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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Overlapping Hearts

My alter ego and I faced each other in a different space.

The air was so tense that it hurt my skin.

But I could also sense that the time of reckoning is already at hand.

“You are much stronger than you were when you first came into this world.”

The alter ego said calmly.

“You’ve been reincarnated as the strongest magic swordsman, surpassing anyone else in this world. Even the best adventurers and monsters can’t come close to your power. Well, the only exception is Redone, who also has the same “Mastery of Strongest Magic Sword Skills” trait as you. However,”

His eyes focused on me.

“That still doesn’t deny that you possess a tremendous power right from the start. Only you didn’t have a way to fully utilize it. Magic is a power that comes from the heart. Unfortunately, you lacked the strength of your heart.”

This again.

The strength of the heart.

“But not anymore.”

A faint smile appeared on my alter ego’s mouth.

“Your heart is strong now.”

I remember.

The adventures I’ve had since my reincarnation.

The encounters I’ve had with so many people in this world.

The important people I’ve gained through those encounters.

And the determination to protect them – I guess that’s what made my heart grow.

Even now, I’m sure.


“You have kept your thoughts strong. The biggest and best feelings you have in your heart have given you that strength.”

My alter ego again readied his black sword.

“Now, show it to me. For I will determine your power and your heart with this one blow.”

He thrusted out his sword.

From there, its blade was enveloped in light and changed its shape.

It became a huge sword that surpassed his height.

It was a form that even my divine sword, Millfarazé, does not have.

Raising the transformed black divine sword again, the alter ego looks at me.

“Now, it’s time for the last trial.”

── A moment later, a myriad of scenes emerges in my mind.

Me, going to school with sleepy eyes.

Going to class.

Envying my classmates who are spending quality time with their friends and lovers.

Then, jealousy.

Sense of inferiority brought by it that tormented me.

Yes, this is me from my previous life…

“Master Lian!”

Suddenly, Milfa’s voice jolted me back to consciousness.

“This is your power. This is what you threw away when you reincarnated in this world – the power created by all your negative emotions.”

The giant black sword shone brightly, then transformed into a rainbow-colored one.

“Take it, Lian Tiarade! The other you!”

My alter ego swung his sword down.

The rainbow glow turned into thousands and thousands of blades, filling my vision entirely.

I can’t avoid it.

I can’t prevent it,

I can’t even intercept it.

In an instant, I realized this.

Then, my vision turned black.

A sense of despair surrounded me.

Along with it is a sense of resignation as if all the strength was leaving my body.

I’ve never felt this in any battle before, this……

Is this……defeat?


I can’t lose.

I have to win. I have to have the power.

I can’t…

But all of a sudden, I stopped my thoughts.

For in my hand, even though I’m amidst the darkness, I could feel Milfa had also turned into a huge sword. If yo u ar e a ble to rea d thi s m ess age, y ou ar e rea di ng fro m an una ut hor ized agg re gate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress to sup por t me and my tra ns lat ions.

Then, the sword blazed, lighting up my dark surroundings.

I could feel Milfa’s energy gushing inside me.

Why has my Milfa suddenly transformed?

What is this power that has suddenly sprung up inside of her?

I don’t know.

I don’t know, but.

Wait. Perhaps, is this……?

I actually know the identity of this power?



My roar and my alter ego’s roar echoed at the same time.

Then, two giant swords clashed, and from there, we continued to engage in our fierce battle.

The power of the slashes between us fiercely competed with the other, spreading rainbow-colored sparks.

We were very evenly matched.

The surrounding area shook violently due to the energy of our clashes that seemed to destroy the space itself.

And as if it heeded my thoughts as a reality, a crack appeared at a point above us.

The crack widens as the shaking becomes more violent.

It’s collapsing.

This space itself is collapsing.


The alter ego muttered softly.

“I’ve been calling out to you. I’ve been calling out to you ever since you were reborn. But you never answered me. Not once. You never even looked back at me.”

The rainbow-colored sparks kept popping between the swords, buzzing, clashing, and sparking.

But even though we’re in the middle of these chaotic swords, we’re facing each other in an oddly calm atmosphere.

“No matter how many times I call you, you always……you always──”

The dark elf-like alter ego’s face became somewhat forlorn.

“You already threw me away. But even with all that, I still wanted you to accept me. For I am also you…….”

“You’re the one……I threw away?”

I repeated his words.

“I told you that a while ago, didn’t I? When I finally met you.”

The one I abandoned……

Since the time I reincarnated…….

In that case, he is……

──I see. So this is my alter ego’s true identity.

The other me that I’ve been hiding all this time.

The same feelings sleeping inside of me……the feelings that I’ve cut off all this time……

All the negative emotions that he just mentioned. Th is ch ap ter t rans lat ion is ma de poss ib le by st ab bing wit h a sy rin ge tr ansla tio ns. chec k u p-t o-da te tran slati ons on my Word pre ss si te.

The negativity that was held shut in my heart.

I threw all of that away because I started out in the other world in the most positive state, as the strongest beautiful boy with the best luck with women.

I thought I didn’t need them anymore, so I threw these feelings away.

My alter ego became the embodiment of that.

I took a few steps back and slowly lowered my sword.

“……I thought you were going to try to push me away by force until the end.”

Seeing my response, my alter ego widened his eyes in surprise, but he also lowered his sword.

“Well, if you tried to fight me with force, you’ll end up getting crushed by my power, though. But that will break me as well.”

I know now.

The right answer is not force.

“I am you.”

I gave a small laugh.

“Because of that, we never had to fight in the first place.”

In response, my alter ego stares at me in silence – with a faint smile on his lips as well.

“You’ve always been inside of me.”

I nodded to him and continued.

“I was reincarnated as Lian Tiarade, the Elven Magic Swordsman. I thought that, since everything about me is perfect now, I won’t be needing the past me anymore. As a result, before I knew it, I had forgotten about you. But now I’ve finally remembered you…and recognized that you’re also important to me.”

“You made me wait a long time.”

The alter ego said with a chuckle.

“Let’s go back.”


My alter ego’s body then turned into countless particles of light, which were then sucked into my body – into the place where they belonged.

“Finally. I’m back…….”

Was the voice I heard mumbling my own?


Or was it my alter ego’s?

Either way, we became one.

I was back to my full form.

“Thank the Goddess, Master Lian…….”

A relieved voice came from Milfa, who had been to be clutching it for a long time.

“You’ve defeated him.”

“That’s not exactly it, Milfa. It’s more like… well, you know, renewing old friendships with people I hadn’t seen for a while.”

I hurriedly corrected Milfa.

My face, reflected in the golden blade, has a faint smile on it.

“I’ll need your help to master the last of my powers, the other me.”

The moment my alter ego returned to me, an image popped into my head.

The image of the true “Peerless Magic Swordsman”.

Its power.

And the way to use it…

““Let’s fight together.””

“Yes. I will follow your heart’s desires, Master Lian.”

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