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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – A Bountiful Feast, a Girl’s Recollections

Right now, there are two beautiful girls in front of me, both with most of their skin laid bare.

One of them had blonde hair cut off at her shoulders and dull green eyes, while the other was with red hair in twin tails and a headstrong look.

The girls – Mina and Mary, were both wearing only their underwear, a pair of bra and panties.

The room was dimly lit, but it only added to the tantalizing glamour of their white skin as it reflected the scarce light.

“Sir Lian, please. Take this Mina in your arms……hafuu.”

“Lian, take care of me as well……fuaah.”

Both of them muttered as they swooped down on me from both sides, shaking the bulge of their ample breasts.

Their sweet breaths are tickling my neck and cheeks.

Added to that was the faint smell of alcohol due to the fact that we had all been partying all night.

Could it be that they got hit by the urge of drunken bravery?


“For me, Sir Lian is my fated partner. So please allow me to be by your side more.”

However, Mina’s voice had a sincere tone, clearly different from a vigor of being drunk.

“As for me……uhm, I feel more relaxed with I’m with you, Lian. That’s why I need to be with you more.”

On the other hand, Mary looked somewhat embarrassed, but the seriousness in her eyes was no less than that of Mina.

“As if I allow myself to lose! Not in any other way, as long as it for Sir Lian!”

“As if I am too! I never had given up in any match, you know. Even more, with Lian at stake!”

The two sparked each other’s gaze.

I’m not really sure to be happy or embarrassed that such beautiful girls are pressing themselves before me.

But still, how did this happen in the first place?


That night, I had a banquet with Mina and the others to celebrate my promotion as a C-Class adventurer.

Though I said it’s a banquet, it was just a little drinking party in a rented room at the inn we are staying at.

In addition to our party, which is I, Mina, Mary and Ingrid, Claudia and Paula were also present.

“Again, congratulations on your promotion to C-Class, boy.”

Claudia greeted me as she poured me a cup of liquor.

“Thank you, Claudia.”

I gulped down about half of it, feeling a light, fluffy comfort that lifted my mind and body.

The first time I drank this wine, I thought it was bitter and hot, but as time passed by, I started to get used to it.

Maybe because of the atmosphere of the place, or it’s just that alcohol is readily available to anyone in this primitive world.

Soon, I was in a pleasant, tipsy mood.

“Also……I want to apologize. I put you into too much trouble because of my blunder.”

“No, not really. In fact, I am glad that you’re all okay.”

I gave my signature smile. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“By the way, Claudia’s swords were broken……”

But that’s when I noticed the two swords propped up against the wall at her side.

Back then, I was sure that my weapon destruction technique shattered all seven of her swords into pieces.

“Oh, you mean that? Well, you see, as a magic(magic) artifact(armament), all seven of my swords have the ability to repair themselves.”

Claudia explained.

“Heee, as expected of a legendary sword.”

Pretty convenient.

“……I also have the ability to repair myself. I have a self-restoration ability.”

I’m not sure why, but Milfa also told me that in response.

That’s right, she was also a legendary sword.

“Though for now, the pieces that were completely restored were only these two as for the other five, it will take them a while longer.”

“So you’ll be taking a break from adventuring in the meantime? I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing to me for? In fact, in this situation, I should be thanking you more. Not just in words, but ……in a different way as well──”

The last part was whispered in my ear, and it sent shivers all the way down to my spine.

While we’re at that……

“Hey Paula. Have you found your right guy yet?”

Next to me, Mary and the others were having a good time on their own.

“N-not yet, but it’s fine. I am used to not having a man in my life anyway. I’m just going to keep updating my “no boyfriend history.”

“It’s not good to give up. As the Goddess of Love Elciata always says, “Love is the most supreme in all life. It is for love the we all live, and it is for love the we fulfill our lives.””

Mina comforted Paula with her gospel.


Come to think of it, Mina is a priestess who serves the Goddess of Love, right?

“Fufufu, if you’re worried about your lack of experience with men, then why not let him take the lead for you?”

Claudia then joined the conversation, looking at me with a meaningful grin.

“You see, this boy knows his way around a woman.”

“……yes. To tell the truth, I heard rumors among adventurers that he is very popular with the ladies.”

Paula too, glanced at me.

Wait, what? Who the hell is spreading these rumors?

“But I’m plain, unrefined, and not beautiful. There’s no way a man would take me seriously……uuu.”

Paula looked down in lack of confidence.

No, she is indeed plain-looking, but if you look closely at her, I think she has a beautiful face.

And if she dresses up appropriately, any man will be able to see her wondrous beauty hidden within, unless he is blind or just has a different taste.

“Ingrid, as for you, I think it’s about time you graduate from your man-hating ways.”

“……why? Men are just filthy.”

At Mary’s words, Ingrid only turned her face away with a pout.

“Ooh, that was a different reaction? Is there something or someone you’re finally interested in?”

Hm? What’s with the glance? This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

It’s not as if Ingrid has finally gotten conscious of me anyway……

“I-I-I don’t have anything like that, a-a-and it was just an accident. Y-yes, an accident. I-it ‘s not like I immerse myself in the feeling whenever I remember it, I swear!”

Ingrid suddenly freaked out.


She was waving her hand and suddenly knocked over her glass.

“I’m sorry.”

Ingrid apologized and wiped the table.

But as her white clothes were slightly stained with alcohol, they became somewhat transparent, revealing her small yet shapely breasts inside.


I swallowed my spit in reflex.

As the fabric was transparent, I could also see a glimpse of her white skin.


But then, that’s where I noticed. Below her collarbone, at the middle of her chest, something was glowing red.

It was something like a tattoo? And was shaped like a letter S.

“……I’m feeling a presence staring at me with filthy eyes.”

I came to my senses, only to see Ingrid staring back at me.

“N-no no no, that was just an act of reflex! It just happened to catch my eye!”

I hurriedly made an excuse.


A friendly and enjoyable time passed in the blink of an eye, and after about four to five hours, the drinking party came to an end.

Mina and Mary were so drunk that they are the first to pull out. Ingrid guided them and went directly to her room right after.

As for Claudia, she’s gonna take Paula home.

Two women will be going to the streets at night, but it won’t be a problem with Claudia being one of them.

“Well then, we’ll take it from here. Thanks for inviting us today.”

I saw them at the door as they went out. But when I was about to pull myself up to my own room,

“Wait a minute, boy. Can I ask you something?”

All of a sudden, Claudia stopped me.

“That girl, how long have you been with her?”

“That girl?”

“The one with the blue hair.”

When I wondered who she was talking about, Claudia clarified to me.

“You said she was……Ingrid, right? Have you been with her for a long time?”

“No, not really. I’ve only known Mina and the others for a little over two weeks.”

“……I see. It’s no wonder you don’t know what she’s really like.”

Claudia seemed to have been convinced with something, but I don’t know which ones she is talking about.

“You see, I saw a demonic crest engraved on her chest.”


“It’s a kind of emblem that wizards carve into their bodies to enhance – or perhaps, contain – their abilities. Or a kind of magic circle, if you’re more familiar with that term.”

Claudia started to explain.


“I’m not a mage myself, so I don’t know much about it, but that shape is very similar to the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Finia. It’s presumed to be a high-ranking magic crest that girl has got.”

“Kingdom of Finia?”

Suddenly, there were a lot of words coming out that was beyond my knowledge.

“It’s a small country located in the north of Aisha Continent. Or should I say ‘was’ a small country.”

It bothered me that she was putting emphasis in the past tense.

Could it be that the country…?

“It was destroyed. Three years ago.”

As if to affirm my prediction, Claudia nodded.

“All by the hands……of a single dark elf.”

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