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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 Extra Story 1 (LN Exclusive)

The Three Adventurers’ Expression of Gratitude through Skin-to-skin

On the following day, I was summoned back to Claudia’s mansion.

I hadn’t been there since I saved Claudia in our joint quest the other day, and because of the subsequent events the last time, it made me unable to take a good look at it, but looking at it again from the top, I couldn’t help but get struck with awe.

“Your mansion is amazing as usual. I never seen stuff like this before……well, in various ways.”

But the instant my gaze reached below, seeing all the clutter and the messy state of the mansion, I could only chuckle lightly.

“I-I’m not very good at cleaning, you see.”

Claudia noticed what I’m gazing at and could only smile wryly.

“I don’t really know how to put out the garbage. In the first place, it’s just easier to cut everything with a sword.” She then added.

“No, you can do that as a solution to all things.”

Okay, I’m starting to know the issues of his girl.

Sure, in Regulus City, similar to modern Japan, garbage is sorted by type and put in a designated place for collection, a pretty advanced policy for a fantasy world.

However, looking further, I could also see underwear and clothes that have been taken off being scattered all over the place. Ooh, there’s even some pretty racy underwear too.

Feeling excited, I reflexively compared the Claudia in my vision to the Claudia wearing that erotic outfit in my imagination.

……wait wait wait, what am I doing!? What are you thinking, me?

However, because the other party was my other partner I got laid with, I was able to easily imagine Claudia’s appearance wearing only the said pair of thin clothing.

“…? What’s wrong, boy?”

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

To Claudia, who seemed suspicious, I shook my head in a hurry. Then, I took a deep breath to calm my beating heartbeat.

Claudia sighed at that, and whether she was aware of what I was thinking or not, it’s still unknown. Then she spoke further.

“Anyways, since I’m not good at washing clothes, it piles up very quickly.”

“Yeah, I could see that.”

There are some cleaner ones in the batch, but perhaps because of her natural physical strength, those clothes were full of wear and tear, to the point that it looked more like remnants of a piece of cloth that has survived a battle rather than a piece of washed laundry.

“I know what you’re thinking, but these clothes indeed have experienced a real battle on their own. They got tattered up in a quest I took the other day, but since I’m also not good at sewing, I left them alone.”

“How about those? There are piles of coins on that side. “

I pointed to the messy stack of money wantonly placed on the other end. Wait, are those all gold coins? Also, it’s an amount that an ordinary citizen can live for several years at that.

“It’s the quest rewards. I’m not good at managing money, you see.”

You don’t say, sister.

“Are you not worried that someone may steal it?”

“Well, not really. I can earn that amount at any time, so……”

I could only open my mouth in return to Claudia’s answer.

Indeed, all S-Class adventurers can probably earn as much money as they want……

“But it’s still not good to leave all your clothes, money, and everything behind. You’d better tidy up at least once in a while.”

“T-tidy up?”

Immediately, Claudia’s face cramped.

She always had a look of a dignified female knight I see in the anime and manga in my previous life, but now she’s having a pallid face.

“Guh……this is more challenging for me than fighting S-Class monsters.”

That far!?……no, what is that supposed to mean?


Don’t tell me, is that it? She’s the trope of a noble’s daughter that has no living-related skills in general? They EXIST?!

“Why don’t you hire someone to manage the mansion for the time being? You should have enough money. After all, you’re an S-class adventurer.”

“I see. I could also use my money that way.”

Claudia claps her hands together with a face expressing she had just thought of this for the first time.

No, seriously. How did this girl manage to live before this? Well, bludgeoning things, I suppose? As expected of another world……

“……just for reference, what have you been using it for until now, may I ask?”

“Well, if someone recommends me, buy a mansion. Other than that, donate it to a charity, or an animal welfare group, but more often than that, I entrust them to a contractor who says he will pay me back tenfold once you give a certain amount to him?”

“That last one is a scam!”

“Scum? No, the pronunciation is not right. Also, he looks like a proper person. Is it a type of monster? Can I cut it?”

I’m starting to know now the thought process of this girl. No, wait. The first time I saw her, she almost cut me in half. I see……I get it now.

“Hey, where can we find those scams? Ooh, I’m starting to get fired up.”

Yep, I can’t leave this beautiful waste of a girl alone. For the sake of this new world I’m living in.

“For now, let’s find someone we could hire to do maintenance in this mansion. Also, a secretary to take care of your assets. Understand?”

I said to her without batting an eye.

“I don’t know what are you angry about, but okay?”

And so, we went, but as I, and for sure, Claudia too, doesn’t know any other place to hire people, we decided to go to the Adventurers Guild branch. After all, they are also about hiring people to do jobs.

Thankfully, they were able to introduce us to some people who could manage and maintain the mansion. They were very supportive of us for some reason, so I couldn’t help but ask.

“We don’t only manage quests. We also manage the wellbeing of all adventurers that we make contact with, much more so for an S-Class like Miss Wellstein. It’s only natural that we help back.”

One of the staff said to me as if it was obvious. If y ou a re ab le to r ead th is mess ag e, you are r ead ing from an un auth ori zed agg re gate site. Read at my W ordPr ess to su ppo rt m e and my tran slat ions.

Thanks to this, our original goal of finding someone to take care of the overall management of Claudia’s mansion was over in a flash.

Since we now have some free time, we decided to have a meal in town. It was a little bit like a date.

Then, after having our lunch, we are walking around the town at our leisure when suddenly,

“Oh, that’s pretty cute.”

Claudia stopped and looked at a certain store that had a stuffed bear on display.

“It’s so cute~. I like how they made the eyes look like it’s smiling……but its mouth looked like it was about to prank someone though……fufufu.”

She whispered to herself as her eyes sparkled at the stuffed animal with fascination.

I wonder if she likes this kind of thing? Then I suddenly remembered the whole pack of stuffed animals in her room.

“Do you want to drop by and look at it for a bit?”

“I-is it fine with you?”

Yeah. I don’t have any other plans today, so I’ll stay with you until you’re satisfied.”


She expressed with a happy smile.

She really likes that stuffed toy, isn’t she?

And so, Claudia and I went to the store and looked at all the cute things we could see.

It’s my first time in a store with a girl, and a beautiful one at that, so I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

It seemed like we are on a date. Wait, it already is a date.

I couldn’t help but glance at Claudia upon realizing it late.


When we are in missions, she is a top-notch swordsman, but right now, she looks like a normal girl, staring at the cute accessories and stuffed animals with sparkling eyes.

Looking at it in this way, it feels so refreshing―it’s like a sweet and sour mix of something you can’t describe when you are with your crush, with every move of yours making your heart skip a bit.

“Waa, that one’s nice too. This one, and that one as well. So many~.”

Seeing Claudia completely relaxed like this, I couldn’t help but smile as well. Is this how it feels to admire someone?

I followed suit and went with her for a while. After that,

“Fufu. How about this one? Isn’t it cute?”

What Claudia picked up was a necklace with a beautiful purple gemstone in it.

It has the same deep purple hue as her eyes.

“If you like it, I can buy it for you as a present. How does that sound?”

I said those words naturally that even I was surprised to myself. After all, it’s the first time I have taken the initiative to buy something for a girl as a gift.

“A-are you sure?“

Claudia’s cheeks blushed as she said that. She may be embarrassed, but I could also see the happiness in her eyes. That’s the most important thing.

And so, I smiled back in reply and bought the pendant for her.

“Ara, is she your girlfriend? You sure are blessed, young man.”

The shopkeeper spoke to me as I bought the present, and Claudia and I smiled shyly at the same time.


Claudia murmured as we left the store.

“Do we really look like it?”

“Well, all we did was date, so it’s obvious we’re seen that way.”

“D-date!?” From the sound of her voice, it seemed that Claudia has only realized just now.

“I-I see. So that fun thing was a date……” She glanced at me once again, but this time, with deep emotion in her eyes.

“I, I never felt this way before, so maybe, maybe it was because I was with you.”

Suddenly, a gust of wind came over us, blowing Claudia’s beautifully long purple hair.

In her calm and composed beauty, a bashful smile then appeared within., far different from the dignified demeanor of an S-Class swordsman we all know.

“I never expected this to be this enjoyable as well. Maybe it’s because I was also with you, Claudia.”

When I returned her reply a refreshing smile, Claudia’s face turned red, enough to make me hear an illusory poof.

“Eh, wha-, what are you talking about, boy!? S-s-sudenly saying things like that so smoothly……waa, awawawa.”

To think Claudia can also have such a flustered face, it only made her increasingly adorable in my eyes.


——It was already evening when we returned to the mansion.

“Thank you for today, Lian.”

“Thank you as well. It was really fun.”

Claudia expressed her gratitude from the side. I returned that with a smile.

It was then when I felt a shadow behind me, and I turned around.

Tracing the origin of the shadow, it was a girl standing nearby.

She had distinct red hair in twin tails.

“Eh? Mary?”

“Ah, w-welcome back, Miss Claudia……! A-also, Lian as well.”

Mary’s voice, however, was raspy for some reason.

“I-I, um, you see, I, I want to, i-if you don’t mind, l-like to ask Miss Claudia f-for some guidance, t-that’s why I visited your h-house, yes, that’s it!”

The more you stutter, the more suspicious you sound, you know?

Well, it couldn’t be helped. After all, she is in front of the swordswoman of her dreams.

“Oh? You are…… Mary, right? Based on what I was told on how you dealt the finishing blow to that S-Class Demon after I fainted, it makes me want to try seeing it myself. Very well.“

Claudia’s eyes regained sharpness.

Though there is a huge gap in their rankings, Mary is still undeniably a first-rate swordsman.


“Apparently, you seem to have one more company. How about you come out and join her as well. I don’t mind if you do it simultaneously.”

Claudia turned her gaze toward the garden.

Hmm? But I don’t see any more hostile presences?

But then a figure came out of the bushes.

“Hawawawa, I’ve been spotted……”

Eh, Mina!?

But far from her flustered look, her cute round eyes on Claudia were surprisingly sharp as well.

“Muu……My hunch was right. Before I knew it, it has already developed into this atmosphere between the two……this is what I was afraid the most.”

Mina’s cheeks pouted as if she was sulking.

“I’m sure you’re just jealous, Mina.” Mary giggled at her response.

“Boo……I-it’s not like I don’t mind him getting infatuated with other women……no, what if he prefers heroic ones and leaves me alone……this is bad.”

But before Mina’s face was about to turn sour,

“Jealous? What are you talking about?”

Seriously, Claudia?

“I think she misunderstood and thought that Miss Claudia and Lian might do something like that.”

What an incredible change of character, Mary. Was the impact of being in your idol really this great?

“But we already did it, though?” “Eh?” “What?” If y ou a re ab le to r ead th is mess ag e, you are r ead ing from an un auth ori zed agg re gate site. Read at my W ordPr ess to su ppo rt m e and my tran slat ions.

Claudia tilted her head then nodded once, resulting in surprised replies of the other two.

What are you nodding your head for!

“Ah, it’s getting late. How about continuing this in the mansion for this night? Also as thank you for your help in the least quest.”

““Eh, is it really okay?””

“Of course it is. We are very welcome with the offer, Miss Claudia!”

Mina and I asked, and for sure, we have different reasons, but Mary immediately rebuked our response.

I’m happy, I’m really happy about the offer though, but……

“But I think that was not enough. After all, you two have also contributed in saving my life. In lieu of that, I’d like to join you as a way of repaying you. Of course, if you don’t mind me having a share with Lian tonight.”

“Auu, how could she say that with such a cool face?”

“Miss Claudia as my partner……fufufu.”

Though they have different reactions, Mina and Mary seemed to have no qualms in Claudia’s offer.

 Eh, wait a second.

Each one of them had done it with me, and they didn’t seem to reject Claudia’s offer. Does that mean that I could also do a foursome with them tonight?

“I-is there a problem, Sir Lian? D-do you hate the idea of us joining you?”

While I was thinking seriously, Mina spoke, her eyes uneasy.

I couldn’t help but want to embrace her adorable look right away, but I endured.

“I’m not saying I don’t like it. It’s just that I was a little surprised.”

As expected of people of another world.

“See!? No need to worry! Isn’t that right, Lian?”

“Ah, yeah.”

I nodded without thinking, and Mary cheered Mina up quickly.

I couldn’t help it, though, as I was confused by the sudden suggestion. But immediately after, felt a sense of excitement and anticipation.

So, I’ll be having sex with these three at the same time, huh……


“Uuugh, kuhaa, ahhh……”

Before me, mammaries of three beautiful creations swayed and bounced.

Whether it were the richly bulging breasts of Mina and Mary, or the perfectly hand-fitting ones of Claudia, they all fascinated my vision.

With Claudia in the center, and Mina and Mary on the left and right, the three are currently giving me a triple titjob – one that I only know to exist in the adult games I’ve played in my previous world.

“Looking at it again, you really got a sturdy one, boy. No, hasn’t it become bigger than the last time?”

“Sir Lian has grown so big for us……”

“Fufufu, and it’s so hot too. I feel like my chest is going to get burned.”

Claudia, Mina, and Mary each gave their impressions with beaming smiles as they caress my penis with their breasts.


They take turns pressing their breasts against each other, pinching and rubbing their taut objects as they service the angry thing.

The extravagant breast service was so stimulating that just by looking down at them was already enough to make the blood flowing in my whole body gather to my penis.

In addition to the continuous pressing of their elastic meat jugs without interruption, Claudia and the other’s tongues also crawled around the tip, making the numbness brought by the sweet pleasure start to accumulate in my rod.

“Looking at it this way, I see that both you girls have large breasts. Compared to me, I’m way smaller……Hmm, this won’t satisfy my boy at all.” Claudia spoke as she looked at Mina and Mary’s assets with bitterness and regret.

“You’re wrong, Claudia. All three of you have very erotic tits. In fact, I am already satisfied with seeing them.” I quickly followed up to appease Claudia.

Of course, I meant what I said. I like Mina’s and Mary’s breasts because they are so full and sexy, but Claudia’s modest bulge is also beautifully-shaped, thus having a different league of lewdness compared to the other two.

Also, her firmness is the best.

Either way, it was a pleasure to have my penis pinched and squeezed in such a way without caring much about how big and small they are.

“I-is that so? Fufu, I couldn’t help but be happy if you say it.”

Claudia gave me a bashful smile, then licked my glans with the tip of her tongue as she resumed moving her mounds up and down.

Guchuu, guchu, guniii!

Sounds of saliva as well as the rubbing of my meat rod against the skin of their breasts combined to create a lewd echo. Slowly and steadily, more and more pleasure got piled up, accumulating all of it in the very core of my manhood.

“Muuu……even Miss Claudia is making such a womanly face. I can’t allow myself to lose.”

“Ahhh, being able to have sex with Lian together with Miss Claudia……it’s the best.”

However, the two beautiful girls’ expressions were in stark contrast to each other; Mina with her burning sense of rivalry, and Mary, who had been in bliss ever since we started.

As I looked down at them, I felt even more aroused.

The titty-fuck of three people coming in succession continued without allowing any interruption of pleasure. If y ou a re ab le to r ead th is mess ag e, you are r ead ing from an un auth ori zed agg re gate site. Read at my W ordPr ess to su ppo rt m e and my tran slat ions.

Claudia’s modest bulge sweetly rubbed my penis; Mina’s big tits softly squeezed it, and Mary’s tight but ample breasts almost crushed me; all three creating a shocking sensation enough to nearly throw me away.

“uuu, guuu, nnnn, oooohh……that was really good, you three……!”

Voices of pleasure almost leaked out on me intermittently.

“You’re making a really good face there, boy……fufu, should I try harder?”

“Sir Lian, you can cum on me anytime. I’m always ready for you.”

“Lian, me too. I hope you get lots of pleasure with my boobs.”

Expressing their joy and arousal, Claudia, Mina and Mary worked even harder on their breasts. The three beautifully shaped mounds pressing and rubbing with each other wrapped around my object more, squeezing it and sending sweet stimulation, which was even better than before.

It was a triple whammy of pleasure.

“Uaaaaah……aguuh, uu, ooo……oooooh!”

It felt so good that I almost fell on my knees as each of the three pairs of breasts repeatedly deformed in a nasty way below me. They became flattened, oval-ish, even irregularly shaped, just to make me receive the utmost pleasure in my cock.

With the visual eroticism of the beautiful girls’ breasts, which were changing their shape in a lustful way every second, my pleasure was further heightened.

“Kuhaaa. N-no good, I’m gonna cum, everyone!”

While being wrapped in between six soft breasts, soon as I reached my limit, a force full of desire was unleashed in the middle. My penis twitched violently as large amounts of white slime started oozing out, all while being sandwiched between the resilient sets of flesh.

“Kyaaann! W-wow―”

“Sir Liaaan, ah, so hot~!”

“Hyaaa, it’s still coming out, Lian!”

Claudia, Mina, and Mary raise each of their charming screams, respectively, all while being caught in the tide of semen that bounced between their tits and their faces.

“With this, it’s my turn now, isn’t it?”


Of course, now that they had made me feel good, it’s time for me to return the favor. I asked them to lie down side by side and told them to open their legs.

“I-isn’t this a little too exposing?”

“It’s for me to take a closer look.”

I chuckled at Claudia’s uneasy expression.

“I-if Lian says so……but still, it’s kinda embarrassing.”

Despite that, Claudia obediently followed and posed with her legs spread out in an M-shape.

Mina and Mary, both who became my partners before this, were already in the same state on my left and right.

Right now, three beautiful girls had lined up their bodies in front of me, all in a state when they were born. All of their holes still had that lovely, pale pink flesh in the middle, indicating that they had been virgins until recently.

Upon taking a closer look, Claudia’s pubes are probably a little thicker than the other two, but that didn’t make her lose her charm in any way― I thought to myself as I compared at the embarrassing places of these beautiful girls. This cha pt er transl ation is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a s yrin ge tran slat i ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

“No, it’s embarrassing, Sir Lian……” Mina spoke as she wiggled her body a bit.

“Me too. Uu……why did I agree to this right away.” Mary, too, muttered in a soft voice, hiding her face in her hands.

“P-please don’t look at it so much……” Even Claudia is starting to get more embarrassed.

Their tight hips swayed left and right, as if trying to escape my gaze. However, this just made me continue to pour my hot stare in their secret garden.

This bewitching view is the best in all my experience on them, and this only made my excitement boil to its peak.

Hot blood flowed to the erectile tissue of my body, and in seemingly angry waves, the penis that had just launched its contents was brought back to attack mode at once.

Aah, not good. I can’t endure it anymore!

Just like that, I brought my face close to the lower parts of the three dishes laid before me.

With ragged breathing, I first kissed Claudia’s precious place. You have only been stared by me, and you’re already this wet? A sweet and sour taste soon spread to the tip of my tongue.

Kuchuu, guchuu, I separated the petals of her flower with the tip of my tongue, then invaded the inside that was full of overflowing nectar.

“Afuuu, uaaa, ahhhhh! Th-that place, if you lick it so much……ahh!”

Come to think of it, this should be her first cunnilingus. Surprise and bewilderment invaded Claudia’s expression, and along with the intense feeling of pleasure, the usually dignified female knight screamed weakly like a demure girl.

Still, Claudia didn’t seem to dislike it. Despite the shame it brought, she was even starting to wiggle her hips as if actively accepting the stimulation brought by my tongue and lips.

Whether the movements were conscious or unconscious, the way she swayed her tight ass from side to side was so sexy, lighting my passion on fire.

I continued to lick the crevasse of the female swordsman with a series of slurps, and while at it, I also pinch the clit that was starting to bulge.

“Hyaaaaaa, ahhhn! Th-there, I can feel it……nnn, haaaa!”

Claudia’s hips bounced lightly, making the vicinity of her thighs twitch in sequence, also clamping my head which was currently in between her left and right thighs.

Though her power is strong, I didn’t mind and spread the slender legs apart again, pushing my tongue even deeper.

“Ahiii, iii. Hnnn. This is, so good……I’m gonna……be addicted……haafuu, hnnn!”

My cunnilingus is starting to awaken Claudia into pleasure, as she was beginning to let out moans from time to time.

“Uuu, so envious……”


“That’s so nice, Miss Claudia……”

While at it, though, Mina and Mary on our left and right sent Claudia an envious look.

Crap, I got too carried away on eating Claudia’s pussy.

“Now then, it’s your turn next.”

I hurriedly raised my face on the juicy delicacy and reached my hands out to Mina and Mary, who were already impatient in waiting for me, and fingered them both at the same time.

Guchu, guchu. Through my fingertips, I could already feel that their precious places were already wet, and it must have been due to seeing me eating Claudia first.

I put in each of my middle fingers all the way to reach their very base. Then, I stirred the dripping wet meat pot to my heart’s content.

Guchu, guchuu, guchuuuuuu! With squelching sounds of fluids reverberating, all the accumulated love nectars inside the girls were spilled in one go, sprinkling the sweet scent of a woman all around the room.


Faintly after, a big sigh was heard. I don’t know which one of the three did it, but all the girls now have their faces flushed and looked like they couldn’t take it any longer.

I raised my upper body and stared again at the three before me.

“Now then. I’m gonna put it in.” This cha pt er transl ation is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a s yrin ge tran slat i ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

I announced to the beauties who were still holding their legs open in an M-shape and gasping in excitement.

First up was Claudia in the center. Holding her slender legs at her sides, I plunged my cock into her in one go.

“Nhuuu, fuaaaahh, so thick and hard. Good, so good!”

Soon as I buried it all the way, Claudia let out a coquettish scream. As for what happened below, her hard mucous membranes split open, and my object is now inserted deep inside her narrow vaginal opening.

I tilted my upper body and brought my face near Claudia’s.

As she was almost a foot taller than me, I was able to immediately kiss her soon as I stooped down.

“Hnnn, chuu, mmm.”

Claudia’s cheeks flushed redder as she responded to my lips. Our hips slammed against each other as we kissed passionately, making us seem as we are a pair of lovers who had missed each other for so long.

Guchuu, guchuu, zubuu, slop, slop, slop! Below were the sounds of our bodily fluids, together with the sounds of soft meat clashing, all of them getting mixed in each other in an offensive rhythm. Above them were the sounds of saliva being stirred up as we kissed, and combined it completed the lewd orchestra composed of the male and female bodies as if they are instruments being played.

Putting all the strength in my abdomen, I hit even harder, making the sticky insides of Claudia suck on me even more and creating a sweet sensation for the both of us.

“Ugh, ooh, Claudia’s insides……it feels so good……”

I almost let out my voice as I accelerated my waist motions. The harder I pumped it in and out, the tighter and firmer Claudia’s vaginal walls became, and by the time I knew it, it has already entangled on my whole penis.

As I shook off the clamping folds of flesh, I raised my pistons to their highest speed. I thrust as hard and as deep as I could, all to give Claudia’s womb a hot blow.

At that moment,

“Ahhhn, no, no more, no more! I’m cumming! I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

Claudia screamed, and afterward, her supple body shook wildly, then slowly relaxed. This showed that even she, an S-Class adventurer and a master of the sword, is no match for my caliber in terms of the skills above the bed.

“That was really good, Claudia……” I spoke as I looked down at her being, now breathing and huffing sweetly as her firm naked body repeated its convulsions from time to time.

Despite her powerless state, Claudia was still much taller and stronger than me, yet the fact that I have subdued her despite the difference in stature just showed how much power I have in this field.

As I mesmerize myself in the sense of conquest, however, my passion for sex quickly rose.

“No good. this is still not enough……ahh, Claudia!” I shouted as I resumed by pistons.

“Ahiii, hnnnn! E-even though I h-had just come……ahhhm aaaaaaah! So strong, higiiii! Nhuuuu, ahiiii, aahhh! Ahhh, nguuu, ooooh, nnn!”


Claudia, who had just climaxed, was overstimulated by the sudden and powerful push and pull. Her insides twitched and squeezed as if it is screaming, and even coiling itself around my very hard object as if having a death grip on my own.

Yet, I didn’t care, not one bit, and continued to thrust with all my might.

I couldn’t get enough of making her climax just once. I want to give this top-ranked female adventurer more intense ecstasy and make her give in.

Following my instincts as a male, I slammed my hips once more.

Her vaginal flesh tightened in return, and the sensation of wanting to ejaculate swung my gauge pointer all the way to the left.

“I’m gonna cum, Claudia! Receive it all!”

As Claudia continued to quiver in her climax, I shot a massive amount of semen into her semen pot.

Ahh, cu, cumming……uuuuuu!” This c hap ter tra nsl ation is made pos si ble by st ab bing with a sy r inge tra nslati ons. check up-to-date trans latio ns on my Wor dpre ss sit e.

And Claudia, upon receiving, made a soft moan, then she reached the zenith again, her contracting pussy clenching my meat rod hard.

Dokudokudoku, byruurururu!

I poured every last drop of my sticky cum into Claudia, all while savoring the tightness of her vagina.

“Haaaa, haaa, haaa……”

After dealing the finishing blow quite literally, I slowly pulled out my penis from the female knight, who is now fully exhausted.

The latter’s pussy warped majestically after that, releasing a fresh sexual odor similar to the scent of chestnut blossoms.

But despite all that I had been through, my erection was still intact.

Before I knew it, Mina and Mary had already drawn themselves closer, as if they were lured by the scent of the male pheromone.

The two beautiful girls then wrapped their arms around my waist, pressing their soft female bodies against my own.

“Fufu, it’s still far from over.”

“Now is our turn, Lian.”

Mina smiled cheerfully, with a mysterious glint possessing her glazed eyes. Next to her was Mary, also smiling enticingly and even licking her lips with her cute tongue.

The lustful expression of the two girls stimulated my libido intensely, and as if the previous ejaculation didn’t happen at all, my cock instantly regained its full erection.

“Then, Mina and Mary……”

As they had patiently waited for me, I have to reward them. I pushed the two down and then took turns in penetrating them both.

Guchuu, Pan pan!

The murky sound of our joining parts and the rhythmic clashing of our flesh echoed against each other, filling the room with a very lewd symphony.

I thrust into the hot precious holes several times, stirred it around, then pulled it out and inserted it into the other one, repeating the process again.

Of course, with each and every of my plunges, I, too, pumped vigorously with all my might, enjoying the sweet tightness of one before I reinserted myself into the other.

This kind of vaginal comparison is what any man would love to have in their lifetimes. Their vaginas were both tight and slippery, and the feeling I get each time I penetrated them anew was superb.

“Oooh, it’s reaching all the way to the back again……it’s so good, Sir Liannnn!”

I continued my blissful intercourse with the secret holes of the two beauties, whose pleasure they gave me was already unparalleled as of the present.

As I have already done it with Mina the most number of times, I have already understood somewhat the points where she should feel the most aroused.

So that I could violate her with optimum performance, I adjusted my hips and focused on those points, strong at one time, loose on the other time.

With the irrational sequence of pistons, alternating from gentle to hardcore, the previously pure maiden went into disarray in no time.


“Hyaaa, ahhnn! No, I’m weak over there! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

In the end, Mina couldn’t take it anymore, finally letting out a scream of orgasm after a while of pumping. Seeing a neat and clean girl dyed in naughtiness and falling to depravity, it was irresistibly fascinating, no matter what genre you like.

“But still far from enough! I want to make you cum more!”

I pierced the undulating semen jar and gave it another stroke that reached the uterus in one go.

In an attempt to push the climaxing Mina into even more pleasure, subjected her to an even more relentless extraction.

The beautiful and innocent priestess quickly twisted her naked body in return, her wet vaginal flesh contracting violently and coiling around my hardened object.

Going harder and harder, the luscious oppressive pressure brought me a vivid sensation that almost made me ejaculate unplanned. Good thing I managed to stop on the verge of the release.

“Guh uugh, aaaahh!”

However, I wasn’t able to endure it for long, and ended up giving myself one last thrust into the deepest part of Mina.

“Fuaaaaaahh, nooot theeeereee! Ssiir Liaaann, I, caaaan’t, I’m cumming, I’m cuuummiiiiiinnngg!”

As if it was her last, Mina’s pussy hole was closed to its maximum, and along with a scream, Mina plopped down as if it has drained all of her strength.

It’s likely that she has fainted from pleasure.


From the twitching and trembling meat hole, I pulled out my symbol of being a man. The tip took the brunt of the squeeze, so I still felt numb from pleasure on that part.

Getting drunk with that feeling, I turned my gaze from the beautiful priestess to the courageous warmaiden. This chapt er trans lat ion is ma de pos si ble by st ab bing with a s yri nge tra nslat ions. ch eck up- to-dat e tra nslatio ns on my Wor dpre ss si te.

Now is Mary’s turn to cum, and as if she has already anticipated my thoughts, the latter gave a smile full of temptation.

“I want you to make me feel as good, no, even better than them. You can do that, right? Lian?”

“Of course.”

After a reassuring nod, I forcefully robbed our female warrior of her lips.

“Nchuu, uuu, hammuu.”

Mary and I kissed each other passionately, our tongues twirling aggressively for quite a while.

The scent of Mary’s honey dripping from her upper lips drifted to my nose, flaring up my nostrils from my partner’s wonderful smell. I could feel her excitement from it as well, making me unable to wait anymore to penetrate her.

After the suction of aroma coming from our fluids, I took my lips off Mary.

“Mary, I’m going to fuck you on all fours. Turn your ass over to me.”

As I was further getting into the mood, my language was getting more brutish.

“Come, Lian. Put all of it inside me……”

Yet Mary, whose eyes were now already clouded with lust, immediately did as she was told and posed on all fours.

The pose of submission being shown from a courageous warmaiden, which is now not short of similar to a bitch, further fueled my excitement. As a result, my penis, which I thought was already erect in its full, jumped up even further, almost touching my navel.

After satisfying myself with the beautiful view underneath, I penetrated Mary’s precious hole with the full force of my rage.

“Nguuuuuuuuu! Hyaaaaaaaa, hnnnn!”

Mary immediately let out a squeal of delight, probably from my forceful penetration. Her tightly packed naked body purred violently as she stretched like a cat.

In a posture as if I’m conquering a beast, I began my pistons, grabbing her whipped ass and slamming my hips as hard as I could.

“Hyaaaann! W-wow, it’s so good……it’s even hitting my belly……auuuu, hnnn!”

Mary repeatedly exclaimed in delight, her twin-tailed red hair swaying as she panted on my full-throttle pistons. I grabbed her hair, and, treating them like a horse’s reins, I slammed my hips down even harder.


However, even though the intercourse was rough and more like a pair of animals mating rather than a human lovemaking, it seemed to excite Mary more, as I could feel her vagina tightening as I went and go.

“Hiii, ahnnn! Ahhaa, A-amazing, fuahhh! More, more, harder, deeper! Lian…Liaaann……so hot, so good! Fuaahh, auuun!”

Mary’s voice went in an even higher pitch as I gave her a series of deep thrusts. Her tight buttocks bounced and swayed, and beats of sweat formed and dripped down her back, which was already bent like an arch.

Her red twin-tailed hair also swayed, and sweat formed on it as well, dispersing and releasing a sweet maiden scent all over us.

“Ooooh, how’s this, and this! There’s still more where it came from, Mary!” I taunted as the pheromones reignited my lust, making me thrust deeper and harder into the gushing orifice of the cheeky warmaiden. This c hapter tran sla tion is m ade poss i ble by st ab ing with a s yr inge tra nslat i ns. chec km y up- to-d ate transl ati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

To put in more power, I even switched our positions to missionary and lowered my body’s positioning to ram my piston with all my might. The vaginal flesh tightened in response to the pleasure, and it squeezed my penis in a very sweet manner.

“Higuuu, giii, nnn, oooh, afuuuu! No more, it feels too good……cumming, I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

Soon after, Mary let out a cry of orgasm and surrender. While also leaking moans of pleasure in the new tightening of her pleasure hole, I gave one last thrust, penetrating her all the way to the bottom of her stomach.

It was that moment when I released my hot cum into her womb, which had been twitching and spasming in minute intervals way back when I put my fingers on them.

Dokudokudoku, my meat rod throbbed as Mary’s flesh cavern was flooded with a powerful stream of cum. This meant that I had made three beautiful girls cum in rapid succession, as well as gave a creampie at each and every one of them.

An irresistible sweet euphoria wrapped up my body, and soon it became an intense feeling of conquest.

Added to that,

“It’s still energetic, it seems.”

“Until Sir Lian is satisfied, I’ll be your company no matter how many times you want to do it.”

“E-even I can still do much better!”

Claudia, Mina, and Mary approached respectively, each swaying their naked bodies as if tempting me.

All of their gazes were directed at my symbolic organ, which is now coated with a lustrous sheen from their juices, still towering majestically even after several ejaculations.

Looking closely, the three’s lips were slightly parted, and from them, breaths of lust were leaking out. This view immediately filled me with the desire to violate them once more, as they look so tempting you wouldn’t think they were the same people I know.

The intense feeling of horniness tingled throughout my lower body, telling me to have more and more sex with these girls.

I want to fuck them. I want to feel good. I want to make them feel good.

Alright, now that we have come this way, let’s do it up to the very end.

“Looks like I don’t have a choice. Come here, all of you.”

I turn my head to the three beauties and made my usual refreshing smile — but this time, it also contained lust and majesty of a domineering king.

Watch me, you girls. I’m gonna make all of you cum until your hips fall out!

And so, I spent the entire night overlapping myself with the bodies of Claudia and the others and enjoyed them to my desire.

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