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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 3 (Full Text)

Volume 3 – Aiming for S-Class

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Chapter 1 – Startup
Chapter 2 – Aiming for S-Class
Chapter 3 – Mina and Mary’s Love Affairs
Chapter 4 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 1 ※
Chapter 5 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 2 ※
Chapter 6 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 3 ※
Chapter 7 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 4 ※

Chapter 1 – Startup

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The next day, I was taught by Mina about the life of an adventurer.

“So basically, I just have to do the quests that the guild asks me to do?”

The place was the tavern of the inn where I was staying.

It was lunchtime, so she lectures me while we ate.

“Yes, if you succeed in your quest, you will receive an appropriate reward. The guild gets 20 percent, and the rest goes to the adventuring party.”

Mina explains further.

“How do I accept a quest? Do I just ask those receptionists?”

The other day, the girl at the reception desk was a little plain, but she had a pretty face.

I think her name was Paula.

“The quests are always posted on the guild’s information board, so it’s up to each adventurer to decide which ones to accept, though some quests require a minimum rank of adventurer, such as ‘B’ Class or higher. That’s usually the case for the more difficult quests.”

“Does……that mean there are a lot of quests I can’t take?”

After all, I’ve just become an adventurer, and I’m ranked 50322 in E-Class.

Right now, I’m in the lowest-ranked of all the adventurers.

The higher the difficulty of the quest, the more points you get in the ranking evaluation.

It was a frustrating outcome for me, as I wanted to get to S-class as quickly as possible.

“So, my next question. What kind of quests are there?”

“The most common ones are slaying demons, exploring dungeons, and escorting important people. Recently, I heard that wars have started in the Lushbaron and Gimule territories, and requests for mercenaries are increasing over there.”

“War, huh……”

I lived in an already peaceful Japan in my previous life, so hearing such a word doesn’t ring a bell in my mind.

Still, I wasn’t that ignorant that there are still wars happening on the other sides of the world. This makes me wonder, how are battles fought in this fantasy world? Is the country I am currently in right now at war with the other countries next door?

“Is it possible that this country is also involved in a war? I’m sorry for asking so many questions on this……”

“No, no, no. You are an elf, so it is understandable that you do not know much about human society.”

Mina smiled at my innocence. Thank goodness I was reborn as an elf.

“Rather, I would be pleased to be of any help to you, Sir Lian. So don’t please hold back and feel free to ask me anything.”

I knew she was a kind girl.

“Thank you, Mina. It would truly help me by a lot.”

I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“By the way……”

Mina turned at me.

It was only for a moment, but a sharp glint flashed in her gentle and calming eyes.

“I saw Mary coming out of Sir Lian’s room last night.”

……she saw that?

I remembered last night’s dazzling activity with Mary.

The sex with Mina was good, but the sex with Mary felt nice too.

Within a week of being reborn, I was able to have sex with two beautiful girls in a row.

It was a great start to my reincarnation life.

Ahh, just remembering it makes me want to do it again.

With Mary……

And also, Mina, who was staring dangerously in front of me──wait, dangerously?

“What were the two of you doing together last night?”

My delusions were immediately cut off.

Mina’s eyelids narrowed even further.

Her tone……feels like I’m a husband being investigated for cheating.

“I, uh, Mary got drunk and picked the wrong room……”


Mina stares at me more and more intently.

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling, but it sends a chill down my spine, this pressure.

“……Is that so? She surely was drinking at a high pace last night, that Mary.”

“That’s right, hahaha.”

For now, let’s laugh and cover it up.

“Fufufufufufufufufufufufu……for the time being, let’s settle it as that. However……”

Mina, Mina? You’re eyes are getting pretty scary now, Minaaaaaa!?

Apart from that last exchange, I came to the Adventurer’s Guild after hearing the general explanation from Mina.

Just like the other day, I sat down in front of the receptionist, Paula, again.

She had her black hair in a bun and wore her usual glasses, but even though she had a plain appearance, I still couldn’t believe she was already in her mid-twenties.

“Hello, Miss Paula.”

“Eh? N-no way!? M-m-m-m-Mister Lian!?”

I smiled at her, trying to look fresh, and Paula’s face immediately turned red.

I wonder if the person in question isn’t used to men? No, if it were the case, she wouldn’t be a receptionist.

Maybe my charming boyish face is having more of an effect on her than I thought?

If so, I’m glad I was born again as a handsome man.

Yep, I’m glad I was born again as a handsome man.

I have to say it twice because it’s important.

“H-hellow. how can I be of sherviche with you today?”

Ah, she stuttered, but should I expect of a professional? She immediately recovered despite her mistake.

If only she doesn’t look like someone who has drunk a love potion, it would even be better.

……Oh no, my lips are raising upwards.

“I’m here for a bit of consultation about my work. As you can see, I’m new to this adventuring business, so there are still many things I don’t understand.”

Even though Mina has already given me a lecture, I still want to listen to Paula’s story.

In the first place, I am not only a novice adventurer but also a novice to the way of life in this world.

There are a lot of things I don’t know, and only a few things I do know.

“There are some quests that can be taken at any rank, and some that can only be taken at a certain rank or higher, right?”

“How beautiful……”

“Miss Paula?”

“It’s like a work of art. …… Oh, so pretty……haauu.”

“Miss Paula?”

You’ve got drool on your mouth.

“Ha!? I’m sorry. I was too mesmerized by Mister Lian’s……what was it again? Ah, yes, quests, right.”

Paula returns to her receptionist mode while casually wiping her mouth.

“Mister Lian is still an E-Class, so the quest you can only accept are limited. To put it simply, they are but menial tasks……chores, to be blunt.”


I suppose the average adventurer is supposed to do these quests steadily and raise their rank little by little.

I’m not going to lie. It’s still too dull for me.

I want to get to the S-class in the shortest possible time.

“But I want to do quests that will raise my rank as much as possible.”

“Impatience is a taboo, Mister Lian.”

Paula told in an admonishing tone, far from her intoxicated appearance earlier.

“There are plenty of adventurers who have taken on quests that are far above their capabilities in an attempt to raise their ranks all at once ──and then never returned. This is why these ranks are established in the first place.”

She seems she’s telling me out of concern.

“I’m sorry, Miss Paula. And thank you for the warning. But you don’t have to worry that much. The other day I was able to defeat an A-class dragon species, and I think I can probably handle a quest of at least the same level of difficulty.”

“True, if it’s Mister Lian, he can……”

Nodding, Paula stares at me again, her face enraptured at my being.

“But still, it doesn’t change the fact you are a novice when it comes to being an adventurer. So don’t be reckless, okay?”

She spoke to me in a homely vibe……it would be a lot better if it weren’t for her entranced face, though.

──So, I asked Paula to tell me the most difficult quest that an E-class could take.

Difficulty: High

Description: Defeat the Armored Ogre(armored giant demon ), a B-Class demon(monster).

Reward: 3000 gold coins

Eligibility: Anyone

There are four levels of difficulty: Supreme, High, Medium, and Low.

This was the second toughest quest from the top, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for me since I’d already beaten an A-Class last time.

By the way, it seems that even B-class demons are too strong for D- and E-class adventurers to defeat, even if they’re all bundled together.

As for C-class adventurers, like Mina and her group, a few to a dozen of them have to formulate a detailed strategy before they can even face one, and by facing them, they didn’t mean by direct combat, but ambushes and setting traps and the like.

Okay, I’ve decided. Let’s make this mission to be my battle debut as an adventurer!

“Not so fast, Mister Lian.”

And…..I was immediately rebuked. I suffered several lectures about the creature after that.

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Chapter 2 – Aiming for S-Class

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“Is that the Armored Ogre you were talking about?”

The one slowly approaching from the front was a huge demon about seven meters tall.

As its name suggests, it has a hardened skin which covers its entire body like armor.

It was a massive ogre in a power suit.

That’s the impression I got at first glance.

“I hope you’re really okay, you……”

It was the village chief of Eicha who asked in a trembling voice from behind.

He is also the client of the demon subjugation quest.

“You’re E-class,” he said. “You’re the weakest of all adventurers.”

“And you look so poor as well.”

The men in the village made a fuss.

……well, sorry for looking so poor and weak.

“But you have a nice face.”

“Oh, yes, such a beautiful boy…… You’ll never see one in such a village like this.”

“So handsome……”

In contrast, the village girls were beaming with joy.

And despite being attacked by monsters, aren’t you guys a bit lacking in the sense of urgency?

“If it seems impossible, run away. You must not give up your life in vain.”

The village chief advised me.

I thought he would tell me to risk my life for the village, but he seemed to be genuinely worried about me.

“But if I don’t defeat that guy, the village will suffer again, right?”

“That’s true, but I don’t think you’ll be able to defeat it by yourself.”

The Armored Ogre is a B-Class demon.

It has the power to crush rocks with a single blow of its arms.

Its skin also possesses extreme toughness that can repel a steel sword and even magic spells lower than the intermediate level.

Paula explained to me beforehand that it is a powerful monster that boasts of its balanced power and defense.

“Well, it’s not a big deal for me. Let’s get rid of it quickly.”

The demon had initially been living in the rocky mountains, but recently it came down and began attacking this village at the foot of the mountain.

I heard that some of the villagers and the livestock have already been hurt and damaged, so the village chief sent a request to the guild to kill this thing.

It’s not a very lucrative job, as the village is poor and there’s not much money to be won.

But I thought it would be a good idea to accept the request, since I could kill him with one hand and help the villagers in need.

The difficulty of the quest is reasonable, and if I succeed, my rank will increase.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Mr. Village Chief. I’m fine.”

I smiled at the chief and then called out to the villagers who were watching from afar.

“Stay away, you guys. Don’t get caught up in this.”

The demon was already a dozen meters away.

I stepped forward to draw its attention.

“It’s a shame that you have to protect us and fight alone.”

I felt a heated gaze on my back.

They were probably the young girls of the village.

I remember when I came here, they were all staring at me with a pouty look on their faces.

If there’s a chance, you can treat me to a meal later──.


When I was just about to fantasize, the Armored Ogre raised a shout.

For now, let’s concentrate on the battle.

“Here I go! Milfa!”

I called out to the short sword on my hip.

“At your command, Master Lian!”

My partner’s electronic voice resounded. She’s as reliable as always.

I cast [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] on myself.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration), as its name says, raises the athletic ability of a person to a superhuman level, that even a sword strike creates a supersonic speed that hacks and blows enemies away.

Not only this skill envelops my body with mana to protect me from being damaged by gravitational forces in doing a super-fast combat, but it also makes me shoot mana-imbued magic slashes at the enemy at wake, making it a convenient all-in-one skill for a magic swordsman.

My “Mastery of Magic Sword Arts” also centers on it as its base. Without it being activated, I can’t utilize any magic sword skills.

I thought it was because of my weaker constitution, being an elf and all, but when Claudia came to test my mettle, from there, I found out that I’m still a complete amateur when it comes to using swords alone hence that doubtful remark of that S-rank adventurer.

When I asked Milfa about it, she said that my skills only apply if I fused Magic and sword as one. It’s not the complete mastery of sword skills and magic skills that I can alternate depending on the adversary that I was expecting. I should have doubted it when it was accepted as a single trait.

In other words, because I am a magic swordsman, a sword is always required in order for me to execute a magical attack, so inevitably, because of that limitation, close-range magical attacks became my main focus.

Not only that, all of my ‘arts’ are limited to those that can only be released in the form of “slashing’ or ‘stabbing,’ or ‘moving with the sword in hand’ so to say at least.

In other words, I can’t attack multiple enemies at once, or shoot enemies at a great distance like a wizard does, nor perform sword techniques without casting Physical Reinforcement like a sword user does.

An all-rounder fusion of the two, it was just that.

In any case, I just need to determine what I can do and what I can’t do, and then I can fight.

“──Also, there’s no need for me to strain myself in the first place.”

I held my small sword at the upper level with a wry smile.

With this kind of opponent, strategy isn’t needed at all.

I don’t even have to gain momentum and find its weakness.

──Just a single blow is enough.

“[Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)]”

With Milfa’s incantation, my muscle strength jumped by more than ten times at once.

With that empowered strength, I swung down the sword as much as I could.

Limit Break(Slash Release) ── Exeslash(Glittering Cleave)!”

For a moment, there was a flash from the blade, and the demon’s strong armor was split in two like a hot knife through butter.

Alright, the first quest complete.

If this continues, I’ll be able to complete more and more quests in no time.

And then, I’ll aim for the S-class seat after that.

After successfully completing the request, I received an enthusiastic thank you from the village.

Yeah, it feels good to help people after all.

After that, I went back to Regulus City to report the monster’s defeat to the guild, and then I returned to the inn at past noon.

“Welcome back, Sir Lian. I’m glad you’re safe.”

The one who came running up to me happily was Mina.

“I’m back, Mina. If you haven’t eaten yet, would you like to join me? I went directly to the guild, so I wasn’t able to have time to eat. How about……”

After I said that, I suddenly realized that I had never invited a girl to a meal before.

It was the first time in my life that I had asked a girl out. Moreover, I did it unconsciously at that.

“Yes, by all means! Thank you for inviting me.”

But Mina wasn’t bothered at all. In fact, she looked even happier.

We went into the inn’s dining hall and sat across from each other.

After that, we each ordered a meal set for lunch.

“──Is that so? Congratulations on your first job, Sir Lian.”

I told her the whole story of my quest, and she was as happy as I was.

“We’d like to do the next one as soon as possible, but it’s going to take at least another week for our mana to recover.”

Mina looked disappointed.

The girls had been resting ever since they finished their last quest.

“Now that you mention it, how long does it take to recover one’s magic power?”

“The last time we fought an A-Class dragon species, and even before that, we did a dungeon search, so we had been in quite a fierce battle, so to say it at least……our magic power has almost run empty.”

According to Mina, mana, or magic power that one possesses inside their bodies, takes longer to recover as the degree of exhaustion increases.

If it is up to about 20%, it will be restored in a few hours to a day, but if it is exhausted to about 80% or 90%, the recovery speed will slow down exponentially.

It can take a week or even a month for some people.

In other words, Mina and Ingrid have depleted 80 to 90 percent of their magic power after defeating the A-class dragon species and the quests before that.

“Instead of worrying about us, Sir Lian, you should worry more about yourself. Are you really okay? Using a skill that can defeat an A-Class Dragon species in a single blow will surely consume a lot of magic power.”

Now that she mentioned it, how much magic power do I have left? Even though I have done all of that, I didn’t even feel exhausted.

“There’s no problem, Master Lian.”

The answer came from Milfa, who was resting on my waist.

“The magic power consumed by Master Lian in battles is so little it’s almost insignificant. Actually, you have almost recovered most of it by now.”

“That level and it’s only ‘a little’, to the point that it’s almost insignificant, you say?”

I was both surprised and dumbfounded.

If that’s the case, then those moves I unleased are not even in the strongest settings yet?

“Sir Lian?”

“Well, you see, it’s almost completely recovered by now.”

I explained again to Mina, who has not heard the exchange between Milfa and me.

“Even after using such skill? Amazing.”

Mina stared at me with her eyes shining.

“It’s wonderful, Sir Lian. As expected of my destined person ──”

I was caught off-guard with such a straightforward compliment.

And she’s as cute as always, this Mina.

I never knew that being with someone who genuinely likes you can give you such a sense of satisfaction, even in my previous life.

I wonder if this is what happiness is all about.

“Thank you, Mina.”

For now, I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Aaah, she’s so adorable ──.

I couldn’t help but think back to my first experience the other day.

Breasts that are too rich for her innocent face.

Supple limbs that couldn’t harm a thing.

And the tightness inside her……

“I’m sorry to interrupt your flirting, but…”

Kohon. I heard a coughing sound from behind me.

It was Mary, approaching me while rocking her red twin-tailed hair.

“I want to talk about what to do for the next quest.”

She sat down next to me, snuggled in close, with her ample breasts pressing against my arm.

The soft and supple texture of her body made my cheeks relax.


On the other side, Mina is sulking at us with one of her eyebrows raised up high.


“Our first priority is Rosemary’s sword.”

The next person to arrive was Ingrid.

“Welcome back, Ingrid.”

“How was the second-hand bookshop?”

“Bad. Their selection was poor. They didn’t have the material we wanted.”

In response to Mina and Mary’s questions, Ingrid brushed back her short blue hair and sighed unhappily.

“After all, you got to go to the big cities like Raschka and Gloria to get good magic equipment.”

Ingrid sat down next to Mina, then she looked at me.

“Why is there an outsider in the mix?”

Her gaze was as cold as ever.

Mina, Mary, the receptionist Paula, even the girls in the village yesterday, ever since I have been reincarnated, I have become all popular with almost all the women I met, even Claudia, who confronted me in a battle last time. It was only Ingrid, for some unknown reason, who hates me openly to the core.

“I’m sorry. She’s not good that good with men. It’s not that she particularly dislikes you, Sir Lian.”

Mina interceded.

“She is very kind, honest, intelligent……in short, she’s a wonderful girl. Please don’t be offended.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not that impatient to hate her with just this much.”

I spoke with my signature smile.

“In fact, I like to be as friends as possible, but if that’s the case, so be it.”

“Now, now. Since we were saved by Lian by defeating the A-Class Dragon, and because Lian is not used to the adventurer’s life yet, we help him catch up by doing some information exchange. It is also to……assist him when we got no choice but to fight together, just in case.”

Mary gave me a helping hand.

“……Mina and Rosemary already favors you to this extent, huh. I got no other choice.”

Ingrid murmured.

“Now then, getting back to the topic at hand. We need to repair Rosemary’s sword, which was broken during the last defeat, or get a new one.”

“It would be nice if we could find it in the dungeon like we did before.”

It was Mina who sighed softly.

“Wow, so you found that sword in a dungeon?”

“Yes. I found her sword when I was exploring the dungeon for a certain quest.”

Mina answered my question.

It was exactly like an RPG.

“Dungeons are mainly created by high-ranking demons. Some of them even hide legendary weapons and treasures in their dungeons.”

“This one might be unbranded, but it’s sturdy and sharp, so I liked it a lot. Too bad it broke, though.”

Mary puts her head down in disappointment.

“So if we go to a dungeon again, there’s a chance where we can find a good sword?”

I suddenly got an idea.

“Hey, you’re a sword, right? Do you have any such information? Like a dungeon with a legendary sword?”

And so I asked Milfa, my guide in this world.

“My apologies, Master Lian, but only the general culture, customs, and geography of this fantasy world are the only ones stored in my database.”

Milfa announced dejectedly.

“Aren’t you my navigator of this world, Milfa?”

“It is true that I was given knowledge of this fantasy world by the goddess Elciata and was sent to me to help you in your journey. However, that doesn’t mean that I know every single detail of this world. In the first place, you won’t ever need that knowledge because you have me.”

“So that’s how it is……”

“Hey, Lian.”

It was Mary who interrupted our conversation.

“I’ve been wondering about that for a while now……but what was with that sword? Is it the one talking?”

“I was wondering the same thing. I thought I heard an unfamiliar woman’s voice earlier. I’ve been thinking that there might be a woman lurking somewhere who is trying to mess with Master Lian……fufufufufu.”

I’m starting to get scared of how you laugh, Mina.

“Well, this guy here…… is the sword that Goddess Elciata has given me.”

I briefly explained about my encounter with Milfa.

But since the explanation for my reincarnation might be too early for them, I kept that matter aside for now and changed the setting a bit to make it more convincing.

“So it’s a legendary sword!”

Mary leaned forward in awe.

But she was thrust aside by Ingrid, who then presses on me next.

“Surely, this is not just an magic(magic) artifact(armament) ── it’s truly a legendary, divinely created weapon! There’s no mistake of it! Wow, wow, wow. Show it to me, show me, show me, show meeeeee!”

“Yeah, sure,. But……”

I was overwhelmed by their energy. But Ingrid was truly unexpected.

I thought she was a calm and cool girl, but I didn’t know she had this side to her as well.

……isn’t her character shift a bit too much?

“Also, why can they hear what you are saying? Aren’t you talking to me telepathically?”

“It is you who are talking to me telepathically, master.”

“Then from the very first time you met me, you were voicing your thoughts out loud?”

“I always have been, master.”


──And just like that, a week has passed.

Mina, Ingrid, and Rosemary’s magic powers were completely restored.

We went to the guild the very next day and immediately accepted quests for our rank.

As for the type of quest, of course, it’s subjugation quests.

After all, the quickest way to accomplish them is to kill the demon mentioned in the request.

And so, we went to nearby towns and villages to hunt down B and C class demons assigned by the guild.

These classes of demons can be killed instantly with beginner-level magic and sword techniques, so it was almost like a game for us.

Well, there will be no problem as long as they’re easy.

However, there are still demons in the world that are far more superior than the A-Class Demon that we defeated a while back, and they’re categorized as S-Class Demons. Some of those monsters have sentient minds. In other words, they have the capability to think straight and learn quickly like us humanoid beings.

And it doesn’t just stop there, as there exists the SS-Class, also known as the Demon Generals Class, which lead a mighty horde of S-Class monsters like they’re some kind of soldiers or something, and each of them possess enough power to destroy a country in a single night. And there’s the SSS-Class, the worst class of them all, only entitled to the Demon Lord Class Lucifer, who reigns over the SS-Class Demon Generals.

There may come a time when I have to fight such people.

But before that, I have to get stronger.

That’s why I decided to focus more on the basics, starting with sword fighting from Mary.

Even though I was reincarnated as the strongest magic swordsman, I’m still an amateur at pure swordsmanship when Physical Reinforcement is released.

To overcome that weakness, it would be better to learn how not to be dependent on it and prepare myself for every future outcome.

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Chapter 3 – Mina and Mary’s Love Affairs

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Rosemary Grande’s side.

In a small open space near the inn, Mary was facing Lian.

In her hand was a sword with a dull blade used for practice, while in the elf boy’s hand was a short sword with a golden blade that has been with him since they first met.

Earlier, Lian asked her to practice with the sword.

(I’m now with Lian ……no, this is just a practice. It’s just a practice.)

However, unlike before, Rosemary has been desperately holding back to fidget at the boy before him.

──It was because ever since that night, Mary has become conscious of Lian for something.

She became curious just about his every move while he is in the room: his actions, his mannerisms, and even the number of times he twitches his pointy ears, she could just not resist to observe the boy.

She thought at first it was just because he is handsome and such, that her eyes got magnetized to him whenever she sees the guy, and that giving her virginity to Lian was a drunken, impulsive act because he was strong.

But after being in company with him for long, she realized that it was not the case anymore.

Times passed, yet her feelings only gotten got worse and worse. Eventually, it reached the point that whenever he talks to another woman that’s not her, she feels as if her heart was being ripped out of her chest for every line he spoke.

It was then that she realized.

Ever since the day they first met──

From the day she saw that dignified figure, wielding a mighty power which defeated an A-class dragon species with a single strike,

She became attracted to him.





On this beautiful elf boy named Lian Tiarade……

“? What’s wrong, Mary?”

When she came to her senses, Lian was looking at her suspiciously.

“Is there something on my face?”

“Oh, no, no, no, I’m just……well, it’s nothing……”

I almost let it out in reflex.

Rosemary Grande, you’re an invincible war maiden.

It’s not like you to act like this.

At all times, you must be courageous, dignified, and……unyielding.

Yes, just like Claudia, the S-class adventurer you admire and aim for all along…

Even though she tells herself this, her mouth naturally relaxes in pleasure whenever her eyes meet Lian’s.

Each and every one of her casual conversations with him makes her heart stand out helplessly.

“A-anyway! My lessons will not be that easy, even for you, Lian.”

As if to shake off her embarrassment and wild thoughts, Mary shouted louder than necessary.

“O-okay. Please take care of me well.”

Lian could only nod at her, surprised by her practice partner’s vigor.


After that, on a certain day.

Several silver lights flashed in the void, with the blades behind them sending sparks whenever they clash in the middle of the square.

Lian was still using his divine sword, Milfarasé, at his hardest, trying to block all of Mary’s practice swings as she goes.

“If that’s not effective, then how about this ──”


Two more, and then three, four, five……

After exchanging several consecutive blows, it eventually shifted to an interlocking sword match.

At close range was Lian’s elven face.

A calm, good-looking face,

sparkling blue eyes that emit a profound light.

And cherry-red lips so seductive that it was hard to believe it belonged to a man.


Mary couldn’t help but choke up.

These were the same pair of lips that she gave her first kiss the other night.

It’s not just her first kiss.

She has also given her virginity, which she had been guarding for so long to this man.

The memory of it was enough to make the core of her hips tingle.

Is this…… excitement? Lust?

Or is it love?

As she was lost in her thoughts, Mary lost her grip on her sword, and with a loud clang, it fell on the ground.


Thankfully, Lian quickly supported her before she gets hurt. But then she realized that their bodies are now touching because of it, so she promptly separated herself from the man.

“Ah. Thank you. Also, sorry about that. Even though Lian is trying his best to practice……”

Mary picked up her blade and bowed in apology.

It was a mistake that she should not have made in the middle of her training, getting distracted by a gaze in the middle of a fight.

“No, I’m the one here who should be thankful. I’m still getting used to the magic sword arts, so you’re making a big help to me.”

Lian gave a big smile as if he wasn’t bothered by it, but it only made her feel worse.

However, unlike earlier, she wasn’t as drunk in her feelings as before.

“……you’re still not used to it? Even though you are already this strong?”

Mary unconsciously gave a mild rebuke.

Given an elf’s weak physical structure, even a stiletto-sized weapon is already doubtful if it can be wielded satisfactorily in those dainty arms.

Despite this, his slashes were swift and heavy.

The acceleration of the body through magical sword arts – when one actually experiences it, he or she could tell that it was an amazing technique.

Mary knows very well that she’s not a mediocre swordswoman.

Along with the Thunder Emperor(Rai Ou) Ruination(Fuumetsu) Swordsmanship(Ken)  and the Crimson Emperor(Teikoku ) Slaying Style(Zan Jutsu), she is also a first-class user of the Raging Flame Overlord(Rekka Ha) Sword Style(Ken Ryuu), which is also famous as one of the strongest schools in orthodox sword arts in the continent.

But even with that prowess, she was still unable to overpower Lian, only at best be almost as equal to him, even though the other party is completely amateur in his stance with the sword at the beginning.

“Lian is still a complete amateur when it comes to pure sword arts, right? If you were able to learn these techniques, wouldn’t you become even more terrifying than this?”

On the outside, Lian is a beautiful young elf.

But on the inside, he is a magical swordsman with the potential to be the strongest in this continent……no, in this world.

How strong will he become in the future……?

In addition to the feelings of endearment she was having earlier, Rosemary’s heartbeats couldn’t help but rise, as a swordsman of the same profession.

“More terrifying? I don’t really think so. Why would you think about that?”

But whether it was a blessing or a curse, the said boy was still oblivious to the fact.

“Never mind. It’s just a sudden, fleeting idea of mine. For the next one, I’ll teach you another basic…….”

For now, let’s not think of it and enjoy our current situation.

Mary smiled as she keeps it to herself. Then, she continued the lecture as before.

“……that alone should be able to make a big difference.”

“Wow. I didn’t know such a simple trick could do such wonders. Thank you, Mary.”

After a series of gives and takes, Lian nodded in content.

But whether she knows the inner turmoil happening in her practice partner’s heart or not, or whether the thumping in her heart was from being a swordsman or a woman, there is one thing that Rosemary absolutely knew.

That she, right now, is happy being with Lian.


Mina Arabelle’s side.

Mina had been glancing at Lian and Mary’s sword practice for a while now.

It was her daily routine as a priestess to meditate in peaceful the inn’s garden at this time of the day.

However, ever since Lian invited Mary for sword practice, she had been worried about the two for a while now and could not concentrate properly.

At first, it was a genuine worry about them getting injured in the practice.

But as times go by, that worry gradually became agitation, and even restlessness.

“Aaah. Geez……I wonder what’s wrong with me?”

Another sigh escaped Mina’s lips.

There is another woman other than herself beside Lian.

Though it was just for a moment, Mina became afraid that their lips would touch each other in that fierce exchange.

And that Mary, lately, she’s becoming pretty conscious of Sir Lian.

She even made a feverish, pouting expression just now.

It was as if she has fallen for him. Wait, could it be?

(I knew it, something happened between her and Sir Lian that night.)

That night, the four of us toasted in celebration.

After that, when I came out to go to the toilet past midnight, I saw Mary coming out of Sir Lian’s room.

When I questioned Sir Lian, he said that Mary was too drunk and entered the wrong room.

Though there’s also the possibility that he’s right, the time Mary came out, our party has already ended hours after that.

That means within those hours, Mary and Sir Lian were sleeping inside that same room.

If it were the previous me, I would have believed that Sir Lian just woke up and noticed Mary sleeping in her bed.

But I am no longer that naïve girl from the past anymore.

(Mary is an essential companion and my friend. But I don’t want to give Sir Lian away……what should I do……)

My heart is in turmoil.

But I couldn’t get this feeling away.

What should I do?

Should I give up?

Hesitation, reflection, and thoughts of how to overcome the situation flowed continuously at Mina’s mind.

Then, as if she made up her resolve, Mina stood up from her seat with such momentum.

“If it leads to this, then I’ll just have to be more aggressive.”

And just like that, love has completely transformed the shy and reserved girl onto something else.

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Chapter 4 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 1 ※

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“Sir Lian, may I have a word with you?”

That night, Mina came to visit me in the room where I was staying.

She was not wearing the priestess’s clothes she usually wears, but a pink nightgown that looks like a dress, which was cute and also accentuated Mina’s neat personality.

“What’s wrong, Mina?”

“I thought you might be tired from your sword practice. How about a massage?”

Mina offered.

“I can’t teach you how to use a sword like Mary, so I’d like to do at least that ……something useful for you, Sir Lian. No, please let me do it at least once.”

Mina pressed in with her eyes shining brightly.

Massage, huh……

It’s not that my muscles are sore, but even after a few hours of training, my body indeed feels tired.

My limbs felt heavy and sluggish.

I should gratefully accept the offer while it’s here.

“Then, can I ask you a favor? I feel strangely dull after using physical strengthening a lot.”

“Thank you very much, Sir Lian. Now please, lie here.”

She pointed to the bed. I laid down in a prone position, followed by Mina, who climbed into the bed afterward.

“Tell me if it hurts……Ei, ei……”

And then she started to massage both my shoulders.

She also pressed along my back muscles with her fingers, applying pressure along my spine.

“It feels so good…… You’re good, Mina.”

A pleasant feeling of weakness came over my whole body.

An elf’s body has a lower physical strength than human beings, so I am already grateful that I can gently loosen it like this.

It’s a great way to get rid of the tiredness I’ve been feeling a lot ever since the training started.

However, the girl’s soft hands rubbing and touching me all over my body makes me feel awkward.

Her breath, blowing on me from time to time, accelerates the awkwardness even more.

“Thank you once again for helping us, Sir Lian. I used to massage Mary like this after she trains with her sword.”

I see, that’s why she’s so good.

“Now, please lie on your back.”

I was told to change my position from prone to lying on my back.

When I turned back, I saw Mina’s face at close range.

“Sir Lian……”

Her cheeks were dyed, and her beautiful face gazed at me, enraptured.

Then, that face suddenly approached me.


Mina’s tender lips coyly touched my own.

My heart beats like a bell from the gentle touch of a kiss.

“Mi, Mina?”

“I’m sorry, I just……”

Mina, who took off her face all of a sudden, looked down bashfully.

“It’s just whenever I see Sir Lian being on good terms with Mary, I feel……restless.”

“Me, with Mary?”

“Whenever the you two practice with our swords, it was like the two of you were in our own world……I felt like I was being left behind……I couldn’t even concentrate on my meditation, and all I found is my pitiful self, thinking about you……”

N-no way. Did she just say she was jealous?

I’m not sure if I should feel happy or proud about it.

But at the same time, I am filled with a desire to make her feel at ease.

“C-come here, Mina.”

I took the chance and invited her in.

Even though I’m already a handsome boy and have maximum luck with women due to my reincarnation, I’m still nervous about asking a girl out.

I’m still not used to it.

“Yes, Sir Lian.”

Mina nods with an absentminded face, and when she came to me, I hugged her.

The bouncy bulges on her chest ended up hitting on my chest plate, and when I embraced her closer, it caused them to get more mushed in between.

Enjoying the rich texture, I run one hand up her chest and the other down to her crotch.

I first rubbed the elastic flesh of her breasts softly over her one-piece dress.

Then I also rolled up her skirt and gently touched her private parts through her panties.

“Ahh, fuuu……”

When her breasts were touched simultaneously as her private parts, Mina let out a wistful gasp.

And when I pressed the crotch part of her shorts with my fingertips, I heard a faint sound.

It was a sign that she was beginning to moisten there.

“Can I touch you directly, Mina?”

I whispered in her ear, and she nodded, turning red.

“Yes. As long as you wish to, Sir Lian.”

She probably wouldn’t refuse if I touched her without saying anything.

But I wanted to see the shame on Mina’s face so I dared to make her aware of the act by saying it out loud.

In fact, the expression on her face, which was stained with shame, made her look even more lovely.

I can’t help it – she’s so adorable it makes me find it hard to resist.

I slipped my hand inside her panties and used my fingertips to brush away the pale pubic hair. Then I gently stroke the bare flesh within.


Mina shivers in an instant the moment I touched her there.

“I’m going to touch you more, Mina!”

I traced my fingers up and down the surface of the crack, aroused by the lushness of her reaction.

As soon as I did, my love juices began to flow outside.

I could hear her moaning and squirming constantly.

I pushed it in further, and my fingertip was sucked into Mina’s vaginal opening with little resistance.

The soft folds of her insides twisted around my finger.

Guchuuu. I put it even deeper, spilling the love juices that were still stuck inside.

“Fuaaa……ahuu, hnn……!”

It seems that just being inserted by a finger is already enough to make Mina let out a faint, charming sound.

Her slender body twitched more and more, and her embrace on me got even tighter.

She’s so cute, really.

I removed my other hand from her chest and lightly stroked her head.

“Aaah, Sir Lian……”

Her moist red eyes looked up at me.

I stared back into those eyes and kissed her lightly on the eyelids.

When I’m with her, the gesture like we’re a pair of lovers naturally goes out of me.

It calms me, and it soothes me.

I put a little pressure on my fingertips and stirred more at her muddy interior.

“Aaah, aaahh, that feels so good, more……amazing……I’m gonna……Sir Lian…”

Mina’s limbs quivered intermittently.

And the narrow vagina is flooded with more honeydew.

Meanwhile, the walls inside were constantly moving and clamping down on my fingers.

The love juices from the edges of those lips were making our surroundings smell sweet.

“Somehow, my body……feels more sensitive than usual.”

Mina took a pleasant breath.

Maybe she has developed a taste for it?

We only had sex once, but maybe it has brought more change and influence to her body than I expected.

The thought that I had taught her innocent body the pleasures of sex made me feel superior as a man.

“Lian, can I have a word with you? There’s something I wanna ask during today’s practice…”

At that moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened.

It was Mary who came in.

Upon seeing us, her purple eyes widened in surprise.

“Eh, Mina!?”


“S-sorry, I didn’t knock……No, I the first place, why are you here……No way, you are also aiming for Lian.”

“Mary, so you are also……”

Mina looks at Mary straight to the eyes.

“……After all, Mary talks about Sir Lian a lot.”

She seemed to mutter something after that, but her voice was small that I could not hear it well.

“I, uh, just wanted to train Lian’s sword skills.”

Marie was strangely glancing at us.

I’m not sure if it’s curiosity, embarrassment, or…… excitement.

“Only with Mina……it’s not fair.”


“I’d like to get close to Lian as well!”

Marie shouted as her face flushes red.

Then she approached us, letting out a very seductive breath.

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Chapter 5 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 2 ※

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──I want to get close to Lian as well!

I couldn’t hide my confusion when Mary came up to me, shouting as if she had exploded with emotion.

“Also, look at him. It shows that Lian doesn’t mind the situation either way.”

She came right in front of me and pointed at my crotch.

Sure enough, there was a huge erection, rising vigorously and throbbing with excitement.

It was obvious even through my leather pants.

“It looks painful, Lian. Do you want me to relieve it for you?”

As soon as she said that, Mary reached between my legs.

But before she did that, Mina stopped her.

“What are you doing!?”

“I’ve noticed something in your ‘sword training’ you speak off – isn’t that just an excuse to meet with Sir Lian?”

“W-wh-what are you saying, Mina! I’m, uh, the excuse for the sword training was real, and it was Lian who approached me first……also, wasn’t it you who should have no reason to approach Lian in his room right now!?”

“I-I was massaging Sir Lian’s body after practice! There’s nothing wrong with what I’ve done!”

“Then why is he massaging you instead when I entered the room? Moreover, in places where one doesn’t do massage in the first place!”

“T-th-that’s, uhm… what about you!? You barge in the middle of the night with such thin clothing on! Are you really asking for some tips, or are you planning on something else?”

“You have no right to tell me that when you are also the same and are already in his embrace!”

“Guys, keep it down. This is an inn!”



As if cold water has just been splashed on their heads, the two girls calmed down.

The three of us sat down on the bed with me in between.

After a while, it was Mina who spoke up first.

“In the end, you just want a steal a march to be with the person that we love – the same as me.”

“I-it’s not that I want to steal Lian or anything……I know you love Lian as well. It’s not my personality to say things like this, but you’re sweeter than me, cuter than me, and more girlish than me. I just thought that if I leave you two be, I’m afraid that Lian won’t look at me anymore. I’m also afraid that you’ll leave us after that.”

“You really think that would happen? There’s no way I could do that!”

“But I love Lian as well. I loved him before I knew it. I knew that something happened between the both of you when we got out of the forest. But my feelings for him, I couldn’t just hold them back.”

“Even so, there’s no way I would dissolve the party just like that.”


“Really. But I won’t give up my feelings for Sir Lian either.”

“So, it’s a showdown then.”

“A showdown, indeed.”



You’ve changed, Mina.”

“It’s the same for you, Mary.”

……In the end, my opinion is irrelevant to the two. Is this what a harem feels like?

“Anyway, the deal is on!”

As soon as she said that, Mary took off my pants in one move.


My underwear was also pulled down, exposing my bare lower body.

The outside air was chilly because it’s night, but it feels good on my burning penis.

Of course, it was already erect and standing out at a magnificent angle.

At the same time, the embarrassment of having two beautiful girls looking at my genitals made my whole body feel all hot and bothered.


Mina spoke, breath taken as she looked at my member.

“come to think of it, wasn’t it bigger than before?”

“Mary, you’ve seen Sir Lian’s before?”

As if she had taken a hint, Mina quickly took a glance at Mary.

“Ah, ahaha……well, now that I have come this far, there’s no need to hide it, isn’t it? The other night we had a little……”

“What does she mean, Sir Lian? It’s different from the story you told me.”

Hiii! Mina, your eyes are getting scarier.

It’s like the gaze of a lover who had just busted her partner for having an affair.

“But it’s not going to let that stop me. I’ve decided that I’m going to be more aggressive – that I’m not going to shy away from expressing my love to you anymore, Sir Lian.”

Mina said so and brought her face to my crotch.

A tongue of a beautiful pink color then crawls on the tip of my cock.

“It’s not fair for you to leave me out!”

Mary immediately put her face next to Mina’s and began to lick the head as if they were competing.

A double fellatio was suddenly begun, with two tongues twisting and turning lustfully as they crawled all over the tip of the meat stick in a disorderly manner.

What the hell, it feels too good…!

It was more than simply doubling the pleasure. The sight of being served by two beautiful girls at the same time has boosted the feelings to the extreme.

The physical pleasure was one thing, but the mental pleasure was far more intense than being sucked off by just one person.

It gave me a supreme sense of satisfaction and a feeling of something bittersweet in my chest.

“Nchuu, muuu……hnnn.”

“lero, pchu……uuu.”

Mina and Mary tried to pinch my phallus, making their tongues and lips crawl on its left and right as if it’s a natural thing to do.

It’s an incredibly breathtaking combination that it’s hard to believe that they were both virgins until recently.

Or should I have expected from a team who has accompanied each other for two years, even the way they match their breaths are really good.

Even though it was their first time to give me a double blowjob, it felt like they have done it many times before.

“picha, pchu, chupaa, afuu.”

“Nmuu, hamuu. Mmumu……uu, chu.”

I continued to be impressed and get drunk with the pleasure of ‘lip-service’ given by the two beautiful girls.

As for the two, both Mina and Mary blew sticky breaths and sucked on my cock with single-minded devotion.

From the head to the shaft, an itchy numbness ran through intermittently, raising my feeling of wanting to ejaculate at once.

“Alright. Here comes my first load.”

I announced, letting out a gush of hot desire.

Dokudoku! Dobyuuurururuuuu!

A huge amount of semen blew up like a fountain, dyeing the faces of the cute priestess and the courageous warmaiden in a cloudy color.

“Fuuu, Sir Lian’s seed, it’s very thick.”

Amazing, I’ve got so much in me.”

The two of them panted with debauched expressions as they received a vigorous facial on their beautiful faces.

But this is just the start.

“Aaah, I’m so glad that you let out so much for us, Sir Lian.”

“Hey, did we make you feel good?”

The two girls asked me with an entranced look.

“yeah, you were both good.”

And I replied with what I truly felt. “Thank you, Mina, Mary.”

Both of them let out sighs of relief.

The exhilaration from my ejaculation was still lingering, but underneath my belly, my member was already rising up.

It was already prepared to start round two.

“But it felt better with me. Am I right, Lian?”

“As if. Sir Lian ejaculated because of me.”

The two of them are at it again.

But even with my judgment, I find it hard to tell which is better of the two.

“If that’s the case, how about we settle it this way?”

Mary started taking her clothes off all of a sudden.

If she’s doing this, does it mean that they will settle it with the actual sex next?

The lower half of my body couldn’t help but go numb with that sweet anticipation.

“Are you really fine with it, Mina?”

“O-of course. T-this is what I’ve been hoping for all along.”

I’m not sure if it’s because she’s ashamed or it’s because it’s cold at night, but despite her trembling actions, Mina started to take off her clothes as well.

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Chapter 6 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 3 ※

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The two girls are now standing in front of me, undressed and completely naked to the core.

“Ahh……I’m being watched. It’s so embarrassing……”

Mina’s shoulder-length silver hair trembled as she murmurs in a muffled tone.

When I had my first experience with her, I had only taken off her priestess uniform’s panties, and since her upper body was still clothed that time, It was only until this time that I was able to see her naked.

Mina has a slender body that is thinner than a normal woman. Despite that fact, her breasts were well-shaped and bountiful, like a bowl turned upside down. Her nipples were also pink and pretty, which suits her body well.

If you look down, you will see the magnificent curvature of her waist, and below that, her huge and perky ass.

The beauty and eroticism of her glamorous body that didn’t match her neat appearance, and the excitement of seeing her in her natural state for the first time.

It was already enough to make me swallow my raw spit many times before I even realized.

She was just that perfectly proportioned, with all the right parts bulging out.

“Don’t just stare at Mina. Look at me as well. How is it? Does it make you feel aroused?”

It was Mary who started blurting out.

Mary’s naked body was just next to Mina’s, but it doesn’t lose to the former in greatness, as it was as captivating in its own.

Mary is looking at me in a challenging way, making her perky tits, a size bigger than Mina’s, to be more emphasized, but even with that, I could see her nervousness hiding within.

It became especially more apparent on the way she flipped aside the ends of her red twin-tail hair with her fingers, revealing her completely red cheeks in the process.

It’s not that I’m blaming her. After all, it is embarrassing to expose your skin to other people, even if the other party is your friend and lover.

She’s about 170 centimeters tall and had a toned body, yet her breasts are as full as Mina’s, with no intention of sagging in any way.

I drank my spit again to the big tits that shook along with her breathing.

“Haaa, haaaa……H-hey, why don’t we start by doing it like this? It’s a little embarrassing, but I heard that it’s more exciting and arousing if we do it this way……”

After doing feverish breaths on her own as if she couldn’t take it anymore, Mary suddenly got down on all fours.

Then she raised her ass high up in the air and told Mina as well.


I couldn’t help but groan.

The two pudding-like buttocks were lifted high up, but even with that pose, it only showcased Mary’s tightness more. It has what you would expect of a well-trained warrior, but at the same time, it had a feminine roundness that makes you want to slap it more.

It’s a beautiful figure and so fresh and wonderfully shaped – even I who had sex with a Goddess couldn’t help but admire it.

“It’s embarrassing to do this, but……as long as it makes Lian happy, I’ll do anything. What about you, Mina?”

“E-even I want Sir Lian to be happy as well!”

Despite being embarrassed, Mina posed on all fours in the same way as not to lose to Mary.

“Here you go, Sir Lian.”

The soft, smooth curves of her feminine body was also swayed enticingly towards me.

Despite having an innocent face, Mina’s naked figure was tantalizingly glossy.

Just the sight of her equally stunning nudity was already enough to send a surge of excitement through the spongy tissue of my body.

It has only gotten worse as it got combined with the alluringness of Mary’s. It kept sending and sending out blood to that horny tissue until it has swollen to the point that it couldn’t take it anymore.

Ahhh, I feel like I’m about to burst ──I can’t wait to taste them!

Unable to take it any longer, I moved closer and approached their behinds while taking ragged breaths.

However, I stopped because I still couldn’t decide who to penetrate first.

Should I go for the dainty Mina or the dignified Mary?

With two such beautiful girls, I would never lose even if I pick whomever I please.

Both of them are waiting for me to come inside them.

Such an extravagant and blissful worry.

Just by looking down at the two hips raise high up in the air, I feel a sweet and sour euphoria welling up in me.

And then my eyes met Mina’s as she turned around over her back.

“Sir Lian……”

The pointer of reason in my mind was instantly swept to the max by the sight of her red-dyed cheeks and enraptured face.

“I’ll put it in, Mina!”

And so I shouted, bringing the tip of my manhood up to her cute, egg-shaped ass.

She aligned the glans against her smooth, glistening vaginal opening in response, and with a single breath, everything inside her was pushed open.

My penis was swallowed into Mina’s orifice surprisingly smoothly, as if it was slurped inside.

“Are you okay, Mina? Are you in pain?”

I stopped moving my hips once I had penetrated her to the root.

“Y-yes. I’m alright. It’s a lot easier than when we did it the first time. Haa, haaa.”

Unlike when she lost her virginity, she didn’t seem to feel any pain this time.

However, it was still difficult for her to swallow my thing up to the root.

Compared to the womb of the goddess I had sex with during the reincarnation ritual, it felt quite raw and hard.

Also, it’s narrow and tight.

I guess I’ll start by slowly unraveling her vagina and gradually acclimatizing her to my flesh.

“I’m going to move a little at a time, Mina.”

“Fuaaah, auuunn! It’s spreading……It’s spreading inside me, ahhh!”

When I shook my hips lightly, Mina reacted with a pleasant jolt.

I’ve had sex with three people now, and this will be my fourth time.

I can now afford to move my hips while watching my partner’s reaction.

I slowly rocked my hips, giving Mina sweet, light strokes that felt more like shivering vibrations than proper extractions.

But even with that, her white peach-like hips swayed in tune.

“Hyaaa, ahhn, so good! It’s even better than the first time……I feel so full!”

Having her insides shaken and rubbed, the pleasure Mina felt began to grow. She moaned even more due to that.

Little by little, I gradually accelerated my pistons while enjoying the budding feminine body.

While at it,

“I can’t stand looking at the sidelines anymore……Hey, please do me as well.”

Mary, looking at us with a wistful look on her face, spoke beside. Her magnificent naked body was already twisting and fidgeting, as if it was begging for a flesh.

“I’m sorry, Mina. But just a bit, even for just a bit, could you please let me have a taste of Lian……”

“I’m sorry too, for saying such things earlier. It just felt so good that I……Sir Lian, how about you do it with Mary first?”

“As long as you’re okay with it. But as expected of Mina, you’re really kind.“

“Ehehe. Thank you, Sir Lian.”

“Don’t worry.. I’ll do it with you later. Just wait there, okay?”


I pulled the taut thing out of Mina’s hole and pat her head as a reward for her good deed.

Because of the love juices and my precum, my cock is now glistening with an obscene luster from the tip down to its very base.

Mary could only do nothing but gasp, seeing my member’s greatness.

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Chapter 7 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 4 ※

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“Then, here I go, Mary!”

I announced as I move towards my other partner, who just crawled on top of her comrade and raised her ass to me in an attractive way.

Such a situation only ignited my taste to torment her further.

Now I want to make Mary give in to me by making her cum from behind.

And so, I replied, not by words, but by roughly thrusting my cock into her already wet secret hole.

“Nnn! Fuaaaah, it’s going in so deep!”

The supple upper body of the female warrior arched back as I slammed my hips down as hard as I could.

This made it reach more deeply, and with each thrust, she lets out a squeal of delight.

If having sex with Mina was healing, then having sex with Mary was more like conquering.

However, just like Mina, this should be Mary’s second time having sex, so needless to say, I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on her body.

“Kuaaah, Mary’s insides are great as well!”

The way they tightly cling to me, the hardness of its grip, as well as the comfort of the folds of her flesh.

Though there are differences in texture, the degree of pleasure this combination brought by Mary’s insides is incomparable to what I felt on her before.

After thrusting inside Mary as hard as I could, I moved on to Mina.

Then, after stirring her narrow interior to the fullest, I went back to Mary again.

I went back and forth between the holes of the two beautiful girls, tasting their premium quality pleasures over and over again until my penis felt as if it was about to burst.

“Aguuu, fuaaa, ahhhnn, aaahhh! Sir Lian, my body, my body is feeling weird……T-that place too, it’s feeling weird! Ahhh, I feel so numb and so good at the same time……aahhh, aaaaah!”

The first thing that changed was Mina’s appearance as I pulled in and out of her several times.

“Are you about to cum?”

I couldn’t help but ask, breathing hard as I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting into her tight interior.

I could feel the vaginal flesh tightening around my penis, becoming livelier and livelier as time goes by.

Even though it’s still a bit tough considering this is her second time, the way her wet mucous membranes entwine my cock is so good I could already cum with those alone.

The pleasure got even worse with each piston, and I’m sure I’ll ejaculate if I’m not careful with my moves.

“About to……cum? What…….do you mean…… by that…… Affuuhh, ahhn!”

Her response was an unexpected naïve impression.

However, in between her words, Mina’s moans continued to leak out.

There’s no doubt about it. Mina is about to reach ecstasy for the first time on her own.

“I didn’t expect for you to not know it even though it’s already your second time. In that case, how about this!”

I gave her one last gyration with my hips, then thrust myself deeper.

“Aaaahhh, fuaaah! This feeling is……, so this is called cumming!? Just like I felt before……Hafuu, uguuu, no, I can’t! I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!”

Raising a bell-like voice, in the end, Mina’s whole body convulsed.

“I’m going to cum as well! Take it all in!”

About the same time, I reached my peak as well, and together with the feeling of bliss in my heart, both feelings culminated altogether. They were then released into the deepest parts of her narrow passage in one go.

I was so happy to have climaxed with her that I ejaculated hard, releasing copious amounts of semen as much as I could in her narrow little hole.

“Aaah, Sir Lian’s hot and thick seed is coming inside……hauuu……!”

With the hot outpouring of my fluids in her womb, Mina turned limp and weak.

However, I still have a lot of room to move in.

I pulled out my meat rod on Mina’s drenched orifice and turned my gaze to Mary, who has been looking at us with envy from a while ago.

Be prepared, Mary, for the next one will be you. I’ll make sure to make you cum as hard as Mina.”

“Really? Then, I’ll forward to it.”

I put my face close to the now happy Mary and kissed her lightly on the lips., then I grabbed a handful of her plump, fresh buttocks and aimed my cock towards her crack.

After successfully drawing the two amazingly shaped rear treasures into my waist, I immediately commenced a poking spree from her back.

“Ahhhn, yaaahh, I could feel it, I could feel Lian’s cock reverberating from the underside of my stomach! I, in such a shameful position, is going to be made to cum by Lian……haaaann, aaahhn, guuh, uuuu, afuuuh!”

I kept thrusting on the dignified female warrior in a pose that is no different from a dog mating in the heat.

However, instead of feeling insulted by it, she even pressed it more. I wonder if it has awakened her masochistic side? Considering Mary’s submissive pose, in which she’s crawling on all fours and raising her butt up high like the way she does it now, it really tells a lot.

Nevertheless, I continued to press on.

“Hiyaaa, uaaaah, hnnn……more……poke me more in there, poke me more in theeeeeeeere!”

Mary’s sweaty rear rippled comfortably to match my thrust.

Just like Mina’s, her insides tightened the grip on my rigid stick, throbbing continuously as it clamps in between strokes.

Uooo, this one feels good too……!

Even with clamping alone is already enough for me to rub one out of Mary’s. It was even more enhanced due to the pleasure that remained in my previous act with Mina.

Although half of it is just me pushing myself obstinately, I tried my best to make Mary cum first.

And, perhaps it was showing results, the wet vaginal walls of Mary soon begins to tighten.

“Aaaahnn, aahiiii! Something is coming out! No, way……this is……what cumming is!? Ahh, aaahh, it feels strange, even though it’s already my second time……affuuh, ahiii! Cumming, I’m doing it too! I’m cumming!”

Mary sports an orgasmic scream while appearing confused by the rise of pleasure.

Meanwhile, I reached my limit as well.

“I’m gonna let it out, Mary! Take it all inside!”

At that signal, I poured in my torrent of desire to her narrow orifice as it convulsed and twitched.

It was already my third ejaculation today, but the amount I released was almost unabated, similar to the first two just earlier.

It was still plenty that the narrow pussy of Mary couldn’t contain them all, making it spurt the remaining fluids in the gaps of our combined parts.

“Hiiaa, aaahh……aaah……”

Mary lets out a feeble scream that was not typical of a warrior before falling down on her face without any energy left.

Looking down, I could see two beautiful girls, similarly weakened by the afterglow of ecstasy, breathing lustfully up and down.

 I, on the other hand, was still going strong.

It’s good that I’ve become so energetic, but won’t it hard for the women who’ll have to deal with me in the future?

But before I could have any other thoughts, Mina had already spoken.

“Sir Lian……here. I know you aren’t satisfied yet, so please, use my body as long as you like……haaa, haaa.”

“Me to……haaa, haaa. Don’t mind me and make yourself feel better, Lian.”

Despite both of them breathing hard, they tried their best to lift their hips once more.

I’m sure they’re tired, but more than that – their eyes have a unique light in them that seems to want me more.

“Then we’ll keep going until they give in.”

I shook my fully erect cock and covered their backs with my lower half once again.

After the day has ended, two more ejaculations went inside Mina and Mary.

I think both of them came around ten times.

But as I have expected, Mina and Mary were the first to give in, and after exhausting all their strength, the two immediately fell asleep after cumming on the both of them for the third time.

“That’s enough for today. Thank you, Mina, Mary.” I kissed them lightly on the cheeks and fell asleep with a great sense of satisfaction.

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