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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Onwards to the Path of His Peerless Harem ※

Squelching sounds rang across the room as a huge amount of love juices splashed from the edge of our joining parts.

On the huge bed, I am currently with Mary – who’s now on all fours – and was thrusting in and out of her vaginal cavity.

With each thrust of my hips, the bright red twintails on her hair swayed and shook.

“Ugh, you’re so tight, Mary!”

Moaning from the pleasure brought out by the entangling of our flesh, I hit another piston with my whole body.

I also grabbed her ass meat to ensure a strong push all the way to her back.

“Ahh, oh no, I’m coming……mmm!”

Mary’s toned nakedness quivered. Then, she plopped down in front of me, still twitching and convulsing as if showing off her orgasm.

“Catch it all, Mary……!!”

About the same time, I reached the peak of my climax and poured my hot load into the depths of this redhead warrior.

“Phew. …… Come, Ingrid.”

I pulled my cock at the newly-filled secret hole and immediately engaged Ingrid in a face-to-face sitting position.

“Ooh, I’m being skewered deep inside……!”

Ingrid gasped in euphoria next as I penetrated her with my hard, thick object.

Of course, a single ejaculation is not enough for me to stop.

With my fully erect meat spear, I stirred Ingrid’s small opening to my heart’s content, rocking my hips repeatedly while tightly hugging her petite naked body.

“Nchuu, haammu……nnn, ugh……cumming……I’m cumming……!”


After a kiss, the already aroused princess let out a muffled scream, and her body deflated as it is.

I still have plenty of room on my side, but I went and came inside her as well since I’m already here.

“Here I go, Ingrid!”

I filled her vagina with the second spurt of my semen.

Right after, I switched to the last woman waiting for me.

“Thank you for waiting, Mina.”

“Sir Lian, please come……!”

Mina was already prone and with her legs wide open.

Her pale pink lower lips were opening and closing as if they’re inviting me in.

Lured by the thick pheromones in the air, I overlapped her body with my own.

As soon as we joined ourselves in the missionary position, Mina’s tight opening sent a pleasant sensation through my rod.

My entire lower body was immediately immersed in debaucherous sensation, allowing me to start penetrating and gouging the hot womb of hers to my heart’s content.

“Aah! Aah! Ahhhhhhh! Master Lian, come…… please cum inside me! Ohhhh, I’m coming! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Mina squealed cute orgasms right away.

In time with this, I spewed my boiling cum all over her wet vagina.

After a while……

“Haa, haa……it felt good……”

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid all murmured in unison, entranced by the afterglow of their climaxes.

The white semen was flowing out of their gaping holes.

I had three such beauties creampied until their wombs went full.

Comfortably basking in that accomplishment, I got off the bed.

Now that I’m refreshed, let’s get started with today’s work…

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid were still huffing and puffing and breathing sweetly when I looked back.

……I think I’ll leave a little later.

Deciding that, I enjoyed the scenery of my beloved girls with a smile on my face until the three got up.


After recovering, we walked out of the house.

From there, a commotion went up around us.

“Oh, isn’t that Lian and his party?”

“So handsome……”

“He’s even more good-looking than they say.”

The town girls were looking at me with various kinds of passionate eyes.

Longing, love, some even more straightforward with lust.

But such a scene is already familiar to me.

I waved to the girls and smiled refreshingly.

Immediately, the cheers around us got louder.

I thought to myself, “I’m really irresistible,” and leisurely walked on.

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When we went to the guild branch, Claudia was the first to approach us.

“And the girls as well. These days, they call you the strongest adventuring party in history.”

S-Class 5th place, Mina “Cure-ly(Healing Saint)” Arabelle.

S-Class 4th place, Rosemary “Flame Sword(Red Fire Blade)” Grande.

S-Class 2nd place, Ingrid “Chaos Witch(Mage of Disorder)” La Finia.

And then there’s me……S-Class 1st place, Lian “Divine(Peerless Magic Swordsman)” Tiarade.

“Ahaha. Well, aside from reaching the highest rank ever in one go, I never expected the girls to rise in rank this high in just six months.”

I murmured, half smiling and half feeling deeply impressed.

Six months have passed since the battle with Redone.

After our exploits and the quests that followed, we are now fully-fledged in the single-digit ranks of S-class.

“The next time there’s a big battle, don’t leave us behind, Sir Lian.”

“Yes! We really did our best not to be left out this time.”

“I’ve gotten stronger so that I can help Lian.”


Mina, Mary, and Ingrid all stared at me with piercing gazes.

“….. I’m really sorry about that time.”

I couldn’t help but recall the reaction of the three when I came back from the fight with Redone.

“I can’t believe you have gone to a deadly battle all by yourself, Sir Lian! If you ever do anything like this again, I won’t forgive you, no matter how many times you apologize!”

Mina was so angry at me as if her usual meekness was a lie.

“Thank goodness you won……and more importantly, you’re back in one piece.”

Mary, on the other hand, was overjoyed that I was okay.

“When you disappeared all of a sudden……I was worried. I was really worried……if something happened to you, I……you idiot. Lian, you idiot.”

Ingrid was crying.

After all, Redone has put the greatest trauma on her. As well as her target for revenge.

No matter how much I apologize, it won’t be enough.

But she didn’t blame me one bit.

“What’s important for me now is not to avenge my enemy. It’s that you came back safe.”

That’s what she told me while sobbing.

As I was reminiscing…

“I think I’ll be working with you guys this time.”

Claudia said to us gleefully.

“This quest is going to be a tough one. We’re up against some strong opponents that no other guys could defeat.”

Despite that, her eyes were glowing brightly.

She’s as competitive as ever.

“If it’s with Claudia, I think we’ll be fine, no matter how strong the enemy is.”

With the addition of the 3rd ranked S-class girl, our party would consist of the first through fifth-ranked S-class members. This cha pt er transl ation is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a s yrin ge tran slat i ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

There aren’t any quests that we can’t accomplish now that we got this lineup.

“Yay! It’s been a long time since I’ve been with Miss Claudia. This Mary will do her best!”

And there goes the starstruck Mary again.

It seems that Claudia is still the swordsmaiden of her dreams, even though she had already reached the S-Class.

Incidentally, when Mary was promoted to S-class, the two immediately had a match.

They fought about ten times, and Mary won once and lost nine.

Mary has gotten stronger, but it seems Claudia’s wall is still too high to cross.

Of course, the rest of the S-classes are generally still alive and well.

Felix, the former 1st rank in S-Class, was severely injured in the battle with Redone and was forced to retire because his injuries would take him several years to recover.


As a result, he is now excluded from the adventurer ranking.

But when he comes back, I’m sure he would be competing with me for the 1st rank.

As for Tia, she said to me that “From now on, I want to live freely just like other people,” and became an adventurer on her own decision.

She was originally a subordinate of Redone and was previously a magic armament, so she had a lot of trouble entering at first, but thankfully, she was approved when I said I would take the responsibility of supervising her.

Right now, she’s being promoted at a breakneck pace from the lowest level.

Maybe she’ll eventually move up to S-class and join the party with us.

Well, I don’t know if Mina and the others would approve.

“By the way, when we finish this quest, shall we….”

“Shall we……?”

Claudia then gave me a meaningful stare, her cheeks flushed red.

“I……I want you to accompany me for a bit, boy. Is it alright with you?”

She whispered to me in a volume only I could hear.

“I haven’t…… been held by you lately, and I really miss it…….”

“I see. Then I’ll have plenty of Claudia’s dish after this. I’ll savor you plenty.”

I whispered to her in return and nodded smugly.

“Mmm …… are you two meeting in private?”

It was Mina who split up our conversation.

“In that case, I’d like to have more of your company, too.”

She said as she tugged my sleeve.

Did she overhear what we’re saying?

“Me too. Ah, but with if it’s with Miss Claudia…no, it might be even better if it’s with her.”

Mary as well, but for some reason, she’s exhaling fervently as she tagged along.

“I’m always ready. Anytime you want it, Lian…….”

Even Ingrid, and unexpectedly, she was the one giving off the most enthusiastic vibe of them all.

“Of course. I will love all of you together.“

The girls who are here, and even the ones who are not here right now.

“After all, you’re all my women ── and the ones most precious to me.”

I smiled at Mina and the other four.

And this time, it was a smile filled with all the loving I could give to them.

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