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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 5 (Full Text)

Volume 5 – Bountiful Feast, and a Girl’s Recollections

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Chapter 1 – The Finia Crest
Chapter 2 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 1 ※
Chapter 3 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 2 ※
Chapter 4 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 3 ※
Chapter 5 – A Girl’s Recollections

Chapter 1 – The Finia Crest

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Right now, there are two beautiful girls in front of me, both with most of their skin laid bare.

One of them had blonde hair cut off at her shoulders and dull green eyes, while the other was with red hair in twin tails and a headstrong look.

The girls – Mina and Mary, were both wearing only their underwear, a pair of bra and panties.

The room was dimly lit, but it only added to the tantalizing glamour of their white skin as it reflected the scarce light.

“Sir Lian, please. Take this Mina in your arms……hafuu.”

“Lian, take care of me as well……fuaah.”

Both of them muttered as they swooped down on me from both sides, shaking the bulge of their ample breasts.

Their sweet breaths are tickling my neck and cheeks.

Added to that was the faint smell of alcohol due to the fact that we had all been partying all night.

Could it be that they got hit by the urge of drunken bravery?

“For me, Sir Lian is my fated partner. So please allow me to be by your side more.”

However, Mina’s voice had a sincere tone, clearly different from a vigor of being drunk.

“As for me……uhm, I feel more relaxed with I’m with you, Lian. That’s why I need to be with you more.”

On the other hand, Mary looked somewhat embarrassed, but the seriousness in her eyes was no less than that of Mina.

“As if I allow myself to lose! Not in any other way, as long as it for Sir Lian!”

“As if I am too! I never had given up in any match, you know. Even more, with Lian at stake!”

The two sparked each other’s gaze.

I’m not really sure to be happy or embarrassed that such beautiful girls are pressing themselves before me.

But still, how did this happen in the first place?


That night, I had a banquet with Mina and the others to celebrate my promotion as a C-Class adventurer.

Though I said it’s a banquet, it was just a little drinking party in a rented room at the inn we are staying at.

In addition to our party, which is I, Mina, Mary and Ingrid, Claudia and Paula were also present.

“Again, congratulations on your promotion to C-Class, boy.”

Claudia greeted me as she poured me a cup of liquor.

“Thank you, Claudia.”

I gulped down about half of it, feeling a light, fluffy comfort that lifted my mind and body.

The first time I drank this wine, I thought it was bitter and hot, but as time passed by, I started to get used to it.

Maybe because of the atmosphere of the place, or it’s just that alcohol is readily available to anyone in this primitive world.

Soon, I was in a pleasant, tipsy mood.

“Also……I want to apologize. I put you into too much trouble because of my blunder.”

“No, not really. In fact, I am glad that you’re all okay.”

I gave my signature smile.

“By the way, Claudia’s swords were broken……”

But that’s when I noticed the two swords propped up against the wall at her side.

Back then, I was sure that my weapon destruction technique shattered all seven of her swords into pieces.

“Oh, you mean that? Well, you see, as a magicmagic artifactarmament, all seven of my swords have the ability to repair themselves.”

Claudia explained.

“Heee, as expected of a legendary sword.”

Pretty convenient.

“……I also have the ability to repair myself. I have a self-restoration ability.”

I’m not sure why, but Milfa also told me that in response.

That’s right, she was also a legendary sword.

“Though for now, the pieces that were completely restored were only these two as for the other five, it will take them a while longer.”

“So you’ll be taking a break from adventuring in the meantime? I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing to me for? In fact, in this situation, I should be thanking you more. Not just in words, but ……in a different way as well──”

The last part was whispered in my ear, and it sent shivers all the way down to my spine.

While we’re at that……

“Hey Paula. Have you found your right guy yet?”

Next to me, Mary and the others were having a good time on their own.

“N-not yet, but it’s fine. I am used to not having a man in my life anyway. I’m just going to keep updating my “no boyfriend history.”

“It’s not good to give up. As the Goddess of Love Elciata always says, “Love is the most supreme in all life. It is for love the we all live, and it is for love the we fulfill our lives.””

Mina comforted Paula with her gospel.

Come to think of it, Mina is a priestess who serves the Goddess of Love, right?

“Fufufu, if you’re worried about your lack of experience with men, then why not let him take the lead for you?”

Claudia then joined the conversation, looking at me with a meaningful grin.

“You see, this boy knows his way around a woman.”

“……yes. To tell the truth, I heard rumors among adventurers that he is very popular with the ladies.”

Paula too, glanced at me.

Wait, what? Who the hell is spreading these rumors?

“But I’m plain, unrefined, and not beautiful. There’s no way a man would take me seriously……uuu.”

Paula looked down in lack of confidence.

No, she is indeed plain-looking, but if you look closely at her, I think she has a beautiful face.

And if she dresses up appropriately, any man will be able to see her wondrous beauty hidden within, unless he is blind or just has a different taste.

“Ingrid, as for you, I think it’s about time you graduate from your man-hating ways.”

“……why? Men are just filthy.”

At Mary’s words, Ingrid only turned her face away with a pout.

“Ooh, that was a different reaction? Is there something or someone you’re finally interested in?”

Hm? What’s with the glance?

It’s not as if Ingrid has finally gotten conscious of me anyway……

“I-I-I don’t have anything like that, a-a-and it was just an accident. Y-yes, an accident. I-it ‘s not like I immerse myself in the feeling whenever I remember it, I swear!”

Ingrid suddenly freaked out.


She was waving her hand and suddenly knocked over her glass.

“I’m sorry.”

Ingrid apologized and wiped the table.

But as her white clothes were slightly stained with alcohol, they became somewhat transparent, revealing her small yet shapely breasts inside.


I swallowed my spit in reflex.

As the fabric was transparent, I could also see a glimpse of her white skin.


But then, that’s where I noticed. Below her collarbone, at the middle of her chest, something was glowing red.

It was something like a tattoo? And was shaped like a letter S.

“……I’m feeling a presence staring at me with filthy eyes.”

I came to my senses, only to see Ingrid staring back at me.

“N-no no no, that was just an act of reflex! It just happened to catch my eye!”

I hurriedly made an excuse.


A friendly and enjoyable time passed in the blink of an eye, and after about four to five hours, the drinking party came to an end.

Mina and Mary were so drunk that they are the first to pull out. Ingrid guided them and went directly to her room right after.

As for Claudia, she’s gonna take Paula home.

Two women will be going to the streets at night, but it won’t be a problem with Claudia being one of them.

“Well then, we’ll take it from here. Thanks for inviting us today.”

I saw them at the door as they went out. But when I was about to pull myself up to my own room,

“Wait a minute, boy. Can I ask you something?”

All of a sudden, Claudia stopped me.

“That girl, how long have you been with her?”

“That girl?”

“The one with the blue hair.”

When I wondered who she was talking about, Claudia clarified to me.

“You said she was……Ingrid, right? Have you been with her for a long time?”

“No, not really. I’ve only known Mina and the others for a little over two weeks.”

“……I see. It’s no wonder you don’t know what she’s really like.”

Claudia seemed to have been convinced with something, but I don’t know which ones she is talking about.

“You see, I saw a demonic crest engraved on her chest.”


“It’s a kind of emblem that wizards carve into their bodies to enhance – or perhaps, contain – their abilities. Or a kind of magic circle, if you’re more familiar with that term.”

Claudia started to explain.

“I’m not a mage myself, so I don’t know much about it, but that shape is very similar to the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Finia. It’s presumed to be a high-ranking magic crest that girl has got.”

“Kingdom of Finia?”

Suddenly, there were a lot of words coming out that was beyond my knowledge.

“It’s a small country located in the north of Aisha Continent. Or should I say ‘was’ a small country.”

It bothered me that she was putting emphasis in the past tense.

Could it be that the country…?

“It was destroyed. Three years ago.”

As if to affirm my prediction, Claudia nodded.

“All by the hands……of a single dark elf.”

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Chapter 2 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 1 ※

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“I’d better send Miss Paula home now. Today was fun. See you later, boy.”

Claudia bid me farewell and left with Miss Paula.

In the end, I was still not able to find out anything about that crest.

What does the fallen Kingdom of Finia have to do with Ingrid?

Well, there’s no use thinking about what was beyond your understanding, especially if you don’t care about it that much.

And so, upon clearing up my mind, I went back to my room upstairs.


“Sir Liaaan~. Please embrace Mina tonight……higgup.”

“Liann~, me too. Take care of me ash well……fuaah.”

Soon as I opened the door, two beautiful girls with almost all of their skin exposed, were brought to my eyes.

“Eh, wait, what?”

My thoughts even froze at the suddenness of the situation.

The almost-naked women leaking out luscious sighs were Mina and Mary, who’s only wearing their bra and panties, reflecting the lustrously white skin in the scarce light of the room.

Both of them were tantalizingly glamorous.

And maybe it was the alcohol taking over, but my blood flow became even more active as I stared more at them.

As a result, I got an erection in no time at all.

“For me, Sir Lian is my destined person. Please let me be closer to you.”

“I……Uhm, I feel safer and more relaxed when I am with you, Lian. That’s why I want to be with you more.”

Mina and Mary came at me from both sides.

“I can’t allow myself to lose. As long as Sir Lian is by my side, I don’t care about anything else.”

“A-are you trying to challenge me? Either way, allowing myself to lose in any match is not my dictionary.”

Soon after, sparks were already flying at each of the other’s stares.

J-just how did it become like this?

No, I don’t even want to think about it.

But both of them, even though they are a bit drunk, still went and approached me in their fragile states.

Is this the legendary Yobai[1]?

Because of the suddenness, the tension that Claudia had brought in telling me about Ingrid’s involvement to a fallen kingdom went away in an instant.

“Come, Sir Lian. To celebrate your promotion to S-Class, please enjoy Mina’s body to the fullest.”

“I want to join too! I will even make it especially good for you, I promise!”

Mina and Mary spoke one after another as they pushed their bodies on me, even applying more pressure on their warm skin and bouncy tits rubbing against my own body.

They’re so soft and so fresh to the touch! What’s more, there are two of them giant pairs!

I was so excited that my penis felt like it’s about to burst any time. Even so, I couldn’t help but feel addicted to the pleasure of being pressed by two girls at the same time.

Perhaps it’s also because of the alcohol in my system, but I was already feeling big waves of euphoria hugely pouring all over my body.

“Both of you, thank you. I’ll now have fun with you as much as I like.”

I said that and smiled at Mina and Mary.

Of course, I’ll have to make them enjoy this much as well.

Then, I suddenly came up with an idea.

“Ah, that’s right. Why don’t we change location a bit?”

I spoke so and beckoned them to join me.


──Where we came to was the bathroom at the back of the first floor.

This was the selling point of this inn, and as it put sanitary conditions to an acceptable level, it has a large number of bath areas, three in total, all of which are about 20 tatamis wide[2].

All three could be reserved for private use, for an extra fee, of course.

Fortunately, I had earned a lot of money from my daily quests, so I paid at the reception desk and decided to rent it until the next morning.

Accompanied by Mina and Mary, I entered the rented room.

Inside, there was also a dressing room that separates the bath area with another door, and has three hampers inside where you place your clothes beforehand.

It was very much like the bathhouses I visited in my previous life.

“Uhn, Sir Lian, what exactly are we going to do here?”

 “Did you invite us here to take a bath together?”

Mina and Mary were puzzled, but I guess they have a reason to be. After all, this is only rented by party of adventurers that has gotten into a huge hunt and are in need of massive cleaning yet didn’t have the time to fall in line. It is also to save time cleaning the facility as well.

“You’re correct, Mary. We’re going to take a bath together. But before that, there’s something I want you two to do.”

I explained with a refreshing smile that belied the lust I was feeling.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but if that’s what Sir Lian wants, I’ll do my best.”

“You have a handsome face, but your thoughts are too perverted……mou~, it can’t be helped.”

Mina was abashed, while Mary is staring at me as if I was a lost cause.

In other words, what I was going to do was to have a soap play with the two girls[3].

However, as a virgin in my past life, I had never experienced any kind of sex service before, as prostitution is downright illegal in Japan.

In other words, this knowledge is just a pseudo-soap play I recreated based on what I had heard on the Internet.

“First, help me take off my clothes.”

I told to the two, and Mina and Mary did their best to get me undressed.

Soon after, I was already stripped naked. I felt a mixture of embarrassment and exhilaration as my clothes were removed one by one by the girls, and in an instant, my whole body was on fire.

“Now is your turn. Take them off before me.”

Both Mina and Mary turned bright red when I urged them with a fresh smile.

“I-I see. That’s right, we too……”

“T-this is so embarrassing……ehehe.”

I have already had shared bodily experiences with the two, more than twice even, but they still find it embarrassing to expose their nakedness in front of me.

Well, for me, I’d rather have that kind of shame. It’s super better that way.

Twisting their bodies in embarrassment as if to avoid my gaze, Mina and Mary successfully stripped down.

Mina is a bit slender, but contrasting that were her large breasts that were jutting out abundantly.

Mary is almost 170cm tall and is on the supple side, but her tits are as big as Mina’s.

Even if I couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two, but it is without doubt, that they were even more seductive when they had their clothes removed.

I was about to go to the bathroom to take a dip, but then I suddenly came up with something.

“I really like to do a ‘Sokushaku play’ right away……no, nevermind. Let’s take a bath first. I don’t want you to feel dirtied.”[4]

Sokushaku is a play I heard where you get a blowjob right away upon meeting with the hired girl.

But I still think I’d better wash up.

Also, we’re already in the bath, so I could just ask them again after we wash-

“There’s no such thing as a dirty place on Sir Lian’s body.”

“Hey, stealing a march is no fair!”

The two immediately knelt at my feet, and as if trying to take over each other, each of them both slurped hungrily at my penis in one go.

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Chapter 3 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 2 ※

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Pichaa, chupuu, lero……

Silver fluids coming in the two girls’ mouths coated my stuff in a sloppy manner.

Soon it became fully wrapped in spit, and Mina and Mary immediately took turns putting it in and out of their mouths.

“Kuahh, this feels……uaahh.”

Constantly being rubbed by the two pairs of soft lips, the slimy meat rod soon became numb.

Yet the two undulating tongues tickled the sensitive glans again and again, making the sweet numbness that soaked my penis increase more and more as the tips of their appendages trailed down to the muscles of my shaft.

Whether it was by accident or instinct, the two girl’s tongues stimulated the man’s pleasure points one after the other.

“Sir Lian, chuu, how are you feeling?”

“Lian, here, is sho fired up……lero, chuu, nmuu.”

Despite the burning rivalry between the two, Mina’s and Mary’s teamwork was a perfect match.

Perhaps this was because they have been on the same team for years that the sensation seemed to reach up to my hipbones every time they lick it combined.

As a result, the feeling of wanting to ejaculate rose much faster than usual.

It’s such a shame. I want to enjoy this blissful moment for a while longer ──.

But as if making a mockery of my inner desire, the sensual rush never stopped.

They even rained kisses all over my penis as if to quickly drive me over the edge.

Their lips are hot and sweet, and it soaked the entire length of my cock in a tingling pleasure.

Their tongues, on the other hand, ticked, wrapped, and entwined around the tip and the shaft, making obscene sounds each time they move, as well as increasing friction and pressure to make me happier.

As a result, the lust inside me has boiled to the point that it seems it will burst out of control at any moment.

“Uuu, I’m about to……cum soon.”

I shouted in a frenzy brought by my excitement.

“I want to let out my cum all over your faces. Come, turn your faces over here.”

“Of course, Sir Lian~.” “Me too. Give it to me as well~.” Mina nodded submissively, and Mina shouted excitedly as I position myself to them at the same time.

“Kuh, here it goes!”

On the faces of the healing beauty and the courageous gorgeous, I squirted lots and lots of my stuff, painting both of them white.

“Kyaaaa! This is……Sir Lian’s seed. So hot……ahuu.”

“Ahh, fuaah, it’s still coming out……huu, aahh, yes, please bathe me more……”

Mina and Mary both shouted in delight as they catch the shower of white slime in their entire beautiful faces. Seeing myself being able to spray as much semen as I wanted at these beautiful girls as they get happy with their facials, it was so exhilarating that my instincts of being a male, the sweet feeling of dominance, and the intense craving of wanting to violate them……all of them almost push me to the brink.

It was the most stimulating situation I’ve ever been in.

After the facial cumshots, of course, being my trait, my cock didn’t wilt at all.

In that state, I went to the bathroom with Mina and Mary.

Of course, I asked them to wipe their faces first, which is now covered in my semen.

Then I sat down on a ministool in front of the nearby bathtub and looked up at the two naked girls.

“Next, I want you both to wash my body.”

I suggested, not forgetting my fresh smile.

However, the excitement hiding in my voice was already beyond that of being refreshing. After all, the thing between my legs was already burning with the haunting anticipation of finally getting into a full-course otherworld soap play.

In fact, the thing was already warped to the point that it was already sticking to my bellybutton.

“Understood. I’ll be taking care of your back, Sir Lian.” “Then I’ll take the front.”

Mina tried to get behind, while Mary quickly went to the front, which quickly surprised me.

“Ah, Mary. Stealing a march is forbidden.”


I warned her before she could even do anything. Mary scratched her head instead, looking embarrassed.

Though I find it cute, I still told them.

But when they were about to reach a sponge, I stopped them.

“No, you are also not allowed to use any tools. Wash me with your body.”

“Eh, with……our bodies?

“Don’t tell me─”

Maybe realizing what I meant, Mina and Mary both blushed at the same time.

“T-then, l-let’s get started, S-sir Lian……”

Unexpectedly, Mina was the first to come by. However, started slow, moving herself to the back as if still contemplating about something.

“nnn, first is…”

In contrast, from the front side, Mary promptly drew her body and rubbed it against mine.

“Ah. That’s so sly!”

This made Mina panic and hugged my back out of the blue, pushing me into a situation where I was being hugged and snuggled coquettishly by two beauties from the front and back.

Aah, this is awesome.

It gave me a sweet feeling of being monopolized, and it couldn’t help but make me grin.

“After all, Mina stole a head start from me a while ago. This is just a payback.”

As the two of them made a fuss, Mina and Mary rubbed their naked bodies against me from side to side.

I, too, got busy and extended each of my arms to get in between their legs.

I made them straddle on it so that they both get pressed against their special places. As a result, this made me feel the rustling of their pubes and the heat of the pussy lips from every motion of my arms.

“Ahh, it’s rubbing me……yes, over there……hafuuu.”

“Not there……what’s this? I’m feeling weird……”

As my arms washed over their private parts, the friction from rubbing them started to generate heat in their bodies – the other kind of heat.

The way that their wet naked bodies drip a mixture of fluids that was not just water, and their appearance to which was becoming more and more reddish, it was turning more and more sexy that I could barely hold it in.

But as I was determined to go through the whole course of the play, I steeled myself in.

 “Now, the legs.”

I told them, but my voice was already hinting a bit of excitement.

Mina and Mary sat down to my thighs and hugged each side.

“Hnn, chuu……Sir Liann~.”

“Aah mmmm……Liannn~.”

The two of them took turns kissing my legs passionately, even pressing them in between their soft breasts. This only made the thing between my legs became even more erect.

The blood flowing into its veins made my penis swell to its limit, and I felt like I was going to burst from the inside out.

Yet Mina and Mary continued to kiss me without pause, rubbing their pussy cheeks on my left and right thighs, even wrapping them in between their own legs and moving up and down in the most obscene way they could manage.

The feeling was unbearable. Along with that was the sound of the girls’ crotches making wet, squishy noises, indicating their love juices were dripping hard, and soon the bittersweet scent had already spread throughout the bathroom before we even realized it.

I, of course, am getting aroused as well, to the point that I can’t stand it anymore.

“So much for washing up. Put your hands on that tub there, both of you. The floor is slippery, so be careful.”

I stood up from my chair with vigor, my fully erect cock throbbing in its wake.

My whole body was already numb with sweet anticipation at the thought of finally being able to taste their insides directly.

“Yes, Sir Lian. If you please……”

Mina happily grabbed the edge of the tub and thrust out her pretty-looking butt towards me.

“Me too. I’m tired of waiting already.”

Mary also followed suit, and with a tempting smile, she lewdly presented her ass in the same way next to Mina.

Now, I’m gonna fuck both of them to the fullest.

Finally releasing the raging beast of lust inside of me, I went closer to one of the delicious meats.

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Chapter 4 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 3 ※

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The first thing I did was hold Mina’s hips in my arms and penetrate her in one swift motion.


As a result, Mina let out a lusty moan, and her smooth back arched in unison.

Her vaginal opening, which I had a hard time inserting the first time, has now become less resistant than before. However, it was still tight enough to make my penis ache.

Added to that were the slippery mucous membranes, wiggling and squeezing with sweet pressure every time I move my hips.

“Kuuh, Mina. As always, it feels so good inside you.” I groaned as I slammed my hips as hard as I could.

Guchu, guchu, the watery private hole resounded each time the angry and throbbing alien entity impacted the end of her womb.

“Haaa, ahnnn, it’s even reaching so deep……auu!”

And while Mina shouted in delight as her limbs, wet with the moisture of our bodies, wagged and trembled in pleasure, I continued to put my weight on her and gouged her tight pits.

“Ahiii, haaa, aaaaahnnn, fuaaa……so good, Sir Liaaan……”

I looked down, only to see a cute priestess panting lustfully with her beautiful blonde hair swaying frantically, a far contrast from her usual kind and timid personality.

After a few more thrusts, I released myself from Mina’s grasp and plunged into Mary next to me, giving her a powerful pistoning session in top gear right from the start.

“Fuaaah, auuuh, Lian, so good……it’s even, reverberating, at the bottom, of my stomach!”

Mary exclaimed, shaking her red twin tails left and right. Her vagina is much cozier now than when I did it with her when she was still a virgin.

Back then, it was so narrow and tight, and even with my trait, it’s so hard to move. Even with the insides getting wet, it was still difficult to push it in and pull it out.

But now, it’s much smoother, to the point that I can do extractions on her freely.

So I hunched my hips and gave Mary a big welcome by having one big stroke towards her insides.

This made the slippery membranes rub against my meat rod, causing a sweet itch of pleasure to well up inside me.

The tightness of her small vagina hadn’t changed much, but the pumping itself had become much easier.

It was incredibly pleasing being the factor that developed both of these women’s bodies to what they are now.

I slammed my pistons into Mary’s with as much force as I did to Mina earlier. After a few more thrusts, I put it back to Mina again, thrusting hard on the different vagina but almost have the same pleasant tightness as the former.

“Afuuu, uaahh, hnnn, cumming……I’m, about, to cum……auu.”

I stirred Mina’s pussy, now soggy all over, and gave her one last thrust, which seemed to have made her cum a bit.

Soon as she let out a muffled scream of climax, I pulled out my meat rod and inserted it into Mary without even pausing.

After a few more thrusts, Mary’s aroused body reached the peak as well.

“Aaah, ahuuun, yes! I’m also, cumming!”

Compared to the soft whimpers of Mina, Mary’s voice was loud and high-pitched, and she almost screamed as she too reached her own orgasm.

I continued enjoying their pussyholes as much as I could, penetrating Mina then switching back to Mary depending on my will.

Both women were still tight and narrow, but with the gushing wetness of their insides, as well as their previous experience with me, all of these factors combined and made me feel much better than the last time.

“I’m gonna let it out, both of you!”

Dobyu, dobyudobyurururu!

After several times of penetration and pistoning, I shot my first vaginal ejaculation into Mary’s treasured depths.

“Ahhhh, it’s thumping so deeeep! Yes, more, let it out, let it out more inside my womb! Ahh, cumming. I’m cumming while being cummed insiiiiiiiiide!”

Mary too, came once more as a huge amount of semen was pumped inside her.

After releasing it all, I pulled out the penis from her gaping womb. This made the base of her cunt, covered with love juices and semen, to overflow its contents to her crotch, wetting Mary underneath and all the way to the floor.

Sultry odor unique to women rose up, showing a proof that I conquered a beautiful girl on my own, and that sweet smell only excited me more and more.

“Sir Lian, me too……”

Mina spoke as she enviously stared at Mary, who had just received her first creampie, and then shook her lovely hips as if begging me to fuck her.

“Okay. I’m going to give you plenty of cum too, Mina.”

I spoke as I grabbed the shapely mound of her ass and spread them to the left and right. Then I penetrated her deep with a mighty stroke, enjoying that narrow, hot, writhing flesh to the fullest once more. Then I rubbed back and forth the insides of her vagina, gradually accelerating in each move while stimulating our sensual feelings.

Auuu, uaaah, hnnnn, nnnnnn, cumming! I’m about to cum again, Sir Liaaaann~.”

Soon as she came, I couldn’t help but stare down at her fragile, shivering back, and it wasn’t long when I also reached the peak myself.

“Kuhoooo, I’m gonna put it all inside! Take it all firmly, Minaaah!”

I screamed and poured as much cum as I could into her tight pussy, similar to what I did to Mary earlier.

Afuu, aaaaahh! Sho, hot……shir liannnn, this is……sho good……yesh, all of it……inshide meee……haaa, aahhhm aaah, cumming again. I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!!”

Similar to Mary, Mina came once again while being injected with my seed inside. This caused me to pump out even more as I look down at the beautiful girl quivering in orgasm in a disorderly manner.

After that, I ejaculated another batch of cum inside Mina and Mary’s pussies.

“Whew, that felt good……” I said as I exhaled in satisfaction.

Of course, I still had a lot of energy.

As for the two, they are sitting with their backs at the edge of the bathtub, still soaking in the afterglow of their climax.

They seemed to be a little tired, but not so much that they were out of breath.

Looks like we can still have some more fun together.

Surveying my eyes on the wide bath, I noticed a mat lying around on the side of a wall.

I don’t know what this is for in this otherworld, but I took the mat and laid it out on the bathroom floor.

Just like that, we can now do a little mat play.

I lay down with my back on the mat and called them over.

“Next. Both of you, get on top.”

“huuu……this time, please, make Mary, go first.”

As she’s still breathing out ecstatically and still about to recover, Mina nominated Mary, who has much more stamina being the vanguard of the party, much to my surprise.

“Thanks, Mina. Now then, it’s our turn.”

Quickly straddling on my waist, Mary smiled at me and grabbed my manhood, which had already risen almost vertically.

I groaned as her action made the tip of my penis touch the lips of her pussy, and the sensation immediately sent out numbing waves throughout my core despite being only a light action.

“Fufu, does it feel good when I do this?”

Finding out my pretty pathetic reaction, Mary couldn’t help but smile more. Like prey about to be played by a cat, I felt a shiver in my spine as my partner’s mischievous grin widen.

She never looked at me like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder if the few times she had sex with me made her awaken more and more of the feminine side in her.

Except this one is pretty sadistic on its own.

“Do you want me to put it in?”

Mary lowered her head, and towards my ear, she whispered.

But before I could even make an answer, the whole thing of mine got plunged without any warning.

Suchuuu, zubiuuuuu……!

As if the whisper was just a feint, the sudden feeling of Mary’s folds caught me off guard.

The meat rod waded through the hot folds, and when it reached the middle, it slowly descended, little by little until it reached the end of her womb.

“U, aaaaaaaaahh……guuh!”

“Hnnn, afuu, uaaaaaahhhnnn!”

With a thud, Mary landed lightly on my hips, and we both squealed with delight at the same time. The slippery insides entwined themselves around my wood, squeezing erratically and even sucked it inward.

It felt so good that I felt like I was going to cum just from this insertion. How did Mary manage to do this?

“Aahh, I knew it. Lian is still the best……it’s reaching so far beyond my fingers could reach. I’m going to move now, okay? Hnnnnn.”

Despite letting out a gasp as if she’s in pain, Mary continued to move back and forth on my hips, in a motion similar to rodeos I see on the net.

As she did so, however, her pussy got tighter, squeezing my penis more and more.

But it wasn’t just that that happened.

“Then, I’ll take this one……”

Before I knew it, Mina was already there, up and recovered. She then straddled my head and landed her butt on my lips.


In what was called a face-sitting position, it is unknown whether she was still drunk in alcohol or in lust, but Mina is unusually aggressive right now.

With Mary’s pussy tasting my meat stick while I taste Mina’s pussy with my mouth, a sweet electric current of pleasure shot through my entire body.

Wait, this is……not good. It feels so good! I never expected the two combined pleasures would be this intense!

With my feeling of wanting to ejaculate rising quickly, my penis jerked and twitched inside Mary’s narrow hole.

But still, I tried to fight back. Not allowing myself to get carried away, I raised my hips up in a semi-bridge to poke Mary’s deepest parts as hard as I could. While at it, I, too, inserted my tongue into the precious hole of Mina, who was covering my mouth, and stirred it around.

As a response, the two people’s bodies rose up in excitement, up until they reached the climax from our lewd twitting game.

“Fuaaaaah, Lian, if you poke me so much, I’m gonna cum! Aah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

“Me too! I’m gonna cum as well, Sir Liann! Aaah, fuaaaah, ahuuuhhh!”

The moment I saw them both having their orgasm, my desire also went over the edge, and in the end, I exploded.

“Fuu, guuh……ooh……ooh!”

With my mouth still clamped in between Mina’s legs, I could only let out a muffled cry of pleasure while also spitting out as much cum as I could into Mary’s deepest parts.

The three of us reached the zenith at the same time, tasting a climax so dizzyingly tremendous that it penetrated from my tailbone up to the top of my brain.

My consciousness almost faded away, but I barely held in.

After that, we rested for a bit then went up to our respective rooms.

I had a very good sleep that night.

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Chapter 5 – A Girl’s Recollections

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Ingrid la Finia’s side.

What filled Ingrid’s vision was a blanket of flames.

The magnificent royal city of Finia was on fire. Yes, everything was ablaze.

Cries filled with anguish.

Roars filled with pain.

Screams of what should be her people echoing in vain.

And then, at the next, countless huge shadows attacked them.

Spitting flames and lightning, these ‘demonic constructs’ rampaged – all of them probably having enough power to surpass even an S-class demon.

The knights and wizards of the kingdom who stood against the demons to protect the citizens were no more.

They have been destroyed, but not by them.

All were done by a single opponent.


For now, she had no choice but to flee.

In despair, Ingrid ran with all her might, to the farthest her feet could bring her.

But then……

“You are ──”

As if to block her way, a black shadow stood in front of her.

The light from the bright flames behind him made it difficult to see his face.

But even with that, the girl could see his most distinctive feature.

The adversary has pointed ears.

An elf.

What’s more, it was a dark elf with dark brown skin – a dark elf.

Ingrid’s body stood on all hairs.

For she is now in front of the entity, the same entity who had defeated all the knights and wizards of her kingdom, alone.

And then ──,

“Please run away, Your Highness!”

“We will stall him for you!”

The knights and wizards that were left to protect her rushed in between.

“Hee, so there’s still some that survived? Amusing.”

The dark elf’s eyes squinted slightly.

“But it’s useless. Whether there are tens of thousands of you or even hundreds of millions of you, you won’t even reach beneath my feet. Can’t you understand already? We’re different dimensions apart.”

“It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose!”

“We will protect Her Highness with our lives!”

The knights shouted with their swords and the wizards with their staffs.

Not a single one of them fled.

Not a single one of them flinched.

As they were, the proud Royal Order and Magic Squadron of Finia, risking their lives for their sole mission.

But now, their thoughts are filled with sadness.

“Run away……”

Ingrid murmured in a tearful voice.

“You’re all …… going to be killed …….”

“Still, that’s some spirit you got there.”

The dark elf smiled a refreshing smile that was out of place on the battlefield.

“However, it’s all nothing but a waste.”

Only for that same smile to turn to an evil one – one that seeks delight in destruction and violence to his foes.

“My sword, Gilfaraze──kick off the fools who oppose me and erase them.”

The dark elf pulled out a short sword that hung on his waist.

The display on the hilt changed from “Standing by” to “Attack mode”.

Then its blade split open in the middle, and a purple glow converged in the middle of the said blade, like some sort of a railgun.

He aimed it at the knights and wizards, and the next thing, there occurred a strong blast blew their surroundings hard.

When it cleared up, all the knights and the wizards that shouted their bravery had disappeared.

There wasn’t a scream.

Nor even a flesh or bone was left behind.

It wasn’t even a battle.

“Aaand it’s over, just like that.”

The dark elf said quietly to Ingrid, who was now back to being alone.

“Such a shame, though. If not for that power you were born with being all sealed up, apart from this me, you would have kicked the crap out of the troops under my command.”

Ingrid unconsciously pressed her chest.

Hiding within her clothes was a “mark” engraved between the flesh between her small breasts.

As an ‘abomination’ born in unpreventable circumstances, Ingrid was sealed off the great power hidden in her body on the day she was born.

However, it was an irony, as such an act by the kingdom to protect her and its citizens, became the triggering factor for their demise instead.

‘If only I had the knowledge and power to unlock the seal, I might have been able to defeat this dark elf and save my country.’

If only I had the knowledge.

If only I had the power…!

This is why, this is why I sought knowledge so desperately.

A method to undo this Negative ProtectSeal that Repels all Evil carved in my body.

I’m sure it exists somewhere in the world.

This is why, after this, I want to become an adventurer.

Even so, it’s still no guarantee.

At present, Ingrid is helpless against the Dark Elf in front of her.

“The Long-lived Kingdom of Finia will perish today, all by this hand of mine.”

A slash of magic power flew from the downed sword of the elf and gouged the surroundings.

Ingrid could only stare as the purple glow of destruction closed on her.


She then opened her eyes.

“Again……it’s that same dream again.”

Ingrid mumbled as she sits up.

It’s been three years now, but she’s still having this dream once in every few days.

This caused a lot of sweat to pour out of her body every time, making her see-through negligee stick to her skin.

Despite her mature age, Ingrid still had that immature bodyline, yet that only highlighted her allure even more in the unevenness brought by her outfit.

Throb ──.

The demonic crest carved between her small breasts ached.

Recently, this pain of hers is becoming worse.

“Don’t tell me……it’s reacting to him?”

Mumbling, Ingrid’s eyebrows drew into a steep.

There was no basis for it, but she had such premonition.

Or, is it because that abominable dark elf is nearby?

But, how could that be, for this to resonate with him?”

Then, the mocking face of the Dark Elf floated to her mind.


Suddenly, his face overlapped with Lian’s.

In their previous quest – her body, even though it was inevitable as she was manipulated, it remembered that it had exchanged a sweet kiss with that man’s lips.

For Ingrid, it was the first kiss of her life.

And as much as she hated to admit it, it was a very sweet one too.

However, that memory quickly cracked and shattered.

She couldn’t help but think of it.

On that very day, she lost everything.

Her hometown, her family, and all the people close to her.

And it was the abominable dark elf who did it all.


Ingrid bit her lip so hard that it bled.

She already knew.

That the unreasonable attitude of hers towards Lian was all just a prejudice from what she had experienced.

Sure, she is not good with men, but it didn’t mean she hates him.

After all, there is no reason to dislike him.

In fact, she should even be grateful to him for saving her and her friends.

‘I guess I should have said “Congratulations” to him at the banquet yesterday.’

‘Or perhaps I should have said, “Thank you for saving me” back then.’

But she couldn’t.

If she didn’t keep him at a distance, her emotions would explode no matter how unreasonable it was.

She will go crazy mad at him, all just for the fact that she made her remember her most hated enemy.

That’s why ──.

“……… I’m sorry, Lian.”

The girl, who had been deprived of everything, could only mumble a small apology to the boy who wasn’t even there.

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-= End of Volume 5 =-

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Translator Notes:

[1]. Yobai (Night crawling) is the ancient Japanese practice of a man creeping out at night to a single woman’s bedroom to make love with her. That was the dictionary-definition, and now in modern era, it had changed into engaging in a romantic tryst, and it was even more pleasing if it’s the woman doing it because it just shows how much the woman is digging into you.

But there is much more to that, and it’s not what you think waaaay back when it was started.

First, in ancient Japan, this practice was done at night to avoid those discriminating eyes of people.

As Japanese love saving their faces as part of their culture (cough, honor, seppuku, cough) yet also love discriminating everyone for what petty reason they have, this is act is practiced at nighttime to avoid those prying eyes. This is because in their culture, ONLY married women are allowed to be visited in their households, and unmarried girls were not.

Second, this was a quasi-rape back then.

Similar to the west where young noblewomen are engaged to prestigious noble households with old guys like some kind of ancient gold-digging business, this didn’t need the consent of the girl that will be subjected to a Yobai, as most of the time this was all decided on the full consent of the parents of the girl beforehand.

Third, this is why NTR is a ‘normal’ (or should I say traditional?) genre.

This is only my personal opinion, but in those times, these things are very normal to them. If the girl falls in love with a certain guy and the parents didn’t like the guy, they would arrange a Yobai with the girl. But to save face, men would often blindfold themselves or the girl or wear masks to save face, so that even if the two people involved damn well knew each other, the fact that they “couldn’t see” that it was them would provide the Japanese a social excuse to pretend that you “didn’t know” who the person was, even if you met the next day. So yeah.

Also, I found a trivia on reddit that to reduce the squeaking noise of the sliding doors, guys would literally piss on the sliding door of the girl’s bedroom first. Not only are you given a chance to break into their house to rape their daughter, you also get to piss all over your daughter’s room to show dominance! Wow. Totally acceptable.

[2]. (33 sq. m or 348 sq. ft. or 1/200 of a football field, if American).

[3]. Soap play. While Bathhouses and naked socializing are prevalent in Japan, ironically, nightclubs and prostitution are illegal. Yes. Illegal. But as there is still a need for this commodity, Japan, like any other country, still provided loopholes for them despite belonging to the 1st world. Bathhouses (Now soaplands, with the latter more emphasized on adult plays) were just one of the many where you can select a more expensive approach and have a woman “soap” your body instead, hence the “soap play”. This act is most often initiated by a simple lathering, then the “breast sponge”, then foreplay. However sex is very rare to be included in the list.

Loopholes of similar kinds were also present in some “Therapeutic” massaging services (like Pink Salons – easily noticed as they usually play Eurobeat in loud volumes outside their stores) and even in small hotels/condo units in which they offer “spring cleaning” to your room (Delivery Health Service).

Of course, as common men driven with lust, the government doesn’t often bat an eye to them, even making a distinguished rule that it’s not prostitution if there is no penetration, even renaming this entire industry as “Health Industry” altogether.

[4]. Sokushaku(即尺). Soku即 meaning Instant, and Shaku尺 meaning the distance between your outstretched thumb and middle finger, also a euphemism for blowjob. As stated, it is a service in which the hired girl gives a blowjob immediately after entering the customer’s room.

In normal “health services”, the girl would need to go to the shower first along with the customer and then have their ‘play’ in bed, but in the case of sokushaku, all such setups are skipped, and the girl would right away suck the cock of the client upon meeting them, no introduction or greeting needed whatsoever. As male customers got easily excited by the ‘aggressiveness’, along with the increasing introversions of the male society, it became one of the plays that were very preferred by many.

Of course, for sanitary purposes, It is a must-have for the girl and the client to have already taken a bath before meeting up.

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