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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Top VS The Strongest

Side: Felix Harrion

Felix was confronted by the dark elf magic swordsman.

Silver hair, red eyes, and icy good looks.

He also had an amused smile present in his lips.

“Oh, so you’re going to fight me alone?”

“I’ll just accompany you for a bit.”

For the first time – Felix smiled.

He was giving a smile back to Redone, which gave a gentle atmosphere as if they’re two friends that hadn’t met for a long time.

“I knew what you are. You’re an Akasha’s Terminal, aren’t you? An invention created by the Sages to explore this world – an android, to be exact.”

Redone’s smile deepened as he said this.

“You, who was created by the High Ancients, and I, who was given a new life in this world by the power of the High Ancients. This could be a very good match.”

“I’m not sure I can live up to your expectations, though.”

Despite what he said, Felix held up his sword without any difference in his composure.

However, sweat began to trickle down his back.

It was the first time he felt such a sensation, as it was rare for him to even get excited in front of any strong opponent.


Even though he’s already at the peak among the S-Class.

That if he didn’t give it all from the start, he was sure he’ll be killed…

Rune Overdrive(Magician Mobile Flame)

A dazzling light radiated from Felix’s entire body.


After that, he dashes with an overwhelming acceleration towards the elf foe.

In just one breath, Felix broke the gap between him and Redone.

The dark elf was still able to retreat enough to avoid the slash of Felix’s incoming sword.

Still, blood sprays in the air.

The blow, which the elf thought he had avoided, still slightly ripped through his chest.


Seeing this, Redone couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“I see, so that’s how you got your overwhelming physical prowess.”

But Felix made no response to Redone’s comment; he just pursued his target continuously with his longsword, which glowed brightly from his own magical power.

Redone also kept on catching his blows with his black sword or avoids it by retreating little by little.

It was unexpected, but it is Redone who is getting pushed back.

“You are a simulacrum of a human being, created from a High Ancient terminal. But what’s mysterious about you is that, despite being an imitation of a human being, you possess athletic abilities far beyond those of a normal human – and it was even enough to compete with the Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) of us elves up to the second stage with just your raw power alone. I wonder why it is?”

Redone spoke as he takes another defensive stance.

His long, sharp eyes narrowed with happiness, yet he seemed to be calmly analyzing Felix’s movements as well.

“In addition, that technique of yours – it’s the type in which your whole body emits an almost invisible, minute magic power, right? Making it possible to super-accelerate or decelerate without any burdens on your body. With the two combined, it gives you a close-quarters-combat capability that rivals my Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III.”

But despite Redone’s revelations, Felix was still silent.

But what Redone stated is correct. Felix’s whole body was emitting invisible magic power and he is using them to wield his sword while also repeatedly accelerating and decelerating his own body’s movements.

Just like a machine.

“Good, good! I’m starting to enjoy this!”

Redone shouted as he received Felix’s sword one more time.


But at that moment, Felix’s expression changes slightly.

(His power……it has increased?)

“I tried copying your method, you see.”

Redone gave another one of his meaningful smiles.

(Don’t tell me, he……but that’s impossible!)

Felix shuddered as he sensed the traces of invisible magic power oozing from his opponent’s entire body.

(My Rune Overdrive(Magician Mobile Flame) – This dark elf boy was able to copy this secret technique at first sight?)

“With this, let’s go for round two.”

Along with his announcement, Redone’s power goes up even more.

Felix, not to be outdone, also increased a greater amount of magic power from his body.

In a moment, countless lines of light intersect the air.

These are the aftereffects of thousands and thousands of slashes that got struck against each other.

The impacts were so fast that they created a small tornado between the two.

“He won’t last long. He needs our backup!”

It was Sylvia who shouted among the mages and priests.

She is the strongest mage among the members present in the scene.

With her help, along with the rest of the rearguards, the battle might even go in their favor, or that’s what they’re thinking. If yo u ar e a ble to rea d thi s m ess age, y ou ar e rea di ng fro m an una ut hor ized agg re gate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress to sup por t me and my tra ns lat ions.

Because either way, due to the difference in skill, the adventurers specialized in close-quarters combat wouldn’t be of help in the match between Felix and Redone.

Even if they try, they’ll only end up in pieces the moment they get in between.

But if you are a mage or a priest and you have a long-range attack or support magic…

“I appreciate your sentiments. But please, let me fight him on my own.”

However, before they could even move, Felix stopped them along with a slight shake of his head, much to their surprise.

In the meantime, he is still fighting against Redone toe to toe.

But at that moment, as if he misjudged slightly, the tip of the black sword of his opponent made a shallow cut on Felix’s cheek.

Yet he stepped forward, unconcerned of the cut.


And this time, it was Felix’s slash that cut Redone’s shoulder, but like he had done to Felix, it was also a shallow cut.

“You guys are strong. But this time, your opponent is just too incompatible. It would pose a great risk to yourselves if you also joined the fight.”

In the aftermath of their clashes, even a whimsical attack by Redone could result in significant casualties.

Because of this, Felix found it more important to draw the enemy’s attention to him and him alone.


“Also, isn’t it more “humanlike” to fight to protect your friends?”

As he announced this, Felix found himself smiling.

It was a feeling that came from the bottom of his heart.

Being able to fight finally as a human being and not as a machine.

Felix is a terminal created by the Thirteen Sages of Akasha, the ‘inheritors’ of the High Ancient knowledge, for the purpose of exploring this world – in other words, he is an artificial human being.

He has no emotions, and has only been working for the mission he was programmed for.

In order to blend in with this world, he lived like a normal human and eventually became an adventurer.

With this, he easily completed even the most challenging quests and amassed a great deal of wealth.

He got to know many people, and before he knew it, he was praised as the strongest adventurer.

Some women even approached him and asked him to marry them.

But even after all that he had done, none of it moved him in the slightest.

That’s why he kept wanting.

Because he was a created being – he kept looking for proof that he can also be the real thing.

He kept asking for it, hoping to realize it one day. Th is ch ap ter t rans lat ion is ma de poss ib le by st ab bing wit h a sy rin ge tr ansla tio ns. chec k u p-t o-da te tran slati ons on my Word pre ss si te.

How it is to be a human.

That’s why he needed proof.

Proof that he can also be a human being by having the same traits as the others.

“Bring him down, Felix!”

“We couldn’t really compete with him, but if it’s you…….”

“You can win! You can do it!”

Meanwhile, the adventurers around him started cheering him on.

It was a moment that made him irresistibly happy.

For the first time in his life, Felix felt a sense of fulfillment in the face of a powerful enemy that he did not know if he could beat – or perhaps that was why he felt so fulfilled.

But more than anything, he felt a burning desire to protect his friends.

Fighting to protect – burning his heart not for himself but for others.

(So this is what it feels like to fight like a human)

This realization lifted Felix’s spirits to an all-time high.

“He powered up!? Not only that, he got faster as well!?”

Redone couldn’t help but be confused.

“I will fight once more.”

Felix took a step.

“This time, to protect.”

With the tip of his long sword, coated with his magic, Felix once again reached the dark elf.


Along with Redone’s cry of distress, fresh blood splattered from his chest once again.

This time it wasn’t a shallow cut.

“Your power is rising in response to your rising emotions!? But how can an android have emotions!?”

It’s not a fatal wound but was still a considerable blow.

Based on Redone’s reaction alone, Felix knew that he had done some damage to the elf.

“Tch……! Astaroth Blade(Wicked Emperor Blade)!”

Backstepping with a tongue lashing, Redone unleashes his signature magic sword technique.


“It’s useless!”

But along with his shout, Felix’s longsword just flicked the technique with ease.

“You gained more power and speed again!? What the hell is that function of yours!?”

(Emotions… are not something you can develop on your own.)

Felix swings his sword.

(It is something that can only be born with your communion with others.)

At this point, Felix’s emotions, for the first time in his life, he was able to feel it awaken within himself.

“Magic Gem Activation – Mana Overload(Mythic Mana Amplification)

The Magic Gem.

It was the source of the magic power of Felix, and at the same time, the magical apparatus that maximized the combustion and amplification of the magic power in his body.

But unlike the human heart, which they can’t control voluntarily, this gem has an active function that can raise one’s power to the limit.

However, it wasn’t like it was without consequences.

If Felix failed to control it even slightly, his magic power would go out of control and even destroy his own body.

However, he still did it with no hesitation.

There was no fear in his heart.

All he had was his will to win.

As well as a strong desire to protect his friends.

“I will raise that will to the extreme and shoot this technique…”

Felix raised his longsword high above.

From there, it emitted a dazzling white light.

Photon Blade(Flash Spell Cut)!!”

“A High Ancient Magic Sword Technique!?”

As Redone was startled once again, a humongous blade of light was wielded toward him.

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