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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Master of the Dungeon

What appeared in front of us was an old woman clad in a black robe that looked like rags.

Her eyes were downcast, her face was wrinkled, and her limbs were as thin as dead trees, as if they were about to be blown away at any time.

This person, who looks weak on the outside, is an S-class demon…?

“Wow, the intruder this time is a very handsome man. I like it.”

The demon-kin looked at me and licked her tongue.

“Aaah, just looking at you gives me the shivers. I think I’ll keep you alive. Yes, it’s a good idea to leave you alive only from the neck up as I keep you by my side. Kekeke.”

I was horrified by the old woman’s outrageous words.

“As expected of a person blessed with maximum luck with women, master is as popular as ever.”

Milfa said matter-of-factly.

“You think this is still considered as luck!?”

“Based on my observation, it seems that Miss Mina, Miss Mary, and Miss Claudia also like master, and the receptionist of the guild also fawns on master too. In addition, even now, female demon is approaching master, so I can safely conclude that master’s luck with women is definitely the best.”

I have no qualms with the others, but I have to disagree with you about the demon one.

First of all, it isn’t even considered an appeal that she wants to keep my head and my head alone, all by her side! Aren’t you even a bit creeped out by that?

“You’re the dungeon master?”

While I was retorting in my thoughts, Claudia took a step forward.


“I go by the name of Jarvise. Intruders are always welcome here─”

The old woman chuckled.

“─as my food, that is!”

As soon as she said that, the old woman’s arm suddenly stretched out and lunged at us.

Edge Two(Second Treasure Sword)Lightning(Inazuma)

Claudia immediately pulled out the swords on her back and waist in response and swung them down in an X shape.

This is a technique that she used the last time I fought.

However, unlike the last time, each of the two swords had a golden lightning bolt swirling on the blade. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Was this the true form of her technique?

The slash cut the old woman’s arm in half.

The lightning strike entangled the severed arm, instantly scorching and disintegrating the area it made contact.

“Hou. Great reaction. Most people would have been taken by surprise by this and get stabbed in the heart by now.”

But the old woman just laughed.

She rose the cut surface of her arm, and it quickly regenerated right in front of us.

And a sword that emits lightning without any incantation at all──Looks like it’s of a, no, a legendary grade, even.”

Regeneration(Ultra-fast Recovery), huh. Of all the types, to think I encountered the type that is difficult to counter with a sword.”

Claudia mumbled nonchalantly and lowered the swords in her left and right hands sluggishly.

“That’s not the only power I have.”

The old woman stretched out her arms like spears again as soon as she said that.

“Using the same technique twice will not work on us! I have already seen your pattern. Even if I’m not as good as Claudia, I can still do it!”

The one who jumped out was Mary.

She swung her large sword, which she had purchased as a reserve, and slashed away at the arm spear.


As soon as that happened, however, Ingrid, who was behind me, twitched and fell to the ground.



“Mary and Mina screamed out.

“Fuu…fuuu, fuuuu……”

But after a moment, Ingrid slowly stood up, breathing intermittently.

In a moment, her body crouched down, as if preparing to pounce, and as if a spring was released, she started running – with a momentum far explosive from to her small stature.

What’s more, she was coming straight towards me!


“Ehh……!? Uwaaa.”

Afraid of her body hitting the wall if I dodge, I tried to block her with my body, but the momentum was too great for a slim-statured elf like mine.

I was pushed far away from the rest of the party as soon as I was hit.

“Sir Lian!”


“You two, don’t take your eyes away from the enemy!”

Mary and Mina tried to charge in, but they were halted by Claudia’s shout.

“M-my body is……on its own……!?”

Meanwhile, Ingrid itself is confused by the sudden act.

“You like it, Miss?!  That was my Marionette Fear(Body Manipulation). Another special skill of mine.”

Jarvise smiles.

“Thanks to the red-haired woman who carelessly slashed my arm, my preparations were completed. Ingrid, you say? You’re already my puppet.”

Does that mean that Ingrid’s body is being manipulated by this guy?

I was half surprised and half flabbergasted.

As I thought that, Ingrid’s petite, soft body was pressed even tighter against my own.

Seconds passed, and her cool, icy good looks were bringing closer and closer to my face.


Just like that, I lost my lips to Ingrid.

The other party widely opened her eyes in the suddenness of the act.

“N-no way, my first kiss is……”

Quickly pulling her face away in panic, Ingrid turned bright red and shivered.

“Oya oya, that much reaction from just a kiss, how pure and innocent~. What’s more if I do this!”

The old demoness laughed with amusement.

“Kyaaaa, no. stooopp!”

Ingrid’s right hand started groping my crotch.

“Y-you! What are you trying to make Ingrid do!”

Mary tried to jump out of the way, but the old woman wielded her arm spear as a check, preventing her from approaching quickly. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

“What am I trying to do? Well, the question is, what should you do? No sudden moves, or the bitch slices her own throat. You don’t want that, do you? For now, watch as I play around with her a little.”

Meanwhile, Ingrid’s palm rubbed and squeezed the meat stick over my pants with perfect force.

Despite the situation, the symbol of my manhood was filling up with blood due to the sad fate of men.

“……? Something’s getting hard……? What a strange phenomenon──”

“Well, that’s because I’m being touched……”

While I was saying this, Ingrid continued to move her hand without pause.

She gently rubbed her palm over the raised groin, applying subtle pressure to send a zinging, numbing sensation over my crotch.

I wondered if her skillful touch was due to the fact that she was being controlled by the old woman.

It felt so good that I felt like I was going to lose consciousness there.

“Uu, kuuuhhh……ugh, kuh.”

The stimulation became more luscious, and with that, the more erect my object became.

It’s became a huge tent that it was almost trying to pierce through my pants now.

“It’s getting bigger again……Does this always happen to you when you’re touched?”

Ingrid looks at me curiously.


I wonder if she’s more dubious than disgusted?

“W-well……to me, as long as I feel horny……no, I’m sorry.”

“? Y-you mean you also get horny from me? Even with this body?”

“Of course. Ingrid is just so beautiful that I……”

Crap, I answered by reflex.

I already forgotten how she despised me early on.

“You are…looking me that way?”

Ingrid raised her eyebrows.

I’m not sure if I’ve said anything to offend her, but I think it made her mood…worse?  I can’t tell.

I’ve only heard that she hates men.

“……that’s the first time……that someone has said that to me……”

As if it was her final words, the expression on Ingrid’s face changed.

It was a somewhat sad and wistful smile, the least I was expecting.

And soon, deep hollow darkness consumed the light in her beautiful eyes.

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