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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 4 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Maidens Around Me

After that, I had sex with Claudia for four more times.

Even though she was a virgin, she quickly adapted to pleasure, and it wasn’t long before her body’s response became more and more sensitive each time.

The amount of semen that came out of her vagina filled the room with the smell of copulation.

And Claudia, who was the receiving end of all the five ejaculations, is now gasping for breath on the side.

“Even after this far, you still want to continue? It’s your first time, so you don’t have to push yourself.”

Seeing her in such a state, I decided to finish today’s act.

“I’m sorry……that I……ended up making you……care for me……fuu.”

Claudia apologized as she threw her well-proportioned naked body slovenly on the bed.

Her breathing is still ragged, making me strengthen my erection at the lushness of it.

“But I see that you’re not satisfied yet……I see. I want to repay you for what you’ve done to me as a woman, but I’ve done something unbecoming of me.”

“It was not unbecoming at all and you have nothing to apologize for. I felt very satisfied, Claudia.”

I put on my usual fresh smile.

“Also, I think you’re being too negative of yourself. Claudia is attractive enough as a girl – No, as a woman. So be more confident of yourself more.”

This praise may sound like I’m hitting on her, that I’m saying something out of my character.

But still, against a woman like her, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell that she’s attractive──

──A thing I can never imagine my previous me would do.

Maybe my life as a pretty boy elf has gotten to me a little bit.

And I’m sure Claudia won’t be fooled by such a line, but,

“Y-you mean you felt good. On this body!? T-thank goo- I-I see. Also, I’m attractive…fufu, I’m glad. I really am. Ehehehe.”



“I-I’m really glad that you’re satisfied. Today was my first time, so that’s all I got, but once I got used to……sex, I’ll try my best to squeeze you out as many times as you want.”

S-squeeze me out……as many times as I want─.

I couldn’t help but gulp.

“O-of course, I can’t just repay you at once or two……If you want, I’ll take you again as many times as you want, boy.”


“Welcome back, Sir Lian.”

“Ah, I’m home at last.”

When I returned to the inn, I was greeted by Mina and Mary at the lobby.

“Congratulations on your promotion to C-Class.”

Smiling happily, Mina rubbed her body up against me like a cute pet animal, making my chest tingle.

“It just shows that the special training with me was effective.”

Mary spoke, sticking her bountiful chest proudly.

Certainly, the decisive factor in the battle against Claudia was the weapon destruction technique Mary taught me, the ” Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin) “.

“Thank you, both of you.”

“I admit that……your rank us is a phenomenal promotion speed. But I can’t just let it overtake my ranking.”

Behind them was Ingrid, murmuring grumpily. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

As of now, the girls are at the bottom of the B class, and I’m 21st in the C class.

I’m ranked lower than them, but the speed of my promotion is completely different.

In two weeks, I’ve almost lined up with the girls on the path they’ve been on for two years.

If I try my best, I might overtake them next week.

I wonder if this situation touched Ingrid’s pride?



While glancing at me, Ingrid presses her fingertips on her lips.

Her cheeks were so red as if a balloon that was about to make a popping sound.

Ah, maybe─she just remembered the kiss we had the other day?

“By the way, Sir Lian. Did you go somewhere before this?”

Mina asks me.


“Ah, right, I was about to tell you that I was invited to Claudia’s place for a while─”

When I said it, I remembered the affair I had just made.

My lower abdomen ached sweetly.

“Well, you know, to thank me for what I did the other day……”

My mouth is trembling on the inside.

“……definitely suspicious.”

Mina quietly murmurs.

The look on her face as she stared at me with her gaze was strangely overpowering.

Usually, she’s a kind, cute, healing girl, but at times like this, she’s very, very scary.

“Oh, finally, you’re back. I’ve been searching for you, Mr. Lian.”

In the middle of it, a new person has entered the inn.

With black pigtails and glasses, she is Paula, the receptionist at the guild branch here.

“You left without receiving this, didn’t you?”

Paula holds out something to me.

It was a medallion in a box with a design of a star engraved on it.

“This is a medal for full membership in the Adventurers Guild. As of today, you’ve been promoted to C-Class, and as certification, the guild is giving you this medal. Please take good care of it.”


I received the medal, even though I didn’t understand it.

“The medal is proof that you are a full member of the guild. In other words, it is a sign of a full-fledged adventurer. According to the official rules, adventurers of C level and above are full members of the guild, while D and E levels are treated as quasi-members.”

Ingrid explained to me.

“hee, is that so? Thank you for the explanation, Ingrid.”

“……I don’t really need your thanks……or anything.”

As soon as her eyes met mine, she blushed and turned away.

“T-that was just an accident, just an accident just an accident just an accident……”

Ingrid repeats it like an incantation while holding her own lips with her fingertips.

But her cheeks turned even redder. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

……You don’t think she’s just shy, do you?

“You even took the trouble to deliver it? Thank you, Paula.”

I then faced Paula and smiled. This time, it was her turn to blush red with force not losing to Ingrid’s.

“I-i-it’s not like I wanted to use this as an excuse to see Lian or anything. Not at all……”


Ii-i-i-i-i-it’s not like that! Y-yes, Mr. Lian is a beautiful boy, and from the time I met you, I…I thought that spring has finally come to me……It wasn’t like that, really! I came here just for work…just for work, just for……awawawa.”

For some reason, Paula was getting nervous and saying such things, and I could only stare blankly at such her.

“Mumumu……suddenly, I feel like the number of rivals is increasing.”

Again, Mina murmured softly, as if she’s displeased.

“Sigh, it can’t be helped. For a change, why don’t we celebrate Sir Lian’s promotion tonight?”

Mina turns around to everyone and proposes with a blooming smile on her face.

But why is my spine shivering?

“I have to draw out our differences here…… if the push comes to a shove, crawl in the middle the night and do whatever……we want.”

Mina was still smiling, but this time, her eyes contained the sharpness not losing to anyone.

Yep. Definitely scary!

“Celebration, huh……isn’t that nice, Lian……slurp.”

Mary also nodded with glittering eyes.

“Mary, why are you drooling?”

“Ah, am I? N-not really. Unlike Mina here, I’m not thinking of approaching Lian at night or anything……”


“I-I’m not even thinking about it! I swear!”

The two immediately went and argued with each other.

They blushed red for a different reason, though.

On the other side, however, Ingrid had a stern look on her face.

“For such an elf, you two sure are willing to go toe and toe with each other. I don’t understand what that man is even good for.”

“Uuwaaa. I have to do my best now that I’ve come this far…… my long-awaited moment is finally here. I’ve been without a boyfriend for twenty-six years, and now is the time to escape that history……! Paula, fight……!”

Even Paula is murmuring to herself.

Added to that,

“You’re still as popular as ever, master.”

Even the small sword at my waist – Milfa – tells me that in an electronic tone. Then, she continues.

“As expected of a man with maximum luck with women. Just by living a normal life, women come to you one after another. At this rate, I already don’t know how many more women you be able to bring in the future.”

“……you, are you angry at me?”

“I’m just a sword. I don’t have any feelings of jealousy.”


And I thought all this time that you are a girl. At the very least, you sound like a girl from your voice.

I’m not sure if I’m overthinking this, but I feel like she’s jealous of me.

But, Milfa’s right. After reincarnating to this different world, I got to know various women, and I got a lot of favors and even got a lot of sex as well. I certainly could feel the maximum luck with women in my trait.

But it’s not like the maximum luck I got with women also include swords… right?

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