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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Aiming for S-Class

“Is that the Armored Ogre you were talking about?”

The one slowly approaching from the front was a huge demon about seven meters tall.

As its name suggests, it has a hardened skin which covers its entire body like armor.

It was a massive ogre in a power suit.

That’s the impression I got at first glance.

“I hope you’re really okay, you……”

It was the village chief of Eicha who asked in a trembling voice from behind.

He is also the client of the demon subjugation quest.

“You’re E-class,” he said. “You’re the weakest of all adventurers.”

“And you look so poor as well.”

The men in the village made a fuss.

……well, sorry for looking so poor and weak.

“But you have a nice face.”

“Oh, yes, such a beautiful boy…… You’ll never see one in such a village like this.”

“So handsome……”

In contrast, the village girls were beaming with joy.

And despite being attacked by monsters, aren’t you guys a bit lacking in the sense of urgency?

“If it seems impossible, run away. You must not give up your life in vain.”

The village chief advised me.

I thought he would tell me to risk my life for the village, but he seemed to be genuinely worried about me.

“But if I don’t defeat that guy, the village will suffer again, right?”

“That’s true, but I don’t think you’ll be able to defeat it by yourself.”

The Armored Ogre is a B-Class demon.

It has the power to crush rocks with a single blow of its arms.

Its skin also possesses extreme toughness that can repel a steel sword and even magic spells lower than the intermediate level.

Paula explained to me beforehand that it is a powerful monster that boasts of its balanced power and defense.

“Well, it’s not a big deal for me. Let’s get rid of it quickly.”

The demon had initially been living in the rocky mountains, but recently it came down and began attacking this village at the foot of the mountain.

I heard that some of the villagers and the livestock have already been hurt and damaged, so the village chief sent a request to the guild to kill this thing.

It’s not a very lucrative job, as the village is poor and there’s not much money to be won.

But I thought it would be a good idea to accept the request, since I could kill him with one hand and help the villagers in need.

The difficulty of the quest is reasonable, and if I succeed, my rank will increase.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Mr. Village Chief. I’m fine.”

I smiled at the chief and then called out to the villagers who were watching from afar.

“Stay away, you guys. Don’t get caught up in this.”

The demon was already a dozen meters away.

I stepped forward to draw its attention.

“It’s a shame that you have to protect us and fight alone.”

I felt a heated gaze on my back.

They were probably the young girls of the village.

I remember when I came here, they were all staring at me with a pouty look on their faces.

If there’s a chance, you can treat me to a meal later──.


When I was just about to fantasize, the Armored Ogre raised a shout.

For now, let’s concentrate on the battle.

“Here I go! Milfa!”

I called out to the short sword on my hip.

“At your command, Master Lian!”


My partner’s electronic voice resounded. She’s as reliable as always.

I cast [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] on myself.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration), as its name says, raises the athletic ability of a person to a superhuman level, that even a sword strike creates a supersonic speed that hacks and blows enemies away.

Not only this skill envelops my body with mana to protect me from being damaged by gravitational forces in doing a super-fast combat, but it also makes me shoot mana-imbued magic slashes at the enemy at wake, making it a convenient all-in-one skill for a magic swordsman.

My “Mastery of Magic Sword Arts” also centers on it as its base. Without it being activated, I can’t utilize any magic sword skills.

I thought it was because of my weaker constitution, being an elf and all, but when Claudia came to test my mettle, from there, I found out that I’m still a complete amateur when it comes to using swords alone hence that doubtful remark of that S-rank adventurer. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

When I asked Milfa about it, she said that my skills only apply if I fused Magic and sword as one. It’s not the complete mastery of sword skills and magic skills that I can alternate depending on the adversary that I was expecting. I should have doubted it when it was accepted as a single trait.

In other words, because I am a magic swordsman, a sword is always required in order for me to execute a magical attack, so inevitably, because of that limitation, close-range magical attacks became my main focus.

Not only that, all of my ‘arts’ are limited to those that can only be released in the form of “slashing’ or ‘stabbing,’ or ‘moving with the sword in hand’ so to say at least.

In other words, I can’t attack multiple enemies at once, or shoot enemies at a great distance like a wizard does, nor perform sword techniques without casting Physical Reinforcement like a sword user does.

An all-rounder fusion of the two, it was just that.

In any case, I just need to determine what I can do and what I can’t do, and then I can fight.

“──Also, there’s no need for me to strain myself in the first place.”

I held my small sword at the upper level with a wry smile.

With this kind of opponent, strategy isn’t needed at all.

I don’t even have to gain momentum and find its weakness.

──Just a single blow is enough.

“[Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)]”

With Milfa’s incantation, my muscle strength jumped by more than ten times at once.

With that empowered strength, I swung down the sword as much as I could.

Limit Break(Slash Release) ── Exeslash(Glittering Cleave)!”

For a moment, there was a flash from the blade, and the demon’s strong armor was split in two like a hot knife through butter.

Alright, the first quest complete.

If this continues, I’ll be able to complete more and more quests in no time.

And then, I’ll aim for the S-class seat after that.

After successfully completing the request, I received an enthusiastic thank you from the village.

Yeah, it feels good to help people after all.

After that, I went back to Regulus City to report the monster’s defeat to the guild, and then I returned to the inn at past noon.

“Welcome back, Sir Lian. I’m glad you’re safe.”

The one who came running up to me happily was Mina.

“I’m back, Mina. If you haven’t eaten yet, would you like to join me? I went directly to the guild, so I wasn’t able to have time to eat. How about……”

After I said that, I suddenly realized that I had never invited a girl to a meal before.

It was the first time in my life that I had asked a girl out. Moreover, I did it unconsciously at that.

“Yes, by all means! Thank you for inviting me.”

But Mina wasn’t bothered at all. In fact, she looked even happier.

We went into the inn’s dining hall and sat across from each other.

After that, we each ordered a meal set for lunch.


“──Is that so? Congratulations on your first job, Sir Lian.”

I told her the whole story of my quest, and she was as happy as I was.

“We’d like to do the next one as soon as possible, but it’s going to take at least another week for our mana to recover.”

Mina looked disappointed.

The girls had been resting ever since they finished their last quest.

“Now that you mention it, how long does it take to recover one’s magic power?”

“The last time we fought an A-Class dragon species, and even before that, we did a dungeon search, so we had been in quite a fierce battle, so to say it at least……our magic power has almost run empty.”

According to Mina, mana, or magic power that one possesses inside their bodies, takes longer to recover as the degree of exhaustion increases.

If it is up to about 20%, it will be restored in a few hours to a day, but if it is exhausted to about 80% or 90%, the recovery speed will slow down exponentially.

It can take a week or even a month for some people.

In other words, Mina and Ingrid have depleted 80 to 90 percent of their magic power after defeating the A-class dragon species and the quests before that.

“Instead of worrying about us, Sir Lian, you should worry more about yourself. Are you really okay? Using a skill that can defeat an A-Class Dragon species in a single blow will surely consume a lot of magic power.”

Now that she mentioned it, how much magic power do I have left? Even though I have done all of that, I didn’t even feel exhausted.

“There’s no problem, Master Lian.”

The answer came from Milfa, who was resting on my waist.

“The magic power consumed by Master Lian in battles is so little it’s almost insignificant. Actually, you have almost recovered most of it by now.”

“That level and it’s only ‘a little’, to the point that it’s almost insignificant, you say?”

I was both surprised and dumbfounded.

If that’s the case, then those moves I unleased are not even in the strongest settings yet?

“Sir Lian?”

“Well, you see, it’s almost completely recovered by now.”

I explained again to Mina, who has not heard the exchange between Milfa and me.

“Even after using such skill? Amazing.”

Mina stared at me with her eyes shining.

“It’s wonderful, Sir Lian. As expected of my destined person ──”

I was caught off-guard with such a straightforward compliment.

And she’s as cute as always, this Mina.

I never knew that being with someone who genuinely likes you can give you such a sense of satisfaction, even in my previous life.

I wonder if this is what happiness is all about.

“Thank you, Mina.”

For now, I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Aaah, she’s so adorable ──.

I couldn’t help but think back to my first experience the other day.

Breasts that are too rich for her innocent face.

Supple limbs that couldn’t harm a thing.

And the tightness inside her……

“I’m sorry to interrupt your flirting, but…”

Kohon. I heard a coughing sound from behind me.

It was Mary, approaching me while rocking her red twin-tailed hair.

“I want to talk about what to do for the next quest.”

She sat down next to me, snuggled in close, with her ample breasts pressing against my arm.

The soft and supple texture of her body made my cheeks relax.


On the other side, Mina is sulking at us with one of her eyebrows raised up high.


“Our first priority is Rosemary’s sword.”

The next person to arrive was Ingrid.

“Welcome back, Ingrid.”

“How was the second-hand bookshop?”

“Bad. Their selection was poor. They didn’t have the material we wanted.”

In response to Mina and Mary’s questions, Ingrid brushed back her short blue hair and sighed unhappily.

“After all, you got to go to the big cities like Raschka and Gloria to get good magic equipment.”

Ingrid sat down next to Mina, then she looked at me.

“Why is there an outsider in the mix?”


Her gaze was as cold as ever.

Mina, Mary, the receptionist Paula, even the girls in the village yesterday, ever since I have been reincarnated, I have become all popular with almost all the women I met, even Claudia, who confronted me in a battle last time. It was only Ingrid, for some unknown reason, who hates me openly to the core.

“I’m sorry. She’s not good that good with men. It’s not that she particularly dislikes you, Sir Lian.”

Mina interceded.

“She is very kind, honest, intelligent……in short, she’s a wonderful girl. Please don’t be offended.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not that impatient to hate her with just this much.”

I spoke with my signature smile.

“In fact, I like to be as friends as possible, but if that’s the case, so be it.”

“Now, now. Since we were saved by Lian by defeating the A-Class Dragon, and because Lian is not used to the adventurer’s life yet, we help him catch up by doing some information exchange. It is also to……assist him when we got no choice but to fight together, just in case.”

Mary gave me a helping hand.

“……Mina and Rosemary already favors you to this extent, huh. I got no other choice.”

Ingrid murmured.

“Now then, getting back to the topic at hand. We need to repair Rosemary’s sword, which was broken during the last defeat, or get a new one.”

“It would be nice if we could find it in the dungeon like we did before.”

It was Mina who sighed softly.

“Wow, so you found that sword in a dungeon?”

“Yes. I found her sword when I was exploring the dungeon for a certain quest.”

Mina answered my question.

It was exactly like an RPG.

“Dungeons are mainly created by high-ranking demons. Some of them even hide legendary weapons and treasures in their dungeons.”

“This one might be unbranded, but it’s sturdy and sharp, so I liked it a lot. Too bad it broke, though.”

Mary puts her head down in disappointment. If you are reading this text, you are reading the incomplete version copied from an unauthorized aggregators.

“So if we go to a dungeon again, there’s a chance where we can find a good sword?”

I suddenly got an idea.

“Hey, you’re a sword, right? Do you have any such information? Like a dungeon with a legendary sword?”

And so I asked Milfa, my guide in this world.

“My apologies, Master Lian, but only the general culture, customs, and geography of this fantasy world are the only ones stored in my database.”

Milfa announced dejectedly.

“Aren’t you my navigator of this world, Milfa?”

“It is true that I was given knowledge of this fantasy world by the goddess Elciata and was sent to me to help you in your journey. However, that doesn’t mean that I know every single detail of this world. In the first place, you won’t ever need that knowledge because you have me.”

“So that’s how it is……”

“Hey, Lian.”

It was Mary who interrupted our conversation.

“I’ve been wondering about that for a while now……but what was with that sword? Is it the one talking?”

“I was wondering the same thing. I thought I heard an unfamiliar woman’s voice earlier. I’ve been thinking that there might be a woman lurking somewhere who is trying to mess with Master Lian……fufufufufu.”

I’m starting to get scared of how you laugh, Mina.

“Well, this guy here…… is the sword that Goddess Elciata has given me.”

I briefly explained about my encounter with Milfa.

But since the explanation for my reincarnation might be too early for them, I kept that matter aside for now and changed the setting a bit to make it more convincing.

“So it’s a legendary sword!”

Mary leaned forward in awe.

But she was thrust aside by Ingrid, who then presses on me next.

“Surely, this is not just an magic(magic) artifact(armament) ── it’s truly a legendary, divinely created weapon! There’s no mistake of it! Wow, wow, wow. Show it to me, show me, show me, show meeeeee!”

“Yeah, sure,. But……”

I was overwhelmed by their energy. But Ingrid was truly unexpected.

I thought she was a calm and cool girl, but I didn’t know she had this side to her as well.

……isn’t her character shift a bit too much?

“Also, why can they hear what you are saying? Aren’t you talking to me telepathically?”

“It is you who are talking to me telepathically, master.”

“Then from the very first time you met me, you were voicing your thoughts out loud?”

“I always have been, master.”



──And just like that, a week has passed.

Mina, Ingrid, and Rosemary’s magic powers were completely restored.

We went to the guild the very next day and immediately accepted quests for our rank.

As for the type of quest, of course, it’s subjugation quests.

After all, the quickest way to accomplish them is to kill the demon mentioned in the request.

And so, we went to nearby towns and villages to hunt down B and C class demons assigned by the guild.

These classes of demons can be killed instantly with beginner-level magic and sword techniques, so it was almost like a game for us.

Well, there will be no problem as long as they’re easy.

However, there are still demons in the world that are far more superior than the A-Class Demon that we defeated a while back, and they’re categorized as S-Class Demons. Some of those monsters have sentient minds. In other words, they have the capability to think straight and learn quickly like us humanoid beings.

And it doesn’t just stop there, as there exists the SS-Class, also known as the Demon Generals Class, which lead a mighty horde of S-Class monsters like they’re some kind of soldiers or something, and each of them possess enough power to destroy a country in a single night. And there’s the SSS-Class, the worst class of them all, only entitled to the Demon Lord Class Lucifer, who reigns over the SS-Class Demon Generals.

There may come a time when I have to fight such people.

But before that, I have to get stronger.

That’s why I decided to focus more on the basics, starting with sword fighting from Mary.

Even though I was reincarnated as the strongest magic swordsman, I’m still an amateur at pure swordsmanship when Physical Reinforcement is released.

To overcome that weakness, it would be better to learn how not to be dependent on it and prepare myself for every future outcome.

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