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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – First Time Sex with Rosemary, Part 3 ※

“Hnnn, fuaah, auuhhn, Lian’s penis is……finally inside. I feel……so full……”

Mary spoke with glee as she rocked her shapely hips, grinding them hard towards my crotch.

“Uwaa. Mary’s boobs are so erotic……!”

As I was still in a supine position, I couldn’t help but take notice of her humongous tits as they swayed on top.

The warrior maiden was really brash in her moves, so every time she acts, it causes her breasts to shake dynamically.

It was a wonderful sight to behold.

“Ahhn, it’s spreading……! It’s being spread apart!”

My penis, which has gotten bigger with that excitement, tries to push Mary’s newly lost-virgin vagina apart.

Still, even though she had lost her hymen just earlier, the pain was not as great as she has expected, so she continued to rock her hips away.

Her moist white skin is now flushed rosy, as if it was showing me her growing arousal.

And beyond that was a sweet smell of sweat wafting on top of it.

No, it wasn’t just sweat.

Guchu, guchu, nichaa, guchuuuu!

Even at our joining parts, which were getting noisier and noisier with the sound of our fluids coming out, I could also smell this slightly sweet and sour odor, which was somewhat different from sweat.


It was a natural smell produced from the mixture of my own precum and Mary’s love juices, making my senses feel tingly all over.

Is this what they call pheromones?

I lightly thrust my hips up of the recently-virgin vagina squeezing my dick.

“Aguu, uuuuu, so deep. It’s so deep! Aaah, its throbbing, I could feel it resonating all the way to the bottom of my stomach!”

Enduring the extreme pleasure and scent, I broke open the clingy walls of flesh and hit the innermost part with my now-hardened tip.

I reached the bottom of her stomach, and Mary’s upper body shook violently.

Her enormous double milk melon tanks shook up and down with plenty of force.

No, rather than calling it shaking, they were already to the point as if they were bouncing hard. This chapter is made possible by neorecormon. If you are able to read this, you are reading my work at an unauthorized aggregate site.

“Hnnnn, haaaa, ahuuuhh, so good……this is so good……hmmmmph!”

Mary bites her lips as her brows knitted to each other, trying to suppress her pleasant moans.

Based on her reaction, which was more of pleasure rather than pain, it’s now okay if I thrust it a bit harder.

“I’m turning up the heat, Mary!”

As soon as she heard what I said, she raised her hips up like she was forming a bridge.

I may have a body of a powerless elf, but when it comes to having sex, I feel surprisingly strong.

As evidence, even though I have been thrusting my hips continuously, I have yet to feel any fatigue.

“Yes, that’s it, Lian! Harder, do it harder!”

Mary screams with delight, provoking me to do more extractions.

And I continued to ram into Mary’s innermost parts with my maximally erect manhood, causing her insides to narrow further.

“Haaa, aaaahh, w-wow, so this is what sex feels like……!? Fuaaah!!”

She lets out a cry of pleasure, and I felt a luscious squeezing through my entire meat shaft.

This numbing sensation reaches to my lumbar area, even up to the tailbone, where an intense feeling of wanting to ejaculate began to well up soon after.

“Guuuh, I’m about to cum……”

I groaned as I launched my hips into the air with a gulp.

“Alright, let it out! Lian’s semen, I want you to pour it all inside!”

Mary cries out, her red twin tails shaking as she waves.

“Are you really alright with it, Mary? Kuh, uaah.”

“It is my first time, after all……so, I want to feel everything about Lian!”

In that case, I will cum inside without hesitating.

I surrendered myself to the pleasant feeling of the vagina, which was still clenching my member tight. Then, I released all the load I have been holding inside her pussy. Parts of this chapter has been cut off. Read only at Stabbing with a syringe translations dot home dot blog.

 “Aaaaaah so hot…….afuuu!”

Mary squirmed as she received her first vaginal ejaculation in her life.

The sight of it made me even more aroused, urging me to let out even more.


The feeling of conquest upon spilling my own seed into the innocent womb that never knew a man, the sensation that I’m dyeing this victorious beauty with my own color, the staggeringly large amount of semen that continues to gush out of my throbbing penis, and the sweet, itchy pleasure that echoes intermittently from my tailbone to my brain.

While the penetration a while ago is also pleasant in its own way, it still wouldn’t be able to match the sensation of ejaculating inside a woman.

“Fuuu. That felt so good.”

After pouring every last drop into Mary’s insides, I finally took a breather.

“Me too……it hurt a bit when you put it in, but it became really good after that.”

Mary also wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand, smiling with satisfaction.

That said,

“……-!? Lian……?”

Mary suddenly yelps in surprise.

“It’s growing bigger again inside me……! N-no way, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that men can’t keep it up once they’ve let it out…… and Lian has already let it out twice……”

“Unfortunately, my energy is not the type to run out with just one or two ejaculations.”

I smiled, then rocked my hips once more.

The rod that was still embedded deep inside her womb has already regained its full erection.

The mucous membranes, which still retained the natural firmness of a virgin, were once again pushed apart from the inside.

“If you want to, I can do it as many times as you like.”

I sensed an overwhelming presence of energy that could make me continue in for three, no four rounds even.

It was, indeed, the trait of matchless vigor during sex.

“You’ve become more manlier in this way……if not for the fact that you’re more beautiful than a girl.”

Mary’s expression was a mixture of surprise and dismay.

“However, it’s still Mary’s first time, after all. Should we stop here?”

For me, I still want to enjoy her insides.

However, I don’t want to put a strain on a girl who had just her first experience taken away from her.

“I’m still okay with it. And if I stop now, I’ll feel like I’m losing to you.”

I chuckled, thinking it was a typical Mary-like reaction.

Even in this kind of place, she still had that strong sense of competition.

“Then, let me help myself ── once more!”

I charged onto her body with a grin.

──After that, we had sex about three times, not only in cowgirl, but also in missionary.

I tried to fuck her from the back, but Mary refused to do it.

She said it was too embarrassing, aside from the fact that she finds the position frustrating, as it felt more like she was submitting to me.

What a shame.


Well, I feel like she will completely submit to me anyway, so instead of losing hope, I decided to not be bothered by it for now.

……By the end of our battle, I poured loads of cum inside Mary’s pussy for four times.

The amount was so large it couldn’t be contained in Mary’s small pussy anymore. All the load that went out of her capacity flowed out, making a big stain on the sheets as they erotically drip from her precious hole.

……let’s wash it off later.

Anyway, Mary seemed really tired soon as I reached my fourth load, so after cumming, she fell asleep all at once.

“That was really good……thank you, Mary.”

While staring at her sleeping face which was immersed in the feeling of a new happiness, I whispered these words to her cute little ear.

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One thought on “Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 8

  1. You’ve already submitted you…God this woman is insanely frustrating. You’ve already lost to him in plenty categories.


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