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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 (Full Text)

Volume 2 – Adventurers’ Guild

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Chapter 1 – Departure
Chapter 2 – Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 3 – S-Class Adventurer
Chapter 4 – With a Promise, Mary’s Feelings
Chapter 5 – With a Toast, a Night of Temptation
Chapter 6 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 1 ※
Chapter 7 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 2 ※
Chapter 8 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 3 ※

Chapter 1 – Departure

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Side:           Rosemary Grande

Rosemary squinted her eyes as she blocks the sun’s rays coming through the trees.

“That’s about as good as what we can get, huh…”

In front of her are huge fangs and claws, and countless green scales stocked in an amazing pile.

The dismantling of the windy dragon that Lian defeated yesterday is almost done.

The reason they were doing this is because the so-called “materials” – the body parts of the dragon, can be bought for a high price if they were to take them to the guild.

The horns and claws of a strong dragon can be used for making weapons, and the scales can be used in making armor.

Especially if the dragon breed is A-class or higher, it would be a significant income for Mary and her party.

“Good Morning, Mary.”

“Is that all from the dragon from yesterday?”

Mina and Lian questioned languidly, as they have just woken up.

Ingrid, who’s weak during mornings, is probably still sleeping.

“Good morning, you two…”

As she was about to say something, Mary noticed something odd between the two.

“…? Is there something wrong?”

The elven boy cast a dubious look with his neat and handsome face.

(The atmosphere of these two……something happened between them yesterday.)

 Woman’s intuition struck a chord inside Mary.

The air flowing between Lian and Mina.

Their sense of distance.

Every time their gazes meet, Meena’s face looks up, and she lets out a wistful sigh.

She’s been in a party with her for two years now, but she has never seen her make this kind of face before.

Mary was sure ── that while she and Ingrid were sleeping, something had happened between Mina and Lian.

As she thought about it, she felt a rush of heat inside her body.

The lower part of her tingles.

“……No, it’s nothing.”

However, even as she shook her head, she couldn’t help but lock her eyes at Lian.

(His face is definitely perfect, no complaints about it. It’s just how he turns red just by holding my hand, it was pretty unexpected……I expect him to be some sort of womanizer with that face, but it seems that he’s not used to women at all. Well, that gap adds more to his cuteness, in a way. Fufufu.)

Rosemary then realized that she was smiling unconsciously.

But she knew, it was not just Mina who’s attracted to that man.

(Also, it wasn’t just his good looks. To be able to defeat a dragon with a single blow ──)

Rosemary remembers.

The Magic Sword Technique that Lian unleashed, and the scene of the A-class dragon species, which even Mary’s best techniques could not hurt, being cut in a single blow……

At that moment, the man’s good looks, the man’s power ──.

Rosemary couldn’t help but become attracted to him.

(Maybe even as strong as that girl, or even stronger……)

…… When Mary was young, her village was attacked by a monster.

The adventurer, who was hired to protect the village, unexpectedly became the first one to flee, fearing for his own life.

The despair of being abandoned and disgust for those who abandoned them.

Mary was that young, but she was made to experience the harshness of life.

And then, when she was about to be eaten by the demons, she was saved by a girl of her own age.

Also known as the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades), she was only ten years old at that time, but she’s already an A-Class adventurer.

Quickly appearing with the Seven Sacred Blades she wielded, the swarm of demons was cleared away in a flash.

She longed for her.



Since then, Mary has been chasing after her strength.

She became an adventurer because she believed that she could gain the best real-world experience by completing numerous quests.

And now – she has met it.

A beautiful elf, like the adventurer of that time, who also manifested such “peerless strength.”

“Sir Lian, would you like to stay with us?”

It was just a simple proposal.

But suddenly, I felt an indescribable sense of embarrassment, an itchy feeling being sent deep into my chest and down into my spine.

At the same time, I also felt satisfaction and pride as a man, knowing that I had sex with such a cute girl last night.

In my previous life in Japan, is this what they call kou-un 幸運(Good Fortune)? ──More like onna-un 女運(Luck with Women)  though.

“We will go to the Adventurer’s Guild after this. Sir Lian, too, for you to receive the reward. After all, it was you who slew the dragon, not us.”


“Yes, reward for the dragon-slaying quest. And if you take the dragon’s materials to the guild, they can exchange them for cash, and oh boy, this is a lot of money, I tell ya. Hehehe.”

Mary chuckled beside us.

“Beyond this path is the commercial city of Regillus. There is a guild branch over there, and because it is inside a commercial city, you can exchange the materials with money right away.”

Ingrid supplements.

“In other words, I get paid, huh……”

Come to think of it, I’m penniless in this world.

Even if I have the most powerful magic swordsmanship in the world, it’s not gonna feed my stomach alone.

I need something that precedes it, and for that, money is necessary.

“Alright. Take me along. To this Adventurer’s Guild you are saying.”

“Then, that means you’ll be joining our party?”

Mina grabs the sleeve of my clothes. I gave her a nod.

“So we won’t be separating here……thank goodness.”

Her eyes, reminiscent of jasper, narrowed with joy.

──her destined partner, huh.

That’s what Mina had said as she gave her virginity to me.

Well, the deed has been done, and I’m not that douche to just leave her alone.

“Then, I’ll be intruding with your party again if you don’t mind.”

“Of course! You’re always welcome, Sir Lian!”

——Ah, Mina smiled. As expected, she’s really pretty.

I want to spend my time with her more.


We didn’t encounter any particular danger as we trudge along the pathway, so we were able to get out of the forest safely.

We continued as it is to Regillus City, where the so-called Adventurer’s Guild branch is located.

By the way, I activated Milfa and applied [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] as I went.

I’m not used to the body of an elf yet, so just walking normally like this is already quite tiring.

Well, once I get used to my new body, my fatigue should lessen a bit.

This is also to carry the dragon’s fangs and claws of the dragon that Mary has dismantled this early morning.

I heard that they will be worth a lot of money, so I took them with me.

Since I’m the one who defeated the dragon, Mina’s party planned to give me all the rewards for the materials at first, but I decided to split the money among the four of us.

I don’t know where to go for the procedure by myself, nor do I know where to take the materials and exchange them for money.

It was to express my gratitude for guiding me out.

“You’re a big help, Lian. Thanks for helping us carry it.”

Mary, who walks next to me, also has her hands full with a bunch of scales.

“We can’t carry much on our own.”

“Still, it’s strange. You’re an elf, but you have such physical strength.”

“It’s a kind of body strengthening magic. He also used something similar to slay the dragon.”

Mina asks, tilting her head cutely to the side, And Ingrid quickly replies to her question.

By the way, according to Milfa, it is not best to depend too much on [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] Skill, as it will take too much toll on the body later on.

Indeed, it’s a good power, but as the saying goes, too much of everything is poison to the body.

I’m very satisfied with the beautiful boy look, but when it comes to physical strength, I feel like I have failed.

“Speaking of which. Lian, what is your adventurer rank?”

Mary asks.

“You can defeat an A-class dragon species so easily, so definitely an S-Class.”

“There is no one named Lian among the S-class, though, at least from what I have heard. At least an A-Class or lower, perhaps?”

“No, I’m not an adventurer.”

When I said this, Mary looked surprised.

“You’re that good, yet you don’t belong to a guild? What a waste. You can make a lot of money with your skills.”

“Is that so?”

If you sound it like that, then I guess it’s not bad to start as an adventurer. I’m all out of money, after all.

I’m starting to get curious. For now, let’s ask about it more.

“I thought adventurers were all about being an all-around handyman. What kind of work do you usually do?”

“Hmmm, we’re mostly doing the combat side of things, like defeating demons and guarding dignitaries and such. Some of us specialize in research and investigations, others in dungeon exploration.  We also do tasks like transport of goods and supplies from time to time.”

Mary enumerates.

“And those jobs – or what we adventures call as “quests” – are arranged by the Adventurers’ Mutual Aid Association. The Adventurer’s Guild for short.”

“So adventurers get these jobs from the guild and make a living of it?”

Mary nods at my summary.

“And? What’s with the ranks?”

“Adventurers are rated according to the difficulty of the quests they complete. As for our ranks, we are all in the tenth to twenty-second tier of the “C” class.”

By the way, the highest rank is S-class, and there are only twenty-five of them in the world.

And I have also heard that the number of adventurers in the world only exceeded 100,000 people. Kinda low in terms of world scale, but this also makes them the elite of the elite.

“Someday, we’ll be S-Class adventurers. That’s the goal of us three.”

Mary speaks in a passionate tone.

“Well, it’s still a distant goal, though. Ehehe.”

“But we’ll get there eventually. We’re approximately half-way there.”

Meena smiles in embarrassment, but Ingrid supplements with her usual blank expression.

──The next day, we finally arrived at the commercial city of Regillus, where the so-called branch of the Adventurer’s Guild is located.

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Chapter 2 – Adventurers’ Guild

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As soon as we entered the commercial city of Regillus, we immediately headed for the Adventurer’s Guild Branch, located all the way to the center of the town.

“So this is what a guild looks like.”

I was expecting a smaller building, but it was much bigger than I expected.

It’s a magnificent structure, and was almost like the size of a little palace.

Near the entrance, there were a number of people dressed just like in RPGs: warriors, knights, mages, and priests and priestesses, coming in and going out of the building.

Just like the games I had in my previous life.

“Come on, let’s go~!”

Prompted by Rosemary, we went further inside the building.

There was some kind of reception area right after we passed the entrance.

It was reminiscent of a city hall or a bank, with five spaces separated by dividers and a receptionist sitting in each one.

“Oh my. Welcome back, Miss Rosemary, Miss Ingrid, and Miss Mina.”

One of the receptionists looked at us and smiled.

She was a plain, serious-looking woman in glasses, with dark brown hair in a pigtail.

And she’s probably in her mid-twenties.

“We’re back, Miss Paula.”

Mina returns it with a greeting.

And she – Paula’s gaze shifted to me.

“Eh, no way!? What a beautiful boy──”

She immediately turns bright red on her face, with the momentum as if she’s about to spout fire.

As expected of an elf’s extremely handsome face. Its destructive power against women is outstanding.

“Uhm……excuse me.”

“Ahaha, well, Lian is certainly a beautiful boy. The first time I saw him, I was also blown away, so I know how you feel.”

“No, no, no. What are you talking about, Miss Mary?”

“Ah, that’s right. Paula is not accustomed to these kinds of stories. Sorry about that.”

Mary chuckles at the seemingly innocent receptionist, who’s face is still beet red.

“Well, then. Let’s get to the main point. The quest we accepted three days ago; we have managed to clear it.”

“Wow. So you have successfully beaten an A-Class dragon.”

Paula widened her eyes in amazement.

“I was really worried when I heard that the other adventurers came beaten one after the other.”

“Well, if it’s on us, whether it’s A-Class or S-Class menace, it doesn’t matter!”

“To be honest, we would be goners now, too, if it weren’t for Sir Lian saving us and defeating the dragon singlehandedly.”

“Ahaha……well, you see, that’s true.”

To Mina’s confession, Mary gave a wry smile.

“……I don’t really trust those I’ve recently met, but I admit his magic sword arts are excellent.”

Only Ingrid is looking at me with strangely cold eyes.

I wonder why……I have a feeling that she doesn’t like me ever since the first time we met.

“Magic Sword Arts, you say? Even though he looks so……slender?”

Paula’s eyes widened even more.

Certainly, I don’t have the physique of a swordsman, nor a physically fit person to be exact, so it’s no wonder she’s surprised.

“Ah, I’m sorry. That was rude of me.”

She apologizes in a hurry.

She looks plain, but if you look closely, Paula is pretty cute as well.

It feels like she’s a raw gem that shines bright when polished.

I wonder if it’s my trait of [Maximum Luck with Women] that it has been easy for me to meet attractive women like her.

“No, no. I’m actually slender, so there’s no need to apologize.”

As I said that, I gave her a refreshing smile.

Immediately, her face lights up, just like before.

Yes, the pretty boy smile is still very effective.

Also, maybe it’s because of my experience with two women that I can speak more confidently with the opposite sex now.

I never even had a relationship with a girl in my previous life, but I guess things can change now that I’m in another world.

Honestly, I’m very impressed with the improvements myself.

“Then, can you settle our request right away? Oh, but before that, I want you to register Lian as an adventurer first.”

Mary cuts in between us.

Ooh, so I am finally going to become an adventurer?

“I understand. Then please fill out the guild membership application. Adventurers are divided from the highest level (S) to the lowest level (E), but you will start at the E class’s lowest rank when you join. There are currently 50321 adventurers in E class, so if Mr. Lian joins, he will be ranked 50322 in E class.”

“Lowest ranking!?”

“It’s stated on the rules……I apologize for that.”

Paula immediately bowed to me, who cried out loud.

“Ah, no. I’m not really complaining. Sorry about that as well.”

I covered it in a hurry.

“Still……to think there are so many adventurers before me……”

“We have about 100,000 members.  About half of them are in E-class, though.”

Paula explains.

“This rank will move up and down as you complete requests and accumulate achievements. The ranks are updated every week and posted on the information board of each guild, so please look there.”

“Achievements……Oh, does that include the achievement of me defeating an A-class dragon?”

“I’m very sorry, but only the things that happened after you joined the guild will be counted as achievements.”

“Is that so……what a waste.”

Well, as long as I kill a bunch of monsters like that, my rank will go up.

I decided to take it easy.

I filled out the application form handed to me, and after about ten minutes, I was accepted into the Adventurer’s Guild.

I was thankful for the speedy process.

I am now an adventurer of this world.

“Then, the next will be handing over the rewards……this is the materials of the dragon, is it? The fangs and scales.”

Paula shifted in a working tone as she lifted the frame of her glasses with a glint.

“It’s in good condition and will certainly fetch for an excellent price. How about this?”

She writes the purchasing price on a piece of parchment and shows it to us.


It was Ingrid who immediately spoke.

“We are already taking a big splurge with this, you know?”

“The price is in line with the market. But this time, the material is much less scratchy and of higher quality. I ask for a top-up.”

Ingrid leans forward on the counter as she made a strong speech.

“Hmmm……but any more than this is…….”

“This shouldn’t be the upper limit yet. The other day, saw the guild in Raschka City trading it for more money.”

“Er, If you say it that way……”

“Then I demand a reconsideration.”

“But our guild has been experiencing financial difficulties lately……”

“Life is hard, and so are we.”

Ingrid, with a glint in her eye, approaches Paula.

I didn’t know this girl was such a character.

I was half surprised, half stunned.

“These kinds of negotiations are Ingrid’s domain.”

Mina whispers to my ear.

“Yeah, yeah. Mina can’t jack up the price because she’s just too sympathetic. And I am……kinda rough at those things, so we got no other choice but to rely on her.”

From the other side, Mary also whispered.

──In the end, Ingrid was able to raise the amount more than what was initially offered after the negotiations.

I was asked again by Mina and the others to accept the remuneration all to myself, but I again insisted, and so each of us received a quarter of the amount as initially promised.

I’m still not sure of the value of this other world’s currency. But looking at the way Mina and the others reacted, it seems to be quite a lot of money.

“Well, it is quite an income. I’m satisfied.”

Even Ingrid, who’s always having a cold face, is overjoyed by it.

“Wow, she really did and made it.”

“That’s our Ingrid for ya! Makes me want to celebrate after this. Are you guys in?”

“Yes, I’m in!”

Mina immediately raises her hand to Mary’s suggestion. It’s kind of odd to see the meekest one to be the most enthusiastic, but this side of hers is cute too.

“Though I also agree with your proposal, I don’t really mind without this guy.”

Ingrid, on the other hand, has a somewhat reluctant tone with this.

Does she hate me that much?

I’m supposed to have maximum luck with women. But……

Or was I?

After completing all the procedures, it was already lunchtime.

“There’s a cafeteria in the courtyard here. Let’s go over there. Sir Lian as well.”

“I heard they cook monsters that adventurers just recently killed. So, it’s guaranteed fresh and delicious.”

Spoke Mina and Mary to the hall

“You mean monster food?”

Pretty ghetto if you ask me. Well, this is the otherworld, so it might be the norm.

Soon as I stepped out into the courtyard, I was received by a crowd of adventurers.

Up close, there were a lot of tough guys with an air of ruggedness staring at us.

“Hey, is it them? Saying they defeated an A-Class Dragon species ──”

They were chatting with each other, then they turned around to look at us in unison.

“Yeah, I heard that in the reception area earlier. Surely, there should have been some B-Class parties dispatched before them, right?”

“Not only B-Class, the other day they had a couple of guys in the A’s 200’s trying to beat it.”

“You’re kidding me, right? Then how could a C-Class──”

The courtyard was immediately enveloped in a buzz.

The gaze directed at us is surprise and awe.

And also ──Jealousy.

For those of us who have succeeded in defeating the A-class dragon species, which they were unable to do.

“…… Isn’t that bogus?”

A voice came from somewhere.

“It’s impossible to beat a dragon with a C-class party like that. What kind of underhanded means did you use?”

“They might have fabricated some kind of exploit to raise their rankings.”

The buzz gets louder.

And their speeches quickly took a seditious turn.

“W-we’re not cheating!”

Mina raises her voice.

“Sir Lian here has defeated an A-class dragon species. If you disgrace his name……I won’t forgive you!”

Although she looks the frailest, the way she tried to defend me right away really touched my heart.

“You wouldn’t call someone a phony without evidence, would you?”

“Defamation is unacceptable.”

“Ugh, shut up! Now you guys are sure to get a single-digit C-Class in the next ranking announcement.”

“No, they could be a B-Class, even.”

“You’re kidding me, right? I had to work hard for over a decade to get to B Class, yet these little girls ──”

Uwaaa. That’s a lot of salt coming up.

But the air around me is becoming more and more disturbing.

Like everything is about to explode at any moment.

While these guys look like they’re experts of roughhousing, they’re far more convincing than Mina and her party, composed of dainty little girls.

If it comes down to it, I have to protect the three of them.

I reached for the hilt of my sword, Milfa, that hung on my waist.

But as I was about to draw it──.

“What are you guys fussing about?”

──it was then when a cool girl’s voice echoed in the courtyard.

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Chapter 3 – S-Class Adventurer

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“What is this fuss all about?”

A tall and slender girl stood and said out loud across us.

From our distance, she’s about ten meters away, but I could see how tall she is even from here.

As an elf of this world, I think I’m about 150cm tall (approx. 5 ft only?!), but she’s probably over 170cm tall(Around 5’7”).

She’s fully equipped in knight’s armor, even to her arms and legs, but her tallness just adds more to her dignified figure.

And what’s even more gallant is her well-defined face.

Long purplish colored hair in the so-called princess cut.

Bright light blue eyes.

The neutral beauty is probably in her late teens – about the same age as Mary.

“Hey, isn’t that Claudia?”

“Yeah, no doubt about it. It’s Claudia Wellstein ──the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades), ranked third in the S-Class.”

“Why is an S-Class Adventurer here?”

The buzz around us went in an all-time high.

“Is she a celebrity? That gal.”

“H-hey, that’s just rude! She is one of the S-Class, the best of best of all the adventurers! Her rank is every adventurer’s dream!”

Mary almost screamed as she puts her face close to mine.

I was surprised by the close proximity, which would surely end up with a kiss if we’re just a few inches closer.

“I mean, Miss Claudia is the strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest──”

I know she’s praising her in a big way. I hope you could maybe…… try to enhance your vocabulary a bit more? Aside from calling someone strongest and cutest over and over.

“Anyway, she’s an awesome adventurer! She’s my goal and my dream!”

Spoke the enthusiastic Mary.

“I heard from an acquaintance that someone took the challenge to take out an A-Rank Dragon species and successfully subdued them.”

The woman ── Claudia, turned her head to me.

The way she did it is cool, but the glint in her eyes is sharp.

“I also heard that there is something suspicious about the way they subdued it. It piqued my interest, so I came over. And when I went to the receptionist, I heard that you guys defeated the A-class dragon species?”


That salty adventurer guy really knows how to talk, isn’t he?

“That’s right! There’s no way a C-Class adventurer could defeat an A-Class Dragon and come out unscathed!”

“Or perhaps the dragon was actually defeated by other adventurers of a higher rank, then these guys tricked them and stole the credit!”

“Yeah, I hear those kinds of stories sometimes.”

Whether it was a group psychology or whatnot, these people’s stories are turning more and more into groundless slanders.

“Can you stop?”

But as soon as Claudia spoke to them in a soft tone, the buzzing ceased abruptly.

The scenery was so silent you could hear the sound of water dripping.

“So, I guess this means that you’ve slain the dragon, am I right?”

Claudia turns to us.

“Yes. To be precise, Sir Lian here alone……”

“Lian? That’s a name I haven’t heard about.”

At Mina’s reply, Claudia raised her eyebrows.

 “If you’re good enough to defeat a Class A dragon species by itself, you should already have a high standing in the guild.”

“I just registered as an adventurer today.”

“Hmm…a strong person, yet he’s still not known? Have you really defeated the A-class dragon species, or is it just a sham? Let me put you to the test, boy.”

The figure of Claudia, who casually told me that she was interested in the matter – suddenly disappeared.


When I let out a cry of surprise, the next moment, her figure suddenly appeared in front of me.

No way, she was about ten meters away from me, you know?

It’s like an instantaneous movement.

Don’t tell me, this girl is also a magic swordsman?

Edge Two(Second Treasure Swords) ── Lightning(Inazuma)

With a murmur, two swords loomed before me.


Having no luxury of thinking anymore, I pulled out my sword before I knew it.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)

As if reacting to my defense instincts, an electronic echoing voice rang out from the small sword at my waist.

A hot, burning sensation ran through my extremities and throughout my body.

With my eyes on the two cutting edges looming in front of me, I––


With all my strengthened muscle power, I jumped back from the spot.

I opened our distance a few meters and faced her again.

I’m now looking at my opponent with full caution.

After all, Claudia is a monster that can close the distance of about ten meters in an instant.

I can’t afford to lose my eyes on her, even the slightest slack.

“……Hou? You avoided that one.”

Claudia still kept a cool expression on her face, but the edges of her mouth are now slightly lifted.

“T-that was close……”

That wasn’t very cool at all.

If I didn’t react sooner, I would have been cut down and killed.

“Hey! What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“I told you that I would test your strength.”

Claudia, holding a sword in each hand, told me nonchalantly.

“She also uses Physical Reinforcement……”

“I’m afraid not, Master Lian.”

As I shuddered at what just happened, Milfa spoke to me.

“I couldn’t detect any magic activation. Which means her movements just now are purely physical, not magic-enhanced swordplay.”

In other words, you can go that fast with just the power of your body alone?

Purely physical ability, embodying a speed as fast as my physical enhancement – one hell of a girl, she is.

“J-just now, did you see that?”

Around us, the adventurers were buzzing in a stunned state.

“I didn’t see any S-class movement or attack at all.”

“And he dodged it……”

“O-or maybe, Claudia wasn’t serious at that time?”

“So you are saying you can also dodge that not-so-serious blow of hers that you just saw?”

“Well, that’s……”

“That guy, is he really C-Rank?”

The atmosphere has changed from slander to astonishment.

Well, I’m not a C-Rank, though. I’m the lowest of the E-Rank.

Amid the tumultuous atmosphere, Claudia leisurely walked up to me.

“I think I’ll be having fun with you for a little bit──I’ll go with three this time, boy.”

Her figure disappears again.


I focused all my attention and followed her movements with my eyes.

She’s faster than before……!

When I use Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration),  my reflexes and dynamic vision get boosted, not to mention my muscle strength.

Even my eyes go fast enough to see afterimages.

Edge Three(Third Pearl Sword) ──Tempest(Boufuu).”

She brought out a total of three swords.

The three blades attacked me from different angles.

How is she controlling them with just two arms? Yet, I don’t have the time to observe how she’s doing it.

I quickly leaped to my feet, and then,

Limit Break(Slash Release)──Aeroslash(Violent Gale Cut)!

My short blade got wrapped in wind magic, then pushed the three swords back together in a wave.

“A combination of magic and swordsmanship, I see──or should I call it a fusion?”

Claudia murmured as she jumped back.

She held two swords together in her right hand, and one in her left, in which she lowered afterward.

“Then let’s add some more.”

As she announced absent-mindedly, Claudia swung her swords again.

Add some more!? Don’t tell me──?!

Just as I shuddered another, the number of swords she wielded increased from three to four, then five.

Her movements were so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to know how she is controlling several of them.

What I could only tell were the flashes of blades filling my field of vision, countless of super-speed slashes that were difficult to see even from my accelerated state.

I used my enhanced reflexes at full strength to block or flick them away with my wind and flame-covered short sword.

“Hmm, I can see that you are not a novice swordsman. Excellent, boy.”

Claudia praises.

“This time, I’ll show you seven – my greatest sword technique.”


My throat rumbled naturally.

I mean, it is evident from the name, right?

Her second title……The Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades) indicates.

If it’s what I’m expecting, then her seven blades will attack at the same time──.

With a shiver, I re-holstered my sword.

This girl is much more of a monster than the A-class dragon species.

A tepid sweat trickled down my cheek.

Should I give up? I asked myself.

No, I have to do it.

If I don’t, then I’m done for.

“Good stare. I like those eyes, boy.”

Claudia smiles happily.

Like a smile of an innocent child.

I, Claudia Wellstein, bet on my pride as the third rank of the S-Class, that I will defeat you here and now. Here I come ──!”

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Chapter 4 – With A Promise, Mary’s Feelings

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“I, Claudia Wellstein, bet on my pride as the third rank of the S-Class, that I will defeat you here and now. Here I come ──!”

Stating it out loud, Claudia approaches me casually.

She doesn’t close the gap at super speed like she has been doing earlier.

Instead, she took a step, then another step, approaching me inch by inch.

When is it? When is she gonna do it!?

My tension is now at an all-time high.

“──Or so I would want to say, but……”

Suddenly, Claudia stopped walking.

She lowered her swords slackly in both hands, then sheathed them in the scabbards at her waist and back.

“I’m sorry for my rudeness, boy. There is no deception. Your skills are the real deal.”

Suddenly, Claudia bowed deeply.

What just happened?

I was left stunned, unable to keep up with the situation.

“It is said that elves have mana that far exceed those of humans……and you, boy, just used that mana to achieve a superlative degree of swordplay.”

Claudia narrows her sharp eyes.

It’s as if she’s seeing through everything about me, her deep – light blue eyes are getting filled with a strange light.

“With your power, it is no doubt you are able to defeat an A-class dragon species all by yourself.”

“……Thank you for the compliment, for now.”

But that doesn’t mean she won’t slash at me later on.

To be honest, I thought I was going to die.

“Of course, I’m not going to cut you seriously. I took it easy on you, and if the need arises, I would immediately stop myself before it becomes something serious.”

“So, you were still holding back!?”

“Fufu, isn’t that the same for you?”

Claudia gave a cynical smile.

“If I put all my energy into it, it will cause a lot of havoc to our surroundings, and it will be very hard to clean up later. Also, if you really defeated an A-class dragon species in a single blow just as they have stated, then you should have an offensive technique with that much same power.”

“That’s, well……”

If I unleash an attack like Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution) here, there will definitely be casualties, especially in a crowded cafeteria like this.

……The female swordsman in front of me might survive, though.

“The only thing I find odd is that your demeanor is that of an amateur. You know how to handle a sword, but you don’t look very well trained in the art of swordplay.”

Well, I am an amateur.

I did a little bit of Kendo in my high school, though.

“Anyway, I have already confirmed my doubts. Please accept my apologies. Well, the unlikely event that your achievement was just a sham, I would report you to the guild, though.”

Claudia then went to Mina, Mary and Ingrid.

“I also apologize for my rudeness to you three.”

“Ah, no, that’s……”

“As long as you understand, that’s all that matters.”

As Mina shrinks back to Claudia’s bow of apology, Ingrid replies indifferently.

It was only Mary who’s keeping silent.

She’s staring at Claudia and me as if she has been drained of her soul.

What’s going on with her?

“Ah, Mary doesn’t mind either, right? Right? Hey.”

Mina nudged her friend frantically.

“I’d better get going. I still have some work to do.”

Claudia brushes her long purple hair and turns away from us.

But when she’s just about to leave, she suddenly stops.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to say one thing, boy.”

Claudia looks back to me.

“If we have another chance in the future, I would like to ask a serious one-on-one match with you. It’s been a long time since someone had my blood boil this hot.”

My blood was cold as ice, though. You literally gave me the chills back there.

“Well, sooner or later, you’ll reach the S-Class anyway. I will wait you there.”

“Me……an S-Class?”

“With your skills, it won’t be far away.”

Claudia said with a smile.

So cute ──.

Because the heat of battle, I didn’t have time to notice it, until now.

Her smile is wonderful, perfectly suited for a beautiful girl of her age.

If not for our brutal exchange earlier, I would have admired her more, though.

“I’ll be waiting for you. It’s a promise.”

Is it me, or her light blue eyes just sparkled?

Isn’t she just a girl who loves to compete?


I did my usual egotistical smile.

Well, aiming for the top isn’t bad either.

An exciting feeling of elation is welling up in me.

I had just been reborn in a different world, so I hadn’t yet set a specific goal.

But now, I have something I wanted to aim for.

From the lowest E class to the S class where Claudia is waiting…

Let’s go through all of it at once.

※ ※ ※

Side: Rosemary Grande.

Mary’s inspiration to become an adventurer was because of Claudia.

When she was a kid, demons attacked their village.

And the one who fought them off was Claudia, who was already certified as an A-class adventurer that time, even though she was only a child.

As her alias of Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades) suggests, she used her divine-like swordsmanship to annihilate the demons in the blink of an eye.

Afterwards, Mary trained herself in the Crimson Emperor Slaying Style(Teikoku Zan Justsu), one of the strongest sword styles in the continent, but she still couldn’t come close to Claudia’s skills.

And now, Lian has crossed blades with the adventurer of her dreams.

Probably, Mary wouldn’t have been able to react, even to the first sword draw.

She won’t be even a match.

They not being serious in that match has put even more salt to those wounds.

In that short exchange, they were made to know the difference of their levels.


But Mary wasn’t discouraged.

As she stared at Lian and Claudia, she became even more impressed.

Yes, she was reminded once again that there is always an existence that is far above yourself.

She felt frustrated, that her sword couldn’t even reach them.

However, in the midst of that, she felt joy.

A sense of euphoria, exhilaration, delight, upon witnessing a battle between two “True beings”.

Even after Claudia left, she was still immersed in this emotion.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Mary?”

Noticing her heated gaze, Lian turned around.


Mary then turned her attention to the boy in front of her.

Gazing at her, a pair of blue eyes that reveal a refreshing light.

A breath-taking, otherworldly face.

Glossy black hair that flutters in a slight breeze.

“Ah, no, I was just……”

Just a few words with him is making her feel hot all over.

Her head is feeling fuzzy, as if she was being buoyed by the heat.

(What is wrong with me?)

She had never felt this way before.

Far different from the admiration she had for Claudia.

Those feelings for her, who is also of the same sex, were that of “I want to be like her someday”.

But, against him whose of the opposite sex──.

(Is that it, perhaps?)

Mary’s heart is beating painfully fast.

(I……to Lian……)

Then, she realized.

The true identity of this feeling, that is making her chest feel tight.

With his good looks as an elf, together with his powerful magic sword skills.

──Mary has completely fallen for the elven boy before her.

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Chapter 5 – With a Toast, a Night of Temptation

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The following night, Mina, Mary, Ingrid, and I raised a toast in celebration.

“Well then, to us rising through the ranks and the beginning of Lian’s adventuring life! Cheers!”


We are on the first floor of the inn where the four of us are staying.

The inn consists of three floors, with the first floor being a tavern in which we are holding the banquet.

We plan to stay here until we have decided on our next quest.

“We have finally reached the single-digits of the C-Class ranking.”

“Yeah. It has been a long time since we entered C-Class. About a year ago?”

While drinking the fruit wine that is the specialty product of this area, Mina and Ingrid spoke in turns.

By the way, underage drinking is not prohibited by this country’s laws, so people can drink alcohol even at a relatively low age, compared to Japan, where everyone under 20 is not permitted.

So, this will be the first time I’m drinking booze.

“Congratulations to all three of you.”

And me as well, for successfully traversing to this new world.

Today was the regular update of the adventurer rankings, and from there, we found the new ranking of the party and how much they have increased. Mary moved up to 3rd place in the C class, Meena moved up to 4th place, and Ingrid moved up to 7th place.

Looks like their recognition for defeating the A-Class dragon species has went well.

“So you guys have been teaming up for two years now?”

“Yes, I was able to get through E-class and D-class quickly, but C-class is very competitive, as you see.”

Mina nodded in response to my question.

“But you’re almost in B-Class, right? I’ve got to work hard to move up in the ranks, too.”

“Well, in the case of Sir Lian, it will be over in an instant. Fufufu.”

Mina cheerfully smiled as she poured me a drink in my cup.

……Yeah, it’s bitter.

And there’s a hot, burning sensation from the inside of my mouth to my throat.

“The higher you go in the ranks, the tougher the competition gets. Obviously, it’s going to get tougher from here on.”

Told Ingrid.

“But a pass is still a pass! Our goal is the S-Class. In order to catch up with Claudia, we have to do our best! Oh, I’m so fired up! Let’s team up next time, Lian! I want to become much, much stronger!”

Exclaimed Mary in a rather excited tone.

She has been emptying her mug at a high pace for a while now.

“Geez, please do it in moderation, Mary. Drinking too much is not good for you.”

“You don’t get drunk even if you soak yourself in alcohol, though.”

Mina and Ingrid spoke in care and apprehension.

They’re all good companions, aren’t they?

“I know, I know! Oh, Pops, I’ll have another beer!”

Just right after she said it, she grabs another one……

It seems that when Mary was young, she was attacked by a demon that entered the village and was saved by Claudia.

For her, the latter was a hero and the ideal image of being an adventurer.

And after meeting Claudia, her tension seemed to have been pushed to the limit.

“Come to think of it, how many people are there in each rank? I’ve heard that there are about 100,000 adventurers, and about half of them are E class.”

“There are about 100,000 adventurers in guilds all over the world, of which the S class is……let’s see…… how many are there again?”

“Twenty-five people.”

When Mina gets stuck trying to explain, Ingrid offers her help.

“Roughly 300 A-class, 2,000 B-class, 15,000 C-class, 33,000 D-class, and about 50,000 E-class.”

“──It is as she said. As expected of our Ingrid. Thank you.”

“So the ranks of the C class are already pretty strong, huh?”

“Well, since the time we formed our party was way back two years ago, and after a lot of partaking in difficult quests, we have raised our ranks by a lot.”

Mina said with a smile.

“We nearly died more than once, though.”

Ingrid adds nonchalantly.

“But you have to do that much to get strong and go up the ranks.”

It was Mary who shouted in a fiery tone.

They must’ve gone through a lot before this.

“The highest S-class is an entity that is a highly respected figure in the eyes of the great powers, with all the glory is coming through them at their own accord.”

“As evidence, some people retire from adventuring soon as they reach S-class and take important jobs in the country, while others live a comfortable life.”

“Well, we’re not planning to retire, though.”

Mina added.

“The S class will allow me to take on the most difficult quests. I’m going to hone my skills and prove that I’m strong. Continuing to improve myself, that’s my purpose of being an adventurer.”

Mary said with a grin.

“For me, I want to protect and save more people……that’s it.”

Mina smiles gently.

“I’m on a quest for knowledge. The quickest way to fulfill it is to become an S-Class. I will also get the right to view magical grimoires and lots and lots of forbidden books.”

Ingrid is still at her usual nonchalant tone.

Each of them has their own reasons for aiming at the top.

Eventually, the feast for the four of us came to an end. I went back to my room at the inn.

That was fun.

My body is a bit fluffy, and my head is still feeling light.

Also, I feel like my tension is going up.

I wonder if this is what it feels like when you get drunk?

At first, I thought it was just a bitter-tasting drink.

Un, it’s pretty good, that wine.

I lay in my bed while thinking about this.


Huh? Just now, I heard a strange voice.

Moreover, there’s something strangely soft touching my hand.

When I uncovered the sheets a bit, I saw the beautiful face poking out of the sheets.



Maybe because of the movements, Mary’s eyes opened, and we stared at each other in puzzlement.

“Why are you here……”

“Because this is my room?”

“Your room? But this is the third floor ──”

“Err, this is the second floor, Mary.”

When I told her that, Mary had a shocked face.

“Eh, no way. I went into the wrong room?”

Mary bashfully spoke.

When I first met her, she looked a bit scary, being rough and all.

But now that I’m seeing her up close and getting embarrassed, I can’t help but find her cute.

“I’m sorry about that. I think I drank a little too much.”

Mary gets out of the sheets.


But what came to my sight after was out of my expectations.

Mary was wearing a sexy, see-through negligee, enough to make me dumbstruck all at once.

Through the thin fabric, the fullness of her breasts, the tightness of her hips, and the plumpness of her ass – a highly glamorous body line stood out.


Mary sends me a meaningful glance.

“What are……!?”

“By any chance ── are you interested? In my body.”

“W-w-what are you talking about?”

Mary asks me a question with an impish smile, a question in which I am totally unprepared for.

To tell the truth, I am very interested in her body.

Her glamorous and sexy legs which are full of life.

Her feminine curves which possesses breathtaking proportions.

Her beautiful face that is filled with impish lust for a man.

“I have…… taken an interest in you, do you know that?”


She’s……interested in me?

I was just about to ask, when Mary came up to me.

“That’s why……maybe this is just the right opportunity.”

A feverish breath is then blown to my ear.


I couldn’t help but let out a high-pitched yelp.

It felt chilly and tingly in my ear, as if an electric current just ran throughout my body.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now an elf or not, but my entire ear has gotten unusually sensitive.

“Oh, you’re feeling it here, aren’t you?”

But Mary just smiled with delight.

“Uaah. Aahh, afuuu……uh”

The next thing I knew, I was breathing out a series of pleasured sighs at the intermittent blowing of my ears.

Heated blood started to flow and gather around my lower body, and soon, my cock that has been sleeping stood completely erect.

“I’ve been curious about you since the first time we met, Lian.”

Mary whispered to my ear.

The air blown together with her whispering felt good.

My cock has completely swollen already, as if it wants to burst off from my pants.

“Besides, Lian doesn’t look like he hates it either.”

Mary’s gaze went to my crotch.

It was already tented with prominence.

“So……shall we do it? Sex, I mean.”

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Chapter 6 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 1

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“So……shall we do it? Sex, I mean.”

To Mary’s sudden invitation, I was unable to provide a quick response.

After all, it’s all about sex. It’s sex, you know!

I glanced at Mary in front of me once more.

A beautiful face which always looked like she would never lose.

Purple eyes that emit strong will.

Flaming red twin-tailed hair.

To be invited to bed by a girl of such a caliber, it was already enough to make my heart explode.

“So beautiful……”

It was Mary who spoke first, looking at me, entranced.

“Also, aren’t you a bit cheeky to have a more beautiful face than I am, even though you are a man? Fufufu”

She adds a cute giggle ── then pushes me down to the center of the bed.


It was only a simple sway of a hand, yet it was already enough to put me at my party member’s mercy.

Even if I try to push back, it was impossible as I have a weaker constitution as an elf. This has become more evident as I remembered that the other party is a person who has been training as a warrior for god knows how long.

“Wow, even though you look so strong back there, when you’re not using your magic sword arts, in the end, you’re still an elf.”

Mary smiles as she sensed the difference in our physical strength.

Then, the courageous beauty comes closer, and ──,


snatches a kiss on my lips.

“Nmm, chuu……uuu.”

“Mmmh, fua……Lian’s lips, chuu, mmm……very sweet……nmmm.”

Contrary to her fierce momentum, her kisses turn awkward as seconds go by.

Gradually, Mary’s face in front of me turns bright red.

Was it because of alcohol, embarrassment or excitement?

Despite her undeniable flushed face, Mary continues to devour my now agape orifice.

Her slippery tongue then enters my mouth and entwines itself with my own tongue.

“Ahnmm, mmmu……chuu, leroo……”

Mary’s deep kisses were full of passion. It was so much that it felt like my whole body was going to melt.

Yet Mary continues to hold me down as she ran her deep kisses on me.

I am a man, yet I’m the one being assaulted by Mary, a woman, with force.

But as atrocious this situation may be, this only further provoked my arousal.

My erected rod pushes itself up on the crotch of my pants, and pokes at Mary’s waist.


Mary raises her upper body in surprise.

“Lian, this is ──.”

“Well, I was kissed out of the blue, so……”

I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment as she made a stare at my lower body, to my crotch that has already made a splendid tent.

“Oh, what’s this? You got excited while kissing me? Fufufu. Even though you have a pretty face like a girl, in the end, Lian is still a man.”

For some reason, Mary’s expression became happier.

“W-well then, let me calm you down.”


“W-why the surprise? Just think of it as my gratitude for saving our lives the other day and to congratulate you on becoming an adventurer. Now this is over with, Ei~! ”

As soon as she said it, with quite a momentum, Mary forcefully pulled my pants down.


I could only stare dumbstruck as I got overwhelmed my party member’s aggressiveness.

I wonder if this is what they call a carnivorous girl?

“Wow, so this is Lian’s──”

My manhood was laid bare, already towering with excitement.

And to that majestic specimen, Mary poured a hot gaze as if she wants to burn it with her stare.

Shame and excitement surged and mixed together inside me.

Such high intensity of emotions transformed in to a hot blood tide and flowed into my lower half, which made my cock even hotter and harder.

“Ah, it has gotten big again……fufufu……Let me make you feel comfortable with my mouth, Lian.”

As soon as she said it, Mary crawled over and buried her face in my crotch.

“Nguu, muuu…….nmmmmm”

Despite having gone fully erect, my throbbing flesh rod was swallowed without any gaps in her warm mouth.

And after stuffing her mouth in full, she started sucking on my raging member inside.

Jupooh, jupoh, she rubs my penis with her mouth’s insides, spitting out saliva in between the gaps.

Then, she twits my member with her flexible tongue.

“Kuuh, uuuugh……uahh…feels good……”

I couldn’t help but let out reflexive moans.

The comfortable warmth of her mouth, as well as the soft tongue wrapping around the curvature of my tip.

Combined, they sent an electric current of pleasure from my meat pole down to my tailbone.

Mary continued to suck my cock with a single-minded focus.

Through the thin negligee, I took a glance at the lush mounds of hers underneath, bobbing and jiggling about as she moves.

“Ah, are you……curious about this?”

Mary smiles teasingly as she raised her upper body.

Then, she lifts her chest with the palms of her hands.


I swallowed my raw spit.

“Then, do you want me to do it with my breasts?”

With a deepening devilish smile, Mary takes off her negligee in the most alluring way I ever seen.

She also takes off her panties, revealing to me the similar state in which she was born.

As she has trains herself regularly as a warrior, her body is supple to all intents and purposes.

However, I couldn’t find a single bit of muscularity in any part of them.

Yes, she’s toned, but her shoulders, chest, belly, hips and buttocks ── every part of her body draws a mellow curve, giving her a more seductive vibe instead.

“Y-you don’t have to stare at it that much. Geez.”

Even with her confident attitude a while ago, it seems that she still finds it embarrassing to be seen all nude. As proof, her beautiful and courageous face is already dyed in vermillion.

“Nnn, kuh.”

Mary then stoops down, and with her breasts still in her hands, she sandwiches my meat rod from the left and right.

“Uwaa, s-so soft……”

The suppleness of her smooth and milky skin was instantly transmitted throughout my penis.

So, this is what a tit-job feels like? It’s the first time I had someone do this to me.

It was as if the soft pressure of her breasts is seeping into my dick……

Not only that, the sight of her breasts made my excitement flare up as well. Her tits, which were almost as big as melons, changing into nasty shapes as they wrap around my cock, and the way they shake dynamically……

……if I didn’t get excited with that, I would start doubting if I was properly reincarnated as a man.

Nchaa, nchuu, guniguni!

A large amount of precum leaks out of my tip, lubricating the valley of Rosemary’s already wet and glistening breasts as it got sandwiched in between.

The soft sensation becomes a wet and slippery one, and because it made the movements more intense, they sent electrifying sensations from my penis to my tailbone more than ever before.

“Hnnnnn, Lian’s penis, so hot and hard……and it’s really, really sturdy.”

Mary lets out a feverish sigh at the grandeur of my symbolic organ, which has now become swollen to its maximum extent.

She then accelerates her movements, making her rich milk hills bounce as they went.

“Hnnn, uuugh.”

Because the rampant motions caused the entirety of my rod to be filled with an itchy pleasure, my feelings of wanting to ejaculate increased all at once.

“N-no good, I’m already……”

My penis, after being violated almost one-sidedly from being wrapped with her springy double milk tanks, started to convulse strongly.

Soon, I reached my first ejaculation with Rosemary.

Dokudokudoku, dobyuuuuuuuuuu!!

A nerve-numbing sensation ran from my pelvic region to my lumbar region, then to my spine, before reaching the brain in the end, painting my thoughts with nothing but nothingness and pure white.

“Kyaaann!? So much of it came out……”

But it’s not only my head which was tainted by the absence of thoughts and color.

Mary was flabbergasted by the huge amount I ejaculated that almost sprayed to her like a shower.

It splashed on almost the entirety of her ample cleavage, turning it into a cloudy white color. However, it didn’t stop there.

Semen continued spurting non-stop. It got sprayed to her cheeks, the tip of her nose, even her pale pink lips. Some of it even reached her beautiful red hair.

It was the first time in my life that I had ever been tit-fucked, hence me being in a state of vigorous release.

I could only stare languidly on the deed that I have done.

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Chapter 7 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 2

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After letting out my load on my partner’s breasts, I was immediately basked in a pleasant afterglow.

“Uwaaa, amazing……to think it so many would come out, I can’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, Mary’s upper body is now covered in white. From her face to her collarbone, her cleavage, most of her breasts, almost nothing was left unexposed as she takes large breaths in euphoria.

Due to my trait of having matchless vigor during sex, the amount of semen I released was enormous. It was so huge my previous life’s usual amount just pales in comparison to it.

But that’s not all. My penis, despite having just released such a huge load, is still standing erect, as if it wants to say that that huge shot I did earlier is just a warm-up.

“Ah, still excited, I see. Lian, this time…… how about we try this one? Ufufufu.”

With a giggle, Marie straddles towards my face.

“It would be unfair if I just do all the work, wouldn’t it?”

The scenery above me slowly changed into a pale pink pussy, decorated with soft red pubic hair.

“Nbuuuu!? Fuguu.”

Then, without any warnings, Mary sits down and presses her precious part against my mouth.

The sweet and sour scent of a maiden starts to waft up to my nose.


The tip of my tongue touches her hot crevasse.

It seems that Mary is trying to block my mouth with her genitalia.

I puffed up my nose to ensure I was breathing.

“To think such a strong and handsome Lian is licking my pussy right now, I couldn’t help but get excited!”

Mary lets out a smile, as if amused by the situation.

“Here, Lian. Lick it more.”

I wonder if she has a bit of a sadistic personality, this girl.

However, she doesn’t behave in a way that makes me uncomfortable at all.

I feel somewhat pleased from being subjugated by her, even in this situation where I’m being forced to do cunnilingus with her face-sitting.

“Chuuu, leroo……ngugugugu, muu.”

Having no other choice, I began to lick the crevasse that snugly covered my mouth, as Mary had ordered me to do.

It was impossible to resist by force due to our difference in strength.

Well, not that I had the intention to resist in the first place.

As long as Mary wants it, even if she doesn’t resort to a forceful method like she’s doing to me right now, I would gladly do it for her.

Of course, I also want to make her cum with my tongue as payback for the way she made me cum with her tits.

I’ve never had caressed a woman’s pussy before, so I’m also curious about it.

I wiggled my tongue in the crevice, prying her secret hole open.

Then I twisted the tip of my tongue to her surprisingly narrow vaginal opening.

It’s warm, slippery, and tight.

“Nn, guuu, muu, lero……”

Feeling the lush mucous membranes clenching my tongue for the first time, I couldn’t help but let out gasps of delight.

The walls of her vagina were wet and slippery, as if it had been aroused by the blowjob and tit-fucking she made earlier.

I stretched my tongue further deep into her narrow hole, using her wetness as lubricant.

“Haaaa, aguu……Hnnnnn, Lian’s tongue……is entering……nnn, it feels, good.”

Mary’s arousal kept increasing as I thrust my tongue inside of her, but I also couldn’t help but feel heavy as she rocks the full weight of her body onto my face.

I don’t know if it was due to her repeated face-rubbing or my thorough tongue-twisting, but after a while, a sweet and sour smell of sweat and love juices wafted in the room, filling my nostrils in a pleasant way.

“Aaahh, yes! That’s it! That’s the spot! More……do it more! It feels so good when Lian does it with his mouth……aahiii!”

“Njuuu, this spot? Very well……chuu, muu, leroo……”

At Marie’s urging, I got even more intense.

I wiggled my tongue to squeeze the inner wall, then painstakingly rubbed each and every one of them with the tip.

As I don’t have a lot of experience making a woman feel good in this way, what I am doing is more of a trial-and-error kind of thing.

“Aaaaahh, wow……Oh, my God……there, over there! Hyaaa!”

Yet, Mary kept swaying her hips in the pleasure of being licked inside.

Yes, her wet insides kept tightening itself as they made constant squeezing sounds as they grip my tongue.

“N-no more, I can’t……Lian, I……I want it already──.”

Mary, who was about to turn crazy from her begging, suddenly raised her hips on top of my face.

Then, she moved and placed her body around my waist – just above my erect crotch.

“Isn’t this great, Lian? You’ll be able to experience something naughtier with me……”

She asks me out again, this time her sadistic demeanor being replaced by a devilish smile.

“I want to put it in. Does Lian also want to put it in?”

“Of course, I do. After all, I want to finish it inside Mary as well.”

I nodded with emphasis, feeling a sweet tingle in my chest.

“I see……then, here I go, okay?”

Mary murmured in an uptight voice and slowly lowered her hips.

My tip pushes open the two wet lips as it plunged in.

“Hnnnn……fuuu, kih……”

Mary‘s body suddenly bends backward, making her red twin tails flip up and down.

Her eyebrows knit together, and a somewhat pained expression showed upon her face.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! Don’t……worry. I’ll put it in deeper……”

Mary firmly retorted, then lowered her waist even more.

“Zuzu, zuzuzu……!

Her insides were wet enough, but the problem lies in her size. Mary is……unexpectedly tight, so it’s just……not gonna go in smoothly.

It felt like it was going in millimeter by millimeter, a really painful insertion she was doing.

“Fuuu……uu, ahh……auu……”

Still, thanks to her strong will, Mary managed to swallow my thing all the way down to the base.

After a bit of a tough journey, her tight ass finally managed to land on my waist.

Hm? It was then I discovered something.

Mary’s womb was surprisingly……small.

Her vaginal pressure was so intense it’s hurting my dick.

It was no less than the insides of Mina, who gave her virginity to me the other day.

I thought she had a lot of experience from the way she aggressively pressed herself against me, but now I’m wondering if she has lesser experience than I thought.

So I looked at our joining parts, but then I saw something red flowing at the base of my penis, smearing on our pubic hair.


This is, no way──the blood of being deflowered?

“Uhm, Mary……?”

“Ehehe, it’s my first time, actually.”

Mary shyly looks away.

“Also, it’s not like I would do this with anybody, you know? I have properly thought about this. From the time I met you, I knew you were the one for me.”

Me, lying on my back, and Mary, riding me from above.

Our eyes met, and from that gaze, it connected us to each other’s true feelings.

“I did it……not because I’m drunk. I did it because, because……!”

Her tone of voice was neither angry nor embarrassed.

The tone and the emotions in her eyes were so complicated that I couldn’t fully understand what she had meant.

“Hey, did you and Mina……do it?”

Suddenly, Mary asks something that is out of the blue.

Together with it was a flame-like glow lighting up inside her fiery eyes.

“Eh, that, how did you ──.”

I took a big gulp.

Could it be that Mary was awake that night?

But we were quite a distance from where she and Ingrid were sleeping, so I thought they wouldn’t notice──.

“Ah, that reaction of yours. So you did it with her after all.”

Shit, it was all over my face.

“I have no intentions of blaming you for that. However, I don’t want you to focus on Mina alone. For I am also──ahhhnn.”

All of a sudden, Mary emits a loud gasp, making her hips shake lightly.

“Hnn……it throbbed just now……”

“O-oi, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. It just sank a little……”

Mary smiles at my worry, but I could see her eyebrows drawing in faintly.

“But still, I’m glad. This sensation……is the proof that I’m now connected to you, Lian.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m happy that I became one with Mary.”

I expressed my honest feelings.

Where do Marie’s true intentions lie, and how much do I feel about her?

I still can’t get my emotions in order, but the only thing that I found to be real is the joy bubbling up from the bottom of my heart.

That I was happy to be connected like this with her.


“Yes, I’m really, really happy.”

I spoke with the brightest smile I could muster, along with the most handsome expression I could bring from my elven face, all to bring my partner at ease.

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Chapter 8 – First Sex with Rosemary, Part 3

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“Hnnn, fuaah, auuhhn, Lian’s penis is……finally inside. I feel……so full……”

Mary spoke with glee as she rocked her shapely hips, grinding them hard towards my crotch.

“Uwaa. Mary’s boobs are so erotic……!”

As I was still in a supine position, I couldn’t help but take notice of her humongous tits as they swayed on top.

The warrior maiden was really brash in her moves, so every time she acts, it causes her breasts to shake dynamically.

It was a wonderful sight to behold.

“Ahhn, it’s spreading……! It’s being spread apart!”

My penis, which has gotten bigger with that excitement, tries to push Mary’s newly lost-virgin vagina apart.

Still, even though she had lost her hymen just earlier, the pain was not as great as she has expected, so she continued to rock her hips away.

Her moist white skin is now flushed rosy, as if it was showing me her growing arousal.

And beyond that was a sweet smell of sweat wafting on top of it.

No, it wasn’t just sweat.

Guchu, guchu, nichaa, guchuuuu!

Even at our joining parts, which were getting noisier and noisier with the sound of our fluids coming out, I could also smell this slightly sweet and sour odor, which was somewhat different from sweat.

It was a natural smell produced from the mixture of my own precum and Mary’s love juices, making my senses feel tingly all over.

Is this what they call pheromones?

I lightly thrust my hips up of the recently-virgin vagina squeezing my dick.

“Aguu, uuuuu, so deep. It’s so deep! Aaah, its throbbing, I could feel it resonating all the way to the bottom of my stomach!”

Enduring the extreme pleasure and scent, I broke open the clingy walls of flesh and hit the innermost part with my now-hardened tip.

I reached the bottom of her stomach, and Mary’s upper body shook violently.

Her enormous double milk melon tanks shook up and down with plenty of force.

No, rather than calling it shaking, they were already to the point as if they were bouncing hard.

“Hnnnn, haaaa, ahuuuhh, so good……this is so good……hmmmmph!”

Mary bites her lips as her brows knitted to each other, trying to suppress her pleasant moans.

Based on her reaction, which was more of pleasure rather than pain, it’s now okay if I thrust it a bit harder.

“I’m turning up the heat, Mary!”

As soon as she heard what I said, she raised her hips up like she was forming a bridge.

I may have a body of a powerless elf, but when it comes to having sex, I feel surprisingly strong.

As evidence, even though I have been thrusting my hips continuously, I have yet to feel any fatigue.

“Yes, that’s it, Lian! Harder, do it harder!”

Mary screams with delight, provoking me to do more extractions.

And I continued to ram into Mary’s innermost parts with my maximally erect manhood, causing her insides to narrow further.

“Haaa, aaaahh, w-wow, so this is what sex feels like……!? Fuaaah!!”

She lets out a cry of pleasure, and I felt a luscious squeezing through my entire meat shaft.

This numbing sensation reaches to my lumbar area, even up to the tailbone, where an intense feeling of wanting to ejaculate began to well up soon after.

“Guuuh, I’m about to cum……”

I groaned as I launched my hips into the air with a gulp.

“Alright, let it out! Lian’s semen, I want you to pour it all inside!”

Mary cries out, her red twin tails shaking as she waves.

“Are you really alright with it, Mary? Kuh, uaah.”

“It is my first time, after all……so, I want to feel everything about Lian!”

In that case, I will cum inside without hesitating.

I surrendered myself to the pleasant feeling of the vagina, which was still clenching my member tight. Then, I released all the load I have been holding inside her pussy.

 “Aaaaaah so hot…….afuuu!”

Mary squirmed as she received her first vaginal ejaculation in her life.

The sight of it made me even more aroused, urging me to let out even more.

The feeling of conquest upon spilling my own seed into the innocent womb that never knew a man, the sensation that I’m dyeing this victorious beauty with my own color, the staggeringly large amount of semen that continues to gush out of my throbbing penis, and the sweet, itchy pleasure that echoes intermittently from my tailbone to my brain.

While the penetration a while ago is also pleasant in its own way, it still wouldn’t be able to match the sensation of ejaculating inside a woman.

“Fuuu. That felt so good.”

After pouring every last drop into Mary’s insides, I finally took a breather.

“Me too……it hurt a bit when you put it in, but it became really good after that.”

Mary also wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand, smiling with satisfaction.

That said,

“……-!? Lian……?”

Mary suddenly yelps in surprise.

“It’s growing bigger again inside me……! N-no way, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that men can’t keep it up once they’ve let it out…… and Lian has already let it out twice……”

“Unfortunately, my energy is not the type to run out with just one or two ejaculations.”

I smiled, then rocked my hips once more.

The rod that was still embedded deep inside her womb has already regained its full erection.

The mucous membranes, which still retained the natural firmness of a virgin, were once again pushed apart from the inside.

“If you want to, I can do it as many times as you like.”

I sensed an overwhelming presence of energy that could make me continue in for three, no four rounds even.

It was, indeed, the trait of matchless vigor during sex.

“You’ve become more manlier in this way……if not for the fact that you’re more beautiful than a girl.”

Mary’s expression was a mixture of surprise and dismay.

“However, it’s still Mary’s first time, after all. Should we stop here?”

For me, I still want to enjoy her insides.

However, I don’t want to put a strain on a girl who had just her first experience taken away from her.

“I’m still okay with it. And if I stop now, I’ll feel like I’m losing to you.”

I chuckled, thinking it was a typical Mary-like reaction.

Even in this kind of place, she still had that strong sense of competition.

“Then, let me help myself ── once more!”

I charged onto her body with a grin.

──After that, we had sex about three times, not only in cowgirl, but also in missionary.

I tried to fuck her from the back, but Mary refused to do it.

She said it was too embarrassing, aside from the fact that she finds the position frustrating, as it felt more like she was submitting to me.

What a shame.

Well, I feel like she will completely submit to me anyway, so instead of losing hope, I decided to not be bothered by it for now.

……By the end of our battle, I poured loads of cum inside Mary’s pussy for four times.

The amount was so large it couldn’t be contained in Mary’s small pussy anymore. All the load that went out of her capacity flowed out, making a big stain on the sheets as they erotically drip from her precious hole.

……let’s wash it off later.

Anyway, Mary seemed really tired soon as I reached my fourth load, so after cumming, she fell asleep all at once.

“That was really good……thank you, Mary.”

While staring at her sleeping face which was immersed in the feeling of a new happiness, I whispered these words to her cute little ear.

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-= End of Volume 2 =-

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