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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Entering the Devil’s Lair

It was late at night.

I was walking alone through the dark streets of the city.

My footsteps echoed in the quiet streets.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Master Lian?”

Milfa on my hip asked me.

“I can’t believe you are going in alone without telling anyone.”

“Honestly, I feel bad for Mina and the others.”

I answered with a big sigh.

I had recovered enough magic power from the harem sex earlier.

Thinking I would be okay with this, I sneaked out alone, trying not to wake up the girls who had fallen asleep and had gone weak from the intense intercourse.

“But even with your strength, taking this task alone is just ──”

Redone’s strength is exceptional.

I guessed from the fight with Felix and me that he probably has the same traits as me – having the “mastery of the strongest magic sword techniques” in our arsenal.

I just feel like I have to fight this alone. No. I have to do it alone.”

No matter how strong Mina and the others have become, the danger is still too great.

I don’t want them to die.

I couldn’t think of anything more superior than that desire.

“For that, you’ll have to keep me company, Milfa. Until the end.”

“Fufu, as my Lord wishes.”

I arrived at the guild office, where I got on the dragon assigned to me and flew into the sky.

I just learned how to ride a dragon, but thankfully, I was able to manage all alone.

With the rising sun on my back, I flew all the way to Redone’s evil castle.

Only by myself, towards the final battle…

Side: Redone Irvine.

Outside the castle, countless magical beasts were roaring fiercely.

However, Redone just sat on his throne, as if not bothered by their screaming.

The legions of Sweepers he had unleashed across the land was almost completely annihilated.

Even the high ancient magic armaments that boasted combat capabilities that could put an ordinary adventurer to submission were apparently no match for the elf boy.

Besides that, he also found out that Teardrop had betrayed him.


For Redone, it was really unexpected that she, a machine, would choose another Lord on her own, but it didn’t matter to him.

If it can be used, he’ll use it. If it’s useless, he’ll throw it.

For him, there is no need to attach much importance to anything other than the craving for battle.

“Anyways, I already got what I came for.”

His mouth naturally curled up in a smile.

Yes, Redone’s goal is not to invade and destroy.

The Sweepers were just bait to flush out the strong.

And right now, at this moment, Redone had sensed that one of these strong ones – which possessed tremendous magic power – was approaching his castle.

It was a presence familiar to him.

It belonged to Lian Tiarade, whom he had fought once before.

“You’re planning to hit me before I recover? I’m definitely worn out, but not to the point where I can’t fight.”

Redone giggled at his opponent’s tactics.

He used a lot of magic power in the fierce battle with Felix.

However, most of the lost magic power had already been replenished by violating all the women he had held captive here.

With this, it can be said that he is now at full throttle in his state.

“You are all in the way. Go and hide somewhere while I confront him.”

He told his women brusquely.

In this audience room, dozens of women are kneeling and lying before Redone, completely naked and dripping fluids in their pussies.

They were daughters of royalty and nobility from the countries he had destroyed or subjugated, townspeople, and even street prostitutes – women from all walks of life.

The only thing they have in common is their exceptional good looks and the fact that every single one of them is a prisoner to his lust, thanks to Redone’s training.

“No way, Master Redone!?”

“Are you abandoning us!?”

A shocked voice rises from the girls.

“Nope. There’s just a fun game coming up. I want to go out there and play it.” Redone snickered like a spoiled child. Th is cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de possible by stab bin g with a syrin ge transl ations. chec k up- to- date tra nslati ons on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

“And you guys are just a sideshow. I’ve had my fill of lust, so you can go now.”

His eyes were no longer on the women but only on the elf who would soon be here.

“No, please, Master Redone. Please let us be on your side.”

“Master Redone, I’d like to serve you too.”

The women pleaded one after another.

“I told you to stay out of my way.”

But Redone’s reply was cold.

“If you dare interfere with my fight, I will cut you down right here. Now, get lost.”

He glared at them.

The girls all shuddered as if they had sensed his killing intent.

“Master Redone……”

Redone snorted once more, taking one last look at the women who were leaving. They were also gazing at him with an air of regret.

“Now, now. Hurry up.”

His excitement for battle has gone up now. It was already at the level that even mingling with the countless beautiful women was not an option for him anymore.



And lastly, arousal.

“At last, the one I have been looking for, it has finally come.”

Redone looked in the direction of his upcoming partner, who would soon let him use his power up to his fullest.


The Kingdom of Orchis.

It is an ancient kingdom in the northwest of the Aisha Continent.

It is said that the king recently died of illness, and the queen is now in charge of the country – but the reality of it is different.

Tia had told me that the king had been killed by Redone, and the queen had been beguiled and imprisoned by him.


In other words, the man who now controls this country is Redone.

And he has gathered many beautiful women in the royal castle and indulges in this pleasure all night long.

The country is said to be overrun with the demons summoned by him, devouring all its inhabitants.

However, this information is not leaked to other countries.

It is said that his summons are still lurking around the country, killing scouts and others from other countries as soon as they are found.

I let the dragon descend in front of an ancient castle on the edge of a moat.

From there, it came on foot.

When I came to the castle gate, countless magical beasts stirred up a commotion.


It seems they were acting as gatekeepers, so they all let out a yell when they saw me. If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this me ssa ge, you are re adin g from an una uthoriz ed ag regat e sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to sup port me and my tr ansl ation s.

“Let’s do this, Milfa.”

“Whenever you need, Master Lian.”

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III.”

A blazing power erupted from my entire body.

This time, it’s different.

Unlike before, the intense pain running through my body is now gone.

I’ve got my power under complete control.

That, I could feel it.

Perhaps by putting the part of myself that I had cut off back inside me again, my power has been completed. Because of this, all the extra wear and tear and heaviness were already gone.

“Let’s go!” I announced, kicked the ground, and sprinted.

I was so fast the magical beasts seemed to have stayed still.

I ran through them and swung at them with my sword.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

A slash filled with magical power cleared away the swarm of demonic beasts.

Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution)!”

A crimson ball of light shot from the tip of my sword blasted away another swarm.

Bloody Fang(Sky Dragon Fang)!”

A flaming slash in the shape of a dragon annihilated another group of demonic beasts.

With each swing, I cut the demon beasts in two and defeated them.

On the other hand, their attacks can’t even graze me as I moved at super speed.

It’s not even a battle, but a very one-sided offensive.

More like pest extermination.

I made my way straight through the castle, slaughtering all that hinders me out of my way.

Without much effort, I reached the inner courts.


I opened the majestic door at the end and entered what seems to be an audience hall.

There was a throne at the end of the red carpet that stretched straight out from the entrance.

A dark elf boy was sitting comfortably on it.


I gulped.

My throat naturally rumbled.

The air was around him is clearly different from the surrounding area.

I even had the illusion that the temperature had dropped.

This strong, deadly aura blasted at me who was ahead.

My whole body naturally went into a state of maximum alertness.

Don’t let your guard down, not even for a moment.

As if it was telling me itself.

If you show the slightest sign of an opening, you will be killed.

This is how tremendous the amount of pressure was being placed on me.

“Welcome, Mr. Lian.”

Redone on the throne greeted me.

Suddenly, I noticed that there was a pungent smell of sex in the air.

But there was no woman in sight.

“Oh, you can smell it in here too, can’t you? Sorry about that. I’ve always had sex with dozens or hundreds of women in this audience room. But I got rid of all of them because they will be in the way.”

Redone rises from his throne.

“After all, I won’t be needing them anymore for my party with you.”

A tremendous amount of magic power gushed out from his entire body.

Apparently, he has already recovered his depleted magic power.

Well, it’s not like I had such naive expectations from the start anyway.

Even if Redone is at 100 percent, I’ll just beat his 100 percent head-on.

“I’m not trying to entertain you. Nor I will be. Ever.”

I dashed straight ahead.

I drew the golden sword, Milfarazé, from my waist.

“Your fun time is over, Redone.”

“Nope, it’s not yet over.”

Redone also drew his jet-black sword.

“For his world will be my playground. Forever.”

It was the signal that the fight between the elves has already begun.

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