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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Departure

Side:           Rosemary Grande

Rosemary squinted her eyes as she blocks the sun’s rays coming through the trees.

“That’s about as good as what we can get, huh…”

In front of her are huge fangs and claws, and countless green scales stocked in an amazing pile.

The dismantling of the windy dragon that Lian defeated yesterday is almost done.

The reason they were doing this is because the so-called “materials” – the body parts of the dragon, can be bought for a high price if they were to take them to the guild.

The horns and claws of a strong dragon can be used for making weapons, and the scales can be used in making armor.


Especially if the dragon breed is A-class or higher, it would be a significant income for Mary and her party.

“Good Morning, Mary.”

“Is that all from the dragon from yesterday?”

Mina and Lian questioned languidly, as they have just woken up.

Ingrid, who’s weak during mornings, is probably still sleeping.

“Good morning, you two…”

As she was about to say something, Mary noticed something odd between the two.

“…? Is there something wrong?”

The elven boy cast a dubious look with his neat and handsome face.

(The atmosphere of these two……something happened between them yesterday.)

 Woman’s intuition struck a chord inside Mary.

The air flowing between Lian and Mina.

Their sense of distance.

Every time their gazes meet, Meena’s face looks up, and she lets out a wistful sigh.

She’s been in a party with her for two years now, but she has never seen her make this kind of face before.

Mary was sure ── that while she and Ingrid were sleeping, something had happened between Mina and Lian.

As she thought about it, she felt a rush of heat inside her body.

The lower part of her tingles.

“……No, it’s nothing.”

However, even as she shook her head, she couldn’t help but lock her eyes at Lian.

(His face is definitely perfect, no complaints about it. It’s just how he turns red just by holding my hand, it was pretty unexpected……I expect him to be some sort of womanizer with that face, but it seems that he’s not used to women at all. Well, that gap adds more to his cuteness, in a way. Fufufu.)

Rosemary then realized that she was smiling unconsciously.

But she knew, it was not just Mina who’s attracted to that man.

(Also, it wasn’t just his good looks. To be able to defeat a dragon with a single blow ──)

Rosemary remembers. This chapter translation is made possible by neorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

The Magic Sword Technique that Lian unleashed, and the scene of the A-class dragon species, which even Mary’s best techniques could not hurt, being cut in a single blow……

At that moment, the man’s good looks, the man’s power ──.

Rosemary couldn’t help but become attracted to him.

(Maybe even as strong as that girl, or even stronger……)

…… When Mary was young, her village was attacked by a monster.

The adventurer, who was hired to protect the village, unexpectedly became the first one to flee, fearing for his own life.

The despair of being abandoned and disgust for those who abandoned them.

Mary was that young, but she was made to experience the harshness of life.

And then, when she was about to be eaten by the demons, she was saved by a girl of her own age.

Also known as the Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades), she was only ten years old at that time, but she’s already an A-Class adventurer.

Quickly appearing with the Seven Sacred Blades she wielded, the swarm of demons was cleared away in a flash.

She longed for her.



Since then, Mary has been chasing after her strength.

She became an adventurer because she believed that she could gain the best real-world experience by completing numerous quests.

And now – she has met it.

A beautiful elf, like the adventurer of that time, who also manifested such “peerless strength.”

“Sir Lian, would you like to stay with us?”

It was just a simple proposal.

But suddenly, I felt an indescribable sense of embarrassment, an itchy feeling being sent deep into my chest and down into my spine.

At the same time, I also felt satisfaction and pride as a man, knowing that I had sex with such a cute girl last night.

In my previous life in Japan, is this what they call kou-un 幸運(Good Fortune)? ──More like onna-un 女運(Luck with Women)  though.

“We will go to the Adventurer’s Guild after this. Sir Lian, too, for you to receive the reward. After all, it was you who slew the dragon, not us.”


“Yes, reward for the dragon-slaying quest. And if you take the dragon’s materials to the guild, they can exchange them for cash, and oh boy, this is a lot of money, I tell ya. Hehehe.”

Mary chuckled beside us.

“Beyond this path is the commercial city of Regillus. There is a guild branch over there, and because it is inside a commercial city, you can exchange the materials with money right away.”

Ingrid supplements.

“In other words, I get paid, huh……”

Come to think of it, I’m penniless in this world.


Even if I have the most powerful magic swordsmanship in the world, it’s not gonna feed my stomach alone.

I need something that precedes it, and for that, money is necessary.

“Alright. Take me along. To this Adventurer’s Guild you are saying.”

“Then, that means you’ll be joining our party?”

Mina grabs the sleeve of my clothes. I gave her a nod.

“So we won’t be separating here……thank goodness.”

Her eyes, reminiscent of jasper, narrowed with joy.

──her destined partner, huh.

That’s what Mina had said as she gave her virginity to me.

Well, the deed has been done, and I’m not that douche to just leave her alone.

“Then, I’ll be intruding with your party again if you don’t mind.”

“Of course! You’re always welcome, Sir Lian!”

——Ah, Mina smiled. As expected, she’s really pretty.

I want to spend my time with her more.


We didn’t encounter any particular danger as we trudge along the pathway, so we were able to get out of the forest safely.

We continued as it is to Regillus City, where the so-called Adventurer’s Guild branch is located.

By the way, I activated Milfa and applied [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] as I went.

I’m not used to the body of an elf yet, so just walking normally like this is already quite tiring.

Well, once I get used to my new body, my fatigue should lessen a bit.

This is also to carry the dragon’s fangs and claws of the dragon that Mary has dismantled this early morning.

I heard that they will be worth a lot of money, so I took them with me.

Since I’m the one who defeated the dragon, Mina’s party planned to give me all the rewards for the materials at first, but I decided to split the money among the four of us.

I don’t know where to go for the procedure by myself, nor do I know where to take the materials and exchange them for money. Please support translator and read the latest updates by reading this novel at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

It was to express my gratitude for guiding me out.

“You’re a big help, Lian. Thanks for helping us carry it.”

Mary, who walks next to me, also has her hands full with a bunch of scales.

“We can’t carry much on our own.”

“Still, it’s strange. You’re an elf, but you have such physical strength.”

“It’s a kind of body strengthening magic. He also used something similar to slay the dragon.”

Mina asks, tilting her head cutely to the side, And Ingrid quickly replies to her question.

By the way, according to Milfa, it is not best to depend too much on [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] Skill, as it will take too much toll on the body later on.

Indeed, it’s a good power, but as the saying goes, too much of everything is poison to the body.

I’m very satisfied with the beautiful boy look, but when it comes to physical strength, I feel like I have failed.

“Speaking of which. Lian, what is your adventurer rank?”

Mary asks.

“You can defeat an A-class dragon species so easily, so definitely an S-Class.”

“There is no one named Lian among the S-class, though, at least from what I have heard. At least an A-Class or lower, perhaps?”

“No, I’m not an adventurer.”

When I said this, Mary looked surprised.

“You’re that good, yet you don’t belong to a guild? What a waste. You can make a lot of money with your skills.”

“Is that so?”

If you sound it like that, then I guess it’s not bad to start as an adventurer. I’m all out of money, after all.

I’m starting to get curious. For now, let’s ask about it more.

“I thought adventurers were all about being an all-around handyman. What kind of work do you usually do?”


“Hmmm, we’re mostly doing the combat side of things, like defeating demons and guarding dignitaries and such. Some of us specialize in research and investigations, others in dungeon exploration.  We also do tasks like transport of goods and supplies from time to time.”

Mary enumerates.

“And those jobs – or what we adventures call as “quests” – are arranged by the Adventurers’ Mutual Aid Association. The Adventurer’s Guild for short.”

“So adventurers get these jobs from the guild and make a living of it?”

Mary nods at my summary.

“And? What’s with the ranks?”

“Adventurers are rated according to the difficulty of the quests they complete. As for our ranks, we are all in the tenth to twenty-second tier of the “C” class.”

By the way, the highest rank is S-class, and there are only twenty-five of them in the world.

And I have also heard that the number of adventurers in the world only exceeded 100,000 people. Kinda low in terms of world scale, but this also makes them the elite of the elite.

“Someday, we’ll be S-Class adventurers. That’s the goal of us three.”

Mary speaks in a passionate tone.

“Well, it’s still a distant goal, though. Ehehe.”

“But we’ll get there eventually. We’re approximately half-way there.”

Meena smiles in embarrassment, but Ingrid supplements with her usual blank expression.

──The next day, we finally arrived at the commercial city of Regillus, where the so-called branch of the Adventurer’s Guild is located.

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