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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – First Time Sex with Rosemary, Part 2 ※

After letting out my load on my partner’s breasts, I was immediately basked in a pleasant afterglow.

“Uwaaa, amazing……to think it so many would come out, I can’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, Mary’s upper body is now covered in white. From her face to her collarbone, her cleavage, most of her breasts, almost nothing was left unexposed as she takes large breaths in euphoria.

Due to my trait of having matchless vigor during sex, the amount of semen I released was enormous. It was so huge my previous life’s usual amount just pales in comparison to it.

But that’s not all. My penis, despite having just released such a huge load, is still standing erect, as if it wants to say that that huge shot I did earlier is just a warm-up.

“Ah, still excited, I see. Lian, this time…… how about we try this one? Ufufufu.”

With a giggle, Marie straddles towards my face.

“It would be unfair if I just do all the work, wouldn’t it?”

The scenery above me slowly changed into a pale pink pussy, decorated with soft red pubic hair.

“Nbuuuu!? Fuguu.”


Then, without any warnings, Mary sits down and presses her precious part against my mouth.

The sweet and sour scent of a maiden starts to waft up to my nose.


The tip of my tongue touches her hot crevasse.

It seems that Mary is trying to block my mouth with her genitalia.

I puffed up my nose to ensure I was breathing.

“To think such a strong and handsome Lian is licking my pussy right now, I couldn’t help but get excited!”

Mary lets out a smile, as if amused by the situation.

“Here, Lian. Lick it more.”

I wonder if she has a bit of a sadistic personality, this girl.

However, she doesn’t behave in a way that makes me uncomfortable at all.

I feel somewhat pleased from being subjugated by her, even in this situation where I’m being forced to do cunnilingus with her face-sitting. This chapter is translated by neorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations.

“Chuuu, leroo……ngugugugu, muu.”

Having no other choice, I began to lick the crevasse that snugly covered my mouth, as Mary had ordered me to do.

It was impossible to resist by force due to our difference in strength.

Well, not that I had the intention to resist in the first place.

As long as Mary wants it, even if she doesn’t resort to a forceful method like she’s doing to me right now, I would gladly do it for her.

Of course, I also want to make her cum with my tongue as payback for the way she made me cum with her tits.

I’ve never had caressed a woman’s pussy before, so I’m also curious about it.

I wiggled my tongue in the crevice, prying her secret hole open.

Then I twisted the tip of my tongue to her surprisingly narrow vaginal opening.

It’s warm, slippery, and tight.

“Nn, guuu, muu, lero……”

Feeling the lush mucous membranes clenching my tongue for the first time, I couldn’t help but let out gasps of delight.

The walls of her vagina were wet and slippery, as if it had been aroused by the blowjob and tit-fucking she made earlier.

I stretched my tongue further deep into her narrow hole, using her wetness as lubricant.

“Haaaa, aguu……Hnnnnn, Lian’s tongue……is entering……nnn, it feels, good.”

Mary’s arousal kept increasing as I thrust my tongue inside of her, but I also couldn’t help but feel heavy as she rocks the full weight of her body onto my face.

I don’t know if it was due to her repeated face-rubbing or my thorough tongue-twisting, but after a while, a sweet and sour smell of sweat and love juices wafted in the room, filling my nostrils in a pleasant way.

“Aaahh, yes! That’s it! That’s the spot! More……do it more! It feels so good when Lian does it with his mouth……aahiii!”

“Njuuu, this spot? Very well……chuu, muu, leroo……”

At Marie’s urging, I got even more intense.

I wiggled my tongue to squeeze the inner wall, then painstakingly rubbed each and every one of them with the tip.


As I don’t have a lot of experience making a woman feel good in this way, what I am doing is more of a trial-and-error kind of thing.

“Aaaaahh, wow……Oh, my God……there, over there! Hyaaa!”

Yet, Mary kept swaying her hips in the pleasure of being licked inside.

Yes, her wet insides kept tightening itself as they made constant squeezing sounds as they grip my tongue.

“N-no more, I can’t……Lian, I……I want it already──.”

Mary, who was about to turn crazy from her begging, suddenly raised her hips on top of my face.

Then, she moved and placed her body around my waist – just above my erect crotch.

“Isn’t this great, Lian? You’ll be able to experience something naughtier with me……”

She asks me out again, this time her sadistic demeanor being replaced by a devilish smile.

“I want to put it in. Does Lian also want to put it in?”

“Of course, I do. After all, I want to finish it inside Mary as well.”

I nodded with emphasis, feeling a sweet tingle in my chest.

“I see……then, here I go, okay?”

Mary murmured in an uptight voice and slowly lowered her hips.

My tip pushes open the two wet lips as it plunged in.

“Hnnnn……fuuu, kih……”

Mary‘s body suddenly bends backward, making her red twin tails flip up and down.

Her eyebrows knit together, and a somewhat pained expression showed upon her face. This chapter is translated by neorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! Don’t……worry. I’ll put it in deeper……”

Mary firmly retorted, then lowered her waist even more.

“Zuzu, zuzuzu……!

Her insides were wet enough, but the problem lies in her size. Mary is……unexpectedly tight, so it’s just……not gonna go in smoothly.

It felt like it was going in millimeter by millimeter, a really painful insertion she was doing.

“Fuuu……uu, ahh……auu……”

Still, thanks to her strong will, Mary managed to swallow my thing all the way down to the base.

After a bit of a tough journey, her tight ass finally managed to land on my waist.

Hm? It was then I discovered something.

Mary’s womb was surprisingly……small.

Her vaginal pressure was so intense it’s hurting my dick.

It was no less than the insides of Mina, who gave her virginity to me the other day.

I thought she had a lot of experience from the way she aggressively pressed herself against me, but now I’m wondering if she has lesser experience than I thought.

So I looked at our joining parts, but then I saw something red flowing at the base of my penis, smearing on our pubic hair.


This is, no way──the blood of being deflowered?

“Uhm, Mary……?”

“Ehehe, it’s my first time, actually.”

Mary shyly looks away.

“Also, it’s not like I would do this with anybody, you know? I have properly thought about this. From the time I met you, I knew you were the one for me.”

Me, lying on my back, and Mary, riding me from above.

Our eyes met, and from that gaze, it connected us to each other’s true feelings.

“I did it……not because I’m drunk. I did it because, because……!”

Her tone of voice was neither angry nor embarrassed.


The tone and the emotions in her eyes were so complicated that I couldn’t fully understand what she had meant.

“Hey, did you and Mina……do it?”

Suddenly, Mary asks something that is out of the blue.

Together with it was a flame-like glow lighting up inside her fiery eyes.

“Eh, that, how did you ──.”

I took a big gulp.

Could it be that Mary was awake that night?

But we were quite a distance from where she and Ingrid were sleeping, so I thought they wouldn’t notice──.

“Ah, that reaction of yours. So you did it with her after all.”

Shit, it was all over my face.

“I have no intentions of blaming you for that. However, I don’t want you to focus on Mina alone. For I am also──ahhhnn.”

All of a sudden, Mary emits a loud gasp, making her hips shake lightly.

“Hnn……it throbbed just now……”

“O-oi, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. It just sank a little……”

Mary smiles at my worry, but I could see her eyebrows drawing in faintly.

“But still, I’m glad. This sensation……is the proof that I’m now connected to you, Lian.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m happy that I became one with Mary.”

I expressed my honest feelings.

Where do Marie’s true intentions lie, and how much do I feel about her?

I still can’t get my emotions in order, but the only thing that I found to be real is the joy bubbling up from the bottom of my heart.

That I was happy to be connected like this with her.


“Yes, I’m really, really happy.”

I spoke with the brightest smile I could muster, along with the most handsome expression I could bring from my elven face, all to bring my partner at ease.

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One thought on “Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 7

  1. You two barely fucking know each other. This isn’t love, it’s just lust. I’m not saying it can’t develop into proper feelings but it’s annoying they’re acting all wishy washy. She’s just horny at seeing a strong male. Her instincts want her to bear strong children.

    Liked by 1 person

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