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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Harem Sex before the Final Battle, Part 2 ※

“Pchuu, kuchuum mchuuu……!”

With the obscene sound of saliva, the lips and tongues of the six women caressed my penis, nipples, and elf ears.

The pleasure brought by it was intense.

And it was creeping up on me like I had goosebumps all over my body.

Since my reincarnation, I’ve had sex with so many women. But this is the first time I’ve had so many at once.

And to be honest, I was expecting conflicts along the way, as unless practiced, things won’t ever go smoothly on women even if your purpose is saving the world.

But I guess this fantasy world is an exception.

Not only were they not quarreling on who’s supposed to do who, but the six were also making coordinated movements on me, even though it was only the first time they were doing this with the rest of the group.

Some just met for the first time, while some were even enemies before.

And now, they’re coordinating well in pleasing me with no discussions at all.

Is this the power of my trait as well?

Either way, this, combined with the sense of accomplishment of having basically a harem sevensome, I had a great time feeling the pleasure that was more than enough to numb my brain.

Two were coating my meat rod with their saliva and spoiling it with so much sweetness.

Another two were licking my chest and nipples, making them hard and perky.

The last two were caressing my elf ears, chewing and licking them sweetly.


Because of the stimulation from six different directions, my breathing was the first to run out.

My voice was also the second to leak out.


The pleasure they were giving me was so good I want to stay immersed in it forever.

However, I also want to want to fight back.

Because I want them to feel good as well.

Shaking off such sweet urges as a start, I reached for the breasts of Tia and Mary, who were licking my nipples from both sides.

I put all my strength in my hands and squeezed into their bountiful breasts.



When I rubbed the peak of their mounds, they both let out sweet moans, inspiring me to rub them with love to hear more of their honest responses.

Groping up, groping down, and squeezing them in between.

Then, using my pointer and thumb, I crushed the gradually hardening buds at both tips.


Tia and Mary gasped at the same time.

Their breasts went hot and flushed.

Then again, the textures of their tits were smooth and elastic from the start, but this difference only wanted me to mush them more.

“Lian, me too. Squeeze my tits too.”

“Mine as well……!”

This time it was Claudia and Ingrid. They both whispered to me while they busy attack my elf ears from each side.

Was it just me, or had they just developed a united front against Mina and Tia, who were much bigger than theirs?

Anyways, I squeezed and fondled their tits as well, making them perk up as I fondle them. Then, the two women who were licking my member as well; I made them stand up and cupped their breasts to complete the set.

At this point, I was attacking the breasts of each of the women at random.

I also didn’t miss touching their pussies as well.

“Ahiii, nnnn, fuaahhh”

So good, that feels so good!”

Each time I pinched a nipple or traced a flesh crack with my fingers, a girl’s cry of pleasure echoes in the air.

Wet, squelching sounds soon began to ring as if it’s a regular thing. Th is cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de possible by stab bin g with a syrin ge transl ations. chec k up- to- date tra nslati ons on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

For some reason, all of them were more excited than I thought they would be.

The evidence is that the air is now filled with a dense sexual odor. Or better yet, stronger evidence is the wet floor flooded with love nectar coming from each of their pussies.

This made the tenants more and more lustful, and in no time, the quiet room was soon filled with gasps, moans, and titillating screams.

After spending quite some time in this repeated exercise, we couldn’t take it anymore, and all finally climbed to bed.

“Lian~, not just our breasts. You have to take care of our pussies as well~.”

I stared again at the six women surrounding me.

All of them were kneeling in a row, looking at me with lewd anticipation in their eyes.

I first reached for Mina’s crotch, which was in front of me.

Tracing the hot, burning slit with my fingers, I lightly sank my fingertips at the priestess’ hole in the middle.

Then, I rubbed against the fresh juices oozing out from the deep side of her crack.

“Haaa, haaaa, it feels so good, Sir Liann…….”

Mina let out a sweet moan correspondingly.

Her rich mounds shook and quivered as well.

Her linings were already wet, and her insides’ quivering is strong.

I could feel all of this in my right hand – evidence that her orgasm is gaining new heights.

“Okay, Claudia too.”

This time, I reached my remaining hand to Claudia’s crotch.

Rubbing her crack in the same way, I gradually increased the stimulation until I was able to hear her moan loud.

“Uugh…..I, I can feel it too……nhhh…there……thereee……ahhh……aahhh.”

As a result, Claudia’s ‘always calm face’ broke off, and her slender body started to quiver.

A series of water-gushing sounds came next.

Feeling all these sensations on my left hand, I was able to deduce that it was almost equal with Mina’s orgasm.


Nevertheless, I had accomplished an incredible feat – orgasming two beautiful maidens gat the same time with only my fingers.

It was the best thing that had ever tickled my pride as a man.

I continued to stir their fleshpots with my left and right fingertips, spilling more and more droplets of love juices on the floor.

I also didn’t forget to their clits, lightly pinching, crushing it, and making the two blaze up their feelings up to the roof altogether.

“That looks so good, you two. Do that to me later too, okay? Mmchuu…”

“Master, I would like to have reservations as well……mlemm.” If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this me ssa ge, you are re adin g from an una uthoriz ed ag regat e sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to sup port me and my tr ansl ation s.

This time, it was Mary and Tia. They kissed my ears from both sides like Claudia and Ingrid did to me earlier. Then, they also proceeded to lick me with their tongues.


These two caressed my already sensitive ears differently, and I felt another sensation building up.

At this point, even I could tell. My face is on fire, and my crotch is already burning with lust.

“Haa, cumming……!”

Soon after, Mina and Claudia shouted in unison, reaching another orgasm together.

Then, both of them slumped down.

But just as I was thinking that Mary and Tia would be next,

“Mister Lian, me too. Please love my body with all you like!”

Paula approaches me with an unusual aggressiveness while looking embarrassed.

Then she pushes me down and straddles my face without any warning at all.


Paula lands with her secret place pressed against my mouth.

“I was really worried …… and lonely …… while Mr. Lian was away.”

The folds of Paula’s vagina intertwined with my tongue.

Compared to the other girls, Paula’s insides were surprisingly warm and supple – I knew this as my tongue quickly went in.

I also didn’t forget to slurp the sweet nectar that flowed into my mouth.

Then, I thrust my tongue deeper, prying open her narrow cavity.

“Aaah, Mister Liaaan’s tongue is……I can feel it……auuuu……!”

As a consequence, the weight on my face increased.


“Yes, lick me more……Mister Lian, lick me there moooree……hyaaaa, ahhhhnn!”

It’s pretty much that at this point, Paula is wiggling her hips as she saw fit on my face.

Every time I scraped her insides with my tongue, dense love juice flows out from deep inside.

While enjoying the taste of Paula’s fullness, I loosened the hot mucous membrane with my tongue.

Then, after the path has been made, I went straight with the tip and stimulated her on her G-spot.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhh. Auuuhh, hahuuuu, nnnn!”

With a high-pitched squeal, Paula quickly reached her climax.

Yet, I didn’t stop caressing her.

Nevertheless, Paula got ‘deflated’ and gets off my face, letting out long sighs as if she’s been relieved.

“I want you to do the same for me, Lian.”

This time, it was Ingrid who straddled my face as if they’re swapping places.

The quiet ones are now unusually aggressive ……first, Paula, then her.

I couldn’t help but wonder if having sex with a large group of people has made them even more daring.

“Alright, Ingrid. I’ll make you feel good as well. The rest of you go comfort yourselves. But make sure you get plenty wet after I’m done with her.”

I told the rest to finger themselves in the meantime while waiting for their turn.

“Eeeh, by ourselves……!?”

The girls looked surprised as if they’re about to complain, but they soon began to crawl their fingers into their secret places and started pleasing themselves.

From here, they went in different ways.

Because Mina was easily embarrassed, she had a slow start. Mary and Claudia, who were both on the daring side, immediately fingered themselves as if they’re in heated lust. As for the remaining Tia, she was deliberately facing me as if she’s showing off.

I looked at the beautiful women masturbating on all sides and engraved this picturesque scenery inside my head.


“Ingrid, come over here.”

I thrust my tongue into Ingrid’s precious place right after she had planted herself on my face.

My appendage quickly dove into this princess’s hot vaginal hole, making a turbid sound along the way.

That’s just how wet she is.

“Haaa, haaa. Aahhhhh……”

Ingrid’s bell-like voice, together with the gasps of Mina and the others masturbating around her.

These voices of pleasure filled the room, and the air became denser and denser the more they expressed to me their lust.

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