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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 3

The two girls are now standing in front of me, undressed and completely naked to the core.

“Ahh……I’m being watched. It’s so embarrassing……”

Mina’s shoulder-length silver hair trembled as she murmurs in a muffled tone.

When I had my first experience with her, I had only taken off her priestess uniform’s panties, and since her upper body was still clothed that time, It was only until this time that I was able to see her naked.

Mina has a slender body that is thinner than a normal woman. Despite that fact, her breasts were well-shaped and bountiful, like a bowl turned upside down. Her nipples were also pink and pretty, which suits her body well.

If you look down, you will see the magnificent curvature of her waist, and below that, her huge and perky ass.

The beauty and eroticism of her glamorous body that didn’t match her neat appearance, and the excitement of seeing her in her natural state for the first time.

It was already enough to make me swallow my raw spit many times before I even realized.

She was just that perfectly proportioned, with all the right parts bulging out.

“Don’t just stare at Mina. Look at me as well. How is it? Does it make you feel aroused?”

It was Mary who started blurting out.

Mary’s naked body was just next to Mina’s, but it doesn’t lose to the former in greatness, as it was as captivating in its own.

Mary is looking at me in a challenging way, making her perky tits, a size bigger than Mina’s, to be more emphasized, but even with that, I could see her nervousness hiding within.

It became especially more apparent on the way she flipped aside the ends of her red twin-tail hair with her fingers, revealing her completely red cheeks in the process.

It’s not that I’m blaming her. After all, it is embarrassing to expose your skin to other people, even if the other party is your friend and lover.

She’s about 170 centimeters tall and had a toned body, yet her breasts are as full as Mina’s, with no intention of sagging in any way.


I drank my spit again to the big tits that shook along with her breathing.

“Haaa, haaaa……H-hey, why don’t we start by doing it like this? It’s a little embarrassing, but I heard that it’s more exciting and arousing if we do it this way……”

After doing feverish breaths on her own as if she couldn’t take it anymore, Mary suddenly got down on all fours.

Then she raised her ass high up in the air and told Mina as well.


I couldn’t help but groan.

The two pudding-like buttocks were lifted high up, but even with that pose, it only showcased Mary’s tightness more. It has what you would expect of a well-trained warrior, but at the same time, it had a feminine roundness that makes you want to slap it more.

It’s a beautiful figure and so fresh and wonderfully shaped – even I who had sex with a Goddess couldn’t help but admire it.

“It’s embarrassing to do this, but……as long as it makes Lian happy, I’ll do anything. What about you, Mina?”

“E-even I want Sir Lian to be happy as well!”

Despite being embarrassed, Mina posed on all fours in the same way as not to lose to Mary.

“Here you go, Sir Lian.”

The soft, smooth curves of her feminine body was also swayed enticingly towards me.

Despite having an innocent face, Mina’s naked figure was tantalizingly glossy.

Just the sight of her equally stunning nudity was already enough to send a surge of excitement through the spongy tissue of my body.

It has only gotten worse as it got combined with the alluringness of Mary’s. It kept sending and sending out blood to that horny tissue until it has swollen to the point that it couldn’t take it anymore.

Ahhh, I feel like I’m about to burst ──I can’t wait to taste them!

Unable to take it any longer, I moved closer and approached their behinds while taking ragged breaths.

However, I stopped because I still couldn’t decide who to penetrate first.

Should I go for the dainty Mina or the dignified Mary?

With two such beautiful girls, I would never lose even if I pick whomever I please.

Both of them are waiting for me to come inside them.

Such an extravagant and blissful worry.


Just by looking down at the two hips raise high up in the air, I feel a sweet and sour euphoria welling up in me.

And then my eyes met Mina’s as she turned around over her back.

“Sir Lian……”

The pointer of reason in my mind was instantly swept to the max by the sight of her red-dyed cheeks and enraptured face.

“I’ll put it in, Mina!”

And so I shouted, bringing the tip of my manhood up to her cute, egg-shaped ass.

She aligned the glans against her smooth, glistening vaginal opening in response, and with a single breath, everything inside her was pushed open.

My penis was swallowed into Mina’s orifice surprisingly smoothly, as if it was slurped inside.

“Are you okay, Mina? Are you in pain?”

I stopped moving my hips once I had penetrated her to the root.

“Y-yes. I’m alright. It’s a lot easier than when we did it the first time. Haa, haaa.”

Unlike when she lost her virginity, she didn’t seem to feel any pain this time.

However, it was still difficult for her to swallow my thing up to the root.

Compared to the womb of the goddess I had sex with during the reincarnation ritual, it felt quite raw and hard.

Also, it’s narrow and tight.

I guess I’ll start by slowly unraveling her vagina and gradually acclimatizing her to my flesh.

“I’m going to move a little at a time, Mina.”

“Fuaaah, auuunn! It’s spreading……It’s spreading inside me, ahhh!”

When I shook my hips lightly, Mina reacted with a pleasant jolt.

I’ve had sex with three people now, and this will be my fourth time.

I can now afford to move my hips while watching my partner’s reaction.

I slowly rocked my hips, giving Mina sweet, light strokes that felt more like shivering vibrations than proper extractions.

But even with that, her white peach-like hips swayed in tune.

“Hyaaa, ahhn, so good! It’s even better than the first time……I feel so full!”

Having her insides shaken and rubbed, the pleasure Mina felt began to grow. She moaned even more due to that.

Little by little, I gradually accelerated my pistons while enjoying the budding feminine body.

While at it,


“I can’t stand looking at the sidelines anymore……Hey, please do me as well.”

Mary, looking at us with a wistful look on her face, spoke beside. Her magnificent naked body was already twisting and fidgeting, as if it was begging for a flesh.

“I’m sorry, Mina. But just a bit, even for just a bit, could you please let me have a taste of Lian……”

“I’m sorry too, for saying such things earlier. It just felt so good that I……Sir Lian, how about you do it with Mary first?”

“As long as you’re okay with it. But as expected of Mina, you’re really kind.“

“Ehehe. Thank you, Sir Lian.”

“Don’t worry.. I’ll do it with you later. Just wait there, okay?”


I pulled the taut thing out of Mina’s hole and pat her head as a reward for her good deed.

Because of the love juices and my precum, my cock is now glistening with an obscene luster from the tip down to its very base.

Mary could only do nothing but gasp, seeing my member’s greatness.

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