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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Harem Sex before the Final Battle, Part 3 ※

After indulging myself in such grand foreplay, it was finally time I get down to business.

Six women, all beautiful in their own leagues, some are lying naked, some on all fours, while some were leaning on me……

I was so excited by this scene which could already be called a man’s dream that the blood in my body almost boiled.

“I’m going to satisfy all of you now.”

After announcing that I was gonna do it, I started by putting myself on Mina in the standard missionary.

I decided to penetrate them in the order in which I had done it with them since arriving in this world.

“Why is Mina first……?”

“Uuu, unfair…”

Mary and Ingrid gave us a look that was a mixture of frustration and envy.

Of course, the other women too, and they’re looking at us with the same fiery gazes.

“Don’t worry. You’ll all have a turn, okay?”

I smiled at the remaining five.

Then, I approached and opened Mina’s slender legs into an M-shape.

At the base of her milk-colored thighs, I could see a secret garden giving off a mysterious scent.

I also noticed the faint opening and closing of her pussy, as if it’s inviting me in.

“Please come, Sir Lian. Put it all inside me.”


With the cuteness of Mina’s feverish pleading tone, my reasoning was instantly blown away.

I aimed the tense object on her hole and inserted it in with all my strength.

“Aaaaahhhhhnn! It’s inside……Sir Lian’s…it’s finally inside!!”

To this, Mina shouted with glee.

She was already wet down there, and I could hear the slippery walls of her insides squelching and squishing as they welcomed my rage.

I began by making a set of leisured pistons.

Thrusting to push the tight interior apart, I rubbed the vaginal walls with my overheating cauldron.

Slowly at first, then gradually increasing the pitch as I noticed that the membranes too were becoming on fire.

“Aaahh, aah, I can feel Sir Lian’s cock all the way to the back…!!”

Mina’s petite naked body trembled as she made those charming noises.

Her pretty face was flushed with excitement, and her innocent good looks was exuding bewitching pheromones so abundant it was negating her adorable vibe.

The lightly raised eyebrows, the panting that escaped her slightly opened lips, and her luscious breathing.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the sexy expressions she displayed that was far from her cute personality.

At the same time, I felt a strong desire to conquer her, to make her look even more erotic.

“In that case, let me make you feel even better.”

I whispered, then proceeded to suck on Mina’s lips.

“Chuu, mmm……Sir Lian, I like you…… chuu.”

Mina responded with a lot of passionate twirling.

Then, we sucked each other’s tongues, all while our hips wriggled as we got soaked up in the sensation.

Nevertheless, it was a deep, fiery kiss.

Changing the angle of my hips and the amount of force I applied, I rubbed every last bit of the urges I was holding inside Mina.

Unlike before, I now had a good idea of where I should go, to where she would feel the most from the many times we were able to have skin-to-skin contact.

“Mou, they’re in their own world now.”

“Honestly, I’m jealous.”

From here, Mary and Ingrid started to rub up against me from both sides.

“My bad, you two. Come over here.”

To appease their jealousy, I pulled my face away from Mina’s and kissed the two as passionately as I had kissed Mina’s lips.

I also gave their breasts a light squeeze.

“Fuaahhh……auuhh, nnn.”

The two let out pleasant gasps at the same time.

Their glimpse of jealousies quickly turned into looks of lust.

“I hope you didn’t forget about us.” Th is cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de possible by stab bin g with a syrin ge transl ations. chec k up- to- date tra nslati ons on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

“You have to do it with me too, Lian.”

From behind me, Claudia and Paula also leaned down and tickled the tip of my elf ears with their tongues.

Oooohh……that spot is……!!

A sweet and liberating sense of pleasure ran from my ears down to my whole body.

“Fufufu. Ahh, that look. It makes me want to serve you as well, master.”


Tia also reached out her soft hands and gently ran her fingertips over the area where Mina and I were mingling.

Having sex while surrounded by six people was really something amazing.

All of them were thinking about how to please me, and all of them wanted to have a go with me.

Moved by this feeling of a harem, I started having sex with them at random.

After I made Mina cum, I lined up Mary and Claudia on all fours and penetrated them one after the other.

Both of their tight pits writhed and throbbed as I plunged inside of them.

“Ahhh, auuhnn, doing this, together with Miss Claudia──”

“Auuu, mm, that’s it, it feels good, more……!!”

Mary is flushing all over, maybe because she was being banged with her idol, while Claudia is panting madly.

“Mr. Lian, I also……want to feel good more!”

After making them both cum in succession, Paula came on top of me.

I could feel her hot, moist breaths, which were very sexy.

The innocent receptionist is no longer there.

She is now a woman full of mature sex appeal who wanted me in both my body and soul.

“Then, Paula. Please get on top of me.” If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this me ssa ge, you are re adin g from an una uthoriz ed ag regat e sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to sup port me and my tr ansl ation s.

I requested to be mounted.

In which Paula straddled my waist with a seductive smile on her face.

As I joined her in the cowgirl position, I was treated to a view of the largest pair of breasts in the group from below.

The twenty-six-year-old’s vagina, which had been a virgin before she met me, was now quite adept in sex.

I thrust my hips up with all my might and gave her a series of strokes that seemed to reach her womb, and eventually, Paula slumped down with a faint cry of climax.

“Lian, I’m next.”

As if she had waited long enough, Ingrid immediately switched places with Paula.

“Yeah. Go on.”

I said, taking her petite naked body onto my lap and engaging her in a face-to-face sitting position.

She had a hostile attitude towards me which stemmed from Redone’s actions in the past.

The dark elf had destroyed her homeland, giving her an abhorrent memory that also caused her to have a distaste for elves. This discriminatory attitude, as a result, also affected me, who is also an elf.

But that’s not the case anymore.

As evidence, we are now locking our lips like two lovers, connecting ourselves deeply with each other’s genitals, and grinding our hips like mad against each other’s hips.

Sounds of water gurgling, sloshing, and squelching from our joint areas rang around without cease.

I rolled my hips to stimulate Ingrid’s vagina evenly, and soon she too reached ecstasy and reached her peak.

She laid her petite, naked body down, her strength relaxed.

“You all look great, everyone……and also full of bliss more than anything.”

Tia took a wistful breath and was the next to lean in.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, open your legs. I want to enjoy Tia’s body as well.”

I commanded her like a master.

“Certainly, my master.”

To this, Tia nodded happily and split her long legs open.

I leaned over her naked body, which was full of lust from the get go and inserted myself deeply into her in the missionary position.

“Haaa……it’s so big……and it’s forcing itself inside me again……auh.”

Perhaps it was because she had been watching the other five; Tia greeted me with a fierce and passionate throbbing with more than sufficient wetness.

It was as if it was flooding.

The insides of her vagina were also so hot that they almost burned me, and her folds were bewitchingly enchanting as if they were alluring me through my dick.

She welcomed me sincerely and with the same passion and lust as a human woman – no, it’s even more than that.

It was hard to believe that she was a created being – a magic armament aimed to destroy mankind.

──While I’m having sex with each of them, the other women aren’t just looking at me.

At first, they were quietly waiting for their turn.


About halfway through, however, they couldn’t wait any longer. They also started participating in the sex, rubbing their naked bodies against me or licking my ears and nipples while I was penetrating someone else.

Whenever I was sufficiently aroused, I pour my hot spurts deep into their vaginas with all my might.

I came one after another.

Mina, Mary, Ingrid, Claudia, Paula, Tia……

I repeatedly poured my semen all over the six, whether it’s creaming the insides of their vaginas, splashing it all over their faces and bodies, or even shooting it all over their mouths.

And I’ve lost count of how many times I did what to whom.

I’ve never released so much semen in my life.

And maybe I’ll never will.

With countless releases, the room was filled with the overly dense smell of our fluids.

They were the best.

They were all the best women.

And they were all important to me.

Of course, that also includes the women who are not here but who also have been involved in this journey of mine.

As well as all the people I’ve met.

So, I decided.

I will protect them all. This world with all that I have.

──With this, I’m on my own from here on out.

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