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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 5 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 2 ※

Pichaa, chupuu, lero……

Silver fluids coming in the two girls’ mouths coated my stuff in a sloppy manner.

Soon it became fully wrapped in spit, and Mina and Mary immediately took turns putting it in and out of their mouths.

“Kuahh, this feels……uaahh.”

Constantly being rubbed by the two pairs of soft lips, the slimy meat rod soon became numb.

Yet the two undulating tongues tickled the sensitive glans again and again, making the sweet numbness that soaked my penis increase more and more as the tips of their appendages trailed down to the muscles of my shaft.

Whether it was by accident or instinct, the two girl’s tongues stimulated the man’s pleasure points one after the other.

“Sir Lian, chuu, how are you feeling?”

“Lian, here, is sho fired up……lero, chuu, nmuu.”

Despite the burning rivalry between the two, Mina’s and Mary’s teamwork was a perfect match.


Perhaps this was because they have been on the same team for years that the sensation seemed to reach up to my hipbones every time they lick it combined.

As a result, the feeling of wanting to ejaculate rose much faster than usual.

It’s such a shame. I want to enjoy this blissful moment for a while longer ──.

But as if making a mockery of my inner desire, the sensual rush never stopped.

They even rained kisses all over my penis as if to quickly drive me over the edge.

Their lips are hot and sweet, and it soaked the entire length of my cock in a tingling pleasure.

Their tongues, on the other hand, ticked, wrapped, and entwined around the tip and the shaft, making obscene sounds each time they move, as well as increasing friction and pressure to make me happier.

As a result, the lust inside me has boiled to the point that it seems it will burst out of control at any moment.

“Uuu, I’m about to……cum soon.”

I shouted in a frenzy brought by my excitement.

“I want to let out my cum all over your faces. Come, turn your faces over here.”

“Of course, Sir Lian~.” “Me too. Give it to me as well~.” Mina nodded submissively, and Mina shouted excitedly as I position myself to them at the same time.

“Kuh, here it goes!”

On the faces of the healing beauty and the courageous gorgeous, I squirted lots and lots of my stuff, painting both of them white. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Kyaaaa! This is……Sir Lian’s seed. So hot……ahuu.”

“Ahh, fuaah, it’s still coming out……huu, aahh, yes, please bathe me more……”

Mina and Mary both shouted in delight as they catch the shower of white slime in their entire beautiful faces. Seeing myself being able to spray as much semen as I wanted at these beautiful girls as they get happy with their facials, it was so exhilarating that my instincts of being a male, the sweet feeling of dominance, and the intense craving of wanting to violate them……all of them almost push me to the brink.

It was the most stimulating situation I’ve ever been in.

After the facial cumshots, of course, being my trait, my cock didn’t wilt at all.

In that state, I went to the bathroom with Mina and Mary.

Of course, I asked them to wipe their faces first, which is now covered in my semen.

Then I sat down on a ministool in front of the nearby bathtub and looked up at the two naked girls.

“Next, I want you both to wash my body.”

I suggested, not forgetting my fresh smile.

However, the excitement hiding in my voice was already beyond that of being refreshing. After all, the thing between my legs was already burning with the haunting anticipation of finally getting into a full-course otherworld soap play.

In fact, the thing was already warped to the point that it was already sticking to my bellybutton.

“Understood. I’ll be taking care of your back, Sir Lian.” “Then I’ll take the front.”

Mina tried to get behind, while Mary quickly went to the front, which quickly surprised me.

“Ah, Mary. Stealing a march is forbidden.”


I warned her before she could even do anything. Mary scratched her head instead, looking embarrassed.

Though I find it cute, I still told them.

But when they were about to reach a sponge, I stopped them.

“No, you are also not allowed to use any tools. Wash me with your body.”

“Eh, with……our bodies?

“Don’t tell me─”


Maybe realizing what I meant, Mina and Mary both blushed at the same time.

“T-then, l-let’s get started, S-sir Lian……”

Unexpectedly, Mina was the first to come by. However, started slow, moving herself to the back as if still contemplating about something.

“nnn, first is…”

In contrast, from the front side, Mary promptly drew her body and rubbed it against mine.

“Ah. That’s so sly!”

This made Mina panic and hugged my back out of the blue, pushing me into a situation where I was being hugged and snuggled coquettishly by two beauties from the front and back.

Aah, this is awesome.

It gave me a sweet feeling of being monopolized, and it couldn’t help but make me grin.

“After all, Mina stole a head start from me a while ago. This is just a payback.”

As the two of them made a fuss, Mina and Mary rubbed their naked bodies against me from side to side. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

I, too, got busy and extended each of my arms to get in between their legs.

I made them straddle on it so that they both get pressed against their special places. As a result, this made me feel the rustling of their pubes and the heat of the pussy lips from every motion of my arms.

“Ahh, it’s rubbing me……yes, over there……hafuuu.”

“Not there……what’s this? I’m feeling weird……”

As my arms washed over their private parts, the friction from rubbing them started to generate heat in their bodies – the other kind of heat.

The way that their wet naked bodies drip a mixture of fluids that was not just water, and their appearance to which was becoming more and more reddish, it was turning more and more sexy that I could barely hold it in.

But as I was determined to go through the whole course of the play, I steeled myself in.

 “Now, the legs.”

I told them, but my voice was already hinting a bit of excitement.

Mina and Mary sat down to my thighs and hugged each side.

“Hnn, chuu……Sir Liann~.”

“Aah mmmm……Liannn~.”

The two of them took turns kissing my legs passionately, even pressing them in between their soft breasts. This only made the thing between my legs became even more erect.

The blood flowing into its veins made my penis swell to its limit, and I felt like I was going to burst from the inside out.

Yet Mina and Mary continued to kiss me without pause, rubbing their pussy cheeks on my left and right thighs, even wrapping them in between their own legs and moving up and down in the most obscene way they could manage.

The feeling was unbearable. Along with that was the sound of the girls’ crotches making wet, squishy noises, indicating their love juices were dripping hard, and soon the bittersweet scent had already spread throughout the bathroom before we even realized it.

I, of course, am getting aroused as well, to the point that I can’t stand it anymore.

“So much for washing up. Put your hands on that tub there, both of you. The floor is slippery, so be careful.”


I stood up from my chair with vigor, my fully erect cock throbbing in its wake.

My whole body was already numb with sweet anticipation at the thought of finally being able to taste their insides directly.

“Yes, Sir Lian. If you please……”

Mina happily grabbed the edge of the tub and thrust out her pretty-looking butt towards me.

“Me too. I’m tired of waiting already.”

Mary also followed suit, and with a tempting smile, she lewdly presented her ass in the same way next to Mina.

Now, I’m gonna fuck both of them to the fullest.

Finally releasing the raging beast of lust inside of me, I went closer to one of the delicious meats.

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