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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – To the Dungeon

It seems that Claudia right now has accepted a quest to defeat an S-Class Demon species.

However, this time, she’s all alone, not accompanied by other S-Class adventurers which is the usual in their expeditions.

This S-Class Demon, as one could see by their rank, is even stronger than the A-class dragon species I fought the other day, and if left unchecked, it could destroy any entire nearby city it goes into at once.

Lately, it’s been hunting and capturing people in the area where it is now.

I don’t know if he’s using them for food, experiments, keeping them as livestock, or worse.

Though its purpose is still unknown, a considerable amount of people had already gone missing after that.

The kingdom’s army has tried to take them down several times, but they were all beaten back.

That’s why the S-class adventurers, who are said to be as good as an army on their own, were asked to take them down.

But even an S-class adventurer would inevitably have a hard time fighting alone.

“So I came to ask for your help, boy.”

This means that Claudia considers me to be as strong as an S-class fighter?

Come to think of it, she already had high opinions of me after that last bout.

“Unfortunately, the guild doesn’t have any other S-class adventurers who can move around at the moment. All of us have been traveling around the world to take on difficult requests, you see. That’s why I came to you.”

“An S-class entity, huh?”


I have yet to take down an S-Class demon, and neither I have not experienced facing opponents above S-Class yet.

However, even the A-class demon could be defeated by me in one blow.

If it’s just one rank higher, well, I think it would be fine.

“Got it. I’ll help if that’s okay with you.”

I judged with very optimistic thinking.

Of course, if I defeat an S-class enemy, my rank will definitely skyrocket.

“I knew you would say that. That’s reassuring, boy.”

Claudia wrapped her hands around mine and squeezed them upfront.

“Also, thank you.”

The smile on her face was so gentle that I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

But then,


It was then that Mina had stepped in between us, looking as if she had made up her mind about something. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“If you allow us, we could be of help as well.”

“Eh, Mina?”

I looked at her in surprise.

“But from the tone of Claudia, it’s already a dangerous quest, and it’s better for me alone to──”

“That can’t do, Sir Lian.”

I was worried, but Mina looked straight back at me.

“We’re also worried of you embarking on such a dangerous quest. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but at least, please let me be there for you.”

“Girl, sorry about this, but the quest might be a bit too much for a C-Class.”

Claudia raised her eyebrows at Mina.

“I mean, sure, he is a D-Class right now, but I came to him with the expectation that he is as powerful as an S-Class adventurer. You participating will only put your life in danger.”

“With all due respect, Miss Claudia, but there are things that even a C-class can do.”

Mina is a quiet person, but right now doesn’t intend to be taking any steps back.

“If the need arises, I will protect Sir Lian even if I use my body as a shield.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll go as well.”

It was Mary who was next to step forward.

“Since I already had a spare sword, I won’t slow you down.”

“It’s a high-level quest. It’s a good opportunity to get some valuable field data. Also, you two, how dare of you to leave your party member behind.”

From God knows where she came from, Ingrid also came and angrily stepped forward.

“In addition, Mina and I haven’t done any quest in order to fully recover our mana. Our ranking has gotten flat in this weekly update, so if we kept resting as it is, the other C-Class adventurers would overtake us one-by-one.” added Ingrid.

I see, it’s not only promotion but also maintaining rank is already quite difficult.

“Hmmm, they all have strong wills in your eyes, and I can see that they have a pretty good attitude as well. This quest will be hard, but this kind of experience might help them grow a pair if they make it through this……”

Claudia muttered without any shame at all.

Really, is that really something an S-Class adventurer, moreover, a woman, should say?

“Okay. I will allow you three to accompany us. But you must evacuate immediately the moment you sense any danger. Don’t be a hero.”

Eventually, it was decided that we would all follow Claudia.


“The stronger these guys grow, the more fun I’ll have with them. Fufufufu.”

Claudia’s eyes glowed a strange light after that.

Don’t tell me, she wants to train Mina and the others in this quest just to battle with them later on?

Just how thirsty are you to in fighting strong people?

She’s already a battle maniac.


Two days after we went on the road, we arrived at a mountainous area in the north.

The S-class demon is reported to be in a dungeon built in the middle of this mountain.

After finding the dungeon, we entered it immediately.

Incidentally, there are three main types of dungeons in this world.

Those natural caves in which monsters have settled in.

Those which belonged to the High Ancients, a super ancient civilization that prospered in the past.

And those which are created by Gods and Demons themselves.

The latter two are inhabited by powerful monsters that act as nasty traps and guardians, but they also often contain rare armor and treasures.


I just hope I can find a replacement for Mary’s broken sword after we defeated them……”

Since I’ve only been doing a lot of demon-slaying quests in the wilderness, this will be my first time exploring a dungeon like this.

As for the category of dungeons, we’re dealing with the third type.

By the way, this cave we have entered is about five meters high, yet the with is so narrow it could barely fit two people side by side.

Claudia and Mary were in the lead, Mina and Ingrid in the middle, and I was guarding the rear.

And as expected of a cave, it’s dark, so the surroundings were illuminated by the magical lighting that Ingrid had created.

Thanks to it, we were able to see clearly what’s ahead.

Of course, with this much light, the enemy would also see us, and we could be a walking target all the time.

But I’d rather have that. It saves us a lot of trouble.

Right now, Claudia is making a fierce smile on her face, reminiscent of a predator.

“Speaking of which, where is Claudia’s sword stored?”

I asked curiously.

In our last battle, Claudia showed her prowess to me as the master of the “Seven Sacred Blades.”

However, she has only one sword in her waist and one in her back sheath.

I can’t seem to find the other five.

“Hm? It’s here.”

As soon as she said that, a sword appeared in her hand.

“H-how? Where did you get that from?”

It was like a magic trick.

“I always put two of them outside for easy access, like what you see in my waist and my back. As for the rest, they are in my breastplate and the back of my gauntlets. The sword itself has a built-in transformation mechanism that allows it to be folded into a somewhat smaller size. Convenient, isn’t it?” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

Claudia’s face becomes like a child showing off her toy.

“I could feel some kind of divinity from the armor…… it is also a Meta-Artifact(God-Tier Magic Armament)

The small sword on my hip ─ Milfa ─ murmured.

“So you’re saying that the armor is the same as you ──”

“Yes. It’s the so-called legendary weapon. It’s a magical armament created by a God.”

She added.

“Hm? Is that your sword? Pretty rare for it to have an ego of its own.”

Claudia growled as if intrigued by Milfa’s voice.

“……Hou, So you must be Millifarazé.”

“You know her?”

“There is a legend that Elciata, the goddess of love, sends her sword, Millifarazé, to protect those that she loves.”

“Those that she loves……?”

Mina stares at me.

“What does she mean, Sir Lian?”

Her green eyes have an unusually sharp light in them, and they shoot right through me.

I felt a strange pressure and reflexively backed away.

“Did you do something that made her like you?”

I then remembered experiencing sex for the first time in my life with a goddess.

Ahhh, that felt really good ──.

“Ufufufufufufufu, please tell us more about it later, okay?”

Mina is smiling, but her eyes aren’t laughing.

Moreover, her green eyes were somewhat hollow and out of focus.

To put it bluntly, it’s scary as hell.

But then ──,

“Well, well, well, another intruder, huh?”


As if to break the slapstick atmosphere, an eerie laughter reverberated in the cave.


A small shadow suddenly appears from the dark depths of the cave.

However, they look far from an adventurer who is exploring the dungeon like we are.

A chill ran down my spine.

Its presence – it was already too ominous.

It’s probably the owner of this dungeon – also the S-Class Demon that we are all targeting on.

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