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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – True Value

Photon Blade(Flash Spell Cut)..

It is a High Ancient Magic Sword Technique, and a part of the Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)s.

Its power far surpasses that of modern magic, and its brilliance can cut and destroy anything in its path.

“This is the end.”

He quietly looks at the dark elf, which has fizzled out into countless particles of light in the aftermath.

The shining long sword that Felix swung down cut Redone in half.

“You did it, Felix!”

“You won!”

All the adventurers shouted in unison.

Felix, however, still has a stiff expression.

He could feel it. His chest was beating uncomfortably.

“──Not yet.”

Once again, sweat began to trickle down his body.

“That was a close call…….”

And as he had expected, a voice came from behind him.

Felix turned around, and from there he saw Redone with his body still intact but with blood pouring out of his forehead.

“Was it an illusion that I slashed through?”


Felix readied his sword once again.

“Looks like I underestimated you way too much. I thought I could read all your techniques now. Thankfully, I had a hunch ── and jumped at the last second to avoid it. If I hadn’t been so lucky, I would have died.”

However, despite the danger he had been through, there is still a broad smile on Redone’s lips.

“You’re the best one I have fought so far……and I always wanted to feel these kinds of close-calls.”

“You see, I’ve always wanted a fight where the line between winning and losing is so close. Yes, a fight just like this. I don’t care about the world or its fate. This is what I’ve always wanted. And I will continue to do so until I get my satisfaction from it.”

“Sorry, but there will be no ‘continuation’ to you after this.”

Felix posed with his long sword.

A dazzling glow of magic once again lit the tip of his sword.

“I’m going to end you here. In order to protect my friends.”

“Then I’ll show you how impossible that is. For I’ll show you the power of the strongest magic swordsman in the world this time……”

Redone gave another smile. This time, it was a tyrannical smile.

“……and how I perfected this power to be able to destroy everything that stands in my way.”

After he spoke those lines, Redone glowed, starting from his sword.

Particles of light spread and spread until they wrapped his entire body.

Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill)Overmegiddo(Transcendent Flame Bloom)

Then, the glow created shapes, and they transformed into jet-black armor protecting his body.

Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill), huh.”

Felix mumbled as he witnessed the sight.

(If I remember correctly, he showed this mode in his fight with Lian, based on the report.)

However, the appearance is way different.

There are now twelve wings of light spreading from his back.

Hand and foot armor resembling the claws of a beast.

A tail-like part that extends from the back.

And a helmet resembling a dragon’s head.

(It’s like those dragon warriors back in my time.)

“This is the enhanced form of the Mirage Mode I acquired through my communion with Gilfe. I am now immune to all magic and physical attacks. And with zero magic recharge time, I can instantly launch any kind of technique whenever I want.”

Redone boasted.

Then, the twelve pairs of wings that extend from his back shone with a dazzling radiance.

“An operating time and magical efficiency that far surpasses the first Mirage Mode?”

The moment Felix muttered that, the dragon warrior disappeared.


Redone’s speed was so fast that even in his state, Felix was unable to react quickly.


As to suffice for it, Felix swung his sword wildly and unleashed a slashing shockwave in all directions.

(Even if I can’t react to it, the only thing I need is to keep him away from me with a series of mowing attacks.)

However, despite unleashing dozens to even hundreds of his slashes, Felix was unable to find a reaction, not even a blip.

Then suddenly, he found himself with Redone right in front of him.

“You’re slow. Belial Blade(Supreme Demon Sword).”


Redone unleashed a magic sword technique that blasted Felix wide open. If yo u ar e a ble to rea d thi s m ess age, y ou ar e rea di ng fro m an una ut hor ized agg re gate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress to sup por t me and my tra ns lat ions.

Normally, when you use magic, you have to ‘build up’ magic power first.

The more powerful the magic, the greater the magic power required and the longer the recharge time for it to be unleashed.

(But despite that, Redone……)


“Hahaha! I can do all this with no time lag at all!”

(What he said earlier is not a lie nor a bluff. It seems that he really can shoot magic sword techniques without any charging time.)

“Moreover, its power is truly a deadly one. At this point, even I don’t think I’ll be able to outrun him.”

“However, I have to keep going. I want to see how far I can keep up with him.”

“Good, good. You haven’t given up yet. Now let’s see how you’ll take this!”

Redone, who’s now turned into some kind of dragon warrior, races head-on towards Felix.

“Damn it! Rune Overdrive(Magician Mobile Flame)!”

To this, Felix uses his magical energy to accelerate and jumps away from the spot.

“Ooh, that is indeed a great technique. However-“

Redone’s figure disappears.

Once again, at godspeed, and without any traces nor any visibility.

“Right now, I’m much faster than the speed you can even move best….”

With these words, this time, the dark elf reappears right beside Felix.


The number one adventurer kept accelerating, not stopping his movements.

Still, no matter how much he moved around, Redone was able to follow him so easily.

“I can’t shake him off……!”

All of a sudden, Felix stopped running.

Preparing to be attacked, he made his way towards Redone.

“Oh, taking a last stand now? Are you prepared to sacrifice yourself?”

“Neither. I’m going to stop you…no, I’m going to beat you!”

Felix finally unleashes his magic power in full from his entire body.

This time, his magic power is no longer the invisible one, but the one with a visible glow that anyone, even the ones from afar, would be able to see it.

(If the principle of my technique is already known to the opponent, then there is no point in hiding it anymore.)

This time, Felix converted his full magic power into propulsion and slashes at Redone at top speed.

“Like I told you. You’re too slow.”

But even that blow was quickly blocked by the dark elf boy.

“Here, let me return the favor.”


From here, Redone decided on his counterattack. He unleashed a slash so powerful that it blew away the sword wave together with the man who casted it.

Felix’s entire body was torn apart, and he was slammed to the ground covered in blood.

“……Not yet. I’m still……!”

But he stood up and ran towards Redone again, his magic power at full throttle.

“You’re still trying hard. Good, good! Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Redone flapped his wings of light and sprinted as well. Th is ch ap ter t rans lat ion is ma de poss ib le by st ab bing wit h a sy rin ge tr ansla tio ns. chec k u p-t o-da te tran slati ons on my Word pre ss si te.

At this point, Felix already knew that he’s being toyed around.

Whenever he increases his speed, Redone also increases his but just to the extent that he can match him.

The same in terms of power as well.

“Whether its power or speed……there seem to be no possibilities that I can win over him.”

Felix realized.

That in every way, Redone already surpassed him.

“Even still……I won’t give up.”

Magic Gem Limiter – Release. Critical Breakthrough.

Having no other choice, Felix activated his magic gem, the source of his magic power, and made it run far beyond the limits he could muster.

At the same time, fresh blood spurted out from his forehead, his arms, his legs, his chest, his stomach – from every part of his body.


But even with this, Felix didn’t care; he continued increasing his magic power despite being covered in his blood.

(I will defeat him……even at the cost of my own body……)

Yes, it’s not about whether you can survive or not.

It’s all about winning.

Objective predictions and logical thinking are no longer necessary.

All he had to do was unleash the final blow with all his heart and strength.

Whether Felix could get past this or not, he would have no other options.

Limit Break(Slash Release)Phoenix Photon Blade(Firebird’s Ultimate Flash Cut)!”

A phoenix-shaped glow emanated from his downed sword.

It was a full-powered magic sword technique.


From here, Redone’s smile changed.


As if he was taunted by it, he tried to block the shining phoenix with his black sword as well.

“The hell!? It’s heavy─”

But as if it exceeded his expectations, the phoenix didn’t falter and kept pushing forward.

Then, his black magic armor started to break down because it could not withstand the tremendous pressure as if it was shattering the space itself.

“Push through!”

Felix screamed as he spat out a lump of blood.

He poured his remaining magic power and even his life force into the phoenix of light and just pushed it in.


Redone’s expression started to lose its composure.

He knows that if he gets pushed here, even he would not be able to escape annihilation.

That’s how powerful this magic sword technique of Felix is.

“But that’s only if it succeeds. If I survive this, I win. He has no energy left.”

Giggling as if the tension doesn’t exist in him, Redone tried pushing back.

A dusky glow flooded from his black sword and entangled itself with the phoenix.

But the phoenix, despite writhing in agony, continued pushing.

It was a fierce battle of magic power vs magic power.


A roar that sounded like it was coming from the bottom of their stomachs both came from Felix and Redone.

Then, there was light.

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