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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mina and Mary’s Love Affairs

Rosemary Grande’s side.

In a small open space near the inn, Mary was facing Lian.

In her hand was a sword with a dull blade used for practice, while in the elf boy’s hand was a short sword with a golden blade that has been with him since they first met.

Earlier, Lian asked her to practice with the sword.

(I’m now with Lian ……no, this is just a practice. It’s just a practice.)

However, unlike before, Rosemary has been desperately holding back to fidget at the boy before him.

──It was because ever since that night, Mary has become conscious of Lian for something.

She became curious just about his every move while he is in the room: his actions, his mannerisms, and even the number of times he twitches his pointy ears, she could just not resist to observe the boy.

She thought at first it was just because he is handsome and such, that her eyes got magnetized to him whenever she sees the guy, and that giving her virginity to Lian was a drunken, impulsive act because he was strong.


But after being in company with him for long, she realized that it was not the case anymore.

Times passed, yet her feelings only gotten got worse and worse. Eventually, it reached the point that whenever he talks to another woman that’s not her, she feels as if her heart was being ripped out of her chest for every line he spoke.

It was then that she realized.

Ever since the day they first met──

From the day she saw that dignified figure, wielding a mighty power which defeated an A-class dragon species with a single strike,

She became attracted to him.





On this beautiful elf boy named Lian Tiarade……

“? What’s wrong, Mary?”

When she came to her senses, Lian was looking at her suspiciously.

“Is there something on my face?”

“Oh, no, no, no, I’m just……well, it’s nothing……”

I almost let it out in reflex.

Rosemary Grande, you’re an invincible war maiden.

It’s not like you to act like this.

At all times, you must be courageous, dignified, and……unyielding.

Yes, just like Claudia, the S-class adventurer you admire and aim for all along…

Even though she tells herself this, her mouth naturally relaxes in pleasure whenever her eyes meet Lian’s. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Each and every one of her casual conversations with him makes her heart stand out helplessly.

“A-anyway! My lessons will not be that easy, even for you, Lian.”

As if to shake off her embarrassment and wild thoughts, Mary shouted louder than necessary.

“O-okay. Please take care of me well.”

Lian could only nod at her, surprised by her practice partner’s vigor.


After that, on a certain day.

Several silver lights flashed in the void, with the blades behind them sending sparks whenever they clash in the middle of the square.

Lian was still using his divine sword, Milfarasé, at his hardest, trying to block all of Mary’s practice swings as she goes.

“If that’s not effective, then how about this ──”


Two more, and then three, four, five……

After exchanging several consecutive blows, it eventually shifted to an interlocking sword match.

At close range was Lian’s elven face.

A calm, good-looking face,

sparkling blue eyes that emit a profound light.

And cherry-red lips so seductive that it was hard to believe it belonged to a man.


Mary couldn’t help but choke up.

These were the same pair of lips that she gave her first kiss the other night.

It’s not just her first kiss.

She has also given her virginity, which she had been guarding for so long to this man.

The memory of it was enough to make the core of her hips tingle.

Is this…… excitement? Lust?

Or is it love?

As she was lost in her thoughts, Mary lost her grip on her sword, and with a loud clang, it fell on the ground.


Thankfully, Lian quickly supported her before she gets hurt. But then she realized that their bodies are now touching because of it, so she promptly separated herself from the man.

“Ah. Thank you. Also, sorry about that. Even though Lian is trying his best to practice……”

Mary picked up her blade and bowed in apology.


It was a mistake that she should not have made in the middle of her training, getting distracted by a gaze in the middle of a fight.

“No, I’m the one here who should be thankful. I’m still getting used to the magic sword arts, so you’re making a big help to me.”

Lian gave a big smile as if he wasn’t bothered by it, but it only made her feel worse.

However, unlike earlier, she wasn’t as drunk in her feelings as before.

“……you’re still not used to it? Even though you are already this strong?”

Mary unconsciously gave a mild rebuke.

Given an elf’s weak physical structure, even a stiletto-sized weapon is already doubtful if it can be wielded satisfactorily in those dainty arms.

Despite this, his slashes were swift and heavy.

The acceleration of the body through magical sword arts – when one actually experiences it, he or she could tell that it was an amazing technique.

Mary knows very well that she’s not a mediocre swordswoman.

Along with the Thunder Emperor(Rai Ou) Ruination(Fuumetsu) Swordsmanship(Ken)  and the Crimson Emperor(Teikoku ) Slaying Style(Zan Jutsu), she is also a first-class user of the Raging Flame Overlord(Rekka Ha) Sword Style(Ken Ryuu), which is also famous as one of the strongest schools in orthodox sword arts in the continent.

But even with that prowess, she was still unable to overpower Lian, only at best be almost as equal to him, even though the other party is completely amateur in his stance with the sword at the beginning.

“Lian is still a complete amateur when it comes to pure sword arts, right? If you were able to learn these techniques, wouldn’t you become even more terrifying than this?”

On the outside, Lian is a beautiful young elf.

But on the inside, he is a magical swordsman with the potential to be the strongest in this continent……no, in this world.

How strong will he become in the future……?

In addition to the feelings of endearment she was having earlier, Rosemary’s heartbeats couldn’t help but rise, as a swordsman of the same profession. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

“More terrifying? I don’t really think so. Why would you think about that?”

But whether it was a blessing or a curse, the said boy was still oblivious to the fact.

“Never mind. It’s just a sudden, fleeting idea of mine. For the next one, I’ll teach you another basic…….”

For now, let’s not think of it and enjoy our current situation.

Mary smiled as she keeps it to herself. Then, she continued the lecture as before.

“……that alone should be able to make a big difference.”

“Wow. I didn’t know such a simple trick could do such wonders. Thank you, Mary.”

After a series of gives and takes, Lian nodded in content.

But whether she knows the inner turmoil happening in her practice partner’s heart or not, or whether the thumping in her heart was from being a swordsman or a woman, there is one thing that Rosemary absolutely knew.

That she, right now, is happy being with Lian.


Mina Arabelle’s side.

Mina had been glancing at Lian and Mary’s sword practice for a while now.

It was her daily routine as a priestess to meditate in peaceful the inn’s garden at this time of the day.

However, ever since Lian invited Mary for sword practice, she had been worried about the two for a while now and could not concentrate properly.

At first, it was a genuine worry about them getting injured in the practice.

But as times go by, that worry gradually became agitation, and even restlessness.

“Aaah. Geez……I wonder what’s wrong with me?”


Another sigh escaped Mina’s lips.

There is another woman other than herself beside Lian.

Though it was just for a moment, Mina became afraid that their lips would touch each other in that fierce exchange.

And that Mary, lately, she’s becoming pretty conscious of Sir Lian.

She even made a feverish, pouting expression just now.

It was as if she has fallen for him. Wait, could it be?

(I knew it, something happened between her and Sir Lian that night.)

That night, the four of us toasted in celebration.

After that, when I came out to go to the toilet past midnight, I saw Mary coming out of Sir Lian’s room.

When I questioned Sir Lian, he said that Mary was too drunk and entered the wrong room.

Though there’s also the possibility that he’s right, the time Mary came out, our party has already ended hours after that.

That means within those hours, Mary and Sir Lian were sleeping inside that same room.

If it were the previous me, I would have believed that Sir Lian just woke up and noticed Mary sleeping in her bed.

But I am no longer that naïve girl from the past anymore.

(Mary is an essential companion and my friend. But I don’t want to give Sir Lian away……what should I do……)

My heart is in turmoil.

But I couldn’t get this feeling away.

What should I do?

Should I give up?

Hesitation, reflection, and thoughts of how to overcome the situation flowed continuously at Mina’s mind.

Then, as if she made up her resolve, Mina stood up from her seat with such momentum.

“If it leads to this, then I’ll just have to be more aggressive.”

And just like that, love has completely transformed the shy and reserved girl onto something else.

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