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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Character Introduction

Lian Tiarade

The main character. He’s a beautiful boy, a complete master of the most powerful magic sword arts, has maximum luck with women, has matchless vigor during sex, and is a long-lived elf. He was reincarnated into another world with these five traits on request.
In his previous life, he had no experience with women, but he is rather faithful to his desires.

Appearance (Webnovel): Blonde hair, blue eyes, elf ears
Appearance (Lightnovel): Black hair, blue eyes, elf ears
Figure: Small and slender. Height: 150cm.
Clothing: Short leather robe.

Mina Arabelle

A priestess devoted to Elciata, the goddess of love. Her character is gentle, warm, and caring. She sometimes shows strong jealousy towards her romantic rivals.
In the party, she supports the members with defense and support magic.

Appearance (Web Novel): Bob-cut silver hair, red eyes.
Appearance (Lightnovel): Blonde hair, green eyes.
Figure: Slender with big breasts. Height is in the 150cm range, about the same as Lian.
Clothing: Priestess robe. Her image is that of a female Priest from the Dark Quest series.

Rosemary Grande

Her nickname is Mary. A swordswoman with a headstrong personality. Her specialty is the greatsword. She is also a user of the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s.
In the party, she plays the role of the vanguard.

Appearance: Twin-tailed red hair. Purple eyes.
Figure: Tall, big breasts. Nearly 170cm tall.
Clothing: Light armor with a lot of exposure.

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A wizard with a cool personality. She specializes in ice magic.
She is in charge of medium to long range magic attacks in the party.

Appearance: Short-cut blue hair. Blue eyes.
Figure: Short, with flat breasts. About 140cm tall.
Clothing: Wizard’s cloak and robe (with hood).

Claudia Wellstein

A girl with a neutral atmosphere who loves to compete. She ranks third among the S-class, the highest rank given to adventurers in the guild. She is known as the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades).

Appearance: Princess cut purple hair. Bright light blue eyes.
Figure: Tall, with medium breasts. She is over six feet tall.
Clothing: Knight’s armor, including hand and foot armor. Skirt, but not too revealing.


A receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild branch that Lian has registered from. She was flabbergasted when she first met the beautiful boy.
She is in her mid-twenties. She has never been in love and is extremely shy.

Appearance: Black hair in pigtails. She wears glasses and has a simple appearance.
Figure: A little hubby with big tits

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Goddess of love. She looks like an experienced lady.

Appearance (Web Novel): Long black hair that reaches to her feet, purple eyes. White wings on her back.
Appearance (Light Novel): Long pink hair that reaches to her feet, purple eyes. White wings on her back.
Figure: Slender and glamorous.

Age(Web novel):

Elciata (hundreds of millions, trillions, maybe, something like that) > Paula (mid-twenties) > Claudia, Mary (college age) > Lian, Mina (high school graduate) > Ingrid (high school age)

Breast size(Web Novel):

Paula > Elciata > Mina, Mary > Claudia > Ingrid

(TL Note: I am translating the web novel version. I only applied the Light novel appearance of all characters mentioned above to avoid confusion to the readers)

Cast from left to right: Lian, Mina, Mary, Ingrid, Claudia, Paula

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