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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First Time Sex with Rosemary, Part 1 ※

“So……shall we do it? Sex, I mean.”

To Mary’s sudden invitation, I was unable to provide a quick response.

After all, it’s all about sex. It’s sex, you know!

I glanced at Mary in front of me once more.

A beautiful face which always looked like she would never lose.

Purple eyes that emit strong will.

Flaming red twin-tailed hair.


To be invited to bed by a girl of such a caliber, it was already enough to make my heart explode.

“So beautiful……”

It was Mary who spoke first, looking at me, entranced.

“Also, aren’t you a bit cheeky to have a more beautiful face than I am, even though you are a man? Fufufu”

She adds a cute giggle ── then pushes me down to the center of the bed.


It was only a simple sway of a hand, yet it was already enough to put me at my party member’s mercy.

Even if I try to push back, it was impossible as I have a weaker constitution as an elf. This has become more evident as I remembered that the other party is a person who has been training as a warrior for god knows how long.

“Wow, even though you look so strong back there, when you’re not using your magic sword arts, in the end, you’re still an elf.”

Mary smiles as she sensed the difference in our physical strength.

Then, the courageous beauty comes closer, and ──,


snatches a kiss on my lips.

“Nmm, chuu……uuu.”

“Mmmh, fua……Lian’s lips, chuu, mmm……very sweet……nmmm.”

Contrary to her fierce momentum, her kisses turn awkward as seconds go by.

Gradually, Mary’s face in front of me turns bright red.

Was it because of alcohol, embarrassment or excitement?

Despite her undeniable flushed face, Mary continues to devour my now agape orifice.

Her slippery tongue then enters my mouth and entwines itself with my own tongue.

“Ahnmm, mmmu……chuu, leroo……”

Mary’s deep kisses were full of passion. It was so much that it felt like my whole body was going to melt.

Yet Mary continues to hold me down as she ran her deep kisses on me.

I am a man, yet I’m the one being assaulted by Mary, a woman, with force.

But as atrocious this situation may be, this only further provoked my arousal.

My erected rod pushes itself up on the crotch of my pants, and pokes at Mary’s waist.


Mary raises her upper body in surprise.

“Lian, this is ──.”

“Well, I was kissed out of the blue, so……”

I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment as she made a stare at my lower body, to my crotch that has already made a splendid tent. This chapter is translated by neorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations.

“Oh, what’s this? You got excited while kissing me? Fufufu. Even though you have a pretty face like a girl, in the end, Lian is still a man.”

For some reason, Mary’s expression became happier.

“W-well then, let me calm you down.”


“W-why the surprise? Just think of it as my gratitude for saving our lives the other day and to congratulate you on becoming an adventurer. Now this is over with, Ei~! ”

As soon as she said it, with quite a momentum, Mary forcefully pulled my pants down.


I could only stare dumbstruck as I got overwhelmed my party member’s aggressiveness.

I wonder if this is what they call a carnivorous girl?

“Wow, so this is Lian’s──”

My manhood was laid bare, already towering with excitement.

And to that majestic specimen, Mary poured a hot gaze as if she wants to burn it with her stare.

Shame and excitement surged and mixed together inside me.

Such high intensity of emotions transformed in to a hot blood tide and flowed into my lower half, which made my cock even hotter and harder.

“Ah, it has gotten big again……fufufu……Let me make you feel comfortable with my mouth, Lian.”

As soon as she said it, Mary crawled over and buried her face in my crotch.

“Nguu, muuu…….nmmmmm”

Despite having gone fully erect, my throbbing flesh rod was swallowed without any gaps in her warm mouth.

And after stuffing her mouth in full, she started sucking on my raging member inside.

Jupooh, jupoh, she rubs my penis with her mouth’s insides, spitting out saliva in between the gaps.

Then, she twits my member with her flexible tongue.

“Kuuh, uuuugh……uahh…feels good……”

I couldn’t help but let out reflexive moans.

The comfortable warmth of her mouth, as well as the soft tongue wrapping around the curvature of my tip.

Combined, they sent an electric current of pleasure from my meat pole down to my tailbone.

Mary continued to suck my cock with a single-minded focus.

Through the thin negligee, I took a glance at the lush mounds of hers underneath, bobbing and jiggling about as she moves. Subscribe to my WordPress to receive the latest updates and chapters.

“Ah, are you……curious about this?”

Mary smiles teasingly as she raised her upper body.

Then, she lifts her chest with the palms of her hands.



I swallowed my raw spit.

“Then, do you want me to do it with my breasts?”

With a deepening devilish smile, Mary takes off her negligee in the most alluring way I ever seen.

She also takes off her panties, revealing to me the similar state in which she was born.

As she has trains herself regularly as a warrior, her body is supple to all intents and purposes.

However, I couldn’t find a single bit of muscularity in any part of them.

Yes, she’s toned, but her shoulders, chest, belly, hips and buttocks ── every part of her body draws a mellow curve, giving her a more seductive vibe instead.

“Y-you don’t have to stare at it that much. Geez.”

Even with her confident attitude a while ago, it seems that she still finds it embarrassing to be seen all nude. As proof, her beautiful and courageous face is already dyed in vermillion.

“Nnn, kuh.”

Mary then stoops down, and with her breasts still in her hands, she sandwiches my meat rod from the left and right.

“Uwaa, s-so soft……”


The suppleness of her smooth and milky skin was instantly transmitted throughout my penis.

So, this is what a tit-job feels like? It’s the first time I had someone do this to me.

It was as if the soft pressure of her breasts is seeping into my dick……

Not only that, the sight of her breasts made my excitement flare up as well. Her tits, which were almost as big as melons, changing into nasty shapes as they wrap around my cock, and the way they shake dynamically……

……if I didn’t get excited with that, I would start doubting if I was properly reincarnated as a man.

Nchaa, nchuu, guniguni!

A large amount of precum leaks out of my tip, lubricating the valley of Rosemary’s already wet and glistening breasts as it got sandwiched in between.

The soft sensation becomes a wet and slippery one, and because it made the movements more intense, they sent electrifying sensations from my penis to my tailbone more than ever before.

“Hnnnnn, Lian’s penis, so hot and hard……and it’s really, really sturdy.”

Mary lets out a feverish sigh at the grandeur of my symbolic organ, which has now become swollen to its maximum extent.

She then accelerates her movements, making her rich milk hills bounce as they went.

“Hnnn, uuugh.”

Because the rampant motions caused the entirety of my rod to be filled with an itchy pleasure, my feelings of wanting to ejaculate increased all at once.

“N-no good, I’m already……”

My penis, after being violated almost one-sidedly from being wrapped with her springy double milk tanks, started to convulse strongly.

Soon, I reached my first ejaculation with Rosemary.

Dokudokudoku, dobyuuuuuuuuuu!!

A nerve-numbing sensation ran from my pelvic region to my lumbar region, then to my spine, before reaching the brain in the end, painting my thoughts with nothing but nothingness and pure white.

“Kyaaann!? So much of it came out……”

But it’s not only my head which was tainted by the absence of thoughts and color.

Mary was flabbergasted by the huge amount I ejaculated that almost sprayed to her like a shower.

It splashed on almost the entirety of her ample cleavage, turning it into a cloudy white color. However, it didn’t stop there.

Semen continued spurting non-stop. It got sprayed to her cheeks, the tip of her nose, even her pale pink lips. Some of it even reached her beautiful red hair.

It was the first time in my life that I had ever been tit-fucked, hence me being in a state of vigorous release.

I could only stare languidly on the deed that I have done.

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One thought on “Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 6

  1. As a self identified mid tier, advanced tier if I may be a little cocky, pervert I must say I’m finding it a tad difficult to get aroused by this. What fun is there in a powerful guy with some sexual experience getting toyed with by a meat head virgin girl with delusions of grandeur? And she keeps going “fufu” like a broken record is she dumb or the author just lazy? Both, most likely. Why is she acting like an onee-san character when her setting is an unreliable shameless warrior girl who doesn’t act feminine? And she keeps drawing attention to the fact he has a pretty face and is an elf. Granted, that’s all she knows about him so I guess there is little she can say with her tiny brain and limited vocabulary. Not like it’s stopping her from fucking him though. Where’s the usual cute gap in character her type usually has during sex scenes? You know, loud boisterous man woman acting all cute like a maiden when in the arms of a man. That kinda shit. Not this awkward crap. The MC needs more confidence! How can he keep his women in line if he lets them toy with him? I can only hope he gets better.


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