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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 (Full Text)

Volume 4 – The ‘Seven Swords’ Claudia

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Chapter 1 – Update on Rankings
Chapter 2 – To the Dungeon
Chapter 3 – Master of the Dungeon
Chapter 4 – The ‘Seven Swords’ Claudia
Chapter 5 – Onslaught
Chapter 6 – Rend Blade
Chapter 7 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 1 ※
Chapter 8 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 2 ※
Chapter 9 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 3 ※
Chapter 10 – Maidens Around Me
Chapter 11 – Character Introduction

Chapter 1 – Update on Rankings

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At a certain start of the week, I came to the guild branch.

My purpose was to check my new rank.

As what was said to me the last time, Adventurers are given ranks the moment they apply to the guild and could move up or down depending on their achievements in completing quests.

Today was the day of the weekly update.

The S and A-Class, which are few in number, are posted on the bulletin board on the second floor. In contrast, the B and lower classes, due to the large number of adventurers, are listed in publications that were given away at the conference room on the third floor.

I picked up one of the dozens of publications that were scattered about.

On each page, there is a list of old and new rankings for each adventurer.

Since they were listed in order of old rankings, I, as the lowest-ranked E level adventurer, was naturally on the last page.

I’ve done quests almost every day for the past week, so I guess my rank has risen to a certain degree.

With high hopes, I turned the page.

“Let’s see……”

Name: Lian Tiarade


Gender: Male

Class:Magic Swordsman

Old Rank: E Class 50322

New Rank: D Class 13117

“Hmm, D class?”

Not only did the number go up, but the class itself went up.

The total number of E-Class adventurers is 5,322, and the number of D-Class adventurers is about 3,300, so I have leaped above 7,000 people at once.

“……I can’t believe it.”

I was more surprised than happy because I didn’t expect my rank to go up this much in one week.

Well, I’ve been hunting demons every day that a normal E-Class adventurer wouldn’t stand a chance against, so maybe it’s not surprising that my rank has gone up by this far.

“Congratulations, Sir Lian!”

Mina came to me. From her direction, it seems that she came back from the conference room.

“I was curious about you, so I came here first thing in the morning to check the updated rankings, and saw that you’ve risen to D-Class.”

“Ah, yeah. Thank you. But first thing in the morning?”

It’s almost before noon now.

Wait……has she been waiting for me all morning?

“Ehehe, I’m a little too early, aren’t I?”

“No, in fact, I’m really grateful. Mina has done so much to me after all.”

I smiled again, thanking her in the truest sense.

“……Ah, don’t mention it, Sir Lian. I’m just happy to be able to help you.”

And Mina was quickly enthralled by it.

“Hey, who is that……?”

“…A very beautiful boy.”

“Aaah, I want to eat him~.”

Around me, a number of female adventurers who were looking at me got swooned as well.

Each of the murmurs I hear from them is embarrassing yet comforting to the body.

“I also heard that your promotion to D-Class in a week is the fastest one in the record.”

Mina told me in joy.

“Hee, really?”

Even if it’s low, it still feels good to be called the fastest.

“So you’ve been promoted. That’s great, boy.”

Suddenly, I heard a clanging of armored boots approaching our direction.

“Well, with your power, it’s not surprising.”


I turned around and saw a female knight standing in front of the door.

A long purple hair in a so-called princess-cut.

Light blue eyes that emit strong light.

Her height was tall for a woman, yet she was well proportioned, and fully equipped in knight armor except in her skirt area, which probably the only one signifying that she’s a woman instead of a beautiful man.

A perfect neutral beauty. A beautiful woman in a male clothing. A princess knight in novels and comics that I read in my past life.


This girl, who is about a year or two older than me, is Claudia Wellstein, the third-ranked S-Class adventurer, also known as the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades).

When I first came to the guild, I fought with her for some reason.

“Long time no see, boy.”

Claudia looked at me and gave me a carefree smile.

“I’m also glad to see you’ve been promoted so well. I hope you keep up the good work and move up to the S-class soon. It’s going to be a fun competition with you.”

“……You really like to compete, are you?”

“Anyway, based on our last exchange, it seemed that you are still not well-versed with the use of the sword. Teaching is not my style, but I can at least advise an amateur. What do you think?”

Claudia leans forward, causing a soft, clean smell to drift into the air.

I couldn’t help but feel my heart throb.

“It’s a nice offer, but I’m already taking lessons from my companions.”

I replied, stifling my nervousness on her.


But Claudia only looked more intrigued.

“What kind of sword style are you learning?”

“It’s called Crimson Emperor(Teikoku Zan) Slaying Style(Jutsu). Though the only technique I learned was one called the one called Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin)──”

“Kuku, kukukukukukuku.”

I heard a strange voice behind me.

Who’s the one doing the funny chuckle?

──When I thought of that,


The one who ran up to me with a high-pitched voice was Mary.

Though I’m not sure if it’s her who’s chuckling.

“Uhm, you see, I was curious about Lian’s new rank, so──”

She looked at me and smiled, but when her gaze shifted to Mina, that smile suddenly went stiff.

“No way, Mina beat me into it!?”

“Ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufuufu, I won’t hand over Sir Lian that easily.”

“Mumumumumumumumu, you’re a tough one, aren’t ya?”

Bzzt, bzzt, the two beautiful girls exchanged sparks in their eyes.

“Oh, looks like you’re getting popular, boy. It’s wonderful to be young.”

Claudia says something that sounded like an old-fashioned grown-up, but her youthful figure just made it more strange.

“No, you’re about the same age as us, right?”

“Well, I may be still in my late teens, but I have already dedicated my youth to this sword.”

“Oh, no, for me to act like this in front of Miss Claudia, I’m so embarrassed.”

It was then when I heard Mary’s whispers, but upon realizing that Claudia was still watching, her face immediately changes color to that of a tomato.

Come to think of it, I remember that Mary became an adventurer because she admired her.

“……Hou, she looks like she could be of use as well.”

However, Claudia’s eyes only narrowed at her.

“You look like the type to enjoy having an opponent, girl. If you want, I can make arrangements with you at once──”

“No, no, no, no.”

I hurriedly stopped Claudia, who was about to take a stance.

Why is it when she sees someone who looks strong, she’ll try to fight them at once?

It’s like she belongs to some kind of fighting tribe.

“Oh, I can have a bout with Miss Claudia? Great! I’m so excited!”

As for Mary, it’s like she had completely changed into a different character.

“Claudia, Mary. Stop. it’s not good to lose yourselves here.”

“Ah, s-sorry, Lian.”

“…Me as well, as I lost myself there for a bit. Now that our greetings are over, I have some business deal with, and I need your help with that.”

Claudia turned to me.

“Business deal?”

“Actually, I need your help with a quest, boy.”

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Chapter 2 – To the Dungeon

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It seems that Claudia right now has accepted a quest to defeat an S-Class Demon species.

However, this time, she’s all alone, not accompanied by other S-Class adventurers which is the usual in their expeditions.

This S-Class Demon, as one could see by their rank, is even stronger than the A-class dragon species I fought the other day, and if left unchecked, it could destroy any entire nearby city it goes into at once.

Lately, it’s been hunting and capturing people in the area where it is now.

I don’t know if he’s using them for food, experiments, keeping them as livestock, or worse.

Though its purpose is still unknown, a considerable amount of people had already gone missing after that.

The kingdom’s army has tried to take them down several times, but they were all beaten back.

That’s why the S-class adventurers, who are said to be as good as an army on their own, were asked to take them down.

But even an S-class adventurer would inevitably have a hard time fighting alone.

“So I came to ask for your help, boy.”

This means that Claudia considers me to be as strong as an S-class fighter?

Come to think of it, she already had high opinions of me after that last bout.

“Unfortunately, the guild doesn’t have any other S-class adventurers who can move around at the moment. All of us have been traveling around the world to take on difficult requests, you see. That’s why I came to you.”

“An S-class entity, huh?”

I have yet to take down an S-Class demon, and neither I have not experienced facing opponents above S-Class yet.

However, even the A-class demon could be defeated by me in one blow.

If it’s just one rank higher, well, I think it would be fine.

“Got it. I’ll help if that’s okay with you.”

I judged with very optimistic thinking.

Of course, if I defeat an S-class enemy, my rank will definitely skyrocket.

“I knew you would say that. That’s reassuring, boy.”

Claudia wrapped her hands around mine and squeezed them upfront.

“Also, thank you.”

The smile on her face was so gentle that I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

But then,


It was then that Mina had stepped in between us, looking as if she had made up her mind about something.

“If you allow us, we could be of help as well.”

“Eh, Mina?”

I looked at her in surprise.

“But from the tone of Claudia, it’s already a dangerous quest, and it’s better for me alone to──”

“That can’t do, Sir Lian.”

I was worried, but Mina looked straight back at me.

“We’re also worried of you embarking on such a dangerous quest. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but at least, please let me be there for you.”

“Girl, sorry about this, but the quest might be a bit too much for a C-Class.”

Claudia raised her eyebrows at Mina.

“I mean, sure, he is a D-Class right now, but I came to him with the expectation that he is as powerful as an S-Class adventurer. You participating will only put your life in danger.”

“With all due respect, Miss Claudia, but there are things that even a C-class can do.”

Mina is a quiet person, but right now doesn’t intend to be taking any steps back.

“If the need arises, I will protect Sir Lian even if I use my body as a shield.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll go as well.”

It was Mary who was next to step forward.

“Since I already had a spare sword, I won’t slow you down.”

“It’s a high-level quest. It’s a good opportunity to get some valuable field data. Also, you two, how dare of you to leave your party member behind.”

From God knows where she came from, Ingrid also came and angrily stepped forward.

“In addition, Mina and I haven’t done any quest in order to fully recover our mana. Our ranking has gotten flat in this weekly update, so if we kept resting as it is, the other C-Class adventurers would overtake us one-by-one.” added Ingrid.

I see, it’s not only promotion but also maintaining rank is already quite difficult.

“Hmmm, they all have strong wills in your eyes, and I can see that they have a pretty good attitude as well. This quest will be hard, but this kind of experience might help them grow a pair if they make it through this……”

Claudia muttered without any shame at all.

Really, is that really something an S-Class adventurer, moreover, a woman, should say?

“Okay. I will allow you three to accompany us. But you must evacuate immediately the moment you sense any danger. Don’t be a hero.”

Eventually, it was decided that we would all follow Claudia.


“The stronger these guys grow, the more fun I’ll have with them. Fufufufu.”

Claudia’s eyes glowed a strange light after that.

Don’t tell me, she wants to train Mina and the others in this quest just to battle with them later on?

Just how thirsty are you to in fighting strong people?

She’s already a battle maniac.


Two days after we went on the road, we arrived at a mountainous area in the north.

The S-class demon is reported to be in a dungeon built in the middle of this mountain.

After finding the dungeon, we entered it immediately.

Incidentally, there are three main types of dungeons in this world.

Those natural caves in which monsters have settled in.

Those which belonged to the High Ancients, a super ancient civilization that prospered in the past.

And those which are created by Gods and Demons themselves.

The latter two are inhabited by powerful monsters that act as nasty traps and guardians, but they also often contain rare armor and treasures.

I just hope I can find a replacement for Mary’s broken sword after we defeated them……”

Since I’ve only been doing a lot of demon-slaying quests in the wilderness, this will be my first time exploring a dungeon like this.

As for the category of dungeons, we’re dealing with the third type.

By the way, this cave we have entered is about five meters high, yet the with is so narrow it could barely fit two people side by side.

Claudia and Mary were in the lead, Mina and Ingrid in the middle, and I was guarding the rear.

And as expected of a cave, it’s dark, so the surroundings were illuminated by the magical lighting that Ingrid had created.

Thanks to it, we were able to see clearly what’s ahead.

Of course, with this much light, the enemy would also see us, and we could be a walking target all the time.

But I’d rather have that. It saves us a lot of trouble.

Right now, Claudia is making a fierce smile on her face, reminiscent of a predator.

“Speaking of which, where is Claudia’s sword stored?”

I asked curiously.

In our last battle, Claudia showed her prowess to me as the master of the “Seven Sacred Blades.”

However, she has only one sword in her waist and one in her back sheath.

I can’t seem to find the other five.

“Hm? It’s here.”

As soon as she said that, a sword appeared in her hand.

“H-how? Where did you get that from?”

It was like a magic trick.

“I always put two of them outside for easy access, like what you see in my waist and my back. As for the rest, they are in my breastplate and the back of my gauntlets. The sword itself has a built-in transformation mechanism that allows it to be folded into a somewhat smaller size. Convenient, isn’t it?”

Claudia’s face becomes like a child showing off her toy.

“I could feel some kind of divinity from the armor…… it is also a Meta-Artifact(God-Tier Magic Armament)

The small sword on my hip ─ Milfa ─ murmured.

“So you’re saying that the armor is the same as you ──”

“Yes. It’s the so-called legendary weapon. It’s a magical armament created by a God.”

She added.

“Hm? Is that your sword? Pretty rare for it to have an ego of its own.”

Claudia growled as if intrigued by Milfa’s voice.

“……Hou, So you must be Millifarazé.”

“You know her?”

“There is a legend that Elciata, the goddess of love, sends her sword, Millifarazé, to protect those that she loves.”

“Those that she loves……?”

Mina stares at me.

“What does she mean, Sir Lian?”

Her green eyes have an unusually sharp light in them, and they shoot right through me.

I felt a strange pressure and reflexively backed away.

“Did you do something that made her like you?”

I then remembered experiencing sex for the first time in my life with a goddess.

Ahhh, that felt really good ──.

“Ufufufufufufufu, please tell us more about it later, okay?”

Mina is smiling, but her eyes aren’t laughing.

Moreover, her green eyes were somewhat hollow and out of focus.

To put it bluntly, it’s scary as hell.

But then ──,

“Well, well, well, another intruder, huh?”

As if to break the slapstick atmosphere, an eerie laughter reverberated in the cave.


A small shadow suddenly appears from the dark depths of the cave.

However, they look far from an adventurer who is exploring the dungeon like we are.

A chill ran down my spine.

Its presence – it was already too ominous.

It’s probably the owner of this dungeon – also the S-Class Demon that we are all targeting on.

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Chapter 3 – Master of the DungeonD

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What appeared in front of us was an old woman clad in a black robe that looked like rags.

Her eyes were downcast, her face was wrinkled, and her limbs were as thin as dead trees, as if they were about to be blown away at any time.

This person, who looks weak on the outside, is an S-class demon…?

“Wow, the intruder this time is a very handsome man. I like it.”

The demon-kin looked at me and licked her tongue.

“Aaah, just looking at you gives me the shivers. I think I’ll keep you alive. Yes, it’s a good idea to leave you alive only from the neck up as I keep you by my side. Kekeke.”

I was horrified by the old woman’s outrageous words.

“As expected of a person blessed with maximum luck with women, master is as popular as ever.”

Milfa said matter-of-factly.

“You think this is still considered as luck!?”

“Based on my observation, it seems that Miss Mina, Miss Mary, and Miss Claudia also like master, and the receptionist of the guild also fawns on master too. In addition, even now, female demon is approaching master, so I can safely conclude that master’s luck with women is definitely the best.”

I have no qualms with the others, but I have to disagree with you about the demon one.

First of all, it isn’t even considered an appeal that she wants to keep my head and my head alone, all by her side! Aren’t you even a bit creeped out by that?

“You’re the dungeon master?”

While I was retorting in my thoughts, Claudia took a step forward.

“I go by the name of Jarvise. Intruders are always welcome here─”

The old woman chuckled.

“─as my food, that is!”

As soon as she said that, the old woman’s arm suddenly stretched out and lunged at us.

Edge Two(Second Treasure Sword)Lightning(Inazuma)

Claudia immediately pulled out the swords on her back and waist in response and swung them down in an X shape.

This is a technique that she used the last time I fought.

However, unlike the last time, each of the two swords had a golden lightning bolt swirling on the blade.

Was this the true form of her technique?

The slash cut the old woman’s arm in half.

The lightning strike entangled the severed arm, instantly scorching and disintegrating the area it made contact.

“Hou. Great reaction. Most people would have been taken by surprise by this and get stabbed in the heart by now.”

But the old woman just laughed.

She rose the cut surface of her arm, and it quickly regenerated right in front of us.

And a sword that emits lightning without any incantation at all──Looks like it’s of a, no, a legendary grade, even.”

Regeneration(Ultra-fast Recovery), huh. Of all the types, to think I encountered the type that is difficult to counter with a sword.”

Claudia mumbled nonchalantly and lowered the swords in her left and right hands sluggishly.

“That’s not the only power I have.”

The old woman stretched out her arms like spears again as soon as she said that.

“Using the same technique twice will not work on us! I have already seen your pattern. Even if I’m not as good as Claudia, I can still do it!”

The one who jumped out was Mary.

She swung her large sword, which she had purchased as a reserve, and slashed away at the arm spear.


As soon as that happened, however, Ingrid, who was behind me, twitched and fell to the ground.



“Mary and Mina screamed out.

“Fuu…fuuu, fuuuu……”

But after a moment, Ingrid slowly stood up, breathing intermittently.

In a moment, her body crouched down, as if preparing to pounce, and as if a spring was released, she started running – with a momentum far explosive from to her small stature.

What’s more, she was coming straight towards me!

“Ehh……!? Uwaaa.”

Afraid of her body hitting the wall if I dodge, I tried to block her with my body, but the momentum was too great for a slim-statured elf like mine.

I was pushed far away from the rest of the party as soon as I was hit.

“Sir Lian!”


“You two, don’t take your eyes away from the enemy!”

Mary and Mina tried to charge in, but they were halted by Claudia’s shout.

“M-my body is……on its own……!?”

Meanwhile, Ingrid itself is confused by the sudden act.

“You like it, Miss?!  That was my Marionette Fear(Body Manipulation). Another special skill of mine.”

Jarvise smiles.

“Thanks to the red-haired woman who carelessly slashed my arm, my preparations were completed. Ingrid, you say? You’re already my puppet.”

Does that mean that Ingrid’s body is being manipulated by this guy?

I was half surprised and half flabbergasted.

As I thought that, Ingrid’s petite, soft body was pressed even tighter against my own.

Seconds passed, and her cool, icy good looks were bringing closer and closer to my face.


Just like that, I lost my lips to Ingrid.

The other party widely opened her eyes in the suddenness of the act.

“N-no way, my first kiss is……”

Quickly pulling her face away in panic, Ingrid turned bright red and shivered.

“Oya oya, that much reaction from just a kiss, how pure and innocent~. What’s more if I do this!”

The old demoness laughed with amusement.

“Kyaaaa, no. stooopp!”

Ingrid’s right hand started groping my crotch.

“Y-you! What are you trying to make Ingrid do!”

Mary tried to jump out of the way, but the old woman wielded her arm spear as a check, preventing her from approaching quickly.

“What am I trying to do? Well, the question is, what should you do? No sudden moves, or the bitch slices her own throat. You don’t want that, do you? For now, watch as I play around with her a little.”

Meanwhile, Ingrid’s palm rubbed and squeezed the meat stick over my pants with perfect force.

Despite the situation, the symbol of my manhood was filling up with blood due to the sad fate of men.

“……? Something’s getting hard……? What a strange phenomenon──”

“Well, that’s because I’m being touched……”

While I was saying this, Ingrid continued to move her hand without pause.

She gently rubbed her palm over the raised groin, applying subtle pressure to send a zinging, numbing sensation over my crotch.

I wondered if her skillful touch was due to the fact that she was being controlled by the old woman.

It felt so good that I felt like I was going to lose consciousness there.

“Uu, kuuuhhh……ugh, kuh.”

The stimulation became more luscious, and with that, the more erect my object became.

It’s became a huge tent that it was almost trying to pierce through my pants now.

“It’s getting bigger again……Does this always happen to you when you’re touched?”

Ingrid looks at me curiously.

I wonder if she’s more dubious than disgusted?

“W-well……to me, as long as I feel horny……no, I’m sorry.”

“? Y-you mean you also get horny from me? Even with this body?”

“Of course. Ingrid is just so beautiful that I……”

Crap, I answered by reflex.

I already forgotten how she despised me early on.

“You are…looking me that way?”

Ingrid raised her eyebrows.

I’m not sure if I’ve said anything to offend her, but I think it made her mood…worse?  I can’t tell.

I’ve only heard that she hates men.

“……that’s the first time……that someone has said that to me……”

As if it was her final words, the expression on Ingrid’s face changed.

It was a somewhat sad and wistful smile, the least I was expecting.

And soon, deep hollow darkness consumed the light in her beautiful eyes.

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Chapter 4 – The Seven Swords Claudia

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Anyway, the proper question now is what should we do about this situation?

The expression on Ingrid’s face, which is neither sad nor wistful, is worrisome, but ──.

“Master, there seems to be a Controller(Pilot Terminal) placed on her forehead.”

Suddenly, Milfa announced.


Looking closer, I could see a hexagonal red something stuck on Ingrid’s forehead.

“That’s it!”

I reached out with my right hand and plucked it off.


The instant it was removed, Ingrid’s body flinched for a bit then collapsed on top of me as if she had lost strength.

“Planting a part of one’s own body then injecting magic power on them to make them their own puppets. They are one of the abilities known to exist in S-Class demons and above.” Told Milfa.

“This is why they are classified as a dangerous class and are able to herd out demons with far little abilities than them. Though with this that it became easy for them to subject lower-strength species to do their bidding, It became easier too, for them to be released. Once you remove their intermediary, the effects of the controller will dissipate.”

“Oh, so you also knew about the ‘Devil’s Bud’? I didn’t know you could defeat my physical control just like that.”

Jarvise murmurs in surprise from afar.

I glared at the old woman and then held out my hand to help Ingrid up.

Then, my eyes met Ingrid’s lips.

The lips that had just touched me are extremely warm── no, now is not the time for that!

“You okay, Ingrid?”

I asked in a slightly raised tone.


But Ingrid just blushed and turned away.

“My first kiss……”

Then she touched her trembling lips with her own fingertips.

Because of that, the memory of kissing her came back to me again…along with the embarrassment and shame that came alongside it.

“That was an accident that was an accident that was an accident that was an accident……erase memory erase memory erase memory erase memory……”

I resumed from my fantasy, only to find Ingrid suddenly talking to herself repeatedly at an alarming rate. Ah, I think I broke her.

“You can do your lovey-dovey strawberry time later, boy!”

Out of the blue, Claudia stepped closer and shouted to us.

“W-wait, it’s a misunderstanding. There’s no lovey-dovey or strawberry factor or whatever between…”

Ingrid stammered an excuse.

“Save your pleasing acts for later. We have to deal with this demon first.”

Claudia said with a dignified face and approached my side.

Then she whispered to me.

“I need you to back me up, boy. I’ve heard that your magic sword technique can send out blasts and shockwaves all around you. To be honest, it’s not ideal for fighting in tight spaces…….”

“Well, that’s for sure.”

“And if you just slash randomly, you might get manipulated by the scattered ‘Devil Buds.’ We still don’t know how your mage was caught, but it would be more suitable for me to take the job as I can make her buds disappear the same time I slash.”

“But the opponent is so strong that even an S-class adventurer would have trouble with it one-on-one. Are you okay with that?”

“Hmph. Who do you think I am?”

Along with a pair of eyes full of fighting spirit, she looked absolutely stunning as she spoke those words. So radiant, that her fierceness never once made her beauty look out of place, even if we’re in the middle of battle.

Yes, she’s just like those Valkyrie(War Maiden)s in legends.

“Though I’m saying that, this thing is still an S-Class. You’ll never know what kind of tricks they might have up their sleeves. This is why I’m asking you to back me up if something happens.”

“……Okay. If it looks bad, I’ll help you right away.”

“Well, I might say back me up, but don’t blow up the whole cave and bury us all alive, boy.”

Claudia smiled jokingly and turned her back on me.

Suddenly, a shiver ran down my spine.

What is this feeling?

It’s super bad, as if something is──.

“Hmm, finally. And I thought you’re going to fight alone? I hope you’ll excite me with that plan of yours, as I had already given you too much time waiting.”

Jarvise was still standing arrogantly as she was.

Yet she was already with her arms lowered, ready to fire her arm spears at any time.

“I have a plan. A great plan, in fact. And it’s THIS!”

Claudia rushed towards the direction of the demon.

“I can’t believe you just called charging ahead a plan! Haha, I didn’t think you were planning to die all this time!”

The old woman extended her arms like a spear, just like before.

But now, she’s using both her left and right arms at the same time.

Claudia slashed the two incoming arm spears with her twin swords, just like before, and disintegrates them with lightning strikes soon as they made contact with her blade.

However, the severed part immediately regenerated and was thrust out at her once again, with one of the arms drawing an arc and closing in behind her.


Without even turning around, our female swordsman haphazardly cuts it off and disintegrates it.

“Not yet!”

But it quickly regenerated and came back at her with another arm spear.

“I’m telling you, it’s futile.”

Claudia easily slashes it, obliterates it, and continues to accelerate even more.

In the end, it has led to a super speedy exchange between attack and defense.

Regenerate. Slash. Disintegrate. Approach.

Regenerate. Slash. Disintegrate again. Approach again.

“As long as I slash you quicker than you regenerate, I won’t have any problems.”

It was plan to overwhelm the opponent at the very front!

Claudia, who never stopped running, finally came within striking distance of the old woman. Then,

Edge Three(Third Pearl Sword) ──Tempest(Boufuu)!”


The three swords clad in wind magic cut off the old woman’s limbs.

Furthermore, towards the body of the demon that was sent flying in the air,

Edge Five(Noble Fifth Sword)Blaze(Hellfire)

Five swords clad in flames suddenly appeared around Claudia, and were shot out like homing missiles of a cruiser ship.

“With this, it’s over.”

The demon who has lost her limbs was literally in a helpless state, but as the five flaming swords closed in on the defenseless Jarvise,

“──naïve, young lady.”

The old woman just smiled and spat something out of her mouth.

Seeing it closer with my sharpened vision, It was a piece of her very own tongue! She just gnawed and made her own tongue a projectile!

“-!? Cra──”


The next thing I saw was Claudia letting out a groan of pain, along with the old woman’s laughter overlapping with that voice.

A moment later──.

A hideous black glow suddenly burst out from the limbless old woman’s body.


I shouted unconsciously towards the woman who was caught in the explosion.


Claudia slowly looks back.

Then, a chill runs down all over my body.

From there, in front of us was still Claudia, and gone were the traces of the old woman.

However, Claudia is──for some reason, smiling.

No, that person is not Claudia anymore.

I looked at her, feeling dumbfounded at first, but it was immediately followed by a surge of despair upon confirming it.

A red hexagon is now stuck to her forehead.

It must be from the piece of flesh from the tongue that the old woman had spat out.

Yes, it was the controller that the Demon Jarvise used to manipulate her targets.

“Claudia’s body……has been taken over!”

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Chapter 5 – Onslaught

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“Whew, that was a close one, but …… with this, she’s my puppet now.”

Behind Claudia, Jarvice stood up.

The limbs that had been cut off earlier were already regenerating at super-speed.

“Now then, my new Claudia. Let’s kill them all. Oh, and leave the elf boy alive, of course.”

The old woman winked at me with a snap.

“You really have the best luck with women, Master Lian.”

“……this is luck to you?”

As Milfa’s tone this time is not a joke but a serious one, I couldn’t help but mutter back.

“You got to be kidding me! I want Claudia back!”

“Hmmm, let’s see what we got this time. A body this young but with so much fighting power, she’ll be very good as a valuable pawn. In addition, she’s beautiful, and her breasts are……well, not really sufficient, but still modest enough. Kukuku.”

Claudia made a gesture of lifting her own chest with her hands and laughed – in the voice of the old demoness.

“So, how will it be, beautiful boy and his companions? Why don’t you try and break my control with force? Seeing that’s all you can do.”

“You don’t need to tell us that!”

Shouting, Mary kicked the ground first.

Her body got enveloped in a pale red and blue light, then she accelerated at a speed that is already enough to leave afterimages behind.

She’s fast!

It might even be as fast as me with my physically reinforced body.

“It’s our Support Magic. Our mana has yet to recover completely, but if it’s this much…”

“We made use of our remaining mana to increase Rosemary’s muscular strength, endurance, dynamic vision, and reflexes……to the limit she could bear.”

In a posture with their right hand outstretched, Mina and Ingrid each announced.

In the palm of their outstretched hands, there is a faint glow of magic power coming out.

I see, the combination of the three of them created an effect that is already equivalent to my Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration).

Meanwhile, Mary, who rushed forward with the force of an arrow, has already closed in on Claudia.

“If we only suppress her combat abilities──”

She laid down her sword blade and unleashed a strike from above, only for a metallic sound to resonate in the pit of our stomachs.


The large sword that Mary swung down was easily caught by Claudia’s twin swords.

“It’s true that your speed and strength are beyond human limits. But you’re not the only one who’s pushing the limits here.”

As soon as she said it, Claudia swung her twin swords carelessly.

Despite that, the speed of the slash was double of Mary’s just now.


Mary hurriedly leaped back to avoid the incoming sword, preventing it from touching her body only by a hair’s breadth.

“Kuuh, uu……”

But that instance was enough to reverse the offense and defense of the two.

Mary did her best to catch and surpass her opponent’s slashes, but despite the one being controlled, it was Claudia who had a relaxed expression on her face.

Moreover, the speed of her slashes increased with each strike, as if she was testing to see how far Mary could take it.

It’s as if she was torturing her……

“Is this the difference between her and me? My sword is larger, but her slashes are faster and way heavier…”

Mary’s face twisted in despair as she was slowly pushed back into the cave.

“This is the end of the line for you!”

With a sneer, Claudia’s twin swords were swung down in an X-shape.

A sound of creaking metal rang out, and Mary’s greatsword was severed from its base, and the blade flew through the air.


With the momentum of the slash being too great for her, Mary was blown away right in front of me.

“A-are you okay, Mary!?”

“Cough, cough……if I hadn’t caught that last hit with my sword to the last minute, I would have been cleaved into two right now.”

Apparently, she had only received some external bruises from being knocked down, much to my relief.

However, the exchange of words just now had drained most of her strength, and she had also lost her weapon.

Mary can’t fight anymore.

I’m sure that Mina and Ingrid had also lost a lot of their magic power in that exchange.

“Did I miss the kill? It’s a shame, because it’s my pleasure to slice through a young, beautiful maiden like you.”

Claudia gave a brutal smile.

No, it was not the same Claudia that I knew, who enjoyed battles with great relish.

It’s just an evil demon that enjoys killing his prey.

“You need to rest. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I said, and I walked towards “Claudia.”

“…… By the way, Milfa. You’re sure Claudia isn’t using some kind of body enhancement technique?”

Let’s check her out before we fight.

“I’m not detecting any magical activation. It’s just her natural athletic ability.”

“Isn’t that almost inhuman, that power and speed?”

I made a retort, but inside, I was a little surprised at myself for being able to talk so lightly even before a life-threatening battle.

I wonder if I’ve gotten a little used to it, or it’s just my skill and constitution as a native in this world?

“Oh, so you’re next? Don’t worry, boy. I’m going to leave your beautiful face unharmed and keep it with me all the time. As for the rest of your body……kukuku.”

Claudia faced me and lightly licked her lips with her peach-colored tongue.

The atmosphere she’s giving was so lustrous that it made my back tingle, even in this situation.

“Though this is not the way we have agreed on, but I’ll be your opponent this time, Claudia.”

I looked straight at her.

“Wait for me. For help is coming to you now.”

And thus, the battle between Claudia and me began.

Two swords, three swords, four swords, five swords… Claudia dexterously manipulated multiple swords and rained down slashes at my own.

And unlike last time, Claudia attacked with blades covered in fire, lightning, and whirlwind.

If I remember, she said that she took it easy on me the last time.

In that case, then this is the real deal – the authentic Claudia’s sword that aims only to defeat the opponent in front of her.

Using my enhanced muscle strength to wield my short sword, I blew away the flames, wind, and thunder of my opponent’s sword with my magic sword skills. With this, I was able to manage fending off the worst parts.

Perhaps it was because I had become accustomed to the strengthening of my dynamic eyesight, or maybe it was because I had memorized the strategy of her sword skills from the previous battle, but somehow I was able to see through my opponent’s attacks much easier than we first fought.

However, there was still a massive gap between her and me in terms of sword skills.

I don’t think any half-baked magic sword techniques would work here.

On the other hand, if I go all out, I might end up killing her, or worse, this place will collapse, and we’ll all be buried alive.

What should I do…

“Interesting, boy.”

Suddenly, Claudia’s tone changed.

It’s not the old woman’s voice but her own.

“I’ve ── always wanted to have a match like this.”

Could it be that she’s regained consciousness?

… No, it’s different.

From time to time, Claudia raises her eyebrows to show her anguish.

Maybe her strong will is rebounding from the demon’s control just at this moment.

And – perhaps – it will not last long.

“From a young age, I was hailed as a genius with the sword. But it became boring soon enough. I became too strong. There was no one around me who I could really wield a sword against my own.”

Claudia continued.

“Was it because I was too complacent that I was caught off guard? I don’t know, but still, what I had hoped for a long time has now been fulfilled. With this, I have no regrets.”


“Now, come at me, and don’t hold back ──guh, uuuuuuugh.”

As she was about to say this, Claudia scratched her chest over her armor.

“Phew……to think there existed humans who could repel my controller. Really, some existences are so outrageous. Kukuku.”

The old woman’s tone of voice returned, and ‘Claudia’ laughed.

“Time to end this showdown, boy~.”

“Don’t worry, Claudia. I’m gonna win, and I’m gonna get you back on track.”

I still called out to her, despite the fact that she was probably already unconscious.

“Unfortunately, that’s impossible for you now. I won’t go easy on you this time.”

The old woman’s voice had a hint of anger in it, probably from the humiliation of having her dominion broken by a human, even if only for a moment.

She looked at me with eyes full of murderous intent.

Based on her speech, what she is about to unleash would be her all-out attack.

This will probably be the greatest skill of Claudia, who was renowned as the S Class 3rd ranked” Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades) . “

Edge Five(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell).”

At that moment.

A dazzling flash of light filled my vision.

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Chapter 6 – Rend Blade

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It all happened in an instant.

Edge Five(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell).

It was an omnidirectional simultaneous continuous slash by seven swords.

The dazzling flashes of light were the diffuse reflections from the myriad trajectories of the seven blades.

Meaning it’s a swift attack that even my enhanced speed can’t outrun.

“With this, it’s over.”

The edge of ‘Claudia’s’ mouth lifted up as if she was convinced of her victory.

Indeed, there is no escape from the slashes that are fired from all directions.

There were too many of them, and it was impossible for anyone to sneak past the attacks and reach her.

There was nothing I, Yano Soichi, could do about it.

Surely, it’s over.

“But what about Lian Tiarade?”

I lifted the corner of my mouth, just like what she did.

If I hadn’t learned that technique from Mary, I might not have been able to handle this situation now.

From above, from below, from the right, from the left, from diagonally… seven swords were coming at me in a multifaceted trajectory.

Yet, I didn’t move an inch.

I couldn’t slash them, and I couldn’t prevent them.

In that case, there was only one move left.

I surge the mana out of me, flaring up a golden aura in my body as I stood still.

“W-what the hell is that magic?”

‘Claudia’ shouts in confusion.

“By the way, did you know? That Elves here are similar to the General(Demon Shogun) and Lucifer(Demon Lord) Class──”

Raising my magic to the limit, I held up my short golden sword to my shoulder level.

Put your right foot in front of you and your center of gravity on your left foot, as if you were holding a sword in the middle.

By the way, this is not your conventional amateur technique that is often watched in kendo animes.

This will be the very first time, that I’ll be using a sword stance in actual combat.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)Thirty(Sanjuu)()Seventh(Nana no) Sword(Tachi), Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin)!”

It’s not about slashing the enemy; it’s about slashing the weapon.

Just like its namesake, it is a weapon destruction technique.

But I’ve adapted it in my own way.

As the possessor of the strongest magic sword skills, I was able to put my enormous magic power into the sword in my first try.

What I’m trying to do is I’m going to counter Claudia’s ultimate technique with a weapon destruction technique loaded with all the magic I can muster.

But then, something happened to Milfa’s form while I was doing this.

“I will assist you, master. Just point and shoot!”

What happened next was Milfa making a cracking sound as the tip of the sword split into two parts, like some sort of railgun.

Burst(Rend)Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution)!”

A magical red light was then released from the base of the bifurcated cutting edge.

The normal Seraphim Zapper was a bombardment technique that shoots out a mass of magic power without holding back, like a nuke, but this one is the opposite.

This one disperses them in one direction and releases them as innumerable number of sword waves, so many they seemed to look like a red beam from afar.

The silver light of Claudia’s countless blades and the red glow of the numerous magic blades I shot out…

They collided in the void, spreading two colored sparks in various directions.

Blade for blade, they clashed with each other, and wave for wave.

Slashing. Stabbing. Striking. Cleaving. Mowing. It was a really close battle.

Countless attacks and defenses condensed into a single moment. Then, seven high-pitched metallic sounds echoed out in the cave.

Claudia’s seven swords had been shattered into pieces.

“My sword──?!”

The demon was astonished.

“This is your end, Jarvice!”

I used my strengthened leg power to get to her in an instant.


Lacking a sword and unarmed, there was nothing Claudia could do to resist.

Pinching it down with my fingertips, I ripped a piece of flesh from her forehead with ease.


The freed Claudia looked at me, smiled faintly, and collapsed.


I smiled back at her, then shifted my gaze to the old woman.

“You’re next.”

I said with anger in my voice.

Trying to manipulate others – my friends, even – into killing me from a safe distance……it was indeed too despicable.

“Tch……to think there is one hell of a monster here as well…!”

With a cluck of her tongue, Jarvice tried to escape to the back of the cave.

“As if I’ll let you!”

Despite her weapon broken, the first one to jump out was Mary.

Shield(Sealing Barrier)!”

Gilbind(Restraining Thorns)!”

The magical barrier created by Mina blocked Jarvice’s escape route, and the countless briars summoned by Ingrid entangled her limbs.

“Kuh, something like this…”

The demon tried to struggle, but its shackles only went tighter.

“To think I was easily caught like this……I would have already broke this spell if I didn’t use too much of my magic to control that girl…”

“How dare you! Not also Claudia, but for you to target even Lian’s life!”

Mary stood in front of her.

“Haha, have you lost your mind in anger? You think you can kill this Jarvice without any weapons?”

Despite the warning, Jarvice gave a gloating chuckle.

Indeed, her sword had been broken by Claudia just now.

“I’m not that easy enough to be beaten by an unarmed human, no matter how bound I am by a spell of this magnitude, girl.”

“Shut up. You’re good enough with my own bare hands.”

“No, you can’t do that!”

I snapped at Mary, who’s seemed to be losing it in anger.

“If you want to deal with her, use this!”

I threw the Milfa at her.

“What? Shit…”

“Thanks, Lian!”

Despite the distraught of the demon, Mary jumped up and grabbed the golden sword in midair.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)First Sword(Ichi no Tachi), Flame Emperor’s Blazing Fire(Entai Gekisen)!”

A slash that uses gravitational acceleration similar to that of a meteorite falling was fully slammed towards the demon’s face.


Jarvice was cut in two from the top of her brain, and her body, which had also been split in half, shattered into countless snowflake-like lights the instant they separated.

Was the damage so great that it has surpassed the threshold of her super-fast regeneration?

She’s completely disappeared, without any traces left.

But with this, The quest to defeat the S-class demon Jarvice is now complete.


A few days have passed since then.

Today is the day for the ranking update.

I went to the Adventurer’s Guild branch to check my new rank once again.

Thanks to the difficult quest to defeat an S-Class demon being a success, Mina, Mary and Ingrid had all been promoted from C-Class to B-Class.

Congratulations to you three.

And as for me……

Name: Lian Tiarade



Class:Magic Swordsman

Old Rank: D-Class 13117

New Rank: C-Class 21st

Following on from last time, I’ve moved up another rank – all in a span of one week.

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Chapter 7 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 1 ※

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“C-Class, 21st place, huh…”

That reminds me, I’m exactly the same rank as Mina and the others when I first met them.

I’ve been an adventurer for about two weeks now, but I’ve already caught up with the girls from that time.

If I keep it going at this rate, I’ll be B-grade next week, A-grade the week after that, and S-grade the week after the week after that.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I made a convenient mental calculation in my mind.

“Well, there’s no way it’s gonna happen that fast.”

“I see you’ve been promoted, boy. Congratulations.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind.

Turning around, I saw a female knight with purple hair standing there.


“It’s thanks to you that we were able to defeat that demon, and I think you could have gone up to A-Class, or even S-Class, instead of C-Class that you have now.”

Claudia said with a smile.

“I don’t really understand the evaluation of that area. Well, not that I really care. More than that……is your body okay, Claudia?”

After Jarvice took over her body and engaged in a fierce battle with me, she was quite exhausted even after she was released.

To the point that she couldn’t even walk on her own…

It was only recently that I heard the inner technique she used in battle with me was quite taxing on her body.

“I’ve rested for a few days, so I’m perfectly fine now. Still, thanks for the worry.”

Claudia gave another smile.

“Thank you, Lian. If it weren’t for you, I would have become a puppet for that demon by now and have killed a lot of adventurers.”

……Indeed, I can’t imagine how many people would have died if this girl had attacked people with that demon’s evil will.

I’m so glad I was able to free her that time.

“I came here today to thank you for saving my life. Also, do you have time right now?”

“Yeah, I haven’t received any requests yet.”

“Then would you come with me, boy? I’d like to give you a little something. A form of gratitude for what you’ve done.”

“A little something……?”

What could it be?


After a while, where Claudia took me was a mansion on the outskirts of town.

It is a very grand mansion – to the point that it almost looks like a castle.

“This is…”

“My home.”

The girl knight replied without batting an eye.


I guess being an S-class adventurer makes a massive difference in how much money you make.

To be able to live in a place that’s almost like a castle……

“I’m just using it as a base when I come to this area. It’s like a vacation home.”

“All this, just a villa!?”

I was even more surprised.

“I would have preferred a smaller house, but I decided to go with what the people around me suggested, and before I knew it, I had bought this house.”

“Just when and how did that happen?!”

Also, you should think a little more carefully about how you spend your money! Not leave it to others!

“Well, I don’t know much about anything but sword fighting. I’m sorry about that.”.

Claudia scratched her head.

Is this what true battle junkies are like? First time I’ve seen a real thing.

I can’t believe she made it through with all this.

But come to think of it. I wouldn’t dare to scam a monstrously strong being either.

After a bit of walking, I was taken to a room in Claudia’s mansion.

The room was strangely girlish, with stuffed bears and cute dolls on display.

This seems to be her private room.

“So, what do you want to give me?”

““Yeah, about that, I’m still getting it ready to give it to you. Can you close your eyes for a minute?”

I did as I was told and closed my eyes.

What will she give me?

In my ears, I can hear a sound like the flapping and rustling of clothing.

I couldn’t help but get curious.

After a while…

“Okay, you can open them now.”

Claudia spoke, and I slowly opened my eyes.


And I was stunned.

The first thing that I saw was Claudia’s dazzlingly white naked body standing in front of me.

She was over 170 centimeters tall, yet her proportions were superbly balanced.

Her body was tight and toned, showing that she had been working out, and her small breasts, despite almost the size of the palm of your hand, were well-shaped and fresh.

“Wha, hwa wha what are you……!?”

I was too surprised to speak properly.

“I told you that I would give you my thanks. From now on, let me serve you sexually.”


For a moment, I couldn’t understand what Claudia meant, and my mind froze.

After a while, I realized what she meant.

“Y-you mean sexual service? But……why?”

“I’ve heard rumors that you’re a womanizer, that you’ve had relations with several women in your party.”

Who the hell told you that, huh?

“Well, wouldn’t it be a small price to pay if I were to serve you as a woman, boy? That’s what I thought.”

As soon as she said that, the naked Claudia knelt at my feet.

“Uhm, you know……ugh!”

Without any regard to my surprised and puzzled state, she lowers my pants and underwear and proceeds to hold my now-erect meat rod with both of her hands, gently twining around the shaft and tip.

“Kuh, aah, aahh.”

I was squeezed lightly, and a slight current of pleasure ran through me.

“Ah, did that hurt? I’m sorry. I didn’t know how much pressure I should apply.”

“No, no, it didn’t hurt. I had only let out my voice because it felt so good.”

“Is that so? I guess this kind of thing feels good to men. Let’s continue. This is my first time, so please point out anything I’m not doing right. While at it, I’ll try my best to make the caresses more to your liking.”

Claudia spoke as she brought her face to the manhood, then she opened her cherry-red lips and took the tip of the meat stick right into her mouth.


I groaned at the warm oral sensation that came anew.

Although it was her first time, the fact that she was sucking my penis into her mouth without hesitation showed that she had the guts of an S-class adventurer.

Kuchu, kuchu, with a tangle of wet saliva, Claudia’s oral cavity narrows and tightens comfortably around my meat stick.

“Oooh, ahhh. That feels so good……”

“Is that so……? Chuu, lero……ehehe, it’s my first time, so I wasn’t that confident, but……chuu……I’m happy…juuupuuh……that it pleases you……mhh, lerolero.”

The way she does that while her eyes were looking up at me……it was as if her dignity as a female swordsman and her sensual charm as a beautiful woman were beginning to merge as one.

Her glamour was tantalizing.

The face of the girl I used to see as a beautiful comrade in arms, has become a much more mature and alluring woman without me noticing…

The excitement grew so much that my penis reacted by jumping while inside her narrow mouth.

“Ahnn……it’s become so big……”

Confused and surprised, Claudia’s tongue twined around the manhood again, and it was endearingly lovely.

“This is not what I really was expecting but, I guess I’ll enjoy the ride all the way.”

I shook off my confusion and half-heartedly close my eyes, deciding to immerse myself in Claudia’s pleasurable blowjob – and I was glad that I did.

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Chapter 8 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 2 ※

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“Pichaa, kuchuu, chupuuh……!”

The sound of fresh saliva echoing in the quiet room signified how stunning the blowjob was.

The way Claudia stuck out her lips, the way she stretched the bridge of her nose, and the way she squeezed her cheeks together inwardly……the dignified female knight’s bewitching blowjob face is just wholly on another level, mesmerizing.

“hmnnn, guu……muu, chuuu……Uuu.”

Claudia continued to suck me hard, even if all of this was a new experience for her.

Her hot tongue continued to rub the glans over and over, making it zingy and sweetly numb as she pulled it in and out of her mouth.

While she’s spitting saliva all over, a thrilling sensation ran through me from the rod to the base.

“Chuu, muu, mmmm, you have such a dainty body……but this place, it’s so mighty……ahuu.”

Claudia spoke as she sniffed the tip, tickling the outer skin of my penis.

“uu, aaah…that’s so good……!”

The tip of her flicking tongue then crawled along the curve of the head, gently caressing the nub in its middle.

I could not even catch my breath as the tingling sensations build up one after the other inside my crotch.

“Hmm? Should I do it more like that?”

“Yeah. Wrap your tongue around the tip and lick it there……after all, it is where I’m especially sensitive……”

I taught Claudia, letting out a huff and a puff of pleasure in my breaths.

“I see……so it’s that then. Let’s hope I can make you feel better……”

The light in Claudia’s eyes as she looked up at me, was bewitching and lascivious.

Chupu, chupa, jupo, jupooo ……!

The sound of her mucous membranes rubbing together.

The nasty noise of spitting saliva.

Our faint breaths and snorts.

All of them mixed together and continued to make a unique lewd melody of sucking.

“Ah, muu…nn, nnnnnn……fu, haaaa……haaa……auu, chuu……”

Despite that, as if she still wasn’t content, Claudia went even crazier about sucking my junior.

Her cheeks got depressed more than before, and the suction as she swallowed my meat rod became more intensified.

It was literally vacuum sucking.

But I didn’t think she has mastered this technique before meeting me, as she seemed to be inexperienced in her moves.

This could only mean that she’s doing all of it instinctively.

She sucks deeply, spits it out again near the tip, and sucks again near the base.

Every time she does this, the sweet sensation of friction on my flesh spreads all over my meat rod in its whole.

“Fuaaaa, that’s it……that’s good too……”

Claudia’s dynamic yet natural blowjob technique immediately got me hooked.

From my hipbone and tailbone, the pleasant sensation went slowly to my spine, all the way up to my brain.

The pleasure was so sweet and numbing that in the midst of it, my desire of wanting to ejaculate rose rapidly, to the point that as if my entire lower body was already melting.

Meanwhile, in the female knight’s mouth, my penis, which has swollen beyond its limits, is getting wild.

“Kuhh, not good, it’s gonna come out!”

As I could no longer control the pleasure, eventually, my hips convulsed violently on the spot.

The feeling that exceeded my expectations shot through my brain at once.

Dokudokudoku. A huge amount of semen was blown into Claudia’s warm and soft mouth.

“Nnguu, kuh, muuu……!? Ah, fuuu……”

Despite the several pulsations, Claudia accepted all the semen I released, desperately swallowing them all as she stared at me with her monochrome eyes.

The ejaculation that I unilaterally poured into her with great force was truly the excretion of desire itself.

Moreover, my receiver is one of the greatest adventurers in the world and is a beautiful woman.

No other situation can give me such a strong sense of conquest than this.

“Phew, that was good, Claudia.”

After a long ejaculation, I slowly withdrew my penis from her mouth.

The bulky rod was covered in semen and saliva, giving it a lustrous sheen.

Thanks to my cheat ability, my junior would never wilt after just one ejaculation.

Of course, that also means that the refreshing feeling and lingering after ejaculation is still there.

Even now, I’m still feeling the flames of desire burning in the core of my hips, as if telling me it hadn’t had enough.

“mmm……so this is what yours taste like……what a strange taste……it’s so thick, and also a little sweet and salty……fuuh.”

The knight was still in a kneeling position and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she looked up at me, brushing her long purple hair lightly.

A soft, clean smell drifted into the air, neutralizing the fishy smell of semen.

“I see. …… Should I interpret the fact that it’s still hard and big to mean that you’re not satisfied? Should I be servicing it more?”

Claudia couldn’t help but ask as she looked at my symbol which is still at a high angle of erection.

“Then I will offer you my virginity next. I hope you will accept.”

Even though it was her first time having sex, Claudia spoke those words with an air of authority.

“V-virginity? Wai──”

I was so surprised and confused that I stammered my words.

My body is trembling involuntarily.

The core of my head is becoming hot.

I was a little perplexed, but more than that, I was on fire with excitement and lust.

“Are you sure about that?”

I wanted to nod at her invitation right now, but I tried my hardest to suppress it with reason.

“I’m flattered by your offer, but isn’t this your first time, Claudia?”

“That’s why I want you to take it. You saved me, not only from that demon’s control, but also from the thirst of battle that was unfulfilled for years, and all of it was quenched in my battle with you.”

Claudia smiled happily.

“Although it was manipulated, I was still conscious that time. That’s how I knew. Plus, I was never holding back at that time, with the full intent to kill. Yet, you have defeated me in my strongest ability……”

Claudia looks at me with a distant look, as if she was reminiscing the battle we had the other day.

“It was frustrating but also refreshing. I’m sure this is what I was hoping for. This is what I was looking for, been wanting for the most. And I have found it in you……fufu. It’s like a confession of love, isn’t it?”

This time, Claudia’s smile was mixed with shyness.

“So with that, I wanted to dedicate myself to you…is that weird, this feeling?”

That speech right now, together with that cute smile; it far unexpected her gallant demeanor, yet I couldn’t help myself but admire Claudia more.


“……Sorry. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? It’s a bad habit of mine to let my feelings get the better of me.”

Suddenly, Claudia made an embarrassed face.

I think she may have misinterpreted my silence as a distant rejection.

“I’ve heard rumors that you’re a womanizer, and you can’t live for a second without a woman in your arms, but that doesn’t mean that any woman is fine, is it?”

“How much of a womanizer do you think I am?”

“So was I wrong? Are you more interested in men?”

“I don’t have that kind of taste either!”

I hurriedly replied.

“If I were more attractive as a woman, I could offer myself as a woman to you for as long as you want…… I’m sorry that I’m not that attractive. If you don’t want me, please give me a chance to think of something else to thank you for.”

“No, I think Claudia is attractive. Very, in fact.”

I returned to my serious expression and told her this, this time with more emphasis.

“……I was just a little surprised……and happy that you have given yourself to me.”

“Really? Thank goodness.”

Claudia looked at me with relief.

“So, will you accept my thanks to the end, boy?”

“Yeah, I’ll take Claudia’s first time.”

This time, I answered proudly.

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Chapter 9 – First Sex with Claudia, Part 3※

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We went to the further back of the room, where there was a magnificent bed with a canopy.

It was decorated with frills and lace like the rest of the interior, and it looked really cute, much in contrast to the boyish demeanor of its owner.

This showed that even though she’s acting like knight, Claudia is still a girl at heart.

“What should I do next? Should I lie down on the bed?”

“Well, yesh.”

I stuttered a little when I answered her.

I’ve known Claudia was beautiful since the moment we met. When she suddenly said, “I’m going to test your skills,” and we went into battle with her, and even after we fought together in that S-ranked quest, I felt more like she was my friend in arms than a girl.

And then, out of nowhere, she was sucking my cock, and now we were about to have sex.

I was really surprised at the sudden turn of events, but instead of calming down, I got even more excited instead.

To the point that my sense of being “comrade-in-arms” that I had felt for her up until now was breaking down and being replaced fast.

As a woman, Claudia was dignified and beautiful, refreshing and glamorous at the same time.

“Are you really okay with such a thing?”

And now, that same woman was climbing on top of the bed and assuming a supine position, as if preparing to be mounted over.

Claudia’s movements, however, were awkward and far from her usual sharpness, showing her nervousness.  I should have expected this for her, as this was still her first time.

Claudia was about 170 centimeters tall, about a head taller than me, who has a body of a petite elf.

Yet her medium breasts were hardly even squashed even while she was lying down.

They were perking up as if showing me their elasticity, swaying little with her every breath.

Claudia’s pale pink nipples were breathtaking as well. So pretty I want to gobble them up.

But that was not all. Her incredibly smooth and slender legs are lightly spread to the left and right, exposing the most hidden place of a woman.

“E-even I find it embarrassing if you stare at me that hard……”

This is the first time I saw Claudia showing signs of embarrassment, her cheeks flushing red.

“I know……my boobs……aren’t pretty big, is it? I’m sorry I couldn’t satisfy you.”

Is this really Claudia? I almost forgotten about it myself.

After all, she was a battle junkie and has always associated everything with swords and fighting.

But right now, she was so submissive that I find it very cute.

“Haaa, haaaa……You have beautiful breasts, Claudia. They’re lascivious and very arousing.”

I told her to appease her nervousness; however, my ragged breaths betray me.

With a growing urge, I took off my clothes and stripped completely naked, just as what she did.

Climbing on top of the bed, I reached Claudia’s body with both hands, then cupped her breasts hard.

Their elasticity showed its greatness as they bounced off my fingertips.


It was just a squeeze, but Claudia has already with her eyebrows slightly raised and giving off a soft moan.

Ahh, mou~!

Why are you so cuuute!

Unable to resist, I pulled my face over and kissed her on the lips.

“haa, fuuh……”

Claudia releases a hot breath.

It was only a light kiss, with lips touching the surface, but Claudia’s face instantly turned red, blinking her eyes while staring at me.

“Ki-Kiss……I finally done it……”

“She murmured with a debauched expression.

“Is this your first time, by any chance?”

“Yes, I was really surprised. That pleasant and comforting act……was that really a kiss?”

Claudia looks at me as if she couldn’t believe it.

“No, that’s not it. Maybe it felt better because you’re the other party. Can we……can we do it again?”

Yet she requested me shyly.

But this made her even more adorable, so this time, I devoured her lips with more force.

As I kissed Claudia, I lightly rubbed the tip of my cock against the crack of her flesh.

“Ah, fuaaah. Ahhnn.”

I pushed the tip on top of her darker shade of pubic hair, and she lets out a sweet gasp through our overlapping lips.

I rubbed my cock up and down along the beautiful slit.

“Hnnnn, hyaaa…… it tickles, ahh, but it also feels good……could it be……”

Claudia gives off a moan mixed with confusion and joy.

I decided to keep going.

Increasing the intensity, I boosted up the speed of my rubbing.

The sound of wetness became louder and louder from where our genitals were touching, and when I looked down, I saw that the crack, which had been tightly closed like a virgin’s until a moment ago, is now slightly parted, and mucus was beginning to leak out of its hole.

Claudia is starting to get wet.

“I, w-what is this…… I feel weird……my core is hot……and the base of my feet are itching……”

From her slightly open lips, sweet sighs were leaked out.

Claudia is not making the face of dignified and the strongest female ‘knight’ anymore; she’s now just a girl who is confused by the feeling of her first sex.

To this amorous woman, I almost pushed my hips out in reflex; she was so glowing that I could hardly bear the tingling in my spine.

The taught tip pushed the crack open, making a muddy slopping sound in between.

And soon as the tip was lightly buried, it was then that Claudia’s body quivered.

“S-sorry. You were just so sexy that I just─”

“No, no, it’s okay. I was just surprised.”

But she just smiled and gave me a small nod. Then, while looking at my eyes, she spoke straight.

“I want you to continue. I want Lian to continue whatever you want to do……”

“Then, I’m gonna go deeper this time, Claudia.”

I put a lot of weight on my hips and thrust into the tight opening.

With the feeling of being squeezed in between folded meat layers, my penis was gradually buried into the depths of her virginity, little by little.

It was tight, but not as tight as I thought it would be.

I pushed further, and eventually, the glans poked the end of her vagina.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……is it all in?’

Claudia questioned with a tight face.

“Yes, you are finally a woman with this.”

I smiled as I immersed myself in the emotion of robbing a dignified female ‘knight’ of her first time.

“Fufu, this means you’re my first man.”

Claudia also smiled back.

Biku, biku. Her twitching inner walls intertwined with my symbolic organ.

It felt good just to have it in her.

“I’m going to move now, Claudia.”

Giving no leeway for a refusal, I slowly began to shake my hips.

“Ahh, guhh, haaa, ahhmm!”

And Claudia swayed her naked body and screamed like an animal every time I pump.

It seems that the pain of her first experience is almost non-existent.

Maybe it’s because she’s been thoroughly trained as a swordsman?

“You…… don’t have to worry about me……haaa, haaa……”

Claudia smiled as she held her turbulent breaths.

“I thought it would hurt much , but it didn’t……It just felt a little strange.”

“I see.”

“So …… that……make it……harder. I want to ……feel Lian ……more.”

Though panting in between, Claudia managed to mumble those words in embarrassment.

I couldn’t help myself in her cuteness, so I kissed her once again.

Then I increase the speed of the piston as she has requested.

“Hnnn……! Afuuu, nnn, nhaaaa, yes, more……oh.”

Guchu, guchu. Sounds of water squelching came out from our joining parts.

In proportion, I felt more and more slimy inside Claudia’s vagina.

It seems that the more the pleasure she received, the more the love juices she releases.

By just by having her sliminess improved, I was able to feel the tightening of her walls more strongly.

As a matter of fact, I already held several moans of pleasure just from the tightness of the squeezing.

I could feel my ejaculation increasing at an accelerated rate with each thrust.

From the tip to the base, I could feel myself wrapped in a sweet numbness.

“Kuu……I’m about to cum……!”

‘Let it out! Fill me up with all your hot load inside me!”

I couldn’t help but yell out. Claudia also shouted enthusiastically.

Along with those words, her vagina, which was already narrow and tight, tightened even more as it contracted.

The slimy mucous membrane also entwined and stuck itself on the shaft and tip of my dick.

I got drunk with the feeling of being sweetly squeezed by the entire vaginal opening, and I unleashed the last vestiges of my desire.

Dokudokudoku, Dobyuuuuuuu! Dobu, dobyuuuuuuuuuuu!

“Aaaah, aahhnn, so hot! Haaa, aguu, uhh,, aaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Receiving a huge amount of hot squirts, Claudia screamed as if she was confused about the new sensation.

“It felt good. It felt so good……is this the copulation between men and women?”

She gasped for breath softly.

Then, she smiled serenely at me.

“I have never felt so fulfilled except in battles…… for giving me such a warp and soothing feeling, thank you, Lian. Thank you so much.”

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Chapter 10 – Maidens Around Me

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After that, I had sex with Claudia for four more times.

Even though she was a virgin, she quickly adapted to pleasure, and it wasn’t long before her body’s response became more and more sensitive each time.

The amount of semen that came out of her vagina filled the room with the smell of copulation.

And Claudia, who was the receiving end of all the five ejaculations, is now gasping for breath on the side.

“Even after this far, you still want to continue? It’s your first time, so you don’t have to push yourself.”

Seeing her in such a state, I decided to finish today’s act.

“I’m sorry……that I……ended up making you……care for me……fuu.”

Claudia apologized as she threw her well-proportioned naked body slovenly on the bed.

Her breathing is still ragged, making me strengthen my erection at the lushness of it.

“But I see that you’re not satisfied yet……I see. I want to repay you for what you’ve done to me as a woman, but I’ve done something unbecoming of me.”

“It was not unbecoming at all and you have nothing to apologize for. I felt very satisfied, Claudia.”

I put on my usual fresh smile.

“Also, I think you’re being too negative of yourself. Claudia is attractive enough as a girl – No, as a woman. So be more confident of yourself more.”

This praise may sound like I’m hitting on her, that I’m saying something out of my character.

But still, against a woman like her, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell that she’s attractive──

──A thing I can never imagine my previous me would do.

Maybe my life as a pretty boy elf has gotten to me a little bit.

And I’m sure Claudia won’t be fooled by such a line, but,

“Y-you mean you felt good. On this body!? T-thank goo- I-I see. Also, I’m attractive…fufu, I’m glad. I really am. Ehehehe`.”


“I-I’m really glad that you’re satisfied. Today was my first time, so that’s all I got, but once I got used to……sex, I’ll try my best to squeeze you out as many times as you want.”

S-squeeze me out……as many times as I want─.

I couldn’t help but gulp.

“O-of course, I can’t just repay you at once or two……If you want, I’ll take you again as many times as you want, boy.”


“Welcome back, Sir Lian.”

“Ah, I’m home at last.”

When I returned to the inn, I was greeted by Mina and Mary at the lobby.

“Congratulations on your promotion to C-Class.”

Smiling happily, Mina rubbed her body up against me like a cute pet animal, making my chest tingle.

“It just shows that the special training with me was effective.”

Mary spoke, sticking her bountiful chest proudly.

Certainly, the decisive factor in the battle against Claudia was the weapon destruction technique Mary taught me, the ” Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin) “.

“Thank you, both of you.”

“I admit that……your rank us is a phenomenal promotion speed. But I can’t just let it overtake my ranking.”

Behind them was Ingrid, murmuring grumpily.

As of now, the girls are at the bottom of the B class, and I’m 21st in the C class.

I’m ranked lower than them, but the speed of my promotion is completely different.

In two weeks, I’ve almost lined up with the girls on the path they’ve been on for two years.

If I try my best, I might overtake them next week.

I wonder if this situation touched Ingrid’s pride?



While glancing at me, Ingrid presses her fingertips on her lips.

Her cheeks were so red as if a balloon that was about to make a popping sound.

Ah, maybe─she just remembered the kiss we had the other day?

“By the way, Sir Lian. Did you go somewhere before this?”

Mina asks me.

“Ah, right, I was about to tell you that I was invited to Claudia’s place for a while─”

When I said it, I remembered the affair I had just made.

My lower abdomen ached sweetly.

“Well, you know, to thank me for what I did the other day……”

My mouth is trembling on the inside.

“……definitely suspicious.”

Mina quietly murmurs.

The look on her face as she stared at me with her gaze was strangely overpowering.

Usually, she’s a kind, cute, healing girl, but at times like this, she’s very, very scary.

“Oh, finally, you’re back. I’ve been searching for you, Mr. Lian.”

In the middle of it, a new person has entered the inn.

With black pigtails and glasses, she is Paula, the receptionist at the guild branch here.

“You left without receiving this, didn’t you?”

Paula holds out something to me.

It was a medallion in a box with a design of a star engraved on it.

“This is a medal for full membership in the Adventurers Guild. As of today, you’ve been promoted to C-Class, and as certification, the guild is giving you this medal. Please take good care of it.”


I received the medal, even though I didn’t understand it.

“The medal is proof that you are a full member of the guild. In other words, it is a sign of a full-fledged adventurer. According to the official rules, adventurers of C level and above are full members of the guild, while D and E levels are treated as quasi-members.”

Ingrid explained to me.

“hee, is that so? Thank you for the explanation, Ingrid.”

“……I don’t really need your thanks……or anything.”

As soon as her eyes met mine, she blushed and turned away.

“T-that was just an accident, just an accident just an accident just an accident……”

Ingrid repeats it like an incantation while holding her own lips with her fingertips.

But her cheeks turned even redder.

……You don’t think she’s just shy, do you?

“You even took the trouble to deliver it? Thank you, Paula.”

I then faced Paula and smiled. This time, it was her turn to blush red with force not losing to Ingrid’s.

“I-i-it’s not like I wanted to use this as an excuse to see Lian or anything. Not at all……”


Ii-i-i-i-i-it’s not like that! Y-yes, Mr. Lian is a beautiful boy, and from the time I met you, I…I thought that spring has finally come to me……It wasn’t like that, really! I came here just for work…just for work, just for……awawawa.”

For some reason, Paula was getting nervous and saying such things, and I could only stare blankly at such her.

“Mumumu……suddenly, I feel like the number of rivals is increasing.”

Again, Mina murmured softly, as if she’s displeased.

“Sigh, it can’t be helped. For a change, why don’t we celebrate Sir Lian’s promotion tonight?”

Mina turns around to everyone and proposes with a blooming smile on her face.

But why is my spine shivering?

“I have to draw out our differences here…… if the push comes to a shove, crawl in the middle the night and do whatever……we want.”

Mina was still smiling, but this time, her eyes contained the sharpness not losing to anyone.

Yep. Definitely scary!

“Celebration, huh……isn’t that nice, Lian……slurp.”

Mary also nodded with glittering eyes.

“Mary, why are you drooling?”

“Ah, am I? N-not really. Unlike Mina here, I’m not thinking of approaching Lian at night or anything……”

“I-I’m not even thinking about it! I swear!”

The two immediately went and argued with each other.

They blushed red for a different reason, though.

On the other side, however, Ingrid had a stern look on her face.

“For such an elf, you two sure are willing to go toe and toe with each other. I don’t understand what that man is even good for.”

“Uuwaaa. I have to do my best now that I’ve come this far…… my long-awaited moment is finally here. I’ve been without a boyfriend for twenty-six years, and now is the time to escape that history……! Paula, fight……!”

Even Paula is murmuring to herself.

Added to that,

“You’re still as popular as ever, master.”

Even the small sword at my waist – Milfa – tells me that in an electronic tone. Then, she continues.

“As expected of a man with maximum luck with women. Just by living a normal life, women come to you one after another. At this rate, I already don’t know how many more women you be able to bring in the future.”

“……you, are you angry at me?”

“I’m just a sword. I don’t have any feelings of jealousy.”


And I thought all this time that you are a girl. At the very least, you sound like a girl from your voice.

I’m not sure if I’m overthinking this, but I feel like she’s jealous of me.

But, Milfa’s right. After reincarnating to this different world, I got to know various women, and I got a lot of favors and even got a lot of sex as well. I certainly could feel the maximum luck with women in my trait.

But it’s not like the maximum luck I got with women also include swords… right?

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Chapter 11 – Character Introduction

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Lian Tiarade

The main character. He’s a beautiful boy, a complete master of the most powerful magic sword arts, has maximum luck with women, has matchless vigor during sex, and is a long-lived elf. He was reincarnated into another world with these five traits on request.
In his previous life, he had no experience with women, but he is rather faithful to his desires.

Appearance (Webnovel): Blonde hair, blue eyes, elf ears
Appearance (Lightnovel): Black hair, blue eyes, elf ears
Figure: Small and slender. Height: 150cm.
Clothing: Short leather robe.

Mina Arabelle

A priestess devoted to Elciata, the goddess of love. Her character is gentle, warm, and caring. She sometimes shows strong jealousy towards her romantic rivals.
In the party, she supports the members with defense and support magic.

Appearance (Web Novel): Bob-cut silver hair, red eyes.
Appearance (Lightnovel): Blonde hair, green eyes.
Figure: Slender with big breasts. Height is in the 150cm range, about the same as Lian.
Clothing: Priestess robe. Her image is that of a female Priest from the Dark Quest series.

Rosemary Grande

Her nickname is Mary. A swordswoman with a headstrong personality. Her specialty is the greatsword. She is also a user of the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s.
In the party, she plays the role of the vanguard.

Appearance: Twin-tailed red hair. Purple eyes.
Figure: Tall, big breasts. Nearly 170cm tall.
Clothing: Light armor with a lot of exposure.


A wizard with a cool personality. She specializes in ice magic.
She is in charge of medium to long range magic attacks in the party.

Appearance: Short-cut blue hair. Blue eyes.
Figure: Short, with flat breasts. About 140cm tall.
Clothing: Wizard’s cloak and robe (with hood).

Claudia Wellstein

A girl with a neutral atmosphere who loves to compete. She ranks third among the S-class, the highest rank given to adventurers in the guild. She is known as the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades).

Appearance: Princess cut purple hair. Bright light blue eyes.
Figure: Tall, with medium breasts. She is over six feet tall.
Clothing: Knight’s armor, including hand and foot armor. Skirt, but not too revealing.


A receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild branch that Lian has registered from. She was flabbergasted when she first met the beautiful boy.
She is in her mid-twenties. She has never been in love and is extremely shy.

Appearance: Black hair in pigtails. She wears glasses and has a simple appearance.
Figure: A little hubby with big tits


Goddess of love. She looks like an experienced lady.

Appearance (Web Novel): Long black hair that reaches to her feet, purple eyes. White wings on her back.
Appearance (Light Novel): Long pink hair that reaches to her feet, purple eyes. White wings on her back.
Figure: Slender and glamorous.

Age(Web novel):

Elciata (hundreds of millions, trillions, maybe something like that) > Paula (mid-twenties) > Claudia, Mary (college age) > Lian, Mina (high school graduate) > Ingrid (high school age)

Breast size(Web Novel):

Paula > Elciata > Mina, Mary > Claudia > Ingrid

(TL Note: I am translating the web novel version. I only applied the Light novel appearance of all characters mentioned above to avoid confusion to the readers)

Cast from left to right: Lian, Mina, Mary, Ingrid, Claudia, Paula

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