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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Harem Sex before the Final Battle, Part 1 ※

With Redone already gone and seeing the majority of the adventurers in such battered conditions, I got no other choice but to personally take care of the remaining sweepers in the different areas.

Since Claudia hasn’t recovered yet in her battle with Redone, we asked her to refrain from fighting. This is despite her insistence to come with us to help.

Because of this, her main role is now reduced to controlling the dragon – our only means of transportation as well as to guide us along the way.

This puts Tia and me in charge of the fighting.

Thanks to the trial that I went through and the true power I gained, large armies of sweepers are no longer my enemy.

Added to that, even with Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III, I can now move around without it doing much wear and tear, which greatly helped me by a lot.

Even though the sweepers are difficult enemies with increased adaptive abilities and super-fast regenerative powers, I was able to overpower them as my combat ability level is much higher than before.

I slashed, slashed, and slashed at them like I’m swatting small fries.

In addition to myself, the firepower Tia showed here is incredibly reliable.

She can unleash her immensely powerful attack magic over a wide area, and with it, she was able to sweep away the sweepers at a much faster rate than I am.

We didn’t have any struggles at all. It was almost like exterminating pests.

After going around and defeating the sweepers, we came back to Regulus City.

We landed the dragon on the outskirts of town.

Maybe because she’s tired of watching and doing nothing, Claudia volunteered to report to the guild. In the meantime, I went to find Mina and the other girls with Tia in tow.

“Sir Lian, welcome back!”

But before I could even search, Mina was already running toward me from the main street, as did Mary and Ingrid.

Thank the Goddess. It seems that everyone is safe.

“Sorry that it took so long. Are you girls okay?”

I asked the three, together with the situation of the town.

I received a report that they got into a fight with Mystique, one of the Nova Types. It is also reported that she was defeated with the three of them working together with the other adventurers.

To think that Mina, Mary, and Ingrid have already become this strong…

“So the only enemy left is Redone.”

I said to Mina and the others.

“And based on his injuries, it would take about two days for him to recover.”

This was Tia’s rough estimate.

“I think it is better if we hit him while he’s weak.”


“That’s no good, Master Lian. We should prioritize your recovery first.”

But Tia rejected my proposal.

“You may haven’t felt it much, but you have exhausted an incredible amount of your mana during the trials.”

“Yes, but……”

“Please wait a minute.”

This time, the one who interrupted us is Mina.

“I haven’t questioned it since you came together and so naturally at that, but aren’t you also one of the Nova Types!?”

Mina gave a big glare at Tia.

“Yet, for some reason, you’re getting all sticky and chummy with Sir Lian.”

“Areh? You think that’s sticky and chummy? I think ‘this’ is sticky and chummy.”

Tia said that and clung to my arm.

She even squeezed her ample breasts together as if she’s trying to show it off to Mina.

“……Sir Lian, what’s the meaning of this?”

She said it with her face twitching. Mina’s eyebrows were raised up, and there are even veins throbbing.

Despite her usual cuteness, I find it strangely intimidating seeing her with an expression like this.

“No, no, I mean, like I was saying, she’s already on our side…….”

“Please tell us the story. In full details.”

Mina’s face went closer and closer.

“I kinda like to hear it too.”

“Me too.”

Mary? Even Ingrid as well? Is Mina’s disease is getting contagious!

“Come on, Sir Lian.”

“Tell us.”


All three of them went closer and closer.


──In the end, I lost to their pressure and was forced to confess everything about my journey throughout the Twilight Labyrinth.

“Sigh. So, either way, he didn’t have a choice.”

“Well, it is Lian we’re talking about.”

“He’s peerless in that sector.”

When I finished my story, Mina sighs as if she was tired of it; Mary is like, ‘it couldn’t be helped’, and Ingrid mutters as if she has just stated a fact.

“Anyway, I’ll try to recover my mana as soon as possible, then go after Redone.”

Laughing at the three different reactions, I returned to the topic at hand. Th is cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de possible by stab bin g with a syrin ge transl ations. chec k up- to- date tra nslati ons on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

“We’ll come with you then.”

Again, it was Mina who stepped forward first.

“Mina? But this is far, far more dangerous than what you’re expecting. Believe it or not, the best of the S-Class Adventurers ganged up against Redone, yet they still posed no threat. Even Felix, who provided the huge damage on him, got totally recked.”

“But it’s better than you fighting alone.”

“All three of us have grown stronger to help you, Lian.”

Mary……even Ingrid as well……

“But we’re dealing with Redone here. No matter how much you guys say you’ve gotten stronger──”

“That’s not what we meant, Sir Lian. It is because we don’t want you to face the danger alone.”

I see. So that’s how it is.

In that case……

With a certain resolve in my heart, I faced Mina, Mary, and Ingrid anew.

“If you’re really persistent, then can you guys do a little collaboration in my request? And I mean all of you together.”

“Collaboration……is it?”

“Okay? How can I help?”

“Whenever you need, Lian.”

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid each stared at each other before turning their eyes back at me.

“If it’s master’s orders, then I have but to comply.”

Tia also bowed to me reverently.


“For what you need to do……I’m gonna need all your help to replenish my mana. Also, have Claudia and Paula from the guild help me with it as well.”

I spoke with a smile at everyone.

“……Oh, so that’s what you mean…….”

Immediately Mina, Mary, and Ingrid all blushed.

Somehow, they already got my thoughts from my smile alone.

They sure have known me well.

Tia was not an exception, as her cheeks were flushing red as them.

I couldn’t help but nod at the cute spectacle before me.

I don’t want to think about anything else right now. I just want to spend time with them.

I want to immerse myself. To indulge myself. Me, and the real me.

All of it, up to the last drop.

After that……Let’s just figure it out along the way.

And so, we went to the guild to meet up with Claudia and Paula.

And after the girls have gathered, we went to Claudia’s mansion.

Claudia makes a lot of money as an S-class adventurer, so with this, she buys separate houses in several towns.

This is one of them.

Along with Mina and the others, we stayed inside. In one of the rooms that had just been recently renovated.

This one is wide, as it has an especially oversized bed in it.

The six women that came with me are Mina, Mary, Ingrid, Claudia, Paula, and Tia.

Of course, I was the only man.

“And here I was wondering what you were talking about when you said you need us for a ‘collaboration’ to help you recover. Well, this is indeed the quickest way to restore one’s mana.”

Claudia gave me a strained smile in amazement. If yo u ar e ab le to r ea d this me ssa ge, you are re adin g from an una uthoriz ed ag regat e sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to sup port me and my tr ansl ation s.

Sexual intercourse to restore magical power or mana – it is an excuse I’ve used more than once when laying skin to skin with these girls.

Recovery using sex is, of course, a real method in this world. But it doesn’t mean it was ideal, and for several reasons, one of the biggest is morals.

But as I need to recover as soon as possible, I don’t really have much of a choice.

Plus, this gives me a chance of being able to have sex with everyone.

Just imagining me having these beautiful girls in bed all at once – my anticipation and excitement are already up to the point that I would try my best to do this again.

“U-uhm……Is it really okay for me to join you here?”

Paula, who was standing next to Claudia, asked timidly.

“She is?”

It was then Tia who asked.

Come to think of it, they’d never met before.

Better yet, I hadn’t properly introduced the concept of the adventurer’s guild to Tia.

“About that, she’s Paula. She’s a receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild branch here and has taken care of me ever since I became an adventurer.”

“……I see. So, you also had a sexual relationship with Master.”

“Eh!? Ah, Uhm, I, I……cough, cough!”


Paura-san coughed as she was suddenly told straight out.

Her face is bright red.

“Fufu, based on your reaction, you’re still a novice, aren’t you?”

But Tia just got amused more.

“Fufufu. Do not worry. What we’re going to do here is to improve Lian’s psyche. There will be no actual battle of strength or anything. But to do that, we must first gather those people he held dear, as those people are the ones that can affect his mind and heart the most. And the more these people get entangled with him, the more emotional the sex, and the more effective his recovery will be.”

Tia explained to the nervous Paula.

“With this, let us all make Master Lian better in more ways than one – also for his speedy recovery.”

From here, Mina smiled.

However, her eyes were not smiling.

She had a fierce glint in her eyes as if she was somehow trying to rival the other five.

And if one looks closely, they will see that it’s not just Mina, but the other five as well.

The fact that I’ll be doing so many of them all at once might have encouraged a rivalry.

And that is without me knowing.

──Nevertheless, in this manner, I was able to finally plunge myself into harem sex with Mina and the rest.

All six of them were a spectacular sight.

Though they’re of different varieties, all of them have spectacular bodies. They all each have beautiful faces that give off unique charms as well.

And now, all of them were without a stitch of clothing, showing off the natural glamour of their skins.

Naturally, I was also the same – utterly naked without reserve.

And again, I am the only man.

Only I can freely caress and embrace all the six people in front of me.

However I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

I was in a state of complete monopoly, and I felt like a king.

Obviously, I had a full erection from the start, with a trickle of pre-cum dripping from my flaming glans.

“Nchuuu, mmm……”

“Nnn, fuahhh……”

Mina and Paula, as if they planned this beforehand, both squat down first, causing their big tits to shake from the sudden motion.

Then, they ran their pink tongues all over my penis.

First, they licked off the dripping precum. Then they wiggled their tongues to get some more.

They breathing their noses toward the tip of my member couldn’t help but make me flinch, but at the same time, it made me want more.

They caressed my entire member with their tongues, filming and repeatedly coating it with their own saliva.

“Fufufu, I know you feel it here as well.”

Observing the two, Tia giggled mischievously and proceeds to lick my chest. The tip of her pointed tongue tickled my nipple there as if she knows where to tease me.

“Kuh, aahh……!”

A sweet electric current ran through me as I was surprised to find that I also had such sexual sensitivities in such places.

“Heee……then, me too~.”

Seeing she had made a new discovery, Mary bared her lips and tongue to my other nipple and licked them as if wanting to compete.

“Muu……I have fallen behind. In that case, I’ll ── haamuu~.”

As for Claudia, she suddenly takes my right ear.

“Uugh, aahh……that spot is……!!”

For elves, this organ is far more sensitive and an even more effective erogenous zone than humans.

“Me too.”

As if to balance, Ingrid also kisses my other ear in return.

I was attacked in three places at the same time: my pole, my nipples, and my elf ears, and the pleasure that welled up in me accelerated several times and even several dozen times after that.

But that was just the beginning.

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