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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Adventurer’s Guild

As soon as we entered the commercial city of Regillus, we immediately headed for the Adventurer’s Guild Branch, located all the way to the center of the town.

“So this is what a guild looks like.”

I was expecting a smaller building, but it was much bigger than I expected.

It’s a magnificent structure, and was almost like the size of a little palace.

Near the entrance, there were a number of people dressed just like in RPGs: warriors, knights, mages, and priests and priestesses, coming in and going out of the building.

Just like the games I had in my previous life.

“Come on, let’s go~!”

Prompted by Rosemary, we went further inside the building.

There was some kind of reception area right after we passed the entrance.

It was reminiscent of a city hall or a bank, with five spaces separated by dividers and a receptionist sitting in each one.


“Oh my. Welcome back, Miss Rosemary, Miss Ingrid, and Miss Mina.”

One of the receptionists looked at us and smiled.

She was a plain, serious-looking woman in glasses, with dark brown hair in a pigtail.

And she’s probably in her mid-twenties.

“We’re back, Miss Paula.” This chapter is translated by neorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

Mina returns it with a greeting.

And she – Paula’s gaze shifted to me.

“Eh, no way!? What a beautiful boy──”

She immediately turns bright red on her face, with the momentum as if she’s about to spout fire.

As expected of an elf’s extremely handsome face. Its destructive power against women is outstanding.

“Uhm……excuse me.”

“Ahaha, well, Lian is certainly a beautiful boy. The first time I saw him, I was also blown away, so I know how you feel.”

“No, no, no. What are you talking about, Miss Mary?”

“Ah, that’s right. Paula is not accustomed to these kinds of stories. Sorry about that.”

Mary chuckles at the seemingly innocent receptionist, who’s face is still beet red.

“Well, then. Let’s get to the main point. The quest we accepted three days ago; we have managed to clear it.”

“Wow. So you have successfully beaten an A-Class dragon.”

Paula widened her eyes in amazement.

“I was really worried when I heard that the other adventurers came beaten one after the other.”

“Well, if it’s on us, whether it’s A-Class or S-Class menace, it doesn’t matter!”

“To be honest, we would be goners now, too, if it weren’t for Sir Lian saving us and defeating the dragon singlehandedly.” As countermeasure to unauthorized aggregate sites, some parts of this novel have been cut . Only read at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

“Ahaha……well, you see, that’s true.”

To Mina’s confession, Mary gave a wry smile.

“……I don’t really trust those I’ve recently met, but I admit his magic sword arts are excellent.”

Only Ingrid is looking at me with strangely cold eyes.

I wonder why……I have a feeling that she doesn’t like me ever since the first time we met.

“Magic Sword Arts, you say? Even though he looks so……slender?”

Paula’s eyes widened even more.

Certainly, I don’t have the physique of a swordsman, nor a physically fit person to be exact, so it’s no wonder she’s surprised.

“Ah, I’m sorry. That was rude of me.”

She apologizes in a hurry.

She looks plain, but if you look closely, Paula is pretty cute as well.

It feels like she’s a raw gem that shines bright when polished.

I wonder if it’s my trait of [Maximum Luck with Women] that it has been easy for me to meet attractive women like her.

“No, no. I’m actually slender, so there’s no need to apologize.”

As I said that, I gave her a refreshing smile.

Immediately, her face lights up, just like before.

Yes, the pretty boy smile is still very effective.

Also, maybe it’s because of my experience with two women that I can speak more confidently with the opposite sex now.

I never even had a relationship with a girl in my previous life, but I guess things can change now that I’m in another world.

Honestly, I’m very impressed with the improvements myself.

“Then, can you settle our request right away? Oh, but before that, I want you to register Lian as an adventurer first.”

Mary cuts in between us.

Ooh, so I am finally going to become an adventurer?

“I understand. Then please fill out the guild membership application. Adventurers are divided from the highest level (S) to the lowest level (E), but you will start at the E class’s lowest rank when you join. There are currently 50321 adventurers in E class, so if Mr. Lian joins, he will be ranked 50322 in E class.”

“Lowest ranking!?”


“It’s stated on the rules……I apologize for that.”

Paula immediately bowed to me, who cried out loud.

“Ah, no. I’m not really complaining. Sorry about that as well.”

I covered it in a hurry.

“Still……to think there are so many adventurers before me……”

“We have about 100,000 members.  About half of them are in E-class, though.”

Paula explains.

“This rank will move up and down as you complete requests and accumulate achievements. The ranks are updated every week and posted on the information board of each guild, so please look there.”

“Achievements……Oh, does that include the achievement of me defeating an A-class dragon?”

“I’m very sorry, but only the things that happened after you joined the guild will be counted as achievements.”

“Is that so……what a waste.”

Well, as long as I kill a bunch of monsters like that, my rank will go up.

I decided to take it easy.

I filled out the application form handed to me, and after about ten minutes, I was accepted into the Adventurer’s Guild.

I was thankful for the speedy process.

I am now an adventurer of this world.

“Then, the next will be handing over the rewards……this is the materials of the dragon, is it? The fangs and scales.”

Paula shifted in a working tone as she lifted the frame of her glasses with a glint.

“It’s in good condition and will certainly fetch for an excellent price. How about this?”

She writes the purchasing price on a piece of parchment and shows it to us.


It was Ingrid who immediately spoke.

“We are already taking a big splurge with this, you know?”

“The price is in line with the market. But this time, the material is much less scratchy and of higher quality. I ask for a top-up.”

Ingrid leans forward on the counter as she made a strong speech.

“Hmmm……but any more than this is…….”

“This shouldn’t be the upper limit yet. The other day, saw the guild in Raschka City trading it for more money.”

“Er, If you say it that way……”

“Then I demand a reconsideration.”

“But our guild has been experiencing financial difficulties lately……”

“Life is hard, and so are we.”

Ingrid, with a glint in her eye, approaches Paula.

I didn’t know this girl was such a character.

I was half surprised, half stunned.

“These kinds of negotiations are Ingrid’s domain.”

Mina whispers to my ear.

“Yeah, yeah. Mina can’t jack up the price because she’s just too sympathetic. And I am……kinda rough at those things, so we got no other choice but to rely on her.”

From the other side, Mary also whispered.

──In the end, Ingrid was able to raise the amount more than what was initially offered after the negotiations.

I was asked again by Mina and the others to accept the remuneration all to myself, but I again insisted, and so each of us received a quarter of the amount as initially promised.

I’m still not sure of the value of this other world’s currency. But looking at the way Mina and the others reacted, it seems to be quite a lot of money.

“Well, it is quite an income. I’m satisfied.”

Even Ingrid, who’s always having a cold face, is overjoyed by it.

“Wow, she really did and made it.”

“That’s our Ingrid for ya! Makes me want to celebrate after this. Are you guys in?”

“Yes, I’m in!”


Mina immediately raises her hand to Mary’s suggestion. It’s kind of odd to see the meekest one to be the most enthusiastic, but this side of hers is cute too.

“Though I also agree with your proposal, I don’t really mind without this guy.”

Ingrid, on the other hand, has a somewhat reluctant tone with this.

Does she hate me that much?

I’m supposed to have maximum luck with women. But……

Or was I?

After completing all the procedures, it was already lunchtime.

“There’s a cafeteria in the courtyard here. Let’s go over there. Sir Lian as well.”

“I heard they cook monsters that adventurers just recently killed. So, it’s guaranteed fresh and delicious.”

Spoke Mina and Mary to the hall

“You mean monster food?” As countermeasure to unauthorized aggregate sites, some parts of this novel have been cut . Only read at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

Pretty ghetto if you ask me. Well, this is the otherworld, so it might be the norm.

Soon as I stepped out into the courtyard, I was received by a crowd of adventurers.

Up close, there were a lot of tough guys with an air of ruggedness staring at us.

“Hey, is it them? Saying they defeated an A-Class Dragon species ──”

They were chatting with each other, then they turned around to look at us in unison.

“Yeah, I heard that in the reception area earlier. Surely, there should have been some B-Class parties dispatched before them, right?”

“Not only B-Class, the other day they had a couple of guys in the A’s 200’s trying to beat it.”

“You’re kidding me, right? Then how could a C-Class──”

The courtyard was immediately enveloped in a buzz.

The gaze directed at us is surprise and awe.

And also ──Jealousy.

For those of us who have succeeded in defeating the A-class dragon species, which they were unable to do.

“…… Isn’t that bogus?”

A voice came from somewhere.

“It’s impossible to beat a dragon with a C-class party like that. What kind of underhanded means did you use?”

“They might have fabricated some kind of exploit to raise their rankings.”

The buzz gets louder.

And their speeches quickly took a seditious turn.

“W-we’re not cheating!”

Mina raises her voice.

“Sir Lian here has defeated an A-class dragon species. If you disgrace his name……I won’t forgive you!”

Although she looks the frailest, the way she tried to defend me right away really touched my heart.

“You wouldn’t call someone a phony without evidence, would you?”

“Defamation is unacceptable.”

“Ugh, shut up! Now you guys are sure to get a single-digit C-Class in the next ranking announcement.”

“No, they could be a B-Class, even.”

“You’re kidding me, right? I had to work hard for over a decade to get to B Class, yet these little girls ──”

Uwaaa. That’s a lot of salt coming up.

But the air around me is becoming more and more disturbing.

Like everything is about to explode at any moment.

While these guys look like they’re experts of roughhousing, they’re far more convincing than Mina and her party, composed of dainty little girls.

If it comes down to it, I have to protect the three of them.

I reached for the hilt of my sword, Milfa, that hung on my waist.

But as I was about to draw it──.

“What are you guys fussing about?”

──it was then when a cool girl’s voice echoed in the courtyard.

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