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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – S-Class Adventurer

“What is this fuss all about?”

A tall and slender girl stood and said out loud across us.

From our distance, she’s about ten meters away, but I could see how tall she is even from here.

As an elf of this world, I think I’m about 150cm tall (approx. 5 ft only?!), but she’s probably over 170cm tall(Around 5’7”).

She’s fully equipped in knight’s armor, even to her arms and legs, but her tallness just adds more to her dignified figure.

And what’s even more gallant is her well-defined face.

Long purplish colored hair in the so-called princess cut.

Bright light blue eyes.

The neutral beauty is probably in her late teens – about the same age as Mary.

“Hey, isn’t that Claudia?”

“Yeah, no doubt about it. It’s Claudia Wellstein ──the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades), ranked third in the S-Class.”

“Why is an S-Class Adventurer here?”

The buzz around us went in an all-time high.

“Is she a celebrity? That gal.”

“H-hey, that’s just rude! She is one of the S-Class, the best of best of all the adventurers! Her rank is every adventurer’s dream!”

Mary almost screamed as she puts her face close to mine.

I was surprised by the close proximity, which would surely end up with a kiss if we’re just a few inches closer.

“I mean, Miss Claudia is the strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest, strongest, cutest──”

I know she’s praising her in a big way. I hope you could maybe…… try to enhance your vocabulary a bit more? Aside from calling someone strongest and cutest over and over.

“Anyway, she’s an awesome adventurer! She’s my goal and my dream!”

Spoke the enthusiastic Mary.

“I heard from an acquaintance that someone took the challenge to take out an A-Rank Dragon species and successfully subdued them.”

The woman ── Claudia, turned her head to me.

The way she did it is cool, but the glint in her eyes is sharp.

“I also heard that there is something suspicious about the way they subdued it. It piqued my interest, so I came over. And when I went to the receptionist, I heard that you guys defeated the A-class dragon species?”


That salty adventurer guy really knows how to talk, isn’t he?

“That’s right! There’s no way a C-Class adventurer could defeat an A-Class Dragon and come out unscathed!”

“Or perhaps the dragon was actually defeated by other adventurers of a higher rank, then these guys tricked them and stole the credit!”

“Yeah, I hear those kinds of stories sometimes.”

Whether it was a group psychology or whatnot, these people’s stories are turning more and more into groundless slanders.

“Can you stop?”


But as soon as Claudia spoke to them in a soft tone, the buzzing ceased abruptly.

The scenery was so silent you could hear the sound of water dripping. This chapter is made by rocheneorecormon.

“So, I guess this means that you’ve slain the dragon, am I right?”

Claudia turns to us.

“Yes. To be precise, Sir Lian here alone……”

“Lian? That’s a name I haven’t heard about.”

At Mina’s reply, Claudia raised her eyebrows.

 “If you’re good enough to defeat a Class A dragon species by itself, you should already have a high standing in the guild.”

“I just registered as an adventurer today.”

“Hmm…a strong person, yet he’s still not known? Have you really defeated the A-class dragon species, or is it just a sham? Let me put you to the test, boy.”

The figure of Claudia, who casually told me that she was interested in the matter – suddenly disappeared.


When I let out a cry of surprise, the next moment, her figure suddenly appeared in front of me.

No way, she was about ten meters away from me, you know?

It’s like an instantaneous movement.

Don’t tell me, this girl is also a magic swordsman?

Edge Two(Second Treasure Swords) ── Lightning(Inazuma)

With a murmur, two swords loomed before me.


Having no luxury of thinking anymore, I pulled out my sword before I knew it.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)

As if reacting to my defense instincts, an electronic echoing voice rang out from the small sword at my waist.

A hot, burning sensation ran through my extremities and throughout my body.

With my eyes on the two cutting edges looming in front of me, I––


With all my strengthened muscle power, I jumped back from the spot.

I opened our distance a few meters and faced her again.

I’m now looking at my opponent with full caution.

After all, Claudia is a monster that can close the distance of about ten meters in an instant.

I can’t afford to lose my eyes on her, even the slightest slack.

“……Hou? You avoided that one.”

Claudia still kept a cool expression on her face, but the edges of her mouth are now slightly lifted.

“T-that was close……”

That wasn’t very cool at all.

If I didn’t react sooner, I would have been cut down and killed.

“Hey! What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“I told you that I would test your strength.”

Claudia, holding a sword in each hand, told me nonchalantly.

“She also uses Physical Reinforcement……”

“I’m afraid not, Master Lian.”

As I shuddered at what just happened, Milfa spoke to me.

“I couldn’t detect any magic activation. Which means her movements just now are purely physical, not magic-enhanced swordplay.”

In other words, you can go that fast with just the power of your body alone?

Purely physical ability, embodying a speed as fast as my physical enhancement – one hell of a girl, she is.

“J-just now, did you see that?”

Around us, the adventurers were buzzing in a stunned state.

“I didn’t see any S-class movement or attack at all.”

“And he dodged it……”

“O-or maybe, Claudia wasn’t serious at that time?”

“So you are saying you can also dodge that not-so-serious blow of hers that you just saw?”

“Well, that’s……”

“That guy, is he really C-Rank?”

The atmosphere has changed from slander to astonishment.

Well, I’m not a C-Rank, though. I’m the lowest of the E-Rank.

Amid the tumultuous atmosphere, Claudia leisurely walked up to me.

“I think I’ll be having fun with you for a little bit──I’ll go with three this time, boy.”

Her figure disappears again. Read and get the latest chapters only at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.


I focused all my attention and followed her movements with my eyes.

She’s faster than before……!

When I use Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration),  my reflexes and dynamic vision get boosted, not to mention my muscle strength.

Even my eyes go fast enough to see afterimages.

Edge Three(Third Pearl Sword) ──Tempest(Boufuu).”

She brought out a total of three swords.

The three blades attacked me from different angles.

How is she controlling them with just two arms? Yet, I don’t have the time to observe how she’s doing it.

I quickly leaped to my feet, and then,

Limit Break(Slash Release)──Aeroslash(Violent Gale Cut)!

My short blade got wrapped in wind magic, then pushed the three swords back together in a wave.

“A combination of magic and swordsmanship, I see──or should I call it a fusion?”

Claudia murmured as she jumped back.

She held two swords together in her right hand, and one in her left, in which she lowered afterward.

“Then let’s add some more.”

As she announced absent-mindedly, Claudia swung her swords again.

Add some more!? Don’t tell me──?!


Just as I shuddered another, the number of swords she wielded increased from three to four, then five.

Her movements were so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to know how she is controlling several of them.

What I could only tell were the flashes of blades filling my field of vision, countless of super-speed slashes that were difficult to see even from my accelerated state.

I used my enhanced reflexes at full strength to block or flick them away with my wind and flame-covered short sword.

“Hmm, I can see that you are not a novice swordsman. Excellent, boy.”

Claudia praises.

“This time, I’ll show you seven – my greatest sword technique.”


My throat rumbled naturally.

I mean, it is evident from the name, right?

Her second title……The Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades) indicates.

If it’s what I’m expecting, then her seven blades will attack at the same time──.

With a shiver, I re-holstered my sword.

This girl is much more of a monster than the A-class dragon species.

A tepid sweat trickled down my cheek.

Should I give up? I asked myself.

No, I have to do it.


If I don’t, then I’m done for.

“Good stare. I like those eyes, boy.”

Claudia smiles happily.

Like a smile of an innocent child.

I, Claudia Wellstein, bet on my pride as the third rank of the S-Class, that I will defeat you here and now. Here I come ──!”

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