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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – First 3P with Mina and Mary, Part 1

“Sir Lian, may I have a word with you?”

That night, Mina came to visit me in the room where I was staying.

She was not wearing the priestess’s clothes she usually wears, but a pink nightgown that looks like a dress, which was cute and also accentuated Mina’s neat personality.

“What’s wrong, Mina?”

“I thought you might be tired from your sword practice. How about a massage?”

Mina offered.

“I can’t teach you how to use a sword like Mary, so I’d like to do at least that ……something useful for you, Sir Lian. No, please let me do it at least once.”

Mina pressed in with her eyes shining brightly.

Massage, huh……

It’s not that my muscles are sore, but even after a few hours of training, my body indeed feels tired.

My limbs felt heavy and sluggish.

I should gratefully accept the offer while it’s here.

“Then, can I ask you a favor? I feel strangely dull after using physical strengthening a lot.”

“Thank you very much, Sir Lian. Now please, lie here.”


She pointed to the bed. I laid down in a prone position, followed by Mina, who climbed into the bed afterward.

“Tell me if it hurts……Ei, ei……”

And then she started to massage both my shoulders.

She also pressed along my back muscles with her fingers, applying pressure along my spine.

“It feels so good…… You’re good, Mina.”

A pleasant feeling of weakness came over my whole body.

An elf’s body has a lower physical strength than human beings, so I am already grateful that I can gently loosen it like this.

It’s a great way to get rid of the tiredness I’ve been feeling a lot ever since the training started.

However, the girl’s soft hands rubbing and touching me all over my body makes me feel awkward.

Her breath, blowing on me from time to time, accelerates the awkwardness even more.

“Thank you once again for helping us, Sir Lian. I used to massage Mary like this after she trains with her sword.”

I see, that’s why she’s so good.

“Now, please lie on your back.”

I was told to change my position from prone to lying on my back.

When I turned back, I saw Mina’s face at close range.

“Sir Lian……”

Her cheeks were dyed, and her beautiful face gazed at me, enraptured.

Then, that face suddenly approached me.


Mina’s tender lips coyly touched my own.

My heart beats like a bell from the gentle touch of a kiss.

“Mi, Mina?”

“I’m sorry, I just……”

Mina, who took off her face all of a sudden, looked down bashfully.

“It’s just whenever I see Sir Lian being on good terms with Mary, I feel……restless.”

“Me, with Mary?”

“Whenever the you two practice with our swords, it was like the two of you were in our own world……I felt like I was being left behind……I couldn’t even concentrate on my meditation, and all I found is my pitiful self, thinking about you……”

N-no way. Did she just say she was jealous?

I’m not sure if I should feel happy or proud about it.

But at the same time, I am filled with a desire to make her feel at ease.

“C-come here, Mina.”

I took the chance and invited her in.

Even though I’m already a handsome boy and have maximum luck with women due to my reincarnation, I’m still nervous about asking a girl out. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I’m still not used to it.

“Yes, Sir Lian.”

Mina nods with an absentminded face, and when she came to me, I hugged her.

The bouncy bulges on her chest ended up hitting on my chest plate, and when I embraced her closer, it caused them to get more mushed in between.

Enjoying the rich texture, I run one hand up her chest and the other down to her crotch.

I first rubbed the elastic flesh of her breasts softly over her one-piece dress.

Then I also rolled up her skirt and gently touched her private parts through her panties.

“Ahh, fuuu……”

When her breasts were touched simultaneously as her private parts, Mina let out a wistful gasp.


And when I pressed the crotch part of her shorts with my fingertips, I heard a faint sound.

It was a sign that she was beginning to moisten there.

“Can I touch you directly, Mina?”

I whispered in her ear, and she nodded, turning red.

“Yes. As long as you wish to, Sir Lian.”

She probably wouldn’t refuse if I touched her without saying anything.

But I wanted to see the shame on Mina’s face so I dared to make her aware of the act by saying it out loud.

In fact, the expression on her face, which was stained with shame, made her look even more lovely.

I can’t help it – she’s so adorable it makes me find it hard to resist.

I slipped my hand inside her panties and used my fingertips to brush away the pale pubic hair. Then I gently stroke the bare flesh within.


Mina shivers in an instant the moment I touched her there.

“I’m going to touch you more, Mina!”

I traced my fingers up and down the surface of the crack, aroused by the lushness of her reaction.

As soon as I did, my love juices began to flow outside.

I could hear her moaning and squirming constantly.

I pushed it in further, and my fingertip was sucked into Mina’s vaginal opening with little resistance.

The soft folds of her insides twisted around my finger.

Guchuuu. I put it even deeper, spilling the love juices that were still stuck inside.

“Fuaaa……ahuu, hnn……!”

It seems that just being inserted by a finger is already enough to make Mina let out a faint, charming sound.

Her slender body twitched more and more, and her embrace on me got even tighter.

She’s so cute, really.

I removed my other hand from her chest and lightly stroked her head.

“Aaah, Sir Lian……”

Her moist red eyes looked up at me.

I stared back into those eyes and kissed her lightly on the eyelids. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

When I’m with her, the gesture like we’re a pair of lovers naturally goes out of me.

It calms me, and it soothes me.

I put a little pressure on my fingertips and stirred more at her muddy interior.

“Aaah, aaahh, that feels so good, more……amazing……I’m gonna……Sir Lian…”

Mina’s limbs quivered intermittently.

And the narrow vagina is flooded with more honeydew.

Meanwhile, the walls inside were constantly moving and clamping down on my fingers.

The love juices from the edges of those lips were making our surroundings smell sweet.

“Somehow, my body……feels more sensitive than usual.”


Mina took a pleasant breath.

Maybe she has developed a taste for it?

We only had sex once, but maybe it has brought more change and influence to her body than I expected.

The thought that I had taught her innocent body the pleasures of sex made me feel superior as a man.

“Lian, can I have a word with you? There’s something I wanna ask during today’s practice…”

At that moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened.

It was Mary who came in.

Upon seeing us, her purple eyes widened in surprise.

“Eh, Mina!?”


“S-sorry, I didn’t knock……No, I the first place, why are you here……No way, you are also aiming for Lian.”

“Mary, so you are also……”

Mina looks at Mary straight to the eyes.

“……After all, Mary talks about Sir Lian a lot.”

She seemed to mutter something after that, but her voice was small that I could not hear it well.

“I, uh, just wanted to train Lian’s sword skills.”

Marie was strangely glancing at us.

I’m not sure if it’s curiosity, embarrassment, or…… excitement.

“Only with Mina……it’s not fair.”


“I’d like to get close to Lian as well!”

Marie shouted as her face flushes red.

Then she approached us, letting out a very seductive breath.

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