read romance novels and has a strong wanting to fall in love.

However, since her childhood, she had been devoted to her studies and had no experience with men, and even now, at the age of twenty-six, she had never been in a relationship with the opposite sex.

To Paula, Lian was a prince in a white horse who appeared straight out of a fairy tale.

The fact that he was an elf, a race similar to humans but not human, added more to this impression.

It was as if he was a resident in a fantasy world that had stepped out into this mortal world.

“Of course, I can’t expect him to be attracted to a simple woman like me.”

Not forgetting her place, she didn’t intend to place high hopes on herself.

For her, it was already enough to talk to him or see him from time to time.

Yes. This was already enough to satisfy Paula’s sweet and sour yearning.

(Ah, Mr. Lian is still as wonderful as ever.)

Paula thought as she continued to mesmerize herself at the beautiful elf she admired.


I was taken to the outskirts of town by Malik and his friends.

To be exact, we’re already beyond the outer walls of the city.

The height of the wall is about fifteen meters.

There are three gates where people go in and out, but this place is the farthest away from all of them.

Because of that, there is no traffic, hence it was a lonely, empty space with no one but us in it.

“Is this where the match will take place?”

“Match? Match, you say?”

Malik chuckled at my question. The cronies behind him were also smirking.

Hmm? You’re acting weird……

Then, I had a bad feeling.

“You may not know this because you’ve just become an adventurer, but the competition for rankings is fierce at the C level, where you’re considered a full-fledged adventurer, not to mention the D and E levels at the bottom.”

Malik smiled and started talking.

I wondered what he was joyous in ranting about.

“The rank is the adventurer’s reputation. The higher the rank, the more the adventurer’s pride is at stake. Which means to say that the higher your rank, the more you devote yourself to improving your rank, and the more you fear being overtaken…”

Is that how it is?

“That’s why an existence like yours is such a threat, Lian. Right now you’re still a Class C, but in the near future you’ll move up to Class B, maybe even Class A or Class S.”

Malik’s expression suddenly changed.


The smile that had been refreshing suddenly changed to an evil one.

“Sorry about this, but this is also your fault hitting the stakes too early.”

“……is that just an excuse to pounce on me? I should have known.”

He wants to crush me, a promising adventurer, early on. That’s what he really wants.

“I’ll have a match with you, though my bad if you go injured so badly that you’ll never be an adventurer again.”

Malik grinned.

“Don’t worry, as it is a common thing. Many people retire from adventuring because of this.”

In short, they’re pulling each other’s leg.

I felt disappointed.

I guess corruption is still rampant, even in a job to fight and protect people.

At the very least, there are still Mina and her team – in their fight against the A-Class dragon species – they did their best to protect people and villages, even if they aren’t paid that much, and even if it was beyond their abilities. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

But there are those who don’t, like these guys.

They want wealth and fame, they are jealous of those who are higher than them, and because of that, they want to oust them.

Of course, as human beings, we can’t be free from such feelings.

But still, now that I have been given a second chance, I want to be an adventurer like Mina and the others.

I can do it now, because I have power.

Honestly, adventuring it’s a job I chose vaguely at first.

Meeting Mina, Mary and Ingrid, I decided to go with the flow.

But as days pass, as if their passion has also rubbed off to me, I’ve changed.

Now, I wish to be the kind of adventurer who can take pride in this job.

“There’s no way that I could ever be surpassed by someone like you. Our abilities and talents are too different. Do you know what this is?”

Malik proudly showed the pendant from his chest.

It was a beautiful gold pendant with a flame design.

“This pendant is a proof that I am an accomplished practitioner of Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu). How’s that for a surprise?”

Malik proudly thrust his chest up.

Raging Flame(Rekka), you say?”

“You don’t know?”

Malik looked aghast.

“It’s the most powerful and difficult sword art on the continent, and it takes a normal person decades to master it! It’s common knowledge if you live on the continent!”

I’ve only been reincarnated for a few weeks, so……

“Anyway, the Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu) is the highest level of swordsmanship. And I learned it in just two years.”

Malik returned to his previous tone and said proudly.

Heee, that’s amazing.

No, I’m honestly impressed.

In other words, he’s a jerk, but he’s also a skilled swordsman.

“I take pride in my swordsmanship,” he said. “It’s not like Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s the crude mercenaries use, which are so focused on actual combat that they lack any semblance of elegance. It’s a good sounding sword technique, but it’s not just the same. Same goes for the mysterious and unidentified Thunder Emperor(Rai Ou) Ruination(Fuumetsu) Swordsmanship(Ken). But the Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style is different. The royal families love it, and the Royal Knights even have adopted it as their own style… It’s a royal sword technique that embodies chivalry, fair and grace as one!”

Malik held out his hands in a theatrical motion, as if he was a stage performer looking for praise and applause from the audience.

“Being the case, it’s a school worthy of my grace, don’t you think?”

“I don’t see where the elegance lies in someone who disparages another’s school just to look good. Also, you sure have the gall to talk about chivalry and fairness, for someone afraid of being overtaken in ranks. So definitely, it’s not a technique worth of someone like you, that’s for sure.”

I stared at Malik.

“……you. You subhuman, watch your mouth.”

Malik’s complexion changed.

Oh, so this is that kind of guy. I somehow realized.

They take everything for granted and take pleasure in looking down on others – and when others fight back, they become enraged.


All he wants is to be superior to others.

That’s why he sees me as such an enemy, as a potential threat to him.

“Then let me embed it in your flesh. My noble sword.”

Malik drew the sword at his waist and held it at the ready.

Indeed, even while drawing it, it has a somewhat elegant atmosphere.

“Draw your sword. You can use your rumored magic sword techniques if you want; I don’t care. I’ll defeat you with this sword and this sword alone. That will teach you the difference of us.”

“There’s no need. I just need to strengthen my body, and that’s it.”

I pulled out the small sword Milfa at my waist and set myself in the 8th stance.

It’s one of the basic forms of the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s.


However, Milfa shouts in worry.

I chuckled, telling her it’s okay.

That’s right, my stance is not in the strongest magic sword technique that I acquired when I was reincarnated…

“I will defeat you with the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s you just insulted.”

I’m going to use the skills I learned from the beloved companions I met in this world, and slam the difference of ours on his pride-filled face.

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